Logitech WiLife 961-000290 Digital Video Security Outdoor Add-On Camera
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Product Description

WiLife Digital Video Security Camera Outdoor Add-On Camera

Customer Reviews:

  • Perfect for my needs
    I am happy with this system. It performs as described and is perfect if you don't want to hack up your house running network cable. I have a full up 6 camera system, and it's has performed in excess of my expectations.

    Based on all of the negative reviews floating around about this setup, you'd think this system was a joke....from software, connection issues, performance issues, it doesn't do this, it doesn't do that. Whatever. I find that most negative reviews come from technically challenged individuals, or those that have unrealistic expectations. We haven't experienced the issues others have reported. We have the most current software (v2.5) and camera firmware, and have had no issues whatsoever. For the price, we're getting what we paid for.

    The specs on this system are clear. If it doesn't meet your needs, then don't buy. We find that it surpasses our expectations. It's great to have a record of all of the activity that goes on around our home while we are absent. Now that we have this system, we find that we cannot live without it. It's like going from dialup to high speed internet....you can never go back. We'll never be without a surveillance system again....more info
  • Overpriced Junk
    Logitech's security camera is a joke. Easily destroyed by any theif with half a brain and made with such poor quality components it just doesn't have the guts to hack it in the real world.

    Example - the lens. A cheap fixed focal length junk camera lens. I've seen better lenses in disposable cameras.

    Most all REAL security cameras have variable focus lense with pan tilt and zoom.

    About all you can do with this is point it at a thermometer and read the temperature. I sent mine back - no need for more logitech video junk around here....more info