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WebPlus X2 Website Maker
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Product Description

WebPlus X2 makes it quick and painless to produce professional-looking sites featuring interactive forums and blogs, polished animated photo galleries, podcasts and cool YouTube videos, Flash animations, secure password-protected pages, easy e-commerce sites with partners including PayPal, and much more, with handy on-screen help to guide you every step of the way.

Whether a novice or a seasoned designer, a hobbyist or commercial manager, WebPlus has something to offer everyone, resulting in amazing websites without the headaches - and without breaking the bank.

WebPlus X2 is Serif's outstanding Vista certified web design solution, packed with everything an organization needs to design fully-featured and professional-looking sites--with no need to learn or program any HTML! With smart Web gadgets including forums and site search hosted for free by Serif, integrated e-commerce with partners including PayPal, support for engaging YouTube, podcast and RSS content, plus video and Shockwave Flash animations, WebPlus X2 is the perfect answer for in-house web design. WebPlus helps at every stage, whether starting with a professional business template, designing from scratch, automatically fixing design issues, or publishing to the Web, it's never been easier to achieve fantastic results, fast.

The all-in-one solution for professional quality web design. Click to enlarge.

Get your inspiration from a wide range of customizable professional templates. Click to enlarge.

Easily set up a secure online store at the touch of a button. Click to enlarge.

Embed your favorite YouTube clips, podcasts and vidcasts for the ultimate interactivity. Click to enlarge.

The All-in-One Solution for Professional Quality Web Design.

Fast web design for all
Fantastic Web design with no need to learn HTML! WebPlus gives you complete control in a DTP-style design interface with easy layout capabilities.

Customizable professional templates
Don't be daunted by designing a site--with professionally-produced templates to choose from, there's plenty to inspire you or help achieve speedy results.

In-house graphic design
Add design pizzazz with great Web graphics--everything from instant shapes to attractive fills, transparencies and special effects, plus 3D artwork, warping and image adjustments.

Sell! Sell! Sell!
Add fully-featured e-commerce carts and buttons using well-known partners PayPal, Mal's and RomanCart. A wizard makes the task easy and safe--no fuss, complication, or setup cost!

Interest your viewers
Entice and engage visitors with amazing and unrivalled interactive Web gadgets including forums, blogs, mailing lists, live surveys and polls, feedback forms, site search, active hit counters and even messaging with shoutboxes.

Show off your favorite media
Make sites even more interactive with exciting podcasts and vidcasts, giving them the power subscribe to updates using iTunes. Also embed YouTube videos straight in your site!

Safe surfing
Secure areas of your site with user logins, password-protected pages--and CAPTCHA signup security to stop unwanted automatons from invading and harvesting details.

Optimize your site
Easily preview, publish and maintain your WebPlus site, now with enhanced search engine optimization and visitor analytics to help you get the best from your site online.

Bonus: 12 months of free web hosting and sub domains

Getting your site online is hassle-free, thanks to 12 months of free web hosting included with every purchase of WebPlus X2. With WebPlus X2 you get a full professional hosting package, including:

  • 10 GB web space
  • 100 GB per month bandwidth
  • 100 unique email addresses
  • Host up to 16 separate websites
  • 24/7 customer support
  • WebPlus X2 is Serif's outstanding Vista certified web design marvel. Award-winning, versatile, powerful and easy-to-use, it is perfect for making engaging, professional-looking sites.
  • With smart web gadgets, integrated e-commerce with partners including PayPal, support for YouTube, podcasts and Flash content, plus easy design and on-screen help, WebPlus X2 is ideal for any business or organization looking to create its own website.
  • Don't be daunted by designing a site--with 30 professionally-designed templates to choose from, there's plenty to inspire you or help achieve speedy results.
  • WebPlus X2 provides an easy approach to web design, with integrated e-commerce wizards, support for engaging YouTube content, podcasts and Flash animations--and all with no need to learn HTML.
  • Serif's online web resource not only offers new visitor analytics to give you detailed information about the usage of your site, we've also improved search engine optimisation for WebPlus X2 so your site can rank higher with services like Google.

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy to Use
    I haven't completed using it however; so far it has been easy to use. I am replacing Front Page and was hesitant to learn a new program but my host server no longer is compatible with Front Page. I had no choice but to change and I am glad I picked this software, it even copied my existing web-site to a folder in the program; so I can make my changes without building a whole new site. I am going to use it to build a new site and see which web-site design I like better. For now, I am using it for changes to my already existing web-site....more info
  • Are fake reviews more effective than a good product?
    The people at WebPlus are very dedicated to their fake review program. Obviously they have at least one full time person whose job it is to go on sites and post fake reviews. My theory is that they figure someone who buys this software is not smart enough to realize that almost every 5 star review on this site is fake.
    If you have a few minutes to spare, take a moment to read through these reviews. The person writing them did not even take the time to add some details that might make them sound genuine. Well, they do add a couple fake negatives, humbly suggesting that the only thing wrong with the software is this: It is so awesome and perfect that you sometimes can't get anything done - all you want to do is sit there and think about how perfect it is.
    If you are bored, you can try and figure out how many of the reviews were written on the same day, or how many reviewers have only one review. Oh - some reviewers have multiple reviews... but, oddly, their only other reviews are for products by the same company. And guess what? The company's other products are flawless as well.Shocking!
    I have never posted a review on Amazon. I shouldn't even have taken the time to write it, but I know many or us sometimes feel like saying "enough is enough".
    I don't know whether the software is good. It might be.
    None of will know whether it really is good unless we buy it.
    But - we ALL know that the company that made it engages in a deceitful and ugly business practice. Of course, this is not just a simple lack of integrity, it also ruins the impact of reviews that are thoughtfully submitted by real people. I used to get a lot out of Amazon reviews - its too bad that is now just a marketing game for dishonest people....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought this one for price and something that was WYSIWYG. Some friends and I developed the website, [...]
    easily and quickly. We are still learning the ins and outs of the program. Yes there is a learning curve but isn't that the way with most new software products anyway. Very powerful program for the money. I know some coding but not a lot. I couldn't just sit there and program, I think it would be time consuming and aggravating. This is a good product with templates and other built in items a person may need for their business....more info
  • Great for first time web designers!
    As I first time web site designer I was hesitant to buy any of the programs I found. The price for this one was so fantastic, I decided to take a chance, and it sure paid off. I found that the templates were a bit boring, and created my site from scratch. Much of the program is self explanatory, learn as you go, and if I got stuck the manual, while not easy to read gets you going in the right direction. I definately reccomend this program, and am thrilled to have purchased it!...more info
  • Serif WebPlus X2 won't disappoint
    If I can design a website, you can, too. I knew absolutely nothing about designing websites or publishing to a site. But I learned it the easy way--Serif WebPlus X2. I recommend that you read the book first or concurrent with trying out the software. Also, and this is a must, join the Serif forum. Many forum members are experts and are SOOOOO helpful. The software is a WYSIWYG type program but it doesn't stop there. You can customize everything and add HTML coding and scripts. There are templates but I have found making my own from "scratch" was easy and the best way for me to learn. I have no regrets buying this software....more info
  • I have to re-learn everything now.
    All I wanted was something to replace FrontPage. This product is not it. It doesn't work directly with html pages. Worse, it will not even correctly import html pages that use tables. Tables are the foundation of my web pages, and this program will not work with them! So, I guess I have to re-learn web design or find another product that will do what I want....more info
  • Easy website creation
    WebPlus X2 made creating a website much easier. I was trying to use the site builder tools that was available on the hosting site, but kept running into problems that those programs wouldn't help me work out. Webplus has been an enormous help. Look at my progress at [...].

    By the way, the forums on Serif's website have been very informative as well. If you aren't sure how to do something, odds are, someone else has already asked about it.

    ...more info