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PC Power and Cooling PPCS500D Silencer 500 Dell 12V 80+ Certified Power Supply
List Price: $91.99

Our Price: $70.67

You Save: $21.32 (23%)


Product Description

Unrattle your nerves with the economical, ultra quiet Silencer 500 EPS12V power supply from PC Power & Cooling. Its premium quality fan and low-turbulence circuitry reduce audible noise by up to 90% (10db). The Silencer 500 EPS12V power supply strikes a perfect balance between power, reliability and acoustics.

  • Product #: PPCS500D
  • Manufacturer: PC Power and Cooling
  • Manufacturer Item #: PPCS500D
  • UPC: 783068500049

Customer Reviews:

  • Power Purchase
    Good purchase. Took some work to arrange all the extra cables but product works as advertised....more info
  • The perfect Replacement
    This was a exact fit with all factory holes lining up. There are also a multitude of connections including SATA. All the leads are wrapped in nylon mesh which helps keep everything organized. This is a 'better buy' than the lower power and noisier factory unit....more info
  • Quiet. Cool, Rock Solid
    OK, so I'll be the first. I guess not many people take a lot of time to think about how much they like their new power supplies.

    I have a DELL Dimension E520 MiniTower (circa Spring 2007) with Intel Core Duo E6400 (2.13GHz) and 2GB main mem. I was looking to upgrade my graphics card to a DX10 compliant GeForce card (upgrading from the current ATI Radeon x1300) and needed a PSU with a little more punch than Dell's stock 305 watter.

    This one is a dream. Power connectors for every conceivable need, including 2 PCIe connectors in case you want to double up SLI-style (of course, there is only one PCIe slot on Dell's skimpy BTX style motherboard). It is actually a bit smaller than the Dell PSU, which is a good thing because I needed extra space to squeeze in the unused cables. I also had to snip away a tiny bit of the Dell case in back so the plug socket would clear the edge. It is amazingly quiet and provides unwavering power to 2 DVD drives, 2 hard drives and the CPU. Also runs very cool. I'm very pleased....more info
  • So Far So Good
    I bought the PC Power and Cooling Silencer 500 for my Dell Dimension 8400. It installed and fit rather nicely. I upgraded from my stock 350 watt powersuppy, I wanted to use it to run better graphic cards. It has no problems handling the newer cards with the modest 35 or 36 amp +12 volt rail. Ive had it now a month or so and working good.

    PC Power and Cooling is known for making some good Power Supplies, I would recommend this to any Dell user thats looking to upgrade or replace their Dell Power Supply and is compatible with their PC.

    I ended up buying a new computer to replace the 8400, I could only go so far with a new video card, the single core 3.2 mhz Intel processor was causing a "Bottleneck" when I played the newer games like COD WaW and so on. Id be wasting my money on a high end card to play on a single core machine. I installed the Power Supply then on my sons E521, was still pretty easy to install, not quite the exact fit though as the 8400, but got it in ok. Works nice on his AMD Dual Core and my old 8600 GT.

    RECOMMEND THIS ? YES I WOULD!...more info