Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve
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The number one New York Times bestselling author Bernard Goldberg is back with more hard-hitting observations and no-nonsense advice for saving America from the lunatics on the Left and the sellouts on the Right.

In Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right, Goldberg speaks for the millions of Americans who are saying: Enough!

Enough of lunatics like Rosie O'Donnell who think "Radical Christianity"¡ªwhatever that means¡ªis "as big a threat to America as Radical Islam." Enough of the hyperbolic liberal rhetoric comparing Bush to Hitler and Abu Ghraib to a Saddam Hussein torture chamber. Enough of the liberal media, in particular the New York Times, which Goldberg claims doesn't publish "all the news that's fit to print" so much as "all the news that fits our ideology." And please, enough of the military-hating crazies who run San Francisco! ("Just what this country needs," Goldberg writes, "a city with Rice-A-Roni and a foreign policy.")

But Goldberg doesn't stop with the crazies on the Left. Speaking for fed-up conservatives, he also goes after the wimps on the Right¡ªthe gutless wonders in Washington who sold out their principles for power.

He's had it with hypocritical Republicans who say they're for small government but then spend our hard-earned tax money like Imelda Marcos in a shoe store. He's also had it with the weak and timid Republicans who won't stand up and fight against racial preferences, too afraid that the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons of the world will call them bigots. In plain English, he's had it with Republicans who are afraid to be conservative!

In his most personal, provocative book yet, Bernard Goldberg argues that while conservatives still believe in important things, the jury is out on Republicans. The 2006 election was a wake-up call, he warns, and if the wimps on the Right fail to regain their courage, recover their principles, and reclaim their sense of fiscal responsibility, the crazies on the Left just might win the White House in 2008.

Customer Reviews:

  • Just when I thought Bernard Goldberg was perfect, he improves ... to the Left & Right of me!
    After reading "Culture Warrior" by Bill O'Reilly, "Shut up and Sing" by Laura Ingraham and "Bamboozled" by Angela McGlowan, I thought I was finished with this genre. There couldn't possibly be any program, politician , person, or pig ... left to expose, skewer or roast over the proverbial coals.

    I accidentally stumbled onto Mr. Goldberg's latest book while visiting a local bookstore. They allow customers to peruse books in comfortable chairs without constraints (I can not fathom how they make a profit this way ... but, I digress).

    For the first time I (guiltily) sat in one of these chairs with this provocative book, thinking I would quickly peruse and discard it. Not only did I stay longer than anticipated ; I ended up buying my copy, taking it home, and reading it overnight ... to the chagrin of my wife, children, and Labrador Retriever.

    I loved this book! Also intriguing was Mr. Goldberg's concept of offering evidence what a person has done, and then succinctly summarizing what many have felt but were afraid to express --- due to political correctness. He navigates this barrier with aplomb, attitude, and ferocity...regardless of the political spectrum.

    If you are bored with one celebrity's or politician's faux pas, turn the next page and you will be introduced to a new subject of interest. This eclectic list makes his latest effort a quick, compelling, and enjoyable read. It is done with a sense of humor and marvelously written by one who has worked with and interviewed many of the individuals in the book.

    I plan to keep it as a reference source for future protection when I hear these people quoting political views ... and giving their "feelings" about events (a euphemism for someone who hasn't a clue about the facts) that affect the survival of our culture, people ... and Labrador Retrievers.

    Reviewed by Reginald V. Johnson, author, How to Close More Customers
    ...more info
  • This Guy Is A Joke!
    This book is ponitless. Why not spend the money to help Americans than to spout such dribble? "Radical Christianity" is real, and it is scary. Watch the film "Jesus Camp"...those are radical christians....more info
  • Political Frustration
    Bernie Goldberg is a frustrated man and his new book speaks to, and for, the millions of Americans who feel the same as him about the current state of politics in this country. On the one hand, Goldberg sees a political party that has allowed itself to be dominated by some of the most hate-filled crazies imaginable. On the other, he sees a party that has lost the courage to stand up for its conservative principles and has, instead, adopted the same big government, big spending ideas that it used to complain about in others.

    Goldberg's personal journey from the left side of the political spectrum to its right side has been a long one. He grew up in the Bronx during the 1950s surrounded by his blue collar family, friends and neighbors and only knew of Republicans because he read about them in the newspaper. Even as a junior high school student, he knew that he wanted to become a newsman and he became the first in his family to go to college when he enrolled at Rutgers to prepare himself for that job. After college, Goldberg was lucky enough to get his dream job at CBS where he became an important, and liked, part of the CBS news team.

    But about 1980 Goldberg began to realize that he was more comfortable with the policies of Republican president Ronald Reagan than he was with those of his beloved Democrats. His slow, inevitable move to the right had begun. By 1996 he could no longer contain his frustration and he wrote an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal about how television networks regularly slant their news broadcasts to the left. As a CBS insider he found that other insiders looked upon him as a traitor and that the op-ed piece was a bad career move. He left CBS News in July 2000 and wrote Bias, a bestselling book in which he discussed how liberals who dominate the most influential newsrooms in the country regularly slant the news in that direction.

    Now Goldberg wonders where to turn next since the Republican Party has largely abandoned the principles that attracted him to that party in the first place. He sees a party that has decided that staying in power is more important than standing up for the core beliefs of its constituents, a party willing to outspend Democrats and to create an ever-bigger government if that will buy them the votes they need to win the next election. He doesn't see a dime's worth of difference between Democrats and Republicans anymore.

    Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right is Goldberg's wake up call to a political party that has lost its way. He has had it. He's tired of hypocritical Republicans who are trying to outspend Democrats, Republicans too cowardly to fight race baiters like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, Republicans who have abandoned conservatism. Like millions of conservatives, Goldberg wonders who represents him in Washington these days. He still believes that conservatives are correct on the important issues of the day but here he wonders out loud whether Republicans are. He uses his sense of humor to skewer both parties for their mistakes and flaws, but he sees as his best hope for the future a Republican Party that comes to its senses before it is too late. Time will tell if anyone is listening....more info
  • Honest and Rational
    Bernie Goldberg has become my favorite political analyst. This book is the most rational and honest analysis of the dishonesty and lunacy on the Left and the disregard by both parties to abide by the Constitution and the will of the people they supposedly represent....more info
  • Somewhat disappointing
    It started off really well, he showed why he supported the right wing more than the left wing. He made excellent points. Even on subjects I disagreed upon, he still made excellent points.

    But then half-way throught the book. His tone kind of changed. He lost his sense of balance. It became a little less about facts and history, and more about personal opinion and complaining. His support for profiling was understandable, but yet disturbing. Since he has doesn't understand the values of Civil Liberties. He will never appreciate them. His viewpoint on Affirmative Action was also disturbing, not because he didn't agree with it, but why and solution his for it.

    He really didn't offer a solution for MOST of things he was complaining about. ...more info
  • Plenty of Criticisms For Both Democrats And Republicans
    Bernard Goldberg has written an insightful book that does a commendable job of exposing huge problems with both Democrats and Republicans.

    Contrary to what some reviewers have written, this is an equal opportunity basher for the two major political parties in the United States. In general, it is about what the title suggests - the craziness of the Democrats and the gutlessness of the Republicans. Both parties get plenty of blame here for the numerous problems they have created.

    Here are some of his barbs at Democrats. They are hypocrites. They create a huge furor over racial divisions on a 'reality' show called Survivor where opponents were divided along racial lines, yet they have no problems with imposing racial quotas on college admissions, contractors, jobs, etc. They repeatedly attacked actor Mel Gibson viciously for a drunken racial rant even after he apologized, yet they hail a multiple murderer like Crips founder Tookie Williams as a great humanitarian.

    Goldberg gives numerous thought provoking examples of how great liberals are at pushing racial quotas and other programs unless it will affect them personally and then it is quite different.

    Another great absurdity that he points out is the treatment of Katie Couric getting a network anchor job at CBS and comparing it (as many liberals have) to Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in baseball. Robinson was verbally and physically abused, treated shabbily, and often had to wonder if he would even be killed. Goldberg compares that to Couric: 'Now let's look at the indignities that Katie Couric must contend with. There's that pesky $15 million a year salary. And those nasty limousines that whisk her about town. And, when she's on the road, CBS actually makes her stay in the most luxurious suites at only the finest hotels. And don't forget those dreadful Park Avenue A-list dinner parties where fawning guests hang on her every word.' He goes on to say 'So, tell me again Les (Moonves - CBS president), how exactly is Katie Couric like Jackie Robinson?'

    On the other hand, the author also has plenty of criticism for the Republicans. He does a great job highlighting how President Bush and other Republicans have pandered to Latino racial separatists to buy Hispanic votes, how Bush's 'nation building' in Iraq would not be tolerated by Republicans if a Democrat were doing it, and his pathetic airport security measures.

    His section on the absurd PC airport security procedures is perhaps the best part of the book. He does a great job of pointing out the insanity of the failure to give heightened scrutiny to Arab males while busting the chops of little children and grandmothers. Mr. Bush has appointed officials like Norman Mineta who have been totally ineffective at any real efforts to improve security. Goldberg compares the work of the airport security gurus to Barney Fife. Suffice it to say, this part of the book is a must read.

    The low point of the book is the author's rants against Creationism. He evidently has no problems with the huge holes in the theories of evolution, natural selection, etc. which take far more faith than believing in intelligent design. If he is going to include topics like this in future books, he would be well advised to read up on the subject as he is ill informed in this area.

    Nevertheless, the book as a whole is very good and well worth reading....more info
  • Respect for the Jews
    I respect the fact that Bernie has come out with a lashing against the more than obvious biased media here in the USA. I feel some sympathy for his treatment as a Jewish member of society (and the fact he endures life in Miami only speaking English). I think that he would have been better off leaving out a lot of what he wrote about the Jewish persecution, I got the point after the first mention. Around 650 AD or so the Jews (and Christians mind you) began being victims of that NUT-CASE Muhammed. So, Jews were not the only ones who were and still are victims. The Islamic Communties here in the USA have an agenda as obvious as Obama's socialistic agenda and they need to be categorized as such, "Not a religious movement but a social and political movement hell-bent on killing everyone other than Arabian speaking Muslims." ...more info
  • Some sensible comments
    Goldberg thinks that there are some strange things going on in politics. And to some extent, I think he's right. The very people whose powerful speeches against tyranny he finds praiseworthy can turn right around and say "on the other hand..."

    I didn't see Winston Churchill say "We will never surrender. On the other hand, we need to respect the rights of the German people and have peace with them, so we're negotiating that peace rather than pursue a costly war." Maybe it would have been right for Churchill to do that, maybe not (I think Churchill was right to demand an unconditional German surrender), but my point is that it would have been pretty strange had he lost his nerve in such a manner.

    Liberals, including "Leftists" can be a powerful voice in favor of the rights of the people of the world. But any group can wander off-track, and some on the Left have done so by opposing human rights in general. Does that mean they have lost their minds? Maybe, given that the tradeoff was supposed to be the rights of people of one's nation versus the rights of the people of the world as a whole. Those who are against both, on principle, have nothing to offer themselves or anyone else.

    The Right can make the same mistake. While it can be a powerful voice in favor of national rights, it is not a voice for anything if what it proposes attacks both national rights and rights in general.

    How does Goldberg address all this? Well, he makes the point that some people in politics simply spend all their time on annoying others. And that's counterproductive. An example he gives of someone on the Right who does this is Ann Coulter.

    Now, what about an issue where the liberals are being relatively helpful, namely the concern about global warming? Goldberg thinks that the issue is genuine but that some on the left are too eager to blame climate trends on what we humans have been doing. I think he's wrong here. We humans have been doing plenty, and the effect that we see in climate trends is about what we'd see if Nature's effect were small compared to what we've done in the past century. So I think we ought to concede that point. Does that mean that natural effects might not be larger? No, but it does mean that we humans have reached the point where we're making a big difference, and where the climate for next couple of centuries is going to be affected.

    What about attacks on science? Which side reminds us of Lysenko, or of the National Socialists, or of the Islamists, in opposition to the scientific method? Probably the right-wing Creationists, and Goldberg says so.

    On the issue of anti-Semitism, Goldberg notes that for years, he was unimpressed by concerns that some left-wing intellectuals opposed Israel. But now, he's changing his mind after seeing some of them defend the line that West Bank Jews ought to be "shot dead." That's fair: it represents one more threat to academia.

    Goldberg makes the point that in the 1960s, whites in Mississippi began to realize that no matter what their actual views, they appeared to be accomplices of the bigots and racists unless they spoke up. And today, the same thing may be happening to many Muslims unless they speak up. The author praises Tony Blair for saying that Muslim moderates need to tell the extremists that the extremist view of the West is wrong. That terrorist tactics by Muslim extremists are not some sort of wrong (but understandable) way to pursue good goals, but that the entire sense of grievance is wrong. "Profoundly wrong."

    Yes, that was a good observation by Blair. And he may stand by it. But will he? Who knows? And maybe that's part of the loss of nerve we see in politics today.

    Anyway, I think it is an interesting book. ...more info
  • Thought Provoking
    Bernard Goldberg has guts! He's a man who is not afraid to tell it like it is! In America today, we are often hampered by political correctness and not being able to speak about how we really feel - without being labeled as sexist or racist. Having read material from Bernard Goldberg in the past, I was very interested in this book from the beginning. He certainly held nothing back in any of his previous books and I expected the same coming into this one. CRAZIES TO THE LEFT OF ME, WIMPS TO THE RIGHT is a no holds barred assault on what has become an unbelievably partisan and divided America. I have to admit that as a Conservative, the majority of my reading is of that nature. However, I am of the opinion that to REALLY understand the issues, you have to hear arguments from all sides before you can truly form any fair conclusion. That is what attracted me to this book. I expected a fair and objective look that split both sides right down the middle and bashed each of them while providing solutions on how the two sides could work together to get things done in Washington.

    In this book, Mr. Goldberg covers in detail just about every major divisive issue from affirmative action, media bias, and racial profiling to taxes and the liberal culture of intolerance (to name a few). What I really enjoyed was how the author went into great detail about each one with real life examples and provided reasonable and rational solutions to each.

    The only thing that disappointed me about this book was that it was strongly tilted toward conservative ideals. While Mr. Goldberg certainly speaks on issues that I mostly agree with, I really wish he had covered more of the "Wimps to the Right" as described in the title of the book -- which is really why I bought the book in the first place. What better way than hearing how Conservatives have fouled up things than an introspective look by a Conservative? While he does credit the loss of the 2006 Mid-Term Elections to the fact that the Political Right has lost its nerve, he does not go into very much detail other than how the Congress (and the Bush Administration since 2000) have abandoned their principles and allowed uncontrolled spending since the Republican takeover in 1994. All told, this book is very enlightening and is worth reading. ...more info
  • total loser
    Benard is a great reporter but should stick to the news and quit trying to analyse politics He hasn't a clue and comes out with the wrong opinion every time.BIAS was a good book he has not written anything near it in years. The book is a waste of money....more info
  • Crazies on Both Sides of the political Arena
    This book is hilarious. It tells about both major political parties, and expresses the feelings of many Americans right now. Enjoyable read!...more info
  • Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right
    It could have used a little more substance. I agree with Mr. Goldberg in his assessment of the Republicans and Democrats. He was working with a handicap. These folks have little to no substance. What does that say about those who vote them in. I will read his next book....more info
  • Entertaining
    Bernie Goldberg, you crack me up! From liberal media salesman to a conservative realist, I've learned that you tell it like it is. People, this is a book worth reading! Way to keep it balanced for a change ......more info
  • Crazies on the Left of me,
    Bernie puts the views of the publicly highlighted people in perspective. He makes sense....more info
  • Book review
    I have not had time to read the entire book as I have been away for several weeks....more info
  • Funny and effective
    Libertarian-conservative Bernard Goldberg lets the Left have it in this enjoyable book. The New York Times, Rosie O'Donnell, and other bastions of leftist foolishness are put in their place. I also respect his wilingness to criticize conservatives, asking whether they would have endorsed nation-building in Iraq if Bill Clinton had invaded it instead of Bush. A good question; one which I do not have the answer to. He also attacks creationism, which made me like the book more. I recommend Crazies, especially at the price....more info
  • Remember: It's comedy, for laughing at. Not for learning from.
    "Left" and "right", along with "republican" and "conservative", when you get right down to it, are actually words that mark the END of sensible discussion. They infest media and minds -- and like rabies -- they make them degenerate and turn and insane. These labels are not used to describe a coherent philosophy or even an agenda, they're used to take potshots at people for a laugh, or to blow off steam, or to fight over power.

    So here we have Bernard Goldberg, peddling another book with "left" and "right" on the cover. Some people listen to Bill Maher to get their yuks, some people will turn to Bernard. There's no difference in the quality of their politics (poor) - just a slight difference in labeling. Bill Maher admits UP FRONT that he is a COMEDIAN. Bernard Goldberg's book full of amusing rants is, according to the final section, nothing less than a recipe to fix the world. From here, to the middle east.

    According to Goldberg, the real threat to our world view comes from Rosie O'Donnell, a "liberal loudmouth" who is "ruling over a land of morons" on the left. Picture in your mind a horde of drooling zombies marching down a street in San Francisco behind her, holding lattes and wearing Che Guevara t-shirts. That's what Bernard sees in his head. That's what he points his finger at. It's a funny image - because it's ridiculous.

    There is no horde, and we know it. Just like there's no horde of mindless Christian zombies marching around in Texas, and no army of braindead Mormons shambling down the streets of Salt Lake City. There is no war - ideological or otherwise - between you, me, or them. They're just stereotypes to throw easy jokes at. America is not only more diverse than these labels can describe, it is more diverse than most of us CAN EVEN IMAGINE. That is a truly great fact. And it is buried in the sludge of cheap-shots, nametags, and inane put-downs that litter this book - and the many others like it.

    I've met Cuban expatriates living in Florida trailer parks, and weather-beaten Inuit hunters working oil drills in Alaska. I've shaken hands with stoic latinos who fought their way into this country to pick artichokes in a field, so their sons and daughters could grow up here instead of facing murder and poverty in the horribly corrupt Mexican state. And I've had dinner in Manhattan with blue-blooded descendants of the European middle class, who came to America after the finger-pointing and the bigotry back home erupted into violence and death. Even with this diversity, we are a nation that endures, ... but only because we all work to do something that few other cultures even think about: We INTEGRATE.

    "Left", "right", "liberal", "conservative?" To me, Bernard Goldberg is just another cynical shut-in with a typewriter and bills to pay. He's not here to introduce you to smart people or good ideas you may not know. He's here to set up pasteboard targets and knock them over with a baseball bat. And he watches way too much TV. I didn't even know Rosie O'Donnel was still around. Didn't she stop making movies last century?

    A political discussion about issues is always an excellent idea. But we all know: This book will not go there. It may make us laugh, but we know, somewhere inside ourselves, that Bernard Goldberg is just another comedian on stage, saying things to make us laugh, or make us feel superior to phantoms. If we forget that, ... the joke is on us.

    If you like "political" comedy, then I suppose this book will give you a few yuks, or in the early chapters it may remind you of some of the silly ideas you had as a kid. But on the other hand, Bill Maher's show is FREE as a podcast on iTunes. So you may just want to save your twenty bucks, or use it as gas money instead....more info
  • Enlightening
    As a lukewarm Republican, I have been puzzled by the intensity of the Bush critics who appear consumed by hatred for the man. Bernard Goldberg's book provided the "looking glass" that enable me to "see" these critcs clearly for the first time. The author's analysis of Bush's failings resonates with my personal view. At age 87, I am disallusioned by politicians, and I no longer feel impelled to support their idiocy. The author's observations support my gut feelings.

    Al Kayworth ...more info
  • An excellent argument for a 3rd party
    Bernard Goldberg grew up as a Democrat, back when the Democrats loved their country, supported the military and truly stood for the common man. But today's America-bashing, borderline treasonous behavior from them has turned him off, and he slowly drifted to the Right. But the Republicans aren't much better and now it seems as though Goldberg is a man without a party.

    Goldberg goes after the Dems for their insane domestic policy, which is nothing short of full blown socialism, and their equally insane foreign policy, one of catering to Europe and bowing to the UN. He points out their deranged obsession with Fox News and venomous hatred for George Bush (come on, is he really THAT bad?), as just a few examples of how they are inching ever closer to lunacy. While doing this, he also makes a strong argument for placing the New York Times next to the National Enquirer where it belongs.

    But don't think that he has embraced the GOP. Goldberg very astutely notes how the GOP has managed to betray just about every conservative principle they once stood strongly for. This has become a party of big government, big spending, catering to special interests and lobbyists, and scrambling to appease all socioeconomic minorities. In short, the GOP has lost its spine and, as a result, lost the 2006 election. Meanwhile, immigration and Social Security problems still go unsolved.

    This book renews America's desperate call for a legitimate 3rd party to emerge, one with both sanity AND guts. How refreshing would that be? ...more info
  • Reasoned, Thoughtful, Entertaining
    Goldberg's "Bias" was a landmark book that did not simply accuse the press of being biased, he outlined his evidence and documented his hypothesis. I very much recommend the book. In his latest book, he points out the flaws in both the left and right and again, backs up his criticism with easy to read, entertaining, and truthful evidence. I would like to have dinner with this guy and discuss politics. For any independent minded, thoughtful reader who wants insight into what is ailing our country, this is a great read. I enjoyed the sections where I disagree with him too. ...more info
  • Crazies to the left, and what about the Right?
    For a man who wrote a book called "Bias", This is the most Bias book I have ever read. The entire book is Liberal bashing, calling them racists and bigots. The only thing he utters about Conservatives is that they are to scared to adress racial issues.

    I can agree with him that the is lots of liberal bias in the media, and that many of them have turned crazy. but anyone who says he has been a liberal his entire life, then slowly went to the right, goes on to say that Fox news is the only network that does not have a bias, or that Ann Coulter makes sense, or that George Bush hasn't made a mess of things, is clearly Bias! I find it hard to believe this man has spent his career in news!

    In the end, I could not put this book down for some stupid reason, and at some spots in this book, he makes decent points... buy it at your own risk.

    ...more info
  • I guess that would make him a far right reactionary
    Wow, this guy wrote a "word book." The title seems to imply that he is a moderate, i.e. those on the left are crazy and those on the right are wimps. However, if those on the right are wimps, then arguably they do not go far enough for this guy; thus, he would actually be to the right of the wimps....more info
  • Polemics from the right
    This is more of the same tired argument that Americans are brainwashed by a left-wing press. Only problem is, the argument is backward, and Bernard Goldberg's polemical conservatism bears part of the blame for the tilt in information reaching ordinary American voters....more info
  • crazies to the left of me, wimps to the right
    A great book of FACTS. A lot of Bernie's oppinion too. I agree with about 95% of his thinking....more info
  • Crazies to the left of me Wimps to the right.
    Political books are normally a turn off for me, but this book is written in a style that does indeed hold my attention. In addition to holding my attention, I found that I agree with most of what is wrtitten....more info
  • Absolutely Brilliant
    Exposes not only the liberals for their hypocrisy, but also the Republicans for selling out.
    Very easy narration too. Finished it in 2 days.

    ...more info
  • oh, the choir's listening, preacherman.
    I was quite amused by the reviewer who referred to this book as an "adult political discussion." Perhaps the saddest indicator about this country's political future is that knee-jerk screeds like this one, whether written by those on the left or the right, sell. Obviously, the only people who buy this book already agree with every juvenile point Bernard Goldberg makes.

    I just read David Brooks's column in today's NY Times on the new Hamiltonians. I'm much to the left of Brooks, but I read him because he writes thoughtful, thought-provoking columns. There are so many engaging political writers around, be they Brooks, Michael Kinsley, or Maureen Dowd. Yet poorly written, hackneyed stuff like this keeps showing up on the book shelves. I'm not saying there isn't room in the stores for off- the-reservation screeds. Ann Coulter's writing is so intentionally provocative, that it comes close to parodying itself at times. But she is still worth reading because she is extremely witty. It ain't offensive if it's truly funny. (Which does not mean that it is true.)

    So, let me make a hopeless suggestion. If you are a conservative, but truly care about this country and are interested in politics, don't waste your time on empty headed sloganeering like this book or, say, anything by Bill O'Reilly. Read Christopher Hitchens (with whom I disagree violently over the war) or George Will, people who have a sense of what the English language is for....more info
  • Biased as hell
    I made a mistake with this book. I bought it without actually researching it first. However when I read the description on the book it seemed to me like it would be a fair and balanced take on BOTH sides. Boy was I wrong. Let me digress for a moment and say that the first thing that seemed fishy to me was that the title of a book like this should have been "Wimps to The Left of Me and Crazies To The Right". I say this because I generally tend to think that the people who want to deny others the right to marry simply because of their sexual preference, who believe that the breakup of families is to blame on gay marriage, who believe that the current healthcare system is the best that there is, who believe that God waved a magic wand and poof there was the world and then poof there was man, and that dinosaurs were either his pets or that Satan placed the fossils there to fool everyone, and who want to teach this in schools as an alternative to SCIENCE...are crazy. And the party who has always played the victim card is the one is wimpy. Well anyway, back to the point. If you think this book will be fair then you are dead wrong. Its nothing more than a 200+ page rant against liberals and in particular, the liberal media. IN PARTICULAR, The New York Times. Throughout the entire book he rails against the far left liberal loonies, while telling us how decent the mainstream conservatives are. Hardly ever does he mention the far right conservative crazies, and never does he mention the decent mainstream liberals. He HATES the liberal media; guess what, he was ostracized by them for some article that he wrote. Now, I've been fired once before and, lo and behold, have nothing but bad things to say about that company. Its human nature to retaliate when the ego is bruised. So he makes the entire liberal media out to be bad guys and the enemy. Only he writes a book on it instead of keeping his obviously biased opinions to himself.

    At one point he actually attempts to tell us that we should not be mad at the government for the Hurricane Katrina response because we should all know that government screws things up. But that we should actually blame the people who live in New Orleans. WTF??!! I said! Well, he thinks that its their fault that they're poor and have a victim mentality, and that they didn't get out when other people did. This guy's a screwball. Ladies and Gentlemen, he actually agrees with some of the things Ann Coulter says and thinks she's a smart women. Not the vitriolic harpy that she actually is.

    Here's the point. I am completely fine with someone writing a book that bashes one side or the other because thats the team that the person is playing for. I just won't buy the book. But when there's a book thats labeled and sold as a fair rant against BOTH and then turns out to be just another piece of partisan garbage...then I get riled up. Goldberg does nothing but attack the left while making excuses for everyone on the right. The book is filled with sarcastic diatribes and small minded garbage. Don't buy it, you'll be wasting your time and money....more info
  • Liberals should know better than to read this...
    But for the rest of us fairly sane people...

    Goldberg calls all of us (mainly the Dems) out on the carpet in this one. Sure, the truth hurts, but someone has to say it and he does a fine job. If you have your feelings hurt easily you may want to turn away. He makes me feel alright with my conservativism and makes me feel OK to admit it in public. ...more info
  • Liberals are hypocrites!!!!
    I loved this book. Bernie has it down. The right pisses me off because they have allowed the liberals to get away with all their lies for so long. The republicans ARE wimps. Its amazing to me how liberals just repeat and repeat their lies to the point where everyone believes it to be the truth. And the media is in the can for liberals. Look at how obama got elected!!!! Its insainity. Liberals are dangerous....more info
  • VERY accurate portrayal of politics these days
    Goldberg does a great job of presenting facts to support his opinions. At times the book is comical (but you have to cry knowing that he is pointing out real-life examples). A very informative book!...more info
  • Wimpiness trumps it all
    "Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right (Kindle edition)"

    What got my attention was the discussion of race. He asks: "When did Republicans lose their nerve on race? And why?" According to Shelby Steele: "White guilt does not depend on the goodwill or geniune decency of people. It depends upon their fear of stigmatization, their fear of being called racist." But white guilt doesn't just apply to conservatives nor Republicans, nor does fear as the following quote shows: "There is no subject that journalists fear more than race in America. None." And, "The problem is that reporters tend to be liberal and liberals don't really want to ask "uncomfortable" questions about race, because the entire subject of race makes them uncomfortable. Unless of course it is framed in the usual safe, familiar terms."

    Wimpiness on the subject of race is bipartisan. But you have to look hard in this book to see that. It could have been made clearer. Making it seem political just confuses the matter....more info
  • Lunatic Left or Spineless Right
    Goldberd does it again with his straight forward style of reporting. He hits the nail on the head with his accurate assessment of how politics have lost sight of practicality and sought after their own agendas leavening the American People holding the bag of wonders. His style of writing is fairly easy to understand. There are little distractions that lead one down a tangent away from common sense. There are many points that ring loudly in the ear of the reader and make one ponder on how wimpy the right really is and how mentally deranged the left is.

    Goldberg Discusses how forgiveness on the side of the Left is only one sided. He gives the example of Tookie Williams, the founder of the notorious Crips gang. He was responsible for murdering four people in cold blood and received lethal injection for his actions, but that was ok, he righted his wrongs by writing children's books against gangs. In contrast to Williams Mel Gibson is still demonized for his anti-Semitic remarks he said in a drunken rage and has since apologized repeatedly. Where is the forgiveness for Mel? There must be some lunacy if a murderer is more accepted than a slanderer.

    Goldberg addresses issues that are too taboo to touch in modern culture, the race issue that is exploited leaving individuals as branded racists. He explains the fallacy in the notion of the left that "we just need to try to understand the Muslim extremists." Would we have said this during the civil rights days of the fifties regarding those who are lynching black in the south? This notion is just as preposterous now as it would have been then.

    It is not only the left that has the problems it is the spineless right that is too scared to stand up for what they are supposed to believe in. Thought the book tends to focus mainly on the left, about 70%, Goldberg does attack the right and how they have lost touch with their constituents and how this showed in the Nov 2006 elections.

    The one thing I did like a lot about the book was the sarcastic humor that was so strategically places. Goldberg likens the TSA people at the airport as a "bunch of Barney Fife wannabes taking shampoo away from Grandma because she fits the terrorist profile that does not exist" My favorite statement he make is in regards to politicians. He quotes from another source, "Don't tell my mother I am in politics, she thinks I play the piano at a whore house."

    I give the book 4 stars because there should have been more about the right and how they lost their spines. Overall a good book but take it for what it is, political commentary. I just hope the left gets a clue and the right will finally "Man Up."
    ...more info
  • Politics
    As always, Bernard has hit the nail on the head. Well done and a couple bravos too....more info
  • Intelligent,funny and right-on
    Bernie is one of my favorites. His way with words is incredible. He gives equal time to dems as well as Republicans. Great audiobook worth more listening than reading....more info
  • Mr. Goldberg, You're Done it Again!
    Goldberg is a straight shooter with a quick wit, and natural style, combining his journalistic "just the facts" with opinions formed through his own political evolution. With a compilation of ideas and insights extending just a bit beyond the premise of some of his previous work, it's still a great read, and delivers an important message to those who are capable of opening their minds to the truth. Recommended! ...more info
  • Great take on our idiotic politics
    Although it was written a couple of years ago, nothing has changed: America has sadly become a "reality show", "American Idol" fast food mentality thanks in large part to the wimps and crazies! Exchange our front line military with the politicos and their sort and see what happens..."Gone in 60 Seconds"!!!!...more info
  • Very Pleased
    I enjoyed this book very much. I found it informative and well written....more info
  • Old News
    I liked the book but I've seen Mr. Goldberg so many times on Fox News that I've heard everything he wrote in the book. So if you watch the Fox News Channel on a regular basis and have seen Bernie, don't bother with the book. You've already heard it all....more info
  • An ex-libby makes a lot of sense
    This guy is phenomenal. He hits every point right on the noggin. I may be right-wing (not a wimp though), but any person with a hint of common sense will find a lot of truth in Mr. Goldberg's observations. The book is a great read, put together very nicely. This book should be required reading for every raging liberal in America. ASAP...more info
  • Finally, someone who is on the mark
    Bernie's book is an important summary of the political spectrum today. Like Bernie I find much to be annoyed about both left and right. Its refreshing to know that there a more people out there who are fed up with the forces that seem to be driving our political process today. Maybe one of these days we'll have a party?...more info
  • Yhrow All the Politicians Out!
    Goldberg is right on .... he shines the light of greedy self interest on both parties. Those of us who think the system is broke, and anything the politicians do to attempt fixing it only make it worse, will love this book....more info
  • Crazies to the Left of Me...
    Goldberg does a super job of defining the American political front these days. Unfortunately, reading it makes one rather sad, knowing that it's all true....more info
  • Loved This Book
    For me, this book helped me understand the confusion I was feeling about my political beliefs. I had always been a democrat, but for the past number of years, was wondering how I had changed so much because I haven't been comfortable with the democratic party for quite some time. The first chapter of this book nailed for me exactly why.

    Mr. Goldberg tells it like it is, without apology, and with a sense of humor. It was a great read....more info
  • Goldberg Gives it Good
    The man who coined the term liberal media gave a fair, balanced and FUNNY account of why liberals are loonie and where courage has gone for conservatives. It's a funny read and also very personal. ...more info