Skooba Skreener Courier Style Laptop Bag, Black/Purple
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Product Description

This courier-style laptop bag has a unique graphic treatment that is bound to turn some heads. The front flap of each Skreener is printed with an actual X-ray of items typically found in laptop and travel bagscomputer, phone, music device, batteries, cords, and much more. Skooba s designers actually shot these genuine X-rays themselves and reproduced them in a choice of 3 different flap themes and colors. They may not be enough to bypass airport security, but they certainly will entertain. Yet despite the fun cover treatment, the bags are all business, with Air Square laptop protection, dual audio pockets with individual earphone ports (one for music, one for phone), an expandable main compartment, and over a dozen other pockets and compartments for organizing office, school or tech accessories.