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Tom Clancy's HAWX
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Product Description

A private military force has cumulated such power that it attacks the USA. In Tom Clancy's HAWX, you are thrust into the cockpits of incredibly powerful and technologically advanced jet fighters, you will benefit from hi-tech piloting assistance, providing comfort, security and enhanced perception. As you gain skills and confidence, you will be able to shed the assistance. Dogfight over realistic modern landscapes that have endured years of post-war trauma

Tom Clancy's HAWX for Xbox 360 puts you behind the throttle, in the fighter pilot's seat. As a member of the elite HAWX squadron, you'll find yourself manning cutting-edge aircraft, training on all the newest weapons, and carrying out dangerous top-secret missions set against the backdrop of a chaotic future, where private military companies (PMCs) are constantly putting your skills to the test and forcing you to defend your reputation as one of the top military pilots on Earth.

Fly alone or work with other pilots. View larger.

Let E.R.S. help you demonstrate your skills. View larger.

Experience photo-realistic environments. View larger.

Perform tricky maneuvers to try and escape brutal dogfights alive. View larger.

Take on secretive, black-op missions all over the world. View larger.
Shifting International Dynamics: The Hazards of PMC Warfare
Set between Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Tom Clancy's EndWar from the popular Ghost series, Tom Clancy's HAWX takes place in a world where warfare is constantly evolving--a time when state-sponsored militaries lack the funds and personnel to modernize their forces and elite, private mercenary groups have grown in size and scope to pick up the slack.

The Reykjavik Accords of 2012 defined the role of these PMCs in combat, and they made it fully legal for these groups to purchase from the international armaments market, leading to a shift in the structure of global military power. Over time, you'll do battle on the front lines of both sides as this shift reveals high-stakes arms threats and a terrifying glimpse of the future.

HAWX: The Elite, High Altitude Warfare eXperimental Squadron
You'll begin the game as former U.S. Air Force Pilot David Crinshaw, assigned to provide air support for the well-known Ghost Recon team. You and your fellow HAWX pilots are some of the most highly-trained specialists in the world. Based out of Langley Air Force Base in Virginia, you're tasked with everything from testing secret and experimental aircraft weapon systems to carrying out combat and recon missions, training other top pilots, and attempting to capture enemy technologies.

With the rise of the PMCs, your unique skills in higher demand than ever before. And with 49 playable planes available in game, plus additional planes available to some pilots through pre-order bonuses or VIP memberships, there's no shortage of sleek, fast, deadly aircraft at your disposal as you put your skills to use.

An Iconic, Enhanced Reality System to Help You Deliver Results
When you're in the midst of a firefight, E.R.S. in-game technology can help anyone survive, if you know how to take advantage of it. Featuring incoming missile detection, an anti-crash system, damage assessment, a tactical map, and weapons trajectory control, E.R.S. even allows you to issue orders to your squadron and other units, much like the iconic Cross-Com system in other Tom Clancy games. When you're getting started, you can ease into the rigors of flight and gain confidence by using a special assistance mode that offers support through the E.R.S. This mode can be switched off at any time, deactivating safety features and allowing you to perform advanced maneuvers.

Cutting-Edge Realism and Innovative Multi-Player Modes
Whether you're in a classic F15 Fighting Falcon or a new-generation Gripen, the controls and flight graphics are designed to keep you on your toes. And the game's photo-realistic environments have been created using detailed satellite data. When you pull back on the throttle to jet all over the world, you'll experience this authentic world from a variety of viewpoints.

Game play options aren't limited either, with the campaign featuring solo and multiplayer options with seamless jump in/jump out functionality, and a PVP mode where players can challenge each other to dog-fights for bragging rights, earning experience points and cash, and unlocking additional weapons.

  • Become a member of the elite HAWX squadron and command more than 50 iconic in-game planes
  • Explore real locations all over the world with photo-realistic environments created using high-end satellite data
  • Use the PVP mode to engage other players in brutal dogfights for bragging rights and in-game rewards
  • Experience the extended campaign as a solo flier or in multiplayer mode with smooth jump in/jump out functionality
  • Let unique E.R.S. technology guide you in evading incoming missiles, avoiding crashes, and controlling weapons

Customer Reviews:

  • My Favorite Game!!!!!!!!!!!
    I played other air combat games before, and this is truly the best! The graphics are the best, the plot is the best, the planes are the best, the places/scenery is the best! This game is truly amazing. About a year ago when Ace Combat Six came out I thought it was the best and it couldn't be beat, WRONG! Even if you aren't a fan of air combat games, if you like first person shooters like Rainbow Six Vegas or Call of Duty 4, this game will sure surprise you in every positive way, THE BEST!...more info
  • good fighter/ flying game
    this is the first flying game i have played. i thought about the "flight simulator", but with my anger for games running slowly on windows based pc i decided to just pick up a game i could fly and shoot planes down. good flying game, fairly easy to pickup what is going on with the story, even if you have never played a tom clancy game....more info
  • Best air combat game i ever played!
    This game sets the bar real high for all future flight games. Beats Ace Combat 6 by far. If your into military style games you'll love this one. ...more info
  • good but not great
    Its fun for a few hours but no real reason to play it over again. Try ace combat for the 360 instead. Multiplayer has only 1 mode and it is pretty much the same thing over and over. It is fun to Fly with 3 other friends in the missions but it makes them very easy even on the highest difficulty. ...more info
  • Move over Ace Combat
    HAWX is a game that would win over anyone looking for a great flight combat game, the graphics are incredible not to mention smooth and very fluid, the controls for this game are sweet and very easy to learn and get the hang of, the missions are quite challenging and the online play is fantastic, do a coop mission with others or just fight it out for bragging rights in the unfriendly skies in a team deathmatch, theres more than enough planes in this game to even make even a veteran sky jock mouth water, not to mention a few secret unlockable planes as well, so if your into flight combat games and if you think you got what it takes to command the skies, then grab your flight helmet strap in and hit the afterburners cause this game is for you..........more info
  • great game, horrible delivery
    I bought this game for my husband who had been asking for it. I had wanted to surprise him so I pre-ordered it from Amazon, with an overnight delivery. The delivery was HORRIBLE!! I assumed because I paid EXTRA, I would get it on Wednesday after the the Tuesday that the game came out, But I got an email from Amazon on Thursday telling me it wasn't being sent yet. I finally had to tell my husband that I ordered it for him..(no surprise anymore) and we still didn't get it for a week! The game may be great but this is the last time I'll pay extra for shipping from apology, no refund for my paying extra, no nothing. I'm disgusted, and I've been with Amazon for many years....more info
  • unbiased gamer's opinion--a 4.5 star production
    Only on mission 9 so far.

    Just so people can identify with my perspective and my motive when purchasing games. I don't buy every title that hits the shelves, I'm frugal. However I do tend to own nearly all of the best sellers for the 360 platform. I'm a tremendous Gears of War 1 & 2 fan (1 better multiplayer because 2 makes the shotgun unrealistically bb-gun watered down), anyway, I loved Assassin's Creed--one of my favorites. I appreciated the new Prince of Persia, it's a rental though, I love the Call of Duty series 2, 4 & 5. BioShock...okay so now you see what types of games I like. If you like these, you might like this.

    I've owned some Clancy titles, mostly the spinter cells and the first GRAW. I liked the 2&3 splinter cells on original platform. That being said this game follows suit for attention to realistic military detail, it's not flawless but it's pretty accurate. The story is pretty engaging, I'm prior military and love all things military, this storyline included. It's a stark prophecy of what could happen in the near future, makes it gripping like that.

    Okay, the game itself. Initially, I HATED IT!! I am a huge fan of crimson skies and found the combat system extremely intuitive and very very advanced when performing maneuvers. This game is very close to a combat sim in the way the planes handle, the planes' flight mechanics operate on all three axises (X, Y, Z for roll, pitch, and yaw respectively). Yaw control is something new to me, but I've learned to appreciate it. So if you can get past the first mission and learn to appreciate the manual yaw control--you might find yourself really enjoying the game as it progresses.

    Game play is pretty cool, there are different modes of piloting (2 categories described Assisted -ON or -OFF). In Assisted -ON (which you can think of like autopilot--the game assists your control of flight. I don't have much experience, I set expert mode from the onset of the game. In Assisted-ON mode there are three sub-views:

    - 1st-person in the HUD-only view
    - 1st-person in the cockpit view
    - or 3rd-person trailing view


    ONLY 3rd-person but it's not always trailing it could be from the side view, this is very difficult to which to become accustomed. I usually excel at games, any genre and found this learning curve exceptionally difficult to master. That being said, if you do master it--you will become extremely rewarded as your ability to perform potentially-unreal and agile maneuvers becomes a possibility. Dog fighting in this mode is difficult as another review already commented. With practice I could see this giving gamers a massive edge over online competition.

    I found these aspects to be the most standout qualities of the game and I find the diversity to choose your mode of flight, weapons platform (you can select unique weapons packages/loadouts for each plane), and style of piloting (-ON & -OFF mode), to make this game stand out a lot.

    I did not try using the voice-commands yet however I could see that being advantageous if it works properly. I took a cursory glance at the voice-command list and noticed that you can verbally select your missile or bomb type, this avoids the need to look at the corner and manually select with the direction-pad.

    The graphics are exceptional from range, up close you can see the developers (particularly the artists) got lazy with the texture mapping for buildings, but from a range the landscapes and scenery are breathtaking.

    The bombing system is AWESOME!! Freefall bombs are pretty freaking fun and the multi-target bombs are impressive to watch. There is a lot of realism to this game. My roommate is a huge flight-sim advocate and he comments on his approval. The unrealistic parts of the game are the munitions capacities, i.e. carrying over a 100+ missiles, et al. To me this is negligible because taking on an entire floatilla and several squadrons is fun. It's challenging and launches the fun factor into the extreme end of the fun spectrum.

    The flight dynamics are very unreal in the -OFF mode but again, this makes the game more fun, the maneuvers you can pull off, especially with vector-thrust propulsion planes is AMAZING!! Very impressive and you'll feel pretty damn good about yourself if you pull 'em off to avoid a missile locked onto you.

    The air-air combat system is kind of neat. You can just manually dog fight, i.e. just fly and engage targets as you see them come on screen or have them automatically selected for you by the radar but you have the ability to manually select your target and when you are trailing a bogey, there's a system of rings on your HUD that if you follow will place you right on your target's 6 o'clock. It's cool!

    They use the same fly-through ring system for targeting ground units surrounded by buildings. Think the movie Stealth when the guy flies into sub-orbit and then plunges downward towards the skyscraper to give more velocity to his missile. This is kind of cool too.

    *** FYI -- you also can unlock the plane from Stealth which the human pilots fly. ***

    I give this game an A+, it would get another + but the feel of the combat system is lacking something. It's not as intuitive as the combat system of Crimson Skies.

    I highly recommend this game, but please purchase knowing that there is a high learning curve to become effective in the elite-level of difficulty for this game or for multiplayer....more info
  • Aircraft not up to par
    This game was a great idea and the gameplay was excellent. I gave it a lower rating for the simple fact that some of the aircraft were not up to par on the realism. For example the actual A-10 does not have afterburners on the engines. Also on some of the aircraft the flight control surfaces were not acurate to the real aircraft. Being a pilot myself I was a little dissapointed. Overall though I would still recommend this game....more info
  • HAWX Review
    Enjoyable, yet short, arcade/simulation jet fighter game. Graphics, controls, and playability are very good. Cons: too short....more info
  • RAWX
    This arcade style flight combat game (as the review about me also pointed out, its not a "flight simulator") is incredibly fast paced and engaging. Though there are a few slow moments as you recieve a briefing while heading to the destination at hand, once there you will be engaged in constant dogfights, dodging missles and out-manuevering(sp?) the other bandits. The missions do range from Defend, Escort, Bombing runs but so far I found the majority as defend and escort, which is fine as it offers enough diversity in those missions to keep you both challenged and entertained.
    The wingmen, in my opinion, dont do much other than keep the com line busy, shooting down targets on their own time. It's decent AI but nothing to write home about. I have yet to play this in coop mode, though I do lok forward to that and should remedy any problems you have with the AI wingmen if you have a buddy along side you.

    The experience system (which reminds me alot of Call of Duty's EXP system) gains you EXP for every kill and in game challenge you complete and works for both off and online modes giving you new ranks (up to lvl 40), weapon packs, and planes (the box says there are "over 50 liscensed planes").

    Which brings me to the second(the first being coop for those of you who were paying attention) and last online feature: Team Deathmatch. I havent thoroughly explored it but clocked in a few matches to get a feel for it (wanted to unlock more planes and hone my flying skills before I really hit it). From the matches I played I have to say that this is one of the game's best features. Its fast paced, balanced, and alot of fun. The TD consists of 2 teams of 4 locked in a dogfight. The twist is the match bonuses you get for a certain amount of kills (EMP burst, limiting them to a certain altitude repair-bots, locking their missles, and radar jamming) that can turn the tide of battle for either team.

    In closing: I am extremely pleased with this game. The graphics are amazing the gameplay is immersive and engaging, the online capabilities offer immense replayability and the story, though predictable, is a decent Clancy story. I didnt give this game a 5 of 5 because I dont usually give any game a perfect score (a flawless game? Doesnt exist IMO), but this one came pretty close. I recommend this game to anyone who likes fast paced action titles (and doesnt mind being in a plane the whole time)....more info
  • Not for pilots looking for realism and challenges
    This is an arcade game. Not up to the standars of real flight sims like Falcon 4 or MS Combat Flight Simulator. The airplane top speed, lower speed and manoeuvres are limited. You have more freedom when using the blimp camera (external view) but that is unrealistic, boring and not a challenge for experienced pilots. My recomendation, wait for a bargain or rent it. By the way, the voice commands don't work well. It's strange considering that the same company implemented voice commands in Endwar....more info
  • Could Have Been Great
    Let me say first and foremost, this game is very good. The graphics are very well done but in my opinion they're not up to par with early videos I saw of this game, which obviously weren't using game play.

    As other reviews have noted, this is NOT a flight sim. There are weapons and missions in this game that don't happen in real life. But if you don't approach it looking for a complete 100% realistic experience, it's a lot of fun. Although, having said that, the realism is pretty close. It does give you a sense of what it's like to fly between buildings in a major metropolitan city at high speeds as well as dodge missiles coming at you from all angles.

    The storyline of this game was supposed to follow the storyline of the most recent Tom Clancy game, Endwar. But it appears the developers decided to go a different direction. Gamers who have played previous Tom Clancy games will recognize CPT Mitchell from Ghost Recon leading a team of ground troops in the game. That little addition I really liked. I wanted to really make sure I helped out the Ghosts during each ground mission they were in because I'd previously played the Ghost Recon games.

    Now, the bad, and the reason I rated this game only three stars. Ubisoft did not do a good job with the quality control on this at all. I experienced NUMEROUS freezing problems with this game, and they've been reported by a lot of gamers. It usually freezes on the title screen right when you press start to get into the game. I've also had it freeze on me during a mission briefing. Secondly, sometimes the audio during a mission briefing doesn't match the text, and I've also seen grammatical mistakes in the briefings, as well as minor things like spelling "defense" as "defence". To an American audience that's noticeable and the grammatical mistake I found is inexcusable. There are also game play issues that cause problems. In a heavy dogfight sometimes you will find your "fire" button unresponsive for 5-10 seconds after launching a missile. This would be no big deal and could be chalked up to an attempt at realism, but it's not consistent. Sometimes it'll happen and sometimes it doesn't.

    On balance this game is a lot of fun but it could have been a truly amazing, great game had Ubisoft put some more polish on it. The graphics are good but don't live up to the jaw dropping graphics from early game play videos released after the game was originally announced. The freezing issues are just totally inexcusable and really color my opinion of the game. ...more info