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Sony Bravia W-Series KDL-40W4100 40-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD HDTV
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Product Description

Sony's 1080p KDL-40W4100 with Motionflow 120Hz technology doubles the number of existing frames by calculating in real time and inserting 60 entirely new frames between the original 60 frames, this creates a new standard for picture performance, with smooth, lifelike image quality that responds to the demands of even the fastest moving images with ease. Full HD 1080p means the W4100 connections accept 1080p signals and the Display will render that signal in Full HD 1080p. Take full advantage of Blu-ray Disc players and PlayStation(R) 3 systems that can deliver 1080p content. The latest version of Sony's respected BRAVIA Engine fully Digital video processor uses a collection of unique SONY algorithms to significantly reduce noise and produce sharp, vibrant, life-like images. With Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) you get real-time image processing to dynamically adjust backlight levels for improved Contrast without masking details the filmmaker intended you to see. ACE delivers deep blacks in darker scenes, as well as fine details in shadows and other dark areas of the picture for a difference you can truly see. Add to that unique features like the enhanced Xross Media Bar(TM) with 3D graphics and integrated TV Guide program information, built-in DMeX functionality, and you can see why we call the W-series the new standard in 120Hz performance. Advanced Contrast Enhancer circuit (ACE) BRAVIA Engine fully Digital video processor 24p True Cinema capable DMeX capable New TV Guide IPG New Enhanced (XMB) User Interface with Rich 3D Graphics BRAVIA Sync capable S-Force Front Surround Voice Zoom BRAVIA Theatre Sync capable (HDMI-CEC) Dolby Digital V-Chip Parental Control VESA hole spacing compatible Gloss Black color 1-Year Limited Warranty Input Ports - 4 x HDMI (1 Side/3 Rear), RF Connection, 3 x Composite Video (1 Side/2 Rear), S-Video, 2 x Component Video (Y/Pb/Pr) Input, PC in (D-Sub) + A

  • 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel
  • Motionflow? 120Hz - clear, smooth motion for DVDs, TV
  • DMex ? compatible; allows seamless feature upgrades
  • Enhanced XMB? with 3D graphics incl. TV Guide
  • HDMI? x4, HD Component x2, PC Input

Customer Reviews:

  • Bravia W series is damn good
    The Sony Bravia W series pretty much met all my expectations and even surpassed a few. It took me a while to sort out all its capabilities, thought the manual is pretty easy to guide through. Love its different picture modes, especially "Cinema" which softens the picture to look like you would see it in a movie theatre, though some of the others you basically have to play around with and decide which one you like the best (or you can use the "custom" function and design your own). You definitely need a secondary person to help you connect the base to the tv monitor and if the TV is more than 40 inches or you have kids you should probably make sure the tv is fastenened securely to a wall or larger base so that it does not easily tip over....more info
  • Great TV
    This is a very nice television. No problems with delivery or set up. Picture is great. The only drawback is that the stand is unlevel and has to have shim to level the tv. From what I've read that has been a complaint from others....more info
  • Greatest TV EVER!
    I just got this TV 3 days ago from Warehouse Deals and I could not be happier with my purchase. This thing is INSANE. Plenty big enough for my room, absolutely mint condition. In fact, the delivery dude thought it was brand new when he set it up. Worked perfectly out of the box, beautiful screen, crystal clear clarity, awesome picture in HD, easy menu and options. The only downside is the price has dropped $80 since I bought it, and I got it for a steal at $1016 delivered. This TV is an unbelievable bargain, great value for the money and I can't imagine performance being any better than this. I almost bought a Samsung A650 but they went out of stock everywhere and the price got jacked $300. I highly recommend the Sony W4100 to anyone looking for their first LCD HDTV. You can't go wrong! Thanks Warehouse Deals for the awesome service....more info
  • 40'' SONY W Series LCD TV
    Very impressed with the quality fo this product - great resolution, and HD channels come through great. Amazon also delivered on time as promised and allowed me to track the delivery throughout the process. Very satisfied with this SONY product and Amazon's service.

    ...more info
  • Great set, good value, seems future-proof
    This was my first TV purchase in almost 20 years, so I am hardly an early adopter. However my wife and I do consider ourselves tech-savvy. In a new TV we wanted something of moderate (no more than 42") size with the latest (useful) specifications like 120hz and QAM tuning, and a set that seemed adaptable to future developments like internet movie streaming. Sony had been offering specials in late 2008 so the timing seemed right. The picture is very true, and it works well under all lighting conditions. Because of the QAM tuner we were able to scan all available public access digital stations from our Comcast basic cable (i.e. no set-top box) wire, so we did not have to get a splitter and a separate Digital TV antenna. The remote is simple, and the on-screen menus are detailed but straightforward. So far, so good!...more info
  • looks great
    I have my computer hooked up to this tv and I use it to watch movies in 1080p and it looks amazing. I haven't gotten a chance to fully calibrate it to its optimal settings but I would assume it will look even better at that point...more info
  • Amazing HDTV
    I bought the KDL-40WL140 from costco which is basically the same tv. Anyhow this HDTV is by far, one of the best I've ever seen or owned. The picture is amazing. ...more info
  • Dean in SC
    This TV was exactly as specified in both the product specs and the reviews. It is fabulous! My neighbors with new wide screen HD TVs say that this Sony is beter than thiers. I love this thing.

    I got the white glove free shipping, and it was exactly as specified. Great service. It arrived on schedule, and the delivery team set it up on my stand, hooked it to my cable box and DVD, and ran through the setup menus, all in 15 minutes.

    I am very satisfied!

    Will update when my new Blu Ray arrives....more info
  • Great Product
    My husband and I couldn't be happier with our purchase. We really notice the differance with 1080p and 120Hz. The picture is so clear it's great for movies and games. We love it....more info
  • Holy Crap!!!!
    I was able to get this TV for 1098 shipped using Ebay's buy it now along with live search. At the time live search was allowing you to save 25% up to 200.00. At the 1298 price tag it was a great deal, but with the extra 200.00 off it's an absolute steal. My only beef is with the company I bought it from "Pyxis Camera" they constantly gave me the run around and it took almost 3 weeks to get the TV from date of purchase, but I have it now and it was totally worth the wait.

    It took me almost 3 weeks of constant fiddling to get the picture the way I wanted it, but that's because it has so many features and settings. That's a positive note for me as I prefer to have more settings and features so I can get the picture exactly how I want it. I set it to vivid as I felt that gave me the blackest blacks and the whitest whites. I then turned the color down as everybody looked as though they had a Hollywood tan and I prefer more natural skin tones. I also turned off the noise reduction as when it was on people tended to look soft. I turned on the mpeg noise reduction as it helps reduce the pixellation you get when the camera pans. I turned off cinemotion as well as I do not like the effect it creates.

    I also use this as my primary computer monitor as its hooked up to a htpc. I play 1080p mkv files and they are ridiculous, smooth as butter. If you are familiar with the scene in the Dark Knight where the hospital blows up the explosion itself is extremely clean. I have looked at it from literally inches away looking for the slightest imperfection with the fast motion associated with an explosion and I can't find one flaw. Kinda makes me wonder what that 120hz is really doing because as a computer monitor it will only operate at 60hz. If you use it as a computer monitor you cannot have cinemotion on as it causes slight hesitations due to the 60hz refresh not the 120hz refresh. On the computer input I do have game mode turned on as that's supposed to help and it does make a positive noticeable difference.

    Is the 120hz worth it? I don't have a V series to compare it to so I cannot say for sure. If you can find a way to get it for the 1098 I paid I would say go for it, but if you pay closer to the 1300.00 on-line or 1700.00 at Best Buy you may want to re-consider. Maybe get the V series instead and spend the difference on a blu-ray player or a good receiver.

    I really cannot say enough as to how amazing this TV really is, if your still on the fence contact me at and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have....more info
  • Best LCD!!!
    I love this TV. There is nothing to complain about. The pictures look even better after calibrating with DVE. I would recommend this TV to everyone. I wish I had gotten a bigger one. Overall, this TV is excellent....more info
  • Almost Perfect
    I have 2 other HDTV's and this Sony by far has the best picture. As far as the 120Hz goes I have yet to see a difference but it is all based on what you put into the TV. Many think that a faster TV will keep the TV from skipping. The skipping is caused by playing something that orginated at a frame rate that will not evenly divide into your TV's refresh rate.

    For instants Films recorded at 24 frames per second will not evenly devide into a 60hz tv so nothing you can do will stop the skipping when you see a scene pan. It will go into a 120hz evenly as will a 30fps frame rate. Now even if the source was 24 or 30 frames per second it does not mean thats what is being delivered to you.

    All that said If you get a good vid at 24 or 30 FPS you will not see the skipping. As for motion blur I dont see but I did not see it in my 60Hz samsung or Vizo.

    As an late adopter of LCD it is obvious that things need to catch up. The problem many of the programs I watch are sill in standard definition. This is where a cheap TV will have problems and a quiality TV will shine. Connected to my SD dish reciever I can tweak the inputs to deliver a very nice picture that is sharper and clearer than on my old 32" Sony Analog.

    There are a couple of features that I dont like about this TV. First the PIP is implemented very poorly. You can only do P&P and and only then if one of the sources is the Antenna. I have yet to get the PIP (picture and picture) to work. Only the P&P (Picture and Picture) they are side by side. The controls for swaping the audio is more intuitive.

    As a monitor its ok and will only operate at 60Hz at 1080P so you gain nothing from the 120hz when playing games or videos from a computer.

    All that said I love the monitor and would purchace it again.
    ...more info
  • My experience
    I have had many makes and sizes of flat panel tvs over the past several years and I recently purchased the Sony KLD-40W4100 for my cottage. I have used it now for about 1 month and it is by far the best Tv I own or ever had, it has superior contrast and color, as well as great high definition. I would recommend this model for anyone interested in the best 40" tv on the market....more info
  • The best picture I've ever seen
    I just got this TV today, and my god, does it have a great picture. With motionflow turned on high, sports games look incredibly smooth, and there are zero artifacts. I'm going to have to get a blu-ray player, or an upconverting dvd player, because my old yamakawa dvd player (using s-video or component) just doesn't look very good anymore on this massive 1080p TV.

    The television's GUI is also great. The graphics are crisp, and the menus move quickly. Also, lots and lots of settings.

    My only minor gripe is that the speakers could be bigger and stronger. I'll probably get an Onkyo 7.1 home theather setup with an HDMI repeater to maximize the sound on this thing.

    Buying it through amazon was great, too. No shipping, no sales tax so it was much more reasonable than in-store competitors....more info
  • Great Experience for a Greater TV
    The freight tracking, delivery and set up was excellent. The only thing better is the TV itself. Pardon the lack of specifics, but we could not be happier with the quality. Thanks Amazon!!...more info
  • Just a great LCD HD TV - UPDATE: When not defective ...
    I searched extensively before choosing what would be my new flat screen TV. I read professionals' and owners' reviews and, in the end, it was either the 40W4100 or the Samsung 630. I just tought the features of other higher-end models from both companies were not that much significant (but the 120Hz refreshing rate is, in my opinion). I went to the store (well, a few stores ...) and both product provide just a awesome picture. Very hard choice I must say, I hesitated and walked around the store like a freak for almost an hour. Because I owned other Sony products in the past and never had any problem, I decided to pick up the 40W4100. Ho boy, I'm glad I did !!!! Awesome, really awesome picture!

    Well, I needed to return the first one I got because of defective pixels (at that price, one stuck pixel is one too much!, but because of the 30-day return policy, Future Shop sent another one quickly, no problem -- tough now I'm frantickly checking if any new defective pixel appears, and I pray, yes I pray that none will appear after my 30-day deadline passed, tough I heard that, in general, most defective pixels will show up quickly, or not at all, hope its true - anyone technically inclined can comment on this???).

    Just hook up the second one, very easy. This TV is really amazing! I just tested this beautiful baby with two blu-ray movie (the first episode of Planet earth, and Polar express) and its just, wow ... I'm out of words ... beautiful ... as you might have heard before, once you tasted HD TV, you will never go back ! (I can't believe I was on tube TV just a few days ago). I'm hooked up on ordinary cable for now, and the image is pretty bad (but this is expected with a 1080p). I can't wait to see a hockey game once my HD box is installed !!!

    Well, my review is not really different from others, but I just wanted to add my general perception of this product. The KDL-40W4100 is just a great HD TV. I'm pretty sure the 630 is awesome too (reviews are quite good too) and I must day, for me Samsung has one small advantage -- I wish Sony would provide a swiveling stand like Samsung.

    Now even if I'm not religious at all, I'm praying that no defective pixel will appear ...

    ***** IMPORTANT UPDATE (12/31/2008):

    Well, it's happening again. Future Shop sent me a replacement, as stated in my review above, and two defective pixels (both stuck on green) appeared within 7 days. I am soooo pissed. Two defective TV in a row, can you believe this. Either I am "Mr Bad Luck" .. or Sony does not care much about the quality of their products. I mean, two in a row, it is more than random rate !!! Are you kidding me! I have a researh lab and I have, in all, 6 LCD screens. Not one has a single defective pixel, not one. Now I'm buying this expensive TV and two of their sets in row are defective. Of course, Sony (and other companies) will tell you that it is not defective and that it is "normal" that a few defective pixels appear. This is just BS for the masses. The problem is, big companies like Sony want to cut their expenses at the Quality Assessment Department. They know most (not all) consumers are too dumb and will let go. Consumers should not accept this BS. Let's imagine you buy a brand new car, say a nice BMW. The seller tell you: "well, sir, it is possible that there are some scratches on the hood or elwhere. But it is normal, and your car is functioning just fine anyway." Would you accept this? No, or course! I am so pissed at Sony (the 40W4100 is made in Mexico, at first I tought it would be better than crap made in China, but I guess I was wrong). I'm gonna ask for another (second) replacement, and if there is a problem with defective pixel (even a single one is too much for a product of that price) again within the 30-day period, I will go with the Samsung LN40A630 -- and will not buy a Sony product again. Too bad because I really like this TV (awesome picture really, looks good too) when it's not defective. But if Sony does not care about the quality of their products, why should I buy their products....more info
  • good buy
    After tons of research I bought this sony mostly due to the great reviews and I am totally pleased. Even with lo-def satellite signal the picture is great and the sound is better than some reviews led me to believe. I have never owned a sony product I didn't like but this tv is a gem....more info