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Monopoly Here and Now World
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Product Description

The world has voted, and the numbers are in! A worldwide vote determines the properties in this new twist on an old classic. Move the cool tokens that are iconic to life in the world here and now, and own popular destinations from around the world. Buy and sell at values reflecting currently market pieces, and own them all to win! Game even comes with an electronic banking calculator for faster banking (requires two "LR06" batteries, not included). For two to six players.

Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition is an exciting, contemporary update to the classic board game. Featuring the same mix of strategy and chance that has made the original Monopoly an international bestseller, this version features cities from around the world, renewable energy utilities, and electronic banking. It's a sure bet to keep two to six players ages eight and above busy for hours.

What We Think

Fun Factor:


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The Good: Fun family game combines chance, strategy, and financial savvy

The Bad: Electronic banking prevents cheating

In a Nutshell: A contemporary twist on the best-selling board game

At a Glance

Ages: 8 and older
Requires: 2 AA batteries; 2-6 players

Updated pieces and properties give this special edition a truly global feel. View larger.

Electronic banking eliminates bill counting. View Larger.
Get Ready for a Global Financial Game
Getting ready to play is as easy as familiarizing yourself with the rules and inserting two AA batteries (not included) into the banker unit. Even though the electronic unit does all the hard work, you'll still need to assign one player to be the banker. This person will be in charge of handling the banker unit, the title deed cards, houses, hotels, and deals throughout the game. Each player will need to pick a mover piece and a monopoly credit card before the game begins.

The rules of play are simple. On each turn, a player rolls the dice and moves that number of squares. When you land on an open property, you have the option to buy it. If another player owns the property, you'll have to pay them rent. Special spaces allow you to draw a community chest or chance card, require you to pay taxes, or send you jail. Once you own all the properties in a color group, you can build houses and hotels on them, increasing their value. Options like mortgaging property or trading it to your creditors keep the game interesting if you start running out of cash.

Traditionally, the game continues until only one player remains. However, the instructions also offer options for speeding the game along. You may appreciate playing for a set amount of time, since the world record for the longest Monopoly is 70 days!

Unique Pieces Bring the World of Monopoly up to Speed
Here and Now: The World Edition of Monopoly features cities from around across the globe, including New York, London, Shanghai, and Istanbul. Before the game was produced, millions of people from all over the world voted on which cities should be included. Each property space is completed with a colorful photograph, which makes the board itself a unique centerpiece and conversation starter. Traditional utilities and railroads have been replaced with modern transportation options and renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power.

Six movers are chosen at random from the 24 available pieces for inclusion in each game. You might find a windmill, a soccer ball, or a kangaroo in your set. Similarly, the houses and hotels have been updated to reflect international structures. Another nice touch is the community chest and chance cards featuring quick "Did you know?" facts. These let you learn tidbits about Rio Carnival, Munich's traditional Christmas market, the earliest British "passport," and more while you play.

Electronic Banking Comes to the Monopoly World
Perhaps the biggest addition to this version is electronic money management. The banker unit offers two slots--one for paying money and one for receiving money. You'll have to keep tabs on the millions (M) and thousands (K) when entering numbers, and make sure each card is inserted correctly, but overall, the unit makes handling transactions easy. It also makes taking a break from a game and coming back to it later simple by saving player information until you clear it.

Another exciting feature of the electronic unit is the way it monitors deals. If a player lands on an unowned property and doesn't want to buy it for the asking price, then the banker must auction that property to the highest bidder. The deal button on the banker unit randomly times each auction, so players don't know if they have 13 or 50 seconds to try and outsmart other bidders.

All these features ensure that this edition will be a big a hit with new and veteran Monopoly players alike, making it a great pick for game night.

What's in the Box
Game board, banker unit, 6 randomly selected movers, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chess cards, 6 Monopoly Bank Cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice, and an instruction booklet.

  • Get ready to wheel and deal in the millions of dollars with your own monopoly credit card and a digital banking device that keeps track of your balance
  • Each game includes six randomly selected movers based on items that are iconic to the continents
  • Join in the biggest MONOPOLY game yet, where the deal button adds an extra element of excitement so, for a fast and frantic game, deal away
  • As you play discover interesting facts about the world on the chance and community cards
  • Contents: 1 game board, 1 banker unit, 6 randomly selected movers, 28 Title Deed Cards, 16 Chance cards, 16 Community Chess cards, 6 Monopoly Bank Cards, 32 houses, 12 hotels, 2 dice and instructions

Customer Reviews:

  • It's A Wonderful World!
    My family and friends have become enchanted and addicted to World Monopoly. We have spent many hours learning, laughing and loving this game. Playing this game makes folks want to travel to the exotic places posted on the game board. We all played Monopoly as children and now as adults we are enjoying this new version once again. Buy it and you'll enjoy many hours of old style happiness.

    Roberta Knopf...more info
  • Updated Monopoly's Version
    If you like Monopoly you'll find this edition quite interesting!
    Credit cards instead of money...if you want the kids to learn about counting money it surely isn't useful but you'll get a kick out of this version!...more info
  • Electronic Banking is UNreliable.
    The electronic bank from my game did not work at all. My son was/is very disappointed, it would have helped if the paper money was included in the box as a back up....more info
  • Monopoly Here and Now
    My teenage girls and their friends loved this new Monopoly game. They frequently have friends over on the weekend to play our "traditional" game - this was a hit over the holidays and they really enjoyed not having to count the money, have extra playing space on the table, etc...

    Hats off to this game for the new and innovative way that teens can play a traditional favorite!!...more info
  • Quick and Fun
    The new electronic banking system is quick and fun and the "World Edition" is a nice twist on the prorerties and pieces....more info
  • Classic game with a modern twist
    This game was purchased as a Christmas gift for my son. We couldn't wait to play it. We love Monopoly and this one adds a modern twist that makes it new and fresh. I especially love that there is no more counting out cash. Fun for the whole family!...more info
  • Global
    I gave this to my 30 year old daughter and she loves it. Way more fun and the concept of being global makes the game refreshing in a way that all the older Monopoly sets can't match. Get this, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Monopoly Here and Now World
    This Monopoly game is much better then the standard games. You have electronic credit card and banking.This game is so much family fun. ...more info
  • Monopoly-think about it
    Not as much fun as regular Monopoly. Had some problem with the auto banking not being accurate. Sorry I bought it, thought it would be much more like the old Monopoly but with new properties, I was wrong....more info
  • monopoly world edition with electronic banking
    Played this game Christmas night and it was pretty cool not having to hassle with handing out and taking in money. Game took forever to play (just like the original). Put in 2 cards at once and the money transfers easily. ...more info
  • nice variation
    It is nice that you no longer have to handle money, but use psuedo debit cards to add and subtract amounts. I liked the various different world places on the board. I think they are different in another of the same game. It was fun. ...more info
  • Worth Every Penny and More!!!!!!
    I own both the Here and Now Editions (US and World) and this version (World) has many new goodies up from the Here and Now US Edition. The houses and hotels each have pieces from the 7 continents which i thought was awesome since the US edition didn't have that. The game tokens are bigger than previous Monopoly games so their easier to grab. The electronic banking was an excellent idea in my opinion as it does speed up the game and i urge everyone to not listen to the bad reviews here about how the electronic banking was a bad idea, because it was a good idea. The title deeds, community chest and chance cards are bigger than in the US version and i liked that. I also like the fact that in the plastic container where you store everything for putaway they added slots kind of like the ones where the paper money use to go and can now be use to hold the title deeds so finding a title deed is quicker than before as you can designate one slot for each color group, and one slot for the Utilities, and the last slot for the Monopoly Rail, Monopoly Air, Monopoly Cruise, Monopoly Space.... Me and my neighbor played for about 5-6 hours last night and we have a blast... so the new version is worth getting, at a reasonable price.

    One thing i didn't like was the advertisement about the game tokens being random in every box because that was not true for me. I purchased two sets, one for me and one for my best friend (from Amazon i might add) and gave one set to her last night as my Christmas present to her. We talked about how we would trade tokens if one of us wanted some of the others tokens. She opened her's up and told me she got the camel, boomerang, sumo wrestler, nascar racing car, windmill, and the Inca Face. I got excited because i wanted to get pieces like the Chinese Dragon, and the Pyramid, and when i opened my box i got the same exact six pieces as my best friend did, so the boxes were not random like the advertising says. If i had gotten 2-3 tokens in my box that she got in her box and then the other 3-4 tokens were something else, ok it's understandable but not all 6. That's basically telling me that it's not random and if you want to have different tokens you have to keep buying monopoly games until you find the one(s) you want, which means they want more money out of you, which is not gonna happen because i'm not gonna buy 20 or 30 boxes just to find the pyramid and Chinese dragon. Another thing i was dissapointed about was that it's only for 6 players. The Here and Now US Edition was made for up to 8 players and the Monopoly Deluxe Edition has for up to 11 Players. So here's the summary...


    * Electronic Banking speeds up the game and the deal button adds to the excitement...

    * No Paper Money

    * Bigger Cards and Tokens


    * Tokens are not completely randomized as advertised on box, bought 2 sets and they both had the same exact tokens. Wasn't very happy about that. :(

    * Up to 6 Players when it should have been 8-10 with my idea of a future release of the Here and Now Deluxe World Edition with up to 12 Players and a timer on the electronic banking machine for timed games....more info
  • 21st Century Monopoly
    As a kid we played Monopoly and I loved buying and charging rent on my property. This is even better. No money to fly off the board or get lost. We are having fun playing this new version......more info
  • fun at first but electronic banking unit is unreliable
    Watch Video Here: my first video review. kinda lengthy but i wanted everyone to know all the problems i ran into while playing this game...more info
  • Banking
    I got this game because of the electronic banking. It's sooooo much better then keeping track of and handing out all that money...more info
  • fun stuff!!
    good new twist to an oldie but goodie.
    card "reader" could be a little more realistic.
    would have paid more for that option....more info
  • Super game
    We play it with 5 year old daughter and 7 year old son, they like it very much (especialy the card machine), however as monopoly game is long and we have to play a week to finish it....more info