Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with 2 Receivers
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  • 900-MHz Technology extends the range of BabyCall(R) Monitor to let you take the receiver farther from the nursery, yet still hear activities in the nursery
  • Uses a 27 Channel FM transmission system with a channel selector to locate the clearest channel, helping to eliminate interference for clearer communication
  • Water Resistant Receiver lets you use it even in the kitchen or bathroom
  • Built-In Rechargeable Battery Receiver provides great savings and convenience over replaceable batteries
  • Voice Activation Mode eliminates most extraneous background noise for clearer transmission

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Baby Monitor!
    We had a Sony BabyCall with our first son and loved it!! We loved it so much the receiver was very well worn when we had our second son 28 months later. We were holding it together with a rubberband...and it was still working! (We had dropped it too many times. We were VERY rough on it and I doubt any other monitor would have held up as well.) When pregnant with our second son, we ordered a Graco dual monitor system to monitor both rooms. It did not measure up to the standard we had come to rely on with our Sony! (I will not get into all my issues with the Graco monitor.)

    I ordered the Sony BabyCall with two receivers when our second son was a few months old. We use one receiver with the new monitor and the second receiver with our old monitor so we can effectively monitor both our sons' rooms. Works great. If both are sleeping, you do have to carry two monitors (but I was sleeping with two of the Graco receivers because they weren't reliable.) They are set on different channels and do not interfere with one another. The BabyCall is sensitive enough, that I could rely on only the monitor in our baby's room to hear our older son during naptime.

    The positive things I rely on: 1) you can hear them breathing through this monitor it is so sensitive!; 2) the battery life; 3) range. It is as clear as if you were in the room...but, actually magnified.

    The negative things that don't bother me: 1) so sensitive it will interfere w our mobile phones so we have to keep them separated; 2) so sensitive the receiver can sometimes scream at you if you aren't accustomed and walk too closely to your child's door while carrying it. Our first Sony would interfere with the microwave but I have not noticed it with this one and I frequently have both receivers in the kitchen (note: new microwave as well).

    For me, the reliability and sensitivity far out weigh any interference issues!!...more info
  • Tried 3 other. This one is best
  • Sony baby monitor
    The product is great. The gift message however did not make it into the box so my friend did not know the gift was from me so that was disappointing. I hope she did not get the receipt......more info
    I bought this brand new directly from Sony Style. It comes with a 90 day warranty. I opened it 60 days after when our baby was born and one of the receivers was not working. After talking with 5 people in Manila, Philippines for more than 1.5 hours Sony would only replace my unit with a refurbished one even though I had bought a brand new unit and the unit is within the 90 day warranty period. Also I have to pay for the shipping the unit back to Sony. Then they wanted me to ship the unit first and after they have received the unit they would then ship the replacement. I had to talk to their National Customer Service again and explain that if I send the unit I will have to buy another one immediately as I was using one of the receivers. Now Sony has taken my credit card information, put a hold on it and have agreed to send an advance refurbished unit. I still have to pay for the shipping. All in all a very bad experience with a Sony product will never buy anything Sony again. ...more info
  • great product
    This is exactly what I was looking for. It has a light on the monitor to let you know that the power is on and not accidently shut off by your other children and the volume button has markers to let you know what volume you are at so you know what setting to put it at for all times of the day. 2nd dial for sleeping so it is not as loud but loud enough to hear the baby crying. Great product...more info
  • Great Product!!
    Clear sound, no complaints. You can hear the baby breathing if you want to. We have picked up some beeping from the neighbors phone, but haven't tried changing the channel- I am sure that would resolve it. I highly recommend this, and I have tried several monitors!...more info
  • Should have looked some more
    I bought this to replace my First Years monitors that died after a year. I researched SO many, I thought my head was going to explode. I decided on this one because of the reviews. Well I am only 4 months or so into having them and one of the monitors has the worst static blurps. In the middle of the night it is so loud and scares the *^&% out of us. I have tried every channel possible. I guess I will just have to live with it. I use the bad one for going ouitside to do yard work. Outside it isn't as loud....more info
  • Buy another monitor
    I have never found the time or energy to write any review on anything. However, if I convince just one person to buy a different monitor, this is worth my effort. I have been extremely disappointed with it. It's range is much smaller than other monitors than I have used at my sister-in-laws or friend's houses. Not to mention, every time my cell phone rings, it causes loud interference noises that wake the baby. Also, it manages to click just as I'm falling to sleep and I'll have to get out of bed to rearrange it on my dresser just prefectly so it doesn't click all night. Please buy another monitor. I am on this website right now to buy a different monitor and to throw this thing away. ...more info
  • Crystal clear
    These monitors are crystal clear. We have a large house and no matter how far away we are, we can still hear our baby. We bought these to replace our old monitors becuase they kept saying "out of range" or having tons of static and interference when we were on the other side of the house. With these monitors, I had to keep going upstairs at first to make sure they were working because they were so quiet. No interference with phones, other monitors, etc. I highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Great product!
    I spent a lot of time trying to find the best monitor to suit our needs as upcoming new parents and I'm so pleased I chose this one. Great range, easy to use and good price. Charge in receivers lasts ages. Interference is not a problem at all. Can even make it out to the mailbox and still hear what's going on in the house!...more info
  • Sony Baby monitors.
    Excellent monitors! Grea sound quality, battery lasts long time. Great to have two parent units to have one upstairs and one downdstairs. I hightly recommend it....more info
  • Disappointing
    Bought this to replace our aging (3yo) analog The First Years monitor but the range on the Sony is significantly less than our old monitor. Sound quality is good as are the rechargeable batteries. However, the range as well as the poor quality of the clip to attach to clothing would make me not recommend this monitor....more info
  • Sony 900 MHz BabyCall monitor work great
    The Sony BabyCall monitor is a solid performer. We have used one for almost 3 years with our first child and the battery still continues to hold a charge. We have a 2 story home with the children's rooms upstairs. There is occasional interference, but it is easily remedied by moving the monitor slightly. With the 27 channels to choose from, there will be one that will work well in the home. The advantages of the rechargeable battery and good performance led us to purchase yet another monitor for our second child. The two receivers are nice to have, as we can leave one upstairs and the other downstairs for the newborn. I would recommend anyone to buy....more info
  • Great monitor
    We just purchased our second set of monitors (both BabyCalls) so that we could hear both of our children, in separate rooms. They work great!...more info
  • Sony 900 MHz nursery monitor
    We are happy with this product. We had the single version of this monitor originally. This one is great b/c the two receivers allow us to have one on each floor, and we don't have interference like many other monitors. It is a great monitor....more info
  • Perfect for new parents
    We have had these monitors for a month now, and they are great. We have had no interference, and we live in a townhouse. I picked a channel and haven't had to change it since. The monitor works on all three levels of my house. It picks up every sound when it is switched to "on". The "voice activation" mode will only pick up cries or other voices. The battery life is excellent on the receivers, I have only charged them once since the initial charge (not used everyday though). I would highly recommend these to parents!...more info
  • Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with 2 Receivers
    These monitors work well for inside and outside use since they are portable and have excellent range. The voice activated option is nice as well since there is no need to listen to static when there is no noise coming from out baby....more info