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Tamrac Adventure 7 Backpack
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Product Description

This modern backpack was designed for the SLR photographer with a large digital or film SLR (such as Canon's EOS 1D series or Nikon's D2 series with a grip and lens attached (up to 5 long, several lenses, a flash and accessories.

  • Comfortable, foam-padded backpack harness.
  • Double zipper pulls for quick access to photo gear.
  • Mesh side pockets for quick access to accessories.
  • Foam padded camera compartment.
  • Foam pillars support camera with lens attached.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Backpack camera bag
    I like this bag because it is a backpack and I didn't want to carry around a traditional style camera bag. I'll have to admit, it can get annoying that I have to take it off to get my camera out when I want to take a picture. I think it takes a few seconds longer and may mean you missing a great shot. But, the bag is super comfortable and it is a nice looking bag. The bottom half carries my Nikon D80 w/ a Tamron 18-250 lens attached and another lens and flash. There is room for one more lens. The top half is for storage (Not a lens as this section is not padded). ...more info
  • Day Trip Bag
    Well built bag that is good for a day trip. Bottom holds all my gear that I need. Only thing missing is a holder for my tripod. Top holds food and an extra jacket or raingear. Would recomend for someone looking for a good day trip bag or a carry on for airplane. If you have a laptop this not the bag....more info
  • Great Bag
    I ordered the Bag on Sunday night and had it Tuesday. I used it around the Washington DC Memorials. I had a Canon XT with a Tamron 18-200mm, fit perfect. I also had two other lens in the bottom, still had room for a flash or another lens. In the top part of the bag I had a small towel, a North Face rain jacket and some snack. It works perfect to have everything you need for the day and longer. Looking forward to taking it on a two week trip to Argentina....more info
  • Could be better
    I purchased this bag after much searching for a bag that would serve as a good day-trip bag and carry-on bag for the plane. I didn't want something huge, but wanted something more than just a camera bag.

    First, let me say that as a backback, this leaves much to be desired. The strap that is supposed to transfer weight to your hips is terrible compared to that of a proper hiking pack. It is essentially two nylon straps with a buckle - there are no 'wings' as a proper pack has to give more support to the bottom of the pack. I am 6'2" in height, and I found the pack to be too small on my back. On a positive note, the shoulder pads are comfortable enough and well padded for use all day.

    The top section is ridiculously small. In use as a carry-on, I wanted to put a couple magazines in there for reading on the plane. They wouldn't fit. I had to roll them up and put them in the side storage pockets. Even my electronic boarding passes printed on 8.5x11 paper had to be folded up to fit. The product description states you would put a lunch or sweater/jacket in there. Lunch, yes. A jacket might fit if you take a petite size, and are willing to put nothing else in there. For trooping around town, this top part worked fine for holding an iPod, sunglasses, and some energy bars. Basically, it's good for several smaller items, but forget about sweaters, shoes, or other things you might want to take along for a full day out shooting.

    Having bashed on the rest of the bag, I have to say the bottom camera section is put together well. It held my Nikon D200 with the 18-200VR lens attached with no problems. Plenty of room for other accessories in the rest of the pockets down there. The front zipped section is a bit tight to get in and out of with cards and such when the camera is in the bag. Also, it rained for a couple days on this trip, and everything in the bag remained nice and dry, so good marks for waterproofing.

    Overall, and especially for the Amazon price, this is a fine bag as long as you understand the limitations of the top section, and can deal with a smaller pack. As a substitute for a regular over-the-shoulder bag, this works very well. If you intend to use this in more of a traditional backpacking sense, you should look elsewhere....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I had a regular, small backpack from Lowepro. Tamrac makes the same type, just opens completely from the back side. That pack fits all my equipment nicely (Nikon D70, 18-75 and 70-200 zoom lens, flash, chargers, cords and sun shades). It also had a nice pocket for manuals, extra cards, batteries, etc. It did not have room for a jacket or anything. I am 5'9" and this pack was too small. It was difficult to get on and off at my size, and was tight to wear. It sat high on my back. I would highly recommend this pack for smaller people.

    As to this new backpack, I have only had it a week. I put it on, and the comfort level was HUGELY better. It is taller than the other, so it fit much nicer on my back. It has a nice waste pad for comfort too. Storage is a bit different. I barely fit all my equipment in. It DID fit, but not as easily as the smaller pack. It has an upper compartment that will fit a light jacket (better than the other pack), but it lacks the pocket slots for cards, batteries, etc. that the other pack does. I like this pack, but can't say it's awesome yet. I think the biggest factor between this and the other bag is YOUR size. Smaller people can use the other pack, and taller ones should use this one....more info
  • Great Bag
    This bag is perfect for our nikon d80. It has plenty of room and is of highquality. It is nice to have the backpack space at the top for other things and the water bottle holders ont he side....more info
  • Excellent pack
    I'm not THAT much of an adventurer so I don't need space for more than a light jacket or sweatshirt (as well as a big bag of trail mix, a sandwich, and a quart of Gatorade), and I'm not THAT into photography that I have more than two lenses, so this was the perfect pack for me. I love the fact it doesn't look like a camera bag and that it obviously has a decent amount of space above where the camera is stored, not to mention the security and flexibility of moving the spacers where I put my Nikon D80 and a few lenses. Great straps that secure the bag to the chest and lower abdomen are another bonus. Obviously highly recommended!!

    ...more info
  • Camera Backpack
    The backpack is well made, and my camera and accessories fit fine. I wish the top compartment was a little larger though. It is well contructed and comfortable to wear....more info
  • more review!
    This is a good storage bag but not good for getting quick access to the camara. The Velocity 7 back is much better if you want something that allow you to get access to your camara quickly and also able to carry most of your camara equipment with you.

    I returned this bag and purchased the Velocity 7 bag. Loved the Velocity 7 bag....more info
  • Very good choice for what it is...
    First, this should really be called a Photo DayPack. It has two distinct areas: one well padded area for photo gear, the other unpadded for things like sweaters, etc.

    The camera compartment is not huge, but it will accommodate most peoples digital SLR, mid-range zoom, telephoto zoom and flash, and a few other modest size accessories. It's not a very good bag for a gadget freak you can't decide what to take, so takes everything.

    The top compartment serves two useful functions. It gives us a nice, somewhat roomy area for carrying odds and ends; and it extends the bag length so that it fits comfortably on the back. This design is also much lighter than most backback designs, which makes it more suited to those such as myself who don't like to lug tons on my back....more info
  • Perfect of a smaller person or for a day trip
    For those of you wanting to lug around all of your gear - then this bag is not for you.

    I on the otherhand don't have a lot (canon 20d, 70-200 lens, 18-55 lens, flash and charger. I can fit all of my stuff in here fine. And if I know I don't want to carry all of my stuff - great.

    The top is actually bigger than what I thought. For now, I leave my 70-200 lens attached to the camera and put it in the top part. ANd I put my wallet and keys down below instead. This is only because I don't have a smaller zoom lens yet that I want to leave attached which will then store the camera in the bottom section as well as the 70-200 lens in the bottom section. I on'y do this because that's the lens I always use and don't want to attach and detatch on account of dust. So - there you have it. It's not HUGE and it really does hold alot.

    There are mesh compartments on the side that do hold water bottles. There are mesh compartments in the top that hold my wallet/pda and keys and sunglasses.

    The bottom has rigid compartment barriers which I like but it's all about your taste.

    Bottom line - if you don't have 200 dollars to sink into a bag - then this is a great bag. I wanted a bag that I could afford so I could spend more money on a better lens....more info
  • Very Good Medium Sized Backpack
    I purchased this backpack for my wife's Olympus 520 system with three extra lenses. The size of the bag is perfect for the system. It has enough utility spaces and rather clean simple design, and also light weight....more info
  • Adventure 7
    Great Backpack! It is well made, padded straps and back. I have a Canon 20D with grip and about four smaller lenses in the bottom. I do have to keep my Canon 70-200 2.8L in the top section with a lens wrap around it. ...more info
  • Does what it should
    There isn't much to say. The product does what I bought it for. It is a compact backpack for hiking/cycling and holds a gripped 40D w/ 100mm macro attached. It has ample room for the flash and 3 other lenses.

    The top doesn't hold much. A sweatshirt or rain coat is about all clothing-wise that will fit. However, with a compact backpack one shouldn't be expecting to fit any more than that. If you are, buy a full-sized photo backpack....more info
  • Fantastic Bag!
    I've had this bag for about a month now and i love it! it holds my 40d w/ 28-135 lens, 50mm prime lens and the 75-300 in the top compartment when needed. It's incredibly stealthy too! took it on a trip with friends when i first got it, and they didnt even realize it was a camera bag until i pulled out the gear! would definitely buy again! :-D...more info
  • Excellent day pack!!
    I bought this backpack to take on vacation. I own a Minolta Maxxum 7D, two small lenses and a teleconverter. I was able to fit all of these in the lower compartment along with a camcorder! Plus the top area is great for a light jacket and other day items. It also fit well in the overhead compartment of our airplane. This pack is extremely well made. I would recommend it to anyone....more info
  • Great bag, Very little room for prosumer and above gear.
    This is a very well designed bag. For what it is, it's great. However, if you have any gear of a prosumer or professional level, this bag's not going to fit much of it. I shoot with a Canon 40D with battery grip, which is a large camera. My primary lens is the 24-70mm L-series, which is also a big lens (not long, but large diameter). Combine these two in the lower compartment, and you barely have room for a flash. If you're really lucky, you might also be able to shove in a small 50mm or similar. The top compartment is reasonably large, but you'll probably end up throwing some gear up there that you couldn't fit in the bottom.

    I love this bag, but I'm probably trying to accomplish too much with it. I'm an avid hiker/climber, so the small size and layout are pluses. But, don't expect to take much with you in any great configuration. ...more info
  • perfect camera bag
    This camera bag is just the right size and weight for protecting your camera and having everything organized and accessible.
    ...more info
  • Excellent Camera Backpack
    Light and easy to carry with great padding for the camera.
    It is a backpack carrier so it takes time to the camera out.., It looks like
    a regular backpack.

    ...more info
  • convenient but small.
    It's a hip, compact bag, but the fitting is a bit too snug. My camera hardly fits in the slot for it, and kind of sticks out a bit, but still fits fine once closed. I use mine to carry around my Rebel xti, two lenses and a few accessories, and so far all of my gear has been fine.

    If you want a bag thats easy to carry, and don't need a whole lot of space for all of your gear and lenses. This is for you....more info
  • Great camera case!
    I really like this case. The bottom compartment plenty of room for a camera, two lenses, a GPS receiver, spare batteries and memory cards, cleaning cloths, and a few other odds and ends. The top is not huge - I had to bend and twist a magazine to get it in there, but there's room for a gorrila pod and a thin jacket, if you ball it up. The bag is very sturdy, handy, and easy to use....more info
  • pretty good
    the Lowepro Rover AW is also $165. this Tamrac's pretty good for the price....more info
  • Good camera bag
    I purchased the bag to hold my Nikon D80. Its pretty good overall. Here are seme of the things I really don't like: The water bottle holder need to bee bigger. The waist strap, I wish its removable or able to hide it somewhere, most of the time I don't use it....more info