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Tom Clancy's HAWX
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Product Description

Tom Clancy's HAWX, a private military force has cumulated power and attacks the USA. Thrust into the cockpits of incredibly powerful and technologically advanced jet fighters, you will benefit from hi-tech piloting assistance, providing comfort, security and enhanced perception. As you gain skills and confidence, you will be able to shed the assistance. But before choosing performance over security, you will have to weigh the risks carefully. PVP mode, challenge up to 15 friends in intense dog-fighting sessions Over 50 of the world's most famous aircrafts Dogfight over realistic modern landscapes that have endured years of post-war trauma

Tom Clancy's HAWX for PS3 puts you behind the throttle, in the fighter pilot's seat. As a member of the elite HAWX squadron, you'll find yourself manning cutting-edge aircraft, training on all the newest weapons, and carrying out dangerous top-secret missions set against the backdrop of a chaotic future, where private military companies (PMCs) are constantly putting your skills to the test and forcing you to defend your reputation as one of the top military pilots on Earth.

Fly alone or work with other pilots. View larger.

Let E.R.S. help you demonstrate your skills. View larger.

Experience photo-realistic environments. View larger.

Perform tricky maneuvers to try and escape brutal dogfights alive. View larger.

Take on secretive, black-op missions all over the world. View larger.
Shifting International Dynamics: The Hazards of PMC Warfare
Set between Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Tom Clancy's EndWar from the popular Ghost series, Tom Clancy's HAWX takes place in a world where warfare is constantly evolving--a time when state-sponsored militaries lack the funds and personnel to modernize their forces and elite, private mercenary groups have grown in size and scope to pick up the slack.

The Reykjavik Accords of 2012 defined the role of these PMCs in combat, and they made it fully legal for these groups to purchase from the international armaments market, leading to a shift in the structure of global military power. Over time, you'll do battle on the front lines of both sides as this shift reveals high-stakes arms threats and a terrifying glimpse of the future.

HAWX: The Elite, High Altitude Warfare eXperimental Squadron
You'll begin the game as former U.S. Air Force Pilot David Crinshaw, assigned to provide air support for the well-known Ghost Recon team. You and your fellow HAWX pilots are some of the most highly-trained specialists in the world. Based out of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, you're tasked with everything from testing secret and experimental aircraft weapon systems to carrying out combat and recon missions, training other top pilots, and attempting to capture enemy technologies.

With the rise of the PMCs, your unique skills in higher demand than ever before. And with 49 playable planes available in game, plus additional planes available to some pilots through pre-order bonuses or VIP memberships, there's no shortage of sleek, fast, deadly aircraft at your disposal as you put your skills to use.

An Iconic, Enhanced Reality System to Help You Deliver Results
When you're in the midst of a firefight, E.R.S. in-game technology can help anyone survive, if you know how to take advantage of it. Featuring incoming missile detection, an anti-crash system, damage assessment, a tactical map, and weapons trajectory control, E.R.S. even allows you to issue orders to your squadron and other units, much like the iconic Cross-Com system in other Tom Clancy games. When you're getting started, you can ease into the rigors of flight and gain confidence by using a special assistance mode that offers support through the E.R.S. This mode can be switched off at any time, deactivating safety features and allowing you to perform advanced maneuvers.

Cutting-Edge Realism and Innovative Multi-Player Modes
Whether you're in a classic F15 Fighting Falcon or a new-generation Gripen, the controls and flight graphics are designed to keep you on your toes. And the game's photo-realistic environments have been created using detailed satellite data. When you pull back on the throttle to jet all over the world, you'll experience this authentic world from a variety of viewpoints.

Game play options aren't limited either, with the campaign featuring solo and multiplayer options with seamless jump in/jump out functionality, and a PVP mode where players can challenge each other to dog-fights for bragging rights, earning experience points and cash, and unlocking additional weapons.

  • Become a member of the elite HAWX squadron and command more than 50 iconic in-game planes
  • Explore real locations all over the world with photo-realistic environments created using high-end satellite data
  • Use the PVP mode to engage other players in brutal dogfights for bragging rights and in-game rewards
  • Experience the extended campaign as a solo flier or in multiplayer mode with smooth jump in/jump out functionality
  • Let unique E.R.S. technology guide you in evading incoming missiles, avoiding crashes, and controlling weapons

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Game!
    Me and a friend have been playing this game a lot recently, and we both can't get enough. Even though this game is one player and we both swap controllers between levels, its fun enough that you enjoy watching the other guy play the game.

    On my top 5 list of games to play and own....more info
  • flight for the flightless
    this game is alot of fun to play. my skills need honing to be sure. i gave it four stars instead of five due to some minor complaints about maximum altitude, speed inconsistencies, and plausabile combat assignments. i'm probably just nit-picking. you should buy this game and play it....more info
  • On-Target Game Except for . . . . .
    I was really excited about this game ever since I viewed warhark. And it exceeded my expectations with excellant sound, graphics and gameplay. However there was a few things I found throughout the game I found to be unfortunate.

    1. And this is the main complaint. The missles fire on their own! Why this happens is beyond me. I don't know if this is relative to which console is being used, I have the PS3 game and I get missle misfires all the time. On normal difficulty its not much an issue, however on expert you better believe this will mess you up.

    2. It could be just me, but it seems their is a definate #1 plane for this game. Which wouldn't be problem until online multiplayer comes into the picture. Some planes are good at ground, some are good at air. The ones that are good at ground have little purpose online. I'm around the actual F-22s and they are even more amzazing than this game portrays. Its a personal favorite of mine but it's downright broken on this game online since online only involves air-to-air combat. Give this game some time and expect everybody to be using it.

    3. The level system is OK. Somebody mentioned that money would be more practical and I'd agree to a point. When it comes to unlocking weapon systems I think it should be relational to how often that plane is used instead of an assigned level.

    Dispite those few gripes I really find this game incredably fun. I'm looking forward to future downloadable content....more info
  • Fun game, but with a few things I don't like
    The game is very fun, but some aircraft details that are not correct in it. One is the YF-17 in the game is nothing but a F/A-18 with a YF-17 paint scheme. While a F-18 was designed off the YF-17 platform anyone in the know came easily destinguish between the two. I'm pretty sure the older f-18's(pre F-18E Super Hornets) didn't have three hardpoints for mounting weapons either. Also a F-15E isn't a single seat plane. There was a few other aircraft details I noticed to be incorrect, but I can't remember them off the top of my head. Most of the aircraft details are very good though.

    Another thing is this game takes a long time to level up. I've been at it for a while and am only on level 28. I think there's 40 levels, and to get new aircraft, and weapons packages you have to level up.

    Still I like the game and recommend buying it, especially if your into planes....more info
  • Not Ace Combat
    Its not what I expected it to be, probably because Im use to Ace Combat. But the good news is that it is the first flight simulator coming from Tom Clancy so there is a lot of room improvement for a sequal. But overall its a fun game with a good story line and good online play, but finding a game can be a hassle....more info
  • I expected more
    I played the demo and it was something that is really easy to pick up and play. I will go and say what I really enjoyed about the game and then the reasons that I will not buy this game...let me start from the beginning. the moves that you can do in the air a amazing and it made the dog fighting really fun. the graphics are beautiful and the controls are really easy once you get it going. They have this flight path you can follow to lock on to differnt plans and also to dodge missles. This is the first game that actually incorporates that into the gameplay. Sometimes just seeing teh missle on the radar is not enough when you need to dodge it. Switching targets are really easy and once you learn how to do it, you can switch from back and forth qucikly to get different targets and maxamize the amount of targets you can hit with one fly by. There are two mai reasons that I will not buy this game. First is the price, I do not feel that any type of flying game is worth $[...]. Be fore you judge me just know that I bought the ace combat game for ps2 with the flight simulator stick for a wopping $[...] and even though that was a big decision for me the make, the game was only good because I had the flight simulator (sorry I have to add another reason why I am not going to buy the game so bare with me). Reason number two it you cannot choose how you want to fly the plane, I am used to turning the plane but the game controls the tilt of the plane, but this game does not allow you that option, and the last reason is they only offer to camera angles. You have to view the plane from behind, or from some other angle that makes the game llok cool. I prefer to fly the plane from the cockpit (thats what she said) I just prefer to fly the plane that way so that I get the feel of my actually flying the plane. And this is my 2 cents hope you enjoyed...more info
  • Disappointing - Another Arcade Game
    I anxiously looked forward to this game, expecting potentially the first realistic combat simulator for the PS3. What I got was another arcade game with limited flight controls, poor external view capabilities, and unrealistic scenarios. I have come to the conclusion that for some reason, PCs will always rule in flight simulators. Nothing exciting about this one....more info
  • Finally a next gen flight sim
    I have been waiting for a long time for someone to put together a great flight sim utilizing the latest technology. I have a 46" HD flat panel and a ps3 and I could not find a good flight sim. It drove me crazy. I tried renting a few that were out, but I didn't find anything that couldn't have been run on a ps2. HAWX is exactly what I wanted.

    The graphics are just amazing. I don't know how many other people get flight sims almost solely for the purpose of flying around amazing looking terrain as low as possible. That's me though. This game is just right for that purpose.

    I love the dogfight/mission aspect as well. I see no problem with the XP system or difficulty of the levels. To me it's all trimmin's. The guy who mentioned that there are only 19 missions forgot to mention that there are multiple difficulty levels which multiplies the fun and allows you to really get good at the game.

    I've already got 2 friends to purchase it and I look forward to playing co-op online. I will be playing this for a long time. It reminds me of getting "Chuck Yeager's Air Combat" all those years ago for Christmas. Thanks Ubi Soft....more info
  • Not a 1st-person game - warning!!
    If you're expecting to fly a plane with a 1st-person view (ie sitting in cockpit) you're out of luck. All the dogfighting forces you to use 'advanced mode' and that's 3rd-person only. There's no way to switch views, and the controls go all stupid too.

    I STRONGLY recommend against buying....more info
  • Waited so long for something good and this is what we got?
    I hate to be a debbie downer, but I was really unsatisfied with this game. Its the same ole thing, mission after mission - the only thing that changes is the landscape.

    If I were smart enough to be a game developer, I would have a flight game that includes take off and landings, take off and landing from an air craft carrier; take off and landing with a harrier jumpjet; airstrikes that get called in from ground personnel; joint strikes with helicopter gunships. I mean,the list goes on and on, and this game fell short on just about every level.

    The only thing this game gets good marks for are the graphics and dogfights. But really, how many dogfights can you do before you're wicked bored.

    ...more info
  • View in assistance mode makes it unusable
    So my title really sums it up for me.

    I come from playing flight sims on the PC for 15 years. I appreciate a little arcade action (Blazing Angels II is big fun) but I like my realism.

    The assistance ON mode in HAWKX feels odd. You can roll the plane in any way and it doesn't turn. The yaw control is necessary, but hard to use in combination with pitch, brake, throttle, targeting, and weapons.

    So what's assistance OFF like? I can't tell what the flight dynamics are because the view makes it impossible to fly. I played the demo and hated the view in assistance OFF. I actually felt it was unplayable and still do now that the game has been released and gone through an update. In fact, the only reason I purchased the game was that the guy in the store assured me that the view had been fixed. Idiot.

    You won't actually find this out until you are ~5 missions into the game and get to the Brasil mission where you are finally ALLOWED to turn assistance OFF.

    Then the game froze the PS3. Never had that happen before.

    So I called Ubisoft today. They say that they have NEVER had any complaints about the viewpoint, that I'm wrong because I can change the view when assistance is OFF, and that the game has NEVER frozen up a PS3.

    I spoke to Chris and Tish at Ubisoft. They suggested that the cause was a dirty disc or a corrupted save file. Okay, I'll play along, even though a moron would know that these are design and programming issues.

    I deleted all the remnants of the game (save files, game update) and played it again with the same result, except it didn't lock the console up again.

    So how do I get my money back? Trina and Chris say to take it back to the retailer, even though the receipt clearly states that they don't take returns on games, and no one has for decades.

    I'm really unhappy with these jerks. This is a piece of crap. Don't buy it....more info
  • insanely sick
    i got this for my sons b-day and this is a totally better game than i expected. the graphics r awesome expect they get worse the lower u r.overall this game is totally awesome and incredable. i give it a 5 for 5
    ...more info