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Fallout 3: Exclusive Survival Edition
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Product Description

An Exclusive, the Fallout 3: Survival Edition, is the ultimate Fallout 3 package that includes a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000, the wrist-mounted device worn by characters in-game. The Pip-Boy 3000 has been painstakingly recreated and modified for real world display as a digital clock. In addition to the Pip-Boy 3000, the Survival Edition will include all of the items from the Fallout 3 Collector's Edition including the Fallout 3 game, a customized, metal Vault-Tec lunch box, 5" Vault Boy Bobblehead, The Art of Fallout 3 hardcover book, and The Making of Fallout 3 DVD.

According to Vlatko Andonov, president of Bethesda Softworks, "The Survival Edition offers gamers the unique opportunity to own a piece of video game history along with a collection of limited edition items - it's the definitive Fallout 3 package."

From the creators of award-winning Oblivion, Fallout 3 features one of the most realized game worlds ever made. Create any kind of character you want and explore the open wastes of post-apocalyptic Washington, D.C. Every minute is a fight for survival as you encounter Super Mutants, Ghouls, Raiders, and other dangers of the Wasteland. Prepare for the future. The third game in the Fallout series, Fallout 3 is a singleplayer action role-playing game (RPG) set in a post-apocalyptic Washington DC. Combining the horrific insanity of the Cold War era theory of mutually assured destruction gone terribly wrong, with the kitschy naivety of American 1950s nuclear propaganda, Fallout 3 will satisfy both players familiar with the popular first two games in its series as well as those coming to the franchise for the first time.

'<i>Fallout 3</i>' game logo
The Cold War goes Next-Gen
The Capital Wasteland
Welcome to the nation's capital.
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Brotherhood of Steel member
The Brotherhood of Steel is a powerful ally.
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The Pip-Boy Model 3000
Customize characters with your Pip-Boy.
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The optional turn-based VATS mode
The optional turn-based VATS mode.
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The Story: Vault 101 - Jewel of the Wastes
For 200 years, Vault 101 , a fallout shelter, has faithfully served the surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as the Capital Wasteland. Though the global atomic war of 2077 left the US all but destroyed, the residents of Vault 101 enjoy a life free from the constant stress of the outside world. Giant Insects, Raiders, Slavers, and yes, even Super Mutants are all no match for superior Vault-Tec engineering. Yet one fateful morning, you awake to find that your father has defied the Overseer and left the comfort and security afforded by Vault 101 for reasons unknown. Leaving the only home you've ever known, you emerge from the Vault into the harsh Wasteland sun to search for your father, and the truth.

Key Features:

  • Limitless Freedom - Take in the sights and sounds of the vast Capital Wasteland. See the great monuments of the United States lying in post-apocalyptic ruin. You make the choices that define you and change the world. Just keep an eye on your Rad Meter.
  • Experience S.P.E.C.I.A.L. - Vault-Tec engineers bring you the latest in human ability simulation - the SPECIAL Character System. Utilizing new breakthroughs in points-based ability representation, SPECIAL affords unlimited customization of your character. Also included are dozens of unique skills and perks to choose from, each with a dazzling variety of effects
  • Fantastic New Views - The wizards at Vault-Tec have done it again. No longer constrained to just one view, experience the world from 1st or 3rd person perspective. Customize your view with the touch of a button.
  • The Power of Choice. - Feeling like a dastardly villain today, or a Good Samaritan? Pick a side or walk the line, as every situation can be dealt with in many different ways. Talk out your problems in a civilized fashion, or just flash your Plasma Rifle.
  • Blast 'Em Away With V.A.T.S. -Even the odds in combat with the Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System for your Pip-Boy Model 3000. V.A.T.S. allows you to pause time in combat, target specific body parts on your target, queue up attacks, and let Vault-Tec take out your aggression for you. Rain death and destruction in an all-new cinematic presentation featuring gory dismemberments and spectacular explosions.
  • Mind-Blowing Artificial Intelligence - At Vault-Tec, we realize that the key to reviving civilization after a global nuclear war is people. Our best minds pooled their efforts to produce an advanced version of Radiant AI, America's First Choice in Human Interaction Simulation. Facial expressions, gestures, unique dialog, and lifelike behavior are brought together with stunning results by the latest in Vault-Tec technology.
  • Eye-Popping Prettiness - Witness the harsh realities of nuclear fallout rendered like never before in modern super-deluxe HD graphics. From the barren Wasteland, to the danger-filled offices and metro tunnels of DC, to the hideous rotten flesh of a mutant's face.
The Fallout 3 Survival Edition includes:
  • The Fallout 3 video game
  • An exclusive life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3000, the wrist-mounted device worn by characters in the game.
  • Vault Boy Bobblehead: Your very own Vault Boy collector's item is direct from Vault-Tec
  • The Art of Fallout 3: Features nearly 100 pages of never-before seen concept art and commentary from Bethesda Game Studios artists.
  • The Making of Fallout 3 DVD: An exclusive, inside look at Bethesda Game Studios and the team behind the game.
  • Vault-Tec Lunch Box: A fully customized metal lunch box in which the entire package will arrive.

Customer Reviews:

  • A Fistfull of Caps
    First of all, this is the best game ever. I'm a big fan of the whole Fallout series and this one is the best so far. I just wish I could play it with a friend. Hopefully they'll add that in some future download. If you liked Bio Shock, then you'll probably like Fallout 3 (unless you love first person shooters and hate role playing games).

    Second, this package is expensive. The Pip-Boy 3000 "clock" is pretty cheap, as in dollar store cheap. If it were a squirt gun, it wouldn't be your average Super-Soaker, it'd be a cheap, no-name, drug-store, made-for-toddlers, leaks-like-a-sieve, bargain-bin, piece-of-crap. It drained the batteries in a few days (I'm not sure how old the batteries were, but I had expected them to last longer). It doesn't even have an alarm, let alone a radio, and honestly, for the price, it should have those things just like all the other $20 clocks do. At least some sound effects, for Atom's sake! I'm much more satisfied with my Halo 3 Legendary Edition helmet (which I can't wear and it doesn't light up, but at least it's got a unique number). Still, I kinda like it... the Pip-Boy... call it childish inspiration, like a Lego kit.

    Also, the bobble-head isn't nearly as good as the one I have of Kane from Command & Conquer: Kane's Revenge. It's almost as cheap as the clock, but more like a trade-show-freebie or a gift-store-goodie. BUT, the lunch box, art book, and DVD mini-documentary are pretty good. Sure, I "remember" my lunch box being pretty big and heavy in grade school, and this one seems small and fragile by comparison, but I'm a lot bigger now, and besides, there's enough room in it for a sandwich and some jet (just not enough for a Nuka-Cola).

    Only hard-core fans of the series and collectors should find this worth their hard earned dollars... Some may find the extras just take up space....more info
  • Pip Boy Concerns
    I loved this package, It was awsome. Art book, making of dvd, Bobblehead, and the game. And i really loved the pip boy that icame with it. But, the batterys die really quick, not a seller problem, but a manufacturing one. But, all in all, i love it....more info
  • Pip-Boy Clock Only Review
    When I heard of Fallout 3 being produced, I read any information on it that I could. I had been waiting an eternity for the series to continue, and was extremely excited because it is my favorite game series.

    I recieved the special offer from Amazon in my e-mail (for this survival edition), and purchased it less then 5 minutes later.

    That being said, I probably wouldn't do so again, and would just buy a regular collector's edition. The clock looks fine and it's neat that you can put it on your wrist if it's small enough, but there is a fundamental flaw in it's design. You cannot plug it into any form of power outlet, and hence, it runs through it's 3 x AAA batteries in about a week's time.

    For a futuristic game in which wild new technology is abound, they should have ensured that basic electrical engineering practices were followed when designing it.

    I believe it's Amazon who created it, but am not sure....more info
  • Fallout 3 is amazing but the Survival Edition not so much
    Fallout 3 is just as amazing as i imagined it to be, a necessary buy for anyone who owns a 360.

    However the Survival Edition is not all it was put up to be.

    -The pip-boy seemed pretty cool at first but it is not made well at all. I am on my 3rd set of batteries in a few weeks and I'm starting to think about getting rid of this clock on ebay or something. It would have been an awesome addition to my game room if it would work. It isn't fair that we pay $50 extra for this thing and they can't even make it work for a week!

    -The bobblehead is pretty cool but still cheaply made.

    -The artbook and lunchbox etc are all worth getting but you get these in the collector's edition

    Buy the game but not this crappy excuse for a survival edition. Get the collector's edition instead....more info
  • Stop reading and click that order button now!
    For such a fantastic game, amazon has provided a fantastic edition. The PIP-Boy is just cool for us long-time fans of the series. Add to that the collectors edition with the SWEET Vault-Tec bobblehead and you have a winner. Then, once you get through all of that fan-boy goodness, you get to the game. This is what all next-gen games should be like. A HUGE open world, amazing graphics, and an excellent integration of the VATS aiming system into a FPS game. You could play nothing but this game for months and still find new areas and details everyday. If, however, you want to get the most out of the game and your playing time, I would recommend getting the strategy guide. While you can get through the main story easily enough, it really adds to the experience being able to find all of the sub-quests if you get stuck.

    In addition, the 360 version now has two add-ons available via X-Box Marketplace (IMO Pittsburgh looks about the same in the game as it does now *TIC*).

    Now, to be fair there are some negatives. There is the occasional glitch, but not as many as Oblivion had upon release and most are minor. Also, I miss the fun random encounters that were available in Fallout 2. I can see why this was abandoned, but they could have one group of wandering holy knights, or a bridge that needed crossing. The biggest complaint has to do with the companions. It is better just to wander around on your own than with anyone you may be able to pick up, to include Dog. They tend to just get themselves killed and end other possible storylines. Stick to the loaner path and you'll be fine (or do what I did, recruit dog then leave him at your home, nice to have a pet to come home to, lol).

    Buy it, play it, love it. Happy trails vault dweller!

    My 2...more info
    So by purchasing this 'amazon exclusive' item, you are somehow saving money from the list price of who may i ask? It's a little misleading to say that your saving 15% when there is only one seller....more info
  • Ouch
    The game is fantastic, almost all of us agree. So, what makes this edition special? The Pip-Boy 3000. The lunchbox is way cool, the bobblehead is way cool and has caused much mockery in my office. The book with the concept art is also impressive. The Pip-Boy 3000 unfortunately is a massive letdown. None of the dials or knobs do anything, it has no alarm or radio and absolutely destroys batteries. Though I am bitter about the $40 price difference for a nearly useless object I do still think that having a Pip-Boy 3000 on my desk is pretty cool. Not worth $40, but still pretty cool....more info
  • Stupid Pipboy Clock Blah!
    Save the cash and buy the collector edition if you want the swag...stay away from the busted cheap POS that is the Pipboy 3000 "clock" looks like it cost $1 to make works like it will cost you an add'l $20 to get it exchanged under warranty...and I use the term loosly as you may or maynot get a working unit back...even then doesn't live up to the hype on the blog about how awesome they were supposed to be...

    I could really use a "Quantum Nuka-Cola" right about now...Maybe someone at the assembly line forgot to take their menstats...

    Epic fail. /:-{...more info
  • Shoddy Clock Not Worth Price
    The game is fantastic. The lunchbox and bobblehead are neat. Those points have been made very well in other reviews of them. This review focuses on the one item exclusive to the Survival Edition, the PipBoy Clock. The clock is a poor product, plain and simple, and not worth $10 extra, much less the $50 over the Collector's Edition price.

    Performance is terrible. The clock doesn't work unless you use some redneck engineering on it with aluminum foil inserts placed between the positive battery point and the positive contact plate. Once you get the batteries in and actually get power to the display, setting the time can itself is cumbersome. The three buttons provided are often times unresponsive, requiring a good deal of wiggling at times to get the display to change as desired. The display, even with fresh batteries, is very dim, very hard to interpret unless the room it's in is very dark.

    In terms of power consumption, it devours batteries, consuming three AA batteries every two weeks, sometimes sooner. In comparison, the old one-way pager I carry for my job, which has an alarm, storage for phone numbers and time received, and makes some rudimentary sounds if desired, uses one AAA battery every MONTH or so. This clock doesn't even have an alarm, and uses much more power for it.

    Aesthetically, the clock is a mixed bag. The overall design and look match the Fallout universe exactly. My example, however, arrived unpainted, looking nothing like I expected it to look. I know the technology and "look and feel" of the game series is "used retro science fiction", but this clock is as drab as drab gets, with no logos or anything to maintain that sense of having something form the Fallout world, even if it's a fake. Further, the clock was at one point supposed to be wearable like the PipBoy used in the game. That too, has been nullified by poor craftsmanship.

    Furthermore, the level of customer service provided for this clock from and Bethesda SoftWorks, the game's license holder, is incredibly underwhelming. For one, in order to get any warranty work done on it, you must send in money, and the clock, to some company in California that no one's ever heard of. So for yet more money you lose possession of a broken clock that originally only cost you $50. Compare this sort of "service" to the defective Gears of War 2 Exclusive Lancer. When the NECA Lancer had its own battery issue, similar to the one described above, NECA and worked to fix it somehow. NECA sent out replacement parts, for free, in a timely manner if you contacted them. handed out $10 coupons good for the next purchase on ANYTHING they sell. Wither that level of customer service from and Bethesda SoftWorks for this quasi-defective clock?

    All in all, SAVE YOUR MONEY. The Collectors' Edition gives you so much more value, with the lunchbox and bobblehead being the best collectibles this year. With incredibly poor workmanship, lack of attention to detail, unknown warranty service from a company whose reliability can't be ascertained, and overall price point, this clock simply is not worth the extra $50 price....more info
  • slow shipping, poor pipboy, but good game
    - Fun game
    - VATS is something new for gaming.
    - Open world with a lot to do (more than almost any other non-Bethesda game).
    - Bethesda is a top developer. Todd Howard seems to be a great guy.
    - A lot more voice acting than in prior Bethesda releases.
    - Controls. Bethesda has the greatest view/camera system in the industry in my opinion. Simply click a button and you're in 1st person, click again you're in 3rd person -- all games should do this in my opinion -- it should be standard.

    - Bobblehead. meh.
    - Far less glitching and bugs than Oblivion. Oblivion had far fewer than Morrowind. Thus Bethesda is getting better and better at debugging.

    - Pip-Boy is a poorly designed battery killer.
    - Graphics and animation have unfortunately not been improved since the time of Oblivion. This was a key disappointment to me. I know everything is supposed to look run-down and devastated, but that doesn't mean it has to look graphically mediocre.

    - Not for me no.

    - Some will so no, some say yes. I say YES. It's little more than a re-skinned Oblivion with guns + VATS...and to that I say "fine by me".

    - PC/360 get DLC so stick with those. PC if you prefer mouse. I prefer joystick, so 360 for me. Definitely do NOT buy the Amazon Exclusive Edition. Sold out by now, but if you see it via Amazon Marketplace sellers or on Ebay, know that the Pip-Boy is going to be a paperweight (which explains the number of stars)....more info
  • Exclusives are the best!!
    The only reason why I even shop @ Amazon is for the great deals and Exclusives!!!...more info
  • Another Broken Pip-Boy 3000
    Another Broken Pip-Boy 3000. What else is there to say? $50.00 for something that broke within mere days. Hopefully Amazon will help me with this, as they've always been great to me in the past....more info
  • Great Game/Piece O' Crap Clock
    I'm a huge fan of Fallout and was willing to dish out the extra cash for the this exclusive just to have the replica Pip Boy created for this limited edition. Big mistake. The clock I received stays stuck on 12:00 and the buttons do absolutely nothing. I tried switching out batteries thinking the ill-fitting battery compartment may have been the problem or some of the supplied batteries may have been dead and when I finally pried the damn things out one was too hot to hold. Tried different configuration and still that one battery slot heated another battery to freaking scorching. Save your money and just buy the game, unless you're actually looking for a fire hazard....more info
  • Buy the game --not the over-priced, gimicky swag.
    The game is great -- game of the year material, no doubt. My only advice is to steer clear of the Pipboy 3000. It is very cheaply made. Another reviewer accurately calls it, "dollar store" quality.

    One thing that has not been mentioned yet is the battery life issue. The clock will run for about a week before the display starts to dim and the batteries need to be replaced. I have changed my batteries twice since buying this clock for my game room(using brand new Duracels). I am ebaying the clock to try and recover some of my loss from buying this bundle.

    Also, this battery life problem is not an isolated issue. It is happening on all Pip-boys. Fans are posting rants on message boards all over the internet. It took some time for the problem to surface because most people assumed the issue was with the generic batteries that were included with the clock. I can confirm that the problem is with the clock, not with the batteries.

    Buy the collector's edition or standard edition -- just don't waste your money on this cheap "collector's item"....more info
    the survival edition is really crappy it comes with a clock that doesnt do anything but tell the time. also the clock broke on me the game was really good but this is too much for nothing save some cash and get the limited edition...more info
  • Top notch...
    Game of the year, without really much question... and probably will end up in my personal top 10 of all time. Brilliant. The game is deep in numerous ways, has replay value that outclasses any other RPG in recent memory, and maintains all of the humor and quirkiness of its predecessors. While the level of gore is quite high, and anyone squeamish will probably find it difficult to play, it is a simply amazing game. ...more info
  • not so limited edition
    the game is amazing and the extras are really cool. but the one problem that i have is that when the survival edition first came out they were saying that it is going to be a very limited edition and that the pipboy was going to be very cool that no fallout fan should be with out! i do think everything is nice to look at but the pipboy goes through batteries like no other and the fact that i had this pre ordered for like 4 months and all i got were some crummy computer backgrounds is crap if i were anyone who is thinking about this edition i would save the $[...] and buy the collectors edition and forget the pipboy clock. it really makes me sad that would make more of these editions when they very well stated that it was a very limited run!!!...more info
  • Exclusive???? Rip off!
    Come on Amazon! No problems with any of your products, then BAM!
    DO NOT BUY the "EXCLUSIVE" Fallout 3! The game is amazing but the "Exclusive" is not worth the extra cash!
    I ordered the "Exclusive" Gears of War Lancer and saw that the Fallout 3 had an exclusive offer also! Order that one quickly! So the Lancer for Gears of War comes in the mail and I love the way it looks, but what happens when I pull the trigger? Nothing!(thank you for working with NECA to get that fixed and for the $10 credit) Exclusive Fallout 3 comes in the mail. Awesome PIPboy 3000 love the way it looks! Put in the batteries and its dead in a day. Maybe its the batteries that came with it, put in a fresh set... dead within a day! Whats up with the quality control? can't you work something out with the company that made these too? $50 dollars for a piece of plastic that doesnt even work is pretty sad...
    DON'T buy the "Exclusive" just get the regular version!
    And please, try out your products before sending them out to your customers, especially if they are suppose to be "exclusives". It just makes you guys look bad....more info
  • They should be paying me to own this stupid clock
    The Pipboy clock that comes with this set eats batteries so quickly they should be paying me to use it. It takes 3 triple-A batteries but can't seem to stay operational for more than about a week before needing replacements. Also, the clock is a piece of cheap plastic with seams that don't even line up correctly.

    What a joke. I feel lick a sucker having paid so much for so little. Don't make the same mistake as I did. Get yourself a generic copy of the game.

    Game: 5 stars
    Extras: 1 star
    A collection of cheap trash that is embarrassing to say that I own. ...more info
  • Awesome game, junk clock
    You DO want the game - it's great post-apocalyptic stuff! You do NOT want this bundle - the clock is shoddily made and will break as soon as you get it out of the box (mine died in a week).
    ...more info
  • Expect modding for true Fallout. Pipboy clock is a waste.
    First of all, there's not much reason to bother with the Survival Edition. The clock is sort of neat, but chances are it won't work or be painted in the first place. Mine is, and works, but it eats (3) AA batteries every few days. Even a $5 Wal-Mart clearance clock has an alarm, if not a radio, etc. This in person, however, is absolute rock-bottom quality.

    As for the game, it seems quite good at first, but fans of previous "true" Fallout games will see that it too falls far short of the mark, and others will as well. Replayability, perfect atmosphere, engaging storyline, quality voice acting and memorable characters... everything truly vital to "Fallout" is gone. There's even a "vampire" den now. I learned to like Oblivion, but this is just Oblivion done poorly, with a borrowed face.

    Oh, and not to mention that it uses the same engine as Oblivion, which STILL has the "micro-stuttering" regardless of how well your computer can handle it. I'm a programmer. I know these things. ;) Bethesda still refuses to address the issue since Oblivion. They began by using a BROKEN game engine!

    The skills and perks are nerfed and altered, and traits are non-existant. The wasteland seems pleasingly barren at first, but eventually you realize it's just... empty. The proper atmosphere just isn't there, and I find myself wanting to play the old games that capped at 640x480 resolution! The wonderful "random encounters" from previous games are now mild at best and occur only at preset locations. So much for random. Voice acting quality isn't horrible, but the fact that they use only a few voice actors for the entire game IS. Every ghoul has the same voice, as does every "old man", etc. etc. etc.

    You can also heal or repair everything by pausing the "real world", and heal instantly by loading up on food or even just water. Last time I checked, food and drink don't heal you. They just keep you from dying. Or just take a 1 hour nap to heal and restore all of your horribly maimed limbs!

    The weapons and equipment set is very small and lost nearly all flavor of previous games. There's no flavor of random events to change it up either. No lost ammo, weapon failures. Only a "jam" that makes you cock a gun twice when you reload. The combat balancing and calculations are fatally flawed as well, Ex: different calculations via VATS; even human enemies can take 50 to 100+ minigun bullets to the face at point-blank range without dying; and get this.. bullet damage depends on skill???? Because everyone knows that the way you pull a trigger directly effects muzzle energy and muzzle velocity!

    No... bullets should be hit or miss, and the game is a definite "miss" for Fallout series. The only way to even moderately salvage things is with 3rd party complete overhaul mods - Which don't really even exist yet. Hopefully there will still be enough old fans who aren't disgusted, and will want to re-create the game the way it's SUPPOSED to be. We'll see....more info
  • Amazing game, terrible bundle
    I'd just like to echo what's been said by others: The game is brilliant, but the survival edition is not worth the extra 50 dollars. The pip-boy clock uses up three batteries in less than a week, and there is no option to plug it into a wall socket. Terrible item for an extra 50 dollars. Get the game in a regular or special edition, and give the survival edition a wide berth....more info