4-Camera Surveillance Set (Dome and Infrared) w/ Cables and Stand Alone DVR
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Product Description

This professional grade video surveillance and DVR system comes with everything you need to monitor and record your home, office, or retail store. Just hook it up to your computer monitor or TV and you're ready. The stand alone DVR has a 160 gb hard drive which is more than enough storage space. Cameras record with motion sensors to save HD space. Bullet cameras are made from durable metal and are all weather designed for outdoor use. Dome Cameras are designed for indoor use and are not all weather. Set up is quick, simple and easy even if you want to do-it-yourself. This system is very easy to install. THIS SET INCLUDES EVERYTHING YOU NEED...JUST PROVIDE THE MONITOR OR TV!! What You'll Get With This System: Please Note - These systems are custom built and tested in house upon ordering. Please allow a few extra days to receive this system. Normal shipping times are about 5-7 business days, so please allow for about 7-10 days to receive this item.Add this item to your cart now to buy or call us toll free at 866-475-5701 with any questions. * You'll also get: 1 remote control.

  • You'll get: 1 Stand Alone DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with 1 Hard Drive (160 gb standard).
  • You'll get: 4 Color Cameras (both day and NIGHT VISION with automatic infrared and dome cameras) -
  • You'll also get: 4 RCA/power cables - 100 foot length for each camera.
  • You'll get: 8 adapters to connect cameras to DVR
  • You'll get: 1 adapter cable to connect DVR to TV or monitor.