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LG W2252TQ 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor
List Price: $289.95

Our Price: $259.99

You Save: $29.96 (10%)


Product Description

This product is a 22" LCD monitor with tilt design. It features widescreen with 10,000:1 contrast ratio, 2ms response time, DVI connection and ez zooming.

  • 22-Inch Widescreen LCD Monitor with Wide Color Gamut for color accuracy
  • 16:10 Screen Aspect Ratio with 1680 x 1050 Resolution
  • Easy to use OSD (On-Screen Display) with Ez Zooming switch and Photo Effect with 3 modes
  • 10000:1 Digital Fine Contrast Ratio with 2ms Ultra-Fast Response Time
  • Attractive Curved Bezel with Tilt Stand

Customer Reviews:

  • LG W2252TQ review
    This monitor is worth every sent. Works perfect right out the box, had to buy the DVI cables separate though. The color are great and I play pc games and there is no screen lag or ghosting. LG has made a good product....more info
  • Crisp, sleek, bright, beautiful
    The LG "flatron w2252tq" is a brilliant 22'' monitor. The digital DVI connection is as good as an HD connection. The simple tilt base works great for adjusting the monitor, and the base seems very stable. The black plastic glossy finish around the edges of the case look nice. The blacks are deep and the colors bright, and there is little to no bleeding of light around the edges. I tweaked the contrast and brightness settings because the default was too bright, and I wish this had an HDMI input for the future when I have HDMI outputs on my home theater, because it truly is that great of a monitor.

    Highly recommended, worked perfectly first night out of the box and I've now been using it for 3 weeks straight. Those complaining below of "grainy" images need to realize the resolution their PCs are set to, and how older, low-res pictures will look grainy and stretched on a monitor this large and clear.

    Got a sale at Best Buy for $219, so check the ads....more info
  • Great value
    This is my 1st experience owning a LCD screen other then a cell phone. I prefer Plasma however plasma screens aren't made smaller then 42". The contrast and color isn't as washed out as I had thought it would be. Gaming looks good play "WoW" often, its light and easy to move and set up. For it's size and quality I couldn't find any better in this price range (B Buy had a sale for $250 in Sept 08). The black finish makes the room appear more sophisticated and clean. I'm also a big fan of the blue power light vs the traditional green. ...more info
  • LG is the new GE...
    What a monitor! I have been waiting for a wide screen LCD for quite some time. I am glad I bought an LG 22". The colors are amazing. Some of the websites that I have visited before come alive now and show deeper and richer colors. You can have more windows open and get more things done. I love it!

    [...]...more info
  • No complaints!
    Takes a lot of adjustments to get the display the way you really want it. Ex: brightness, contrast, etc. Other than that, I'm really really happy with it. No complaints so far....more info
  • Beautiful Monitor
    The monitor is beautiful. Sharp, vivid, rich images. We looked at many excellent monitors, but fell in love with this one.

    Another reason I like this is because I have another LG monitor, that, about 2 years into the 3 year manufacturer warranty, it just went bad. All that I needed to do was to call up LG, and they sent me a new one (an upgraded model), and then I sent the old one back in a box in which LG paid for the shipping. You couldn't ask for better customer service!...more info
  • A Great Mid-Range Monitor
    I've had this display for a couple of days, and so far I'm very satisfied. There isn't much I can say that hasn't been posted already, so I'm just going to leave my personal thoughts:


    - Blacks are very rich, which is great for someone like me who edits video and watches DVDs on my computer
    - Elegant design, nice aesthetics, and pretty straight-forward on screen menu system
    - Near HD video quality. Depending on your machine and graphics card, video on this thing looks nearly as good as a typical HD screen.


    - Text is a bit jagged, especially when viewing web pages
    - No built in USB hub
    - Included calibration software would have been nice

    Overall, this was a big step up from my last 17" LCD with a max resolution of 1280x1024. If you've got the money, there are much better displays out there, but in the $250-$300 range the W2252TQ is a great deal....more info