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HP PhotoSmart C4480 All-in-One Printer (Q8388A)
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Product Description

Print, scan, and copy with the compact, affordable HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-One. Print photos straight from memory cards (no PC needed). You'll love the laser-quality text, vivid graphics, and lab-quality photos that last for generations.

The HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-One Printer is a compact all-in-one device that can handle all your and your office's printing, copying, and scanning needs. Offering laser-quality black text, vivid color graphics, and lab-quality photo prints, this printer can do it all.

The HP Photosmart C4480 All-in-One Printer offers:
  • Ability to print, copy, and scan from one device.
  • Lab-quality photo prints.
  • Print and copy speeds up to 30 ppm black, 23 ppm color.
  • Built-in memory card reader lets you print directly from memory cards.

Print a 4 x 6-inch photo in just 25 seconds with the C4480. View larger.
Fast, High-Quality Output
Thanks to HP Vivera inks and a print resolution of up to 1200 dpi black and 4800 x 1200 dpi color, all your prints--from text documents to colorful presentation--will be sharp and clear. Fast, too! The C4480 offers print and copy speeds up to 30 ppm black and up to 23 ppm color. By adding HP's optional 6-ink photo cartridge, you can produce lab-quality photos as well. A 4 x 6-inch photo will be ready in a mere 25 seconds. Thanks to a built-in memory card reader and a 1.5-inch color display, you can easily print photos without a PC; simply insert the memory card and make sure everything looks okay on the LCD screen.

The C4480 can handle a variety of print media including plain, inkjet, and photo papers, envelopes, transparencies, labels, cards, iron-on transfers, borderless media, and panoramic paper up to 8.5 x 24-inches. It can also produce a borderless print up to 8.5 x 11 inches. When you are using different types of media, you can be assured of optimal results thanks to the printer's automatic paper-type sensor. The input tray has a 100-sheet capacity for letter/legal paper, and can hold up to 20 sheets of transparencies, labels, 4 x 6 photos, photo paper, cards, and up to 10 envelopes.

The C4480 produces copies at the same high-quality output and fast speed as it does prints. You can reduce and enlarge from 50 to 400 percent of the original, and make up to 50 copies at one time.

HP Vivera inks offer outstanding print quality.
A CIS-based flatbed scanner lets you make full 48-bit color scans at up to 1200 x 2400 optical dpi. The maximum scan size is 8.5 x 11.7, and the device has a scan speed of 13 seconds for preview mode, less than seconds for an OCR scan of a letter-size document, and less than 48 seconds for a 4 x 6 color photo. The scanner outputs in JPEG format for easy convenience.

The C4480 measures 17.1 x 23.1 x 6.4 inches (WxDxH) is backed by a 1-year manufacturer's warranty and additional support available from HP Total Care.

What's in the Box
HP C4480 printer, blank print cartridge, tri-color print cartridge, power cord, power adapter, setup guide, basics guide, HP software.

  • All-in-one inkjet device prints, copies, and scans, offering high-quality and fast output
  • 1200 DPI black-and-white resolution; 4800 x 1200 color resolution
  • Copier can enlarge and reduce, and make up to 50 copies at once
  • Built-in memory card reader for Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, SD, MMC, and XD-picture Cards
  • Measures 17.1 x 23.1 x 6.4 inches (WxDxH)

Customer Reviews:

  • You need USB 2 for this printer
    This printer works great. Speed and quality more than meet my needs.

    There were 2 setup problems.

    1. It is not backward compatible to older USB ports. You really need USB-2.

    2. You need to download the latest updates for the software or it may hang on you. HP support was quick and efficient on these issues.

    ...more info
  • Worst printer ever!!
    This is by far the worst "printer" I have ever had. Since it really doesn't print very often it is hard to even rate it. It's always offline when I need to print or it leaves strange messages saying there is a paper jam when there is not. You have to unplug it because it freezes up. You constantly have to clean the wheels that pull the paper up after a couple of prints. The worst part is the paper has to be loaded EXACTLY how it wants it otherwise it gives you error messages and it sucks up too many sheets of paper. Don't EVER let it run out of paper because you will spend 30-40 mins loading the paper to your printer's satisfaction. Hopefully no one will waste their money on this defective product....more info
  • HP should be embarrssed
    The cartridge life of this machine is a complete liability. I feel like I was lured by the $99 dollar price tag, a virtual bargain for a multi-function product. Not a bargain if I'm buying color AND black cartridges every few weeks. I don't do high volume printing. I'm one of two people in the household printing a few pages at a time. My next printer will be an Epson or Kodak....more info
  • Excellent buy, one quirk
    The price I paid, plus free shipping, made this almost a giveaway. It prints nicely, including for photos. Unfortunately, it regularly erroneously says it's out of paper. When I hit OK, it usually then claims a paper jam. Hit OK one more time, and the print job gets under way or resumes. What's nice is that a message pops up on screen telling me these things, so even if I'm not monitoring the printer, I'm made aware of any problems. I suspect I'll be able to work out the problem. At the price I paid, and for the quality, I would definitely buy it....more info
  • Pretty good printer
    I was fortunate to have been searching for a printer that would make ends meet with minimial cost. I say fortunate because I found this printer for $20.00 on Amazon which I think I just caught the price at the right time just before Christmas. I wasn't expecting a whole lot from a printer that might sell for $100.00 give or take but I've been completely satisfied. Certainly, it's not the best HP has to offer but it works for me. Print quality is excellent. I haven't printed any pictures but I mostly print quick b/w documents to save on ink and to save the color ink for when I really need it. What I've never liked is the one color ink cartridge. HP and probably others make printers that have individual color ink cartridges. I highly recommend one of those. In fact, I have two other HP printers that use individual ink cartridges. In the meantime, this one will do....more info
  • Delivery Box a mess.
    The product arrived in 6 working days by Fedex. The box was a mess, afraid the printer is damaged. It was not damaged, but I think the product was not a brand new. I think it was either returned, or refurbished. But for the price I paid, can't complain. The printer runs perfectly well. It is a good printer for someone who does little printing. The HP C series are good printers. I would recommend this to anyone....more info
  • Prints Photos, But Not Well
    I was unsatisfied with the photo printing quality of this printer. The photos came out very pixellated. One of my pictures had the sun in it through the trees. Where the washed out part meets the trees, the picture noticeably loses detail. It's also redder by far than the actual file from which it was printed. Moreover, the blue sky's fade, which is smooth and gradual in the photograph, is grainy in the printed picture.

    I intend to return this printer as soon as I can....more info
  • Good printer
    The printer works well enough. I don't need anything with tons of bells and whistles, so for my purposes it is fine. Major warning though, it does NOT come with a USB cord. I was going through the instructions, got to the part that says Now Hook It Up, and realized the cord picture has an * saying it might be included. Needless to say I had to wait another week to hook up the printer. (I ordered from Amazon which had an approximately $35 cord for $5.) I guess everyone is cutting back, so not suprising, just disappointing. Print quality is good on the few things I have printed. I had trouble the one time I tried to scan, but I really think I just need to read the instructions better. ...more info
  • Save your money
    I bought this printer as a replacement for my old flatbed scanner/stand-alone printer setup. I thought that being almost ten years newer than my old stuff it would work great, but I was wrong. The scanning on this printer is horrible! The printer only really recognizes 8.5"x11" paper and sometimes you have to turn it off/on to get it to work again. My wife and I can also scan in checks for our bank and this piece of junk couldn't even do that properly. I finally upgraded to a Lexmark printer just because this thing frustrated me so much....more info
  • Practica
    As usual, HP inkjet printers practical. But if you want the colors it will give you %70 if you have high expectations.

    The driver CD was not working, so i had to download the driver from HP website....more info
  • Can't beat this for the $$$
    Before i start this, i just want to comment that i was eligable for "5-7 day free shipping" from Amazon so i chose it. The package arrived 42 hours later! i couldn't believe it. I have used many times for many purchases and the Amazon/UPS relationship continues to amaze me. (p.s. i also saved almost $20.00 on my total purchase cost)

    As for the HP All-in-One? What can i say but, it rocks. It comes out of the box, sets-up, and works just fine. It scans, copies, prints from file etc. I haven't tried to print photographs so i can't speak to that. I wanted a basic printer for my Dell notebook, and this thing is way more than i expected. Especially for the $$$!

    Like my first HP printer, if you take your time and follow the set-up instructions, you should be fine. Seriously, a fifth grader could hook this up. Printers are touchy, complex machines. Really read the instructions and take your time, and you should be ok.

    TWO IMPORTANT THINGS! You will need a USB cable to hook your printer to a computer. You can order one with your printer for about $7 right off of this Amazon page. Mine came USPS (for free) and took 4 days to arrive. You will also need a fresh package of printer paper because the printer will want to run an alignment test when you first turn it on and install the ink cartridges.

    I've read some of the negative reviews of this item... The CD did not install a bunch of stuff to my computer like one person said, what it did install is necessary to operate the printer, and doesn't take up much space at all. (it did create a new toolbar on my browser which i turned off) I haven't had a jam yet... i've ran 20lb. paper and 110lb. card thru it and it's fine. It is an ink hog, but it's not a commercial grade copier. You can order more ink carts right here anyhoo, so that's not too big a deal... I have had a tendency in the past to print up everything under the sun, and it really is a waste of paper and energy. So now i'll be more selective about what i print up.

    For $70.00, delivered in less than 2 days, comes out of the box and works, and is a scanner/copier too? HP All-in-One gets my vote!

    ...more info
  • Save your money
    I have owned an HP Laserjet 6P for years and love it. However it's not always compatible with newer equipment. I bought the HP Photosmart c4480 about a month ago and the thing is a total piece of sh**. Save your money! It can't print without jamming the paper. And every time you turn it off then turn it on again, it goes through some annoying print alignment process. Of course there is next to no written literature with the device so who knows why it does this or how to stop it. The thing is just garbage. If this is what Carly Fiorina was producing when she was running the company, she deserved to be shown the door.

    Two big thumbs down!...more info
  • HP C4480 way to go!
    For all cartridge refillers, present or potential this is the printer that allows you to refill those Nos. 74 and 75,99
    inkjet cartridges, as opposed to the Epson, Lexmark "chipping" of their cartridges that will not permit refilling!
    "Can't lose those outrageous profit replacement costs of their cartridges, Eh!"
    But apart from this over the long run, dollar saving advantage, the HP-C4480 performs like a champ! The all in one is a great feature!
    I have spent a lot (wasted, better said) on Lexmark, Epson etc. A very expensive and totally frustrating road but now priceless in the experience gained and mostly knowing which bottomless money pits to avoid. Hope you take advantage of this. By all means start refilling and save bucks! It really is easy! But first get a printer that allows their cartridges to be refilled! There may be other "All-in-One" printers out there that can give more performance etc but for my home computer set up it's ideal. I found that Amazon had the best deal! Good luck...more info
  • excellent printer with all features...served my purpose
    I recommend this product to buy.This is really a good printer to do everything..I just connected with my laptap and able to scan and print from my laptop...Its too good for this price.....more info
  • This is probably the updated 4380
    I couldn't find a listing for the Photosmart 4380, but I assume 4480 is the "latest" version.
    If so, I've been mostly satisfied with this printer -- good quality, reliable, fairly easy to use. My biggest issue: it goes through ink like fossil fuel through a muscle car.
    I print a fair amount of pages, but nothing extreme. I have to replace the black ink cartridge about once every 500 pages. The price of the printer is reasonable, but I bet I've spent as much money on ink in one year to equal the cost of the printer.
    Perhaps the 4480 has improved on this. But just so you're aware of the per-sheet ink costs....more info
  • Great printer
    I really happy to buy this printer. Super performance and output.Very slick and easy to use....more info
  • HP C4480 PhotoSmart Printer
    HP PhotoSmart C4480 All-in-One Printer (Q8388A) I absolutely love this product. Excellent quality photographs and great all around printer....more info
  • HP Photosmart C4480
    Very easy to install, the instructions were great. This printer serves all my needs and is much better than my old printer by another name manufacturer....more info
  • fast delivery and works fine
    this printer is great. it cost less than buying new ink cartridge and was delivered promptly. no complaint except i had a hard time finding the ink cartridge holder since it got moved and was hiding to the left not on the right where the picture depicted....more info
  • Good Value
    This is a nice, compact printer that can sit comfortably on your desktop. Printing quality and speed is good. My only complaint is the relatively low number of prints you get out of the ink cartridge (especially color). However, if you're mainly interested in a basic printer that can copy *and* do occasional scanning, this is a reliable unit....more info
  • Regularly crashes on Mac
    I've had this printer for about 8 months and use it with a G5 iMac. I experience the same problems others have documented on various websites: After some inconsistent period of time it doesn't respond to commands and must be unplugged and restarted to use. The software that comes with the printer can also be fairly quirky in some situations. In general, after about 15 years of experience on Macs with various printers, I'd suggest a comparable Epson product over an HP....more info
    I got this printer free when I bought my mac mini from the Apple Store. This is a GREAT printer, it prints great photos, and they print very quickly! This printer also has low cost ink cartridges, off of Amazon you can get new ink cartridges for about $25 for black and color! I definetly recommend this printer...more info