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NETGEAR RangeMax WNDR3300 Dual Band Wireless-N Router
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Product Description

The WNDR3300 offers more wireless channels, less interference and better connections using dual band Wireless-N. Enjoy faster downloads, high-quality media streaming, and better online gaming.

The NETGEAR RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router (WNDR3300) effectively creates two separate but simultaneous wireless networks in your home or office--one that supports older Wireless-G products, and one for the newer, more robust Wireless N standards. The router's "dual" nature lets you continue to use your existing Wireless-G devices while giving you the advantage of the vastly improved throughput speed, range and performance of a Wireless-N network.

The NETGEAR RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router offers:
  • Blazing speeds and extended range thanks to Wireless-N technology.
  • Backwards compatibility with Wireless-G devices.
  • Double firewall security and parental controls.
  • Quality of Service for automatic prioritization of tasks.

With its dual band nature, you can create two separate but simultaneous wireless networks. View larger.
And when used with computers and devices with Wireless-N capability, the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router will let you surf, email, stream HD video, play on-line games, and even make Internet phone calls simultaneously, avoiding annoying interference from neighboring Wi-Fi networks and other wireless devices like Bluetooth or cordless phones.

Dual Band Wireless-N: Less Interference, Increased Range and Superior Performance
Featuring the latest dual band Wireless-N technology, the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router delivers exceptional range and speed for new Wireless-N devices while still offering backwards compatibility to older Wireless-G devices.

NETGEAR's unique multiple internal antenna technology packs eight metamaterial antennas into this wireless router. This enables wireless signals to travel farther for a stronger, more reliable wireless connection. This new technology also minimizes "dead spots" that can frustrate wireless network users.

While performance will vary according to your particular conditions, when used with other Wireless-N computers and devices, the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router can deliver up to 10 times the range of older Wireless-G routers and offer a throughput speed of up to 15 times faster.

(For optimal performance, the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router should be used with NETGEAR's RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Adapter or laptops with integrated Wireless-N)

Push 'N' Connect makes set up a cinch.
Easy Set-Up with Push 'N' Connect
Setting up and connecting to the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router couldn't be easier. The router comes with a Smart Wizard installation CD that vastly simplifies the initial set-up process by automatically detecting and configuring your router for virtually all ISP connections.

And once your network is set up, the router's "Push 'N' Connect" feature takes over. To connect a new device on your network, you simply push a button on the router, and your device is automatically and securely configured and connected to your wireless network.

This means that the days of having to remember complicated security keys and passwords are over. The router also features an integrated switch that lets you attach up to four devices directly to the router.

Another notable advantage of dual band Wireless-N is that it works with up to 23 channels that operate on the 5GHz band. Wireless-G networks, on the other hand, operate on the 2.4-GHz band with only 3 channels, which is also home to some cordless phones, microwaves, and other devices that can cause interference. 5GHz Wireless-N avoids the interference that can interrupt Wireless-G networks, giving you greater reliability and performance.

And the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router "dual" nature means the router creates both Wireless-G and Wireless-N networks at the same time. So on your Wireless-N enabled computer, you'll see two networks to choose from, depending on your usage.

For instance, if you're using your network for streaming HD movies or VoIP, you can connect over the Wireless-N network and use the Wireless-G for less demanding applications, such as connecting to your printer or sending email.

And thanks to its QoS, or Quality of Service, the router will automatically prioritize its tasks according to your network's existing bandwidth and your needs. So if you're playing an online game, or streaming an HD video while someone else on your network starts downloading a large file, the router helps ensure that your games and video won't be interrupted.

Four ports let you connect via ethernet cable.
Parental Controls and Security at Home
The RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router offers double firewall protection that includes network address translation, or NAT, to keep you network hidden from outside users, and stateful packet inspection, or SPI, firewall to deny outside requests for personal information.

Other security measures include denial-of-service (DoS) attack prevention, intrusion detection and prevention (IDS), and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA2-PSK, WPA-PSK). The router offers both 64-bit and 128-bit encryption as well as a wireless access control that identifies authorized wireless network devices connected to your network.

For parental peace of mind, the RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router offers several options designed to keep your kids safe, including URL content filtering, time-based usage controls, and "trusted user" controls. The router's remote management controls make it easy to keep your kids online and protected.

The RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router measures 8.8 x 6.0 x 1.2 inches (HxWxD) and comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

What's in the Box
RangeMax Dual Band Wireless-N Router (WNDR3300), stand, Ethernet cable, setup CD, 12V 1.5A power adapter, and warranty/support information card.

Avoiding interference allows for a network with longer range and better connections.

  • Wireless N dual band router operates on both 5 GHz and 2.4-GHz bands for optimal performance
  • Backwards compatible with Wireless-G devices
  • Surf, email, stream HD video, play on-line games, and make Internet phone calls simultaneously without interference from other Wi-Fi networks
  • Delivers up to 10 times the range of Wireless-G routers and offers throughput speeds of up to 15 times faster
  • Measures 8.8 x 6.0 x 1.2 inches (HxWxD); 1-year manufacturer's warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Amateur at this
    I'm pretty computer literate, but networking-not good, so I followed the instructions to the letter and had no problem at all. I allowed myself a whole afternoon to get it going, as from experience nothing goes right the first, second or third times, but this was up and running in 15 minutes! I have two computers hooked in directly and one in another room that I set up to receive wireless, plus my laptop - all work well. I'm very happy with the product....more info
  • Wireless network is a lifestyle!
    As with any product we buy on the web, customer reviews are what convince us this is the product for me. Well; I read a few skeptical reviews on this product as well as good ones. Here's mine. I depend on a wireless network for the many devices I own. I use my Xbox 360 for everything! The media center extender went from no bars of power to almost full power after switching from a linksys wireless N router. The G signal on my bedroom pc went up one bar. It used to lag when watching video from the downstairs pc, now, smooth sailing all the way. Watching a movie on xbox 360; no lag or waiting for the video to catch up. Setup on this router is a little tricky hence ALL of the bad reviews. But being the computer savvy person I am with a little knowledge this thing ROCKS!!! Look no further if your looking for a great router!! I live in a townhome with multiple networks in the area making the 5 ghz feature a blessing! Now my girlfriend doesn't get angry everytime we watch a movie and the network lags; No longer a problem with this router!! What are you waiting for? This was the answer to my prayers; hope it does the same for you!!...more info
  • Good Router and Night Light Combination
    First off I want to say I was pretty impressed with how easy it was to install this router. Not exactly like installing the Linksys I retired, but easy peasy, just follow the directions. I was excited about this router, because I wanted a bit more range than I'd been getting. I have it set up in the living room, because it's where the cable comes into the house. My desktop is only one wall away and I've had no problem with the wireless connection with it, but I like to take my laptop out on the patio at night and I just wasn't getting the oomph I needed and bad signal strength translates into slow, slow internet.

    And let me tell you, I'm very happy out in my patio these days. I know it's not down the block, but it's where I want to be on a summer's evening, laptop on lap with a speedy internet. I've got that now.

    And as an added bonus I now have a night light in my living room. Yes, the Netgear RangeMax Dual-Band Wireless-N Router also doubles as a night light. A blue one. It's pretty bright, that blue light is, but heck, I kinda like it....more info
  • Many dropped connections
    I've had this router for about 6 months. I was new to wireless, so didn't know what to expect. I bought my wife a laptop and noticed that the conection would get dropped every 15 minutes or so. It would reconnect by itself after about a minute. I thought this was strange, but wasn't sure if it was a problem with the router or the wireless laptop. Over the next few months, I added two additional wireless devices (another laptop and an iPhone), and experience the same problem with those as well.

    In short, the connection is great...when you have one!...more info
  • Rjk1
    the new router is much better then the Linksys G router that I had. I recieve better reception in the house even in areas that I could not get service before....more info
  • Continued Freeze Ups Even After Tech Support
    I bought a new home and my Netgear Rangemax MIMO Router, which has been wonderful and reliable for the last 3 years, wasn't able to push a strong signal to our second garage. With that said, I thought I would upgrade to N technology. I have had the WNDR3300 for about 3 weeks. I have tried everything to get this router to work properly but to no avail. Download the firmware upgrades - check. Contact tech support for help - check. Moved the position of the router - check. Changed the routers settings - check. One of my computers is a mere 30 feet away with no significant wall structure between it and the router. As with all four of my (brand new Dell) computers, a very good to strong signal is always indicated. However, over 50% of the time the internet will seemingly freeze at any given time and never recover unless rebooted. I am stumped on how to solve the problem. Needless to say, the router is going back....more info
  • Like a Diamond, Pretty but Flaws appear upon Closer inspection
    I have a couple of these for a while now. For gaming purposes and normal traffic, these are more than fine, however, this series of router has a known problem of causing traffic corruption during routing. It usually does not kick until the device has been running for a while, also, it only becomes abundantly clear on large downloads.

    Obviously you overlook an image or mp3 that hasn't downloaded just right, or that when you are updating software, that the download has failed once and had to do a re-try here and there.

    However, if you do serious downloading (GB+ files at a time) imagine waiting for a DVD iso to take 2 days to download, only to find that the file is corrupted!?

    Granted when using a CRC checking system on small packets (such as BT) this may not be much of a problem (although, believe me, it is slowing you down!), but HTTP downloads are very susceptible to this (painfully so) as well as other mediums.

    I have used these for sub-internal networks to connect them to wider, larger networks, as well as for connecting networks to various types of internet connections (Cox Cable, Comcast Cable, Wireless 800MHz Broadband, etc) and these problems manifest time after time.

    If you just want to do simple web-surfing, or play World of Warcraft, then this will work fine. But for a work environment or anyone who needs real reliability, avoid this like the plague....more info
  • This product is crippled by adapter card availability............
    I've had this item for over 6 months, it generally works well but at least with the online games I tend to favor, I sometimes have to reboot the router before I can connect to my game.

    The setup was pretty easy, the internal firmware automatically searches for updates every time you enter it and windows provides a icon (sees it as a pnp device) for easy access to router setup, or you can do it the hardway too by just typing the ip address into your browser window. I never use any security on my network because some of my older hand held devices are still running mobile 2003 and the security doesn't work well or correctly with those. I have a fairly small house, with my old belkin products I can easily get a good connection all the way out to the end of my driveway but not here, this unit if I'm lucky goes out to the end of my garage a good bit of difference but that should also mean less wardriving off my access point.

    The firewall in this router has several selections, I found that hellgate london did not like the most secure setting but setting for the lesser protection does not seem to have exposed me to any more popups or virus attacks than usual (but I also run xp 64 bit and that has a lot to do with it also, there's just less junk written for the os I'm running).

    Netgear after nearly a year has still not produced a pci adapter card that works with this router....personally I think that's a pretty serious stupidity on their part; they also don't seem to have released the promised version of this router with gigabit hardwired ports. The usb dongle they do sell is junk if you ask me, I had it for a few days and returned it because it could not maintain a connection. My house is an old 50's rebar and concrete block, wood frame house, it's considered a difficult transmission situation especially since the microwave and the pipes for the bathroom are in the way between the other room where I have a media pc and the router; so far my belkins seem to do the best in this house but I've always had better luck with 5 ghz signals than 2.4 ghz signals (they travel better and bounce less in this type of house).

    For what this router costs I keep hoping Netgear will pony up with the pci card and fix the firmware issues that most believe are keeping the range so poor. This router serves but it could be a much better product than it is and the lack of pci cards is really hampering their sales of this product if you ask me. I'm currently using a linksys gaming adapter dual band N with this router. I had to turn off a lot of settings and of course no security but I don't use that anyway. The linksys adapter is also a unfinished product that needs a lot of work but if you fight with it enough it's a fair setup when paired with this router. Connections are plenty fast for games and I've got a four port switch setup so my media pc and my xbox 360 share the linksys adapter simultaneously if I need to.

    Not a bad router but netgear needs to pony up the pci adapters and put out the version with the gigabit ports. ...more info
  • Works well but hard to patch into an existing system
    While this product works well as a dual band router it was very hard to configure to work with the Verizon Fios router that I need to use to connect to Fios. The lack of gigabit support on the wired portion of the router is also dissapointing. Overall, decent wireless, too dumbed down for power users and obnoxious presentation. Scrap the giant blue led button and and more functionality the next time around....more info
  • Excellent on G Lightening Fast on N and Blows the Linksys out of the Water!
    For a few years now we've been using the Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster with descent results if you were very close to the router and very below average results if you were more than a few hundred feet away from it or in a room with a closed door. Using it in a 2 story house was nothing short of a joke. We had to use a repeater if moving too far from the box and even that didn't work very well. When given the opportunity to try out and review the RangeMax WNDR3300 Dual Band Wireless-N Router, I jumped at the chance.

    The packaging was very self explanatory the directions were easy, step by step, very basic and did not require advanced knowledge at all. Please note that the three computers (2 laptops and one desktop) do not have a wireless N card. However for the purpose of the Vine Program, Netgear included a RangeMax WNDA3100 Dual Band Wireless-N Adapter but this DOES NOT come with the router. We have been using this router for over 45 days to run a home business (i.e. email, email attachments, interenet browsing,Voice over IP), as well as personal use including transferring over 4 TB's of images and video. We used this router on both the Wireless G and the Dual Band Wireless N during this period of time.

    Experience on G:
    When using the router on the Wireless G it has been extremely stable, very fast, much faster and more reliable than the Linksys WRT54GS Wireless-G Broadband Router with SpeedBooster. It reaches our entire house with doors closed, up and down two stories, which the Linksys did not.

    We intentionally broke the Client Side WEP Security Settings in order to see how a call to Tech Support would be. We found Netgear response time to be exceptionally fast (please note, they had no idea we were reviewing this product for Vine), very precise, very helpful and helped us re-set the router no problem.

    Experience on N:
    Using the N adapter mentioned above (again provided soley through the vine program but is avaiable for purchase) we experienced even greater range and lightening fast speeds although G is still very fast.

    In summary, I highly recommend this router. If I didn't get this product from Vine and knew how great it would work, I would absolutely purchase this product without a doubt. As mentioned above the G network is very fast with great range because of the speed and number of antennas in this router, which is more than sufficient for me. If you are looking for the absolute fastest possible connection with the farthest possible range and do not have a new computer with Wireless N available, then I highly recommend this router and additionally purchasing the N adapter. I could not be more thrilled with this router, my husband can't remember the last time I said "Honey, can you fix the Router" because this works fantastic ALL the time and ALL over my house. Buy it now!!...more info
  • Great Product
    I previously had a Verizon stamped modem router that Verizon initially recommended we buy. Now this was supposed to be the top of the line modem router that worked with Verizon DSL. However, after months of dropped signals and unreliable connections, I decided to take matters in my own hands - and my research began. I called to talk to Verizon with the intent of finding alternate (i.e. faster and more reliable hardware) and they again said that we should use one that they recommended.

    We frequently have friends over who bring their laptops and connect to our wireless while they visit. At times, we have had up to 5 people there all surfing at the same time. To complicate that, I use my Xbox360 on Xbox Live and also needed a connection.

    While this is a little more expensive than some other routers that are out there, I found the setup and speed of this router to me MUCH faster than what we previously had with the Verizon stamped router/modem combo.

    While it took me two tries to set up the wireless network in my home, in less than 2 hours I had everything setup including the router itself, three laptops, and a desktop with a NETGEAR Super-G wireless adapter.

    So, if you want a good router modem combo, compatible with Verizon DSL, and intent on multiple computers and online games connected at once - this is a great one to have.
    ...more info
  • A Few Issues
    The setup was very easy and I was able to connect to the Internet on my main PC connected via cat5 after only a few minutes. I also got the wireless working pretty quick and my notebook was connecting just fine to the Internet too. Then I tried to access one computer from the other and I really started running into some problems. So I thought it might be my Norton Firewall, so I disabled that and played with a bunch of stuff and finally it started working. Then I setup my 3rd computer that is connected through a hub in another part of my house and I ran into the same problems, only doing the same steps didn't seem to make that computer available on the about 2-3 hours later I finally got all 3 computers working. Then the next day I got home and my power had gone out, so when I turned all of the computers back on once again I had Internet on all of them, but they could no longer see each other on the network. That is still where they are at, I know if I keep playing around with things they will see each other at least temporarily, but for the most part I don't share too many files and mainly just use the Internet on my computers so I'm not going to worry about that until I actually need to.

    So the setup was easy and I never ended up changing any settings on the actual router, but for some reason my network seems to have some real issues that it didn't have with the Linksys. If I ever figure out what is causing this I'll update this post, but as of now it seems somewhat random, so that's why I only gave it 3 stars, it would have been 4-5 if my network would be working correctly....more info
  • A Very Versatile Router
    I really like this router. It's easy to set up and get working. It also has a ton of options that let you control everything you would ever need to. You can have both a wireless G network for your older devices as well as a wireless N network for your newer faster devices. Both at the same time! When I switched to this router I noticed right away that web pages came up faster on my wired computers. Both the wireless G and N worked fine in our house.

    For wireless N connectivity on our notebook we use the RangeMax WNDA3100 Dual Band Wireless-N Adapter. For greater coverage we also added NETGEAR HD/Gaming 5 GHz Wireless-N Networking Kit (WNHDEB111). The notebook gets great speeds a floor away from the access point. I am very happy with the performance of all the router features.

    Cool Features:
    - The Web interface is easy to use covers everything I need to do.
    - Allows the router to email you the logs on a user specified schedule.
    - Firmware is easy to update and the router will check if there is an update available.
    - It is easy to find the grid of attached devices along with all the stats for each connected device.
    - IP reservation is easy since it allows you to pick the device from the list. No more typing in MAC addresses.
    - Security for wireless also allows you to just pick the device from the list of attached devices and add it to the allowed devices. On other routers you have to type in MAC addresses.

    Items to note:
    - It is not a 1 gigabit router. But you can easily plug it into a 1 gig switch and then plug all your 1 gig devices into that switch.
    - The large blue light on the top cannot be shut off. It will light up a fairly large area in the dark. It's cool looking though....more info
  • Do yourself a favor...
    and buy something other than Netgear products, unless of course you enjoy sporadically having to figure out how to get the thing to regain its connection. ...more info
  • Great so far NO PROBLEMS
    DOn't know why this router gets so many poor reviews but its RANGE is great much better then my previous rangemax infact not a dead spot in the house where in the next room i used to loose a bar has top speed of 270 mb (in 5ghz mode), can't beat it for what it cost,word of advice check netgears website first to see if your one of the few that may be affected by the known connection issue all my systems are free and clear no problem here I recommend this product so far very easy to use and setup aswell great features

    ...more info
  • Wonderfu Router
    I have been using a Lingsys WRT54GS for several years now, and lately I have been having problems with having to reset the Router several times a day, so I went to look for a ne router, sure I could have spent hours solving the Linksys router problems , but after 3 to 4 years of faithful serve from the Linksys router.

    The WNDR3300 router was very simple to set-up, the software that comes with the router is some what helpful, but I know how to set a router up without the wizard.

    I just entered my SSID and the made the WEP key and every wireless product in the house was instantly on-line.

    The router is faster than my linksys router was. I have a mixed b and g set-up and am purchasing a Apple TV which will add N.

    The PS3 plays on line a little better and you cannot tell if a person is making a Skype call while playing on the PS3.

    In the Con column, I put down that the blue lasing lights are a problem, you can easily turn off the blinking lights, but I like the lights, they remind me of Christmas.

    If you are looking for a moderately priced router, I would look no further than this one....more info
  • An excellent router
    I'd been using a wireless G router system with built in speed boost and was largely happy with download speeds. However, I had noticed several quirks in the way the system was set-up, ones that I was able to work around but never conquer. These problems interfered with file sharing on the network as well as using a printer across the network, a nuisance, surely. By setting up a new network, I was able to eliminate these problems. My download speeds have increased several fold, and coverage is uniformly superb. I am quite impressed with the Netgear Wireless-N Router. It is quite easy to recommend it....more info