Fisher-Price Baby Papasan Infant Seat Nature's Wonder
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  • Soft goods contour to baby creating a plush cozy environment that supports baby's back, sides, and head
  • Integrated carry handle that allows user to transport unit from room to room with baby in the seat
  • Papasan fold for storage and portability
  • Features soothing vibrations and calming music
  • Removable mobile features a hanging bunny and a dome mirror

Customer Reviews:

  • My baby didn't like it...
    This looked like a nice seat, but my baby never seemed to like it much. He would always start crying after a few minutes in it. However, it seems comfortable and the vibration mode seems like it would be soothing. I did use the seat quite a bit for the first couple months when I would need to set my baby down, but he could only stay in for a few minutes. He never fell asleep in the chair....more info
    As I type this, my son is sacked out in it on the vibrate mode.

    It is a great if your baby is fussy, gassy, etc. The gentle motion puts them at ease. My sister was sorry she didn't get this for her son.

    I work from home, so it's great to have something to put on the floor next to my desk.

    I love that you can do music, vibrate or vibrate with music. This is a great product, even though $50 seems steep. It's worse it for the peace of mind and QUIET....more info
  • Cute, but gets old fast
    We received this as a baby shower gift. For the first two months it was fine. But my son soon outgrew it. He was only 6 lbs at birth and is still within the weight requirements, however, his feet now hang over the edge of the seat.(he is 3 and a half months now) He does like looking in the mirror but gets bored fast.
    We bought Fisher-Price Playful Puppy Bouncer for 'grandma's' house and my son LOVES it. It will fit him for months to come and it entertains him. It was cheaper when we ordered it directly from fisher price.
    When shopping for the bouncer we found Fisher-Price Hoppy Days Bouncer I am glad we didn't buy this one because we saw it in the stores and the music was very annoying and "electronic" sounding
    ...more info
  • I wish it was bigger
    Loved that the entire seat was washable and the music is enjoyable even for me, but we were only able to use the seat for two months before baby was too big for it. Her heels would rub against the metal frame when she kicked. Also found that baby would fall asleep to vibration but would wake up when it stops. Batteries didn't last long. Buy used!...more info
  • very nice seat
    This is a great seat for a newborn. It's soft and the vibrations and music are wonderful. It would have been perfect if it was a bouncer too but still a wonderful seat to lay your baby in....more info
  • A great success
    I bought this item as a gift for two friends with newborn infants, and both of them absolutely loved it. In fact, I'm planning to give this as a gift soon to another friend--when she has her baby. I've only good things to say about this item. Safe, warm, cuddly and attractive, and the babies love it too!...more info
  • Great for newborn, but after that
    This worked great for our son for the first few months of his life, but as soon as he got a little active, he got pretty bored in this thing. Highly recommended for napping/sleeping/resting etc. for newborns, but I doubt your kid will dig it at 5 or 6 months or older, unless he/she is really mellow....more info
  • Comfy and cozy but not for the fussy baby
    While this seat looks and feels incredibly comfortable, and plays a soothing little lullaby, my son doesn't like it. He's kind of a restless baby in general, and the vibration alone just doesn't cut it - he prefers a bouncy seat or swing with bigger motions....more info
  • Great Seat!
    I got this seat with a giftcard that I received for my baby shower. My daughter loves it! It is great if she is having a hard time sleeping...just turn the music and vibrations on and she is good to go. I also like the way it folds up and is lightweight so we take it with us everywhere. That way no matter where we are she has somewhere to sit besides her infant seat. I would recommend this product to anyone with a new baby!...more info
  • Great for coming home
    I am a first time mom and my baby girl really loved this seat. She slept in it and just hung out in it. My only complaint is that she is now 3 months old and the toy is really boring that comes with it. I have the fisher price seat too and she loves the colorful toys that came with that. ...more info
  • The best thing I ever got
    My son loved this seat. He did not like the vibration part of it, but that can be turned off. He would love to sit in it and watch me do house work. I gave it to my neighbor and her daughter loved it as well. I don't know if it is the fabric or the way it is positioned, but this product was so amazing. Loved it....more info
  • Great night's sleep for baby & mom!
    I bought this baby seat for my son who is 5 weeks old b/c I thought it might help him sleep better at night(which would mean I sleep better too)...and thank goodness I was right!

    He doesn't like to be flat on his back and I was constantly having to hold him on my chest in bed with me to get him to fall asleep. Now I put the baby papasan in his pack n play next to our bed and he sleeps for 3-4 hour streches at a time. I guess he likes the way it cradles him. And it gives great support to floppy newborns. We have a normal bouncy seat and he was constantly slouching down in it.

    It's also very light and portable. I carried my son downstairs in one arm and the seat in the other.

    The only drawback of it is that it seems like he's going to outgrow it to soon. I already have the straps that hold him in loosened almost all the way, so there's not much room for growth....more info
  • Very cute, but very overrated!
    This bouncer is cute, but you couldn't care less about "cute" when you have an upset baby on your just want something that works. This bouncer has never worked as a soothing tool for our daughter. I mostly used it to set her in while I used the bathroom or showered (a very quick shower). My daughter was too tall for it at 2 month old. The control box is situated between the babies feet, and she hits the box every time she kicks it (that might explain why she won't sit in it for more than 5 minutes). It would be helpful if this bouncer had adjustable strap slots to move up as the baby grows. There is a ton of room above my daughter's head, but her feet hang off the bottom. Like others have said, it is does not move and it vibrates, but does not bounce. The vibration is very gentle, so much so that I don't think my daughter even notices it. My baby won't even look at the toy or mirror that go with the bouncer....they don't do anything but hang there, and it isn't enough to grab her attention. I wish I would have gotten a bouncer that actually bounces and has better activities. We never put on the music, because the singing voice is really creepy. The bouncer does fold up for storage, but it is still really does not fit through my bathroom doorway....more info
  • WONDERFUL!!!!!
    Got this as my first baby shower gift...and in the last 6 months it has been used so much. The best thing I ever got. Now my son doesnt sleep in it, he sits in it before and after his bath all wrapped up and in his "nest". HE LOVES IT. Cries when you take him out. Compact enough to take everywhere!!...more info
  • Absolute favorite registry item
    I will probably cry when my daughter outgrows this Baby Papasan. She has been in it since the day she came home, loves to sleep and relax and it is very easy to move her from room to room. The vibration is gentle and the music is pretty good, plus I love that you can choose to have all features together or separate (vibrate and music together or each one separately)... We have an AmbyBaby sleephammock that she enjoys too, but she falls asleep every night in the papasan and then we move her to her hammock, unless we fall asleep at the same time! I love the incline too, great for reflux and more relaxed breathing!...more info
  • Great for babies
    Our daughter is over four months old and I think this is a fantastic product that she has enjoyed and continues to enjoy her entire life (of over four months). It was a good variation from the swing and she fell asleep in it very easily when she was very small. Even at a larger age, she seems to enjoy it. What's best about it is it's small and maneuverable so you can take it with you into different rooms, or even by the kitchen table so you can watch your baby sleep while you eat. The music is sleep-provoking for the baby. We live in LA, and I didn't have a problem with the cloth fabric for hot weather. Because she was little she didn't notice the hanging rabbit or mirror until recently. Since swings are heavy and burdensome, this is a good place to keep the baby when you need to put him/her down for a few moments. I give it the highest recommendation. ...more info
  • good item for infants
    I bought this item for my first grandson over a year ago and I know it is well made and they used it extensively the first couple of months of his life. As I have a new grandson on the way I purchased the same item knowing that it will be useful and safe....more info
  • Good for resting/napping, but otherwise...
    This infant seat has been useful, primarily to keep my newborn baby close by while I cook, clean, etc. For my son it has essentially served as a portable "crib" while he naps, or as a place for him to rest for 5-10 minutes at a time while he's awake. I do like that this seat offers an alternative to having him lie flat on his back...and it also offers a more relaxed body position for the baby compared to his regular car seat (where he is more upright). Unfortunately I was very disappointed to discover that the music & vibration do not calm, entertain, stimulate or otherwise appear to affect my baby at all! I thought the vibration mode would be more stimulating or bouncy, but it is SO subtle! Since this is my first baby - and my first vibrating infant seat - I don't know if all such seats offer the same (lack of) intensity, but if they do then I guess my baby is just immune to the "magic" vibrations (at least so far, and he is already 3+ months old)!...more info
  • Comforting and Comfortable
    It's true this seat can go through batteries pretty quickly, but I think it's well worth it. The Papasan Seat is built so that the baby is cradled perfectly and VERY well supported. The gentle rocking and vibration calm her when she's fussy, and when she's happy this makes a very comfortable seat for her.

    I like that you can position the mobile where you want it too. On many other seats the mobile or toy hangs too close to the baby's face and you can't move it. It's also nice that it swings easily out of the way instead of having to remove it or work around it when putting baby in, taking her out or tending to her.

    The seat folds and sets up easily to take along with you too, so your baby always has her cozy seat to make her feel at ease wherever she goes....more info
  • One of our best baby purchases
    The Baby Papasan has been indispensable for our baby's first months. It's very well padded and comfortable (as a friend said, "I want it in adult size"). It's great that the padding is washable, but I find it difficult to wash because then we have to put her someplace else! The best thing is that this is very lightweight, so we can easily move it wherever we are in the house. I even carry it up and down the stairs with her in it. The rubber feet are also very nice; they keep it sturdy on all surfaces. I'm not crazy about the music, and my daughter isn't crazy about the vibration, but I'm sure some babies would like both. Our daughter was born small (5 lb, 9 oz), so she will fit in the Papasan for several months, but it would not last as long for larger babies. I am not looking forward to her growing out of this or starting to move because this is very convenient!...more info
  • Love, LOVE this!!
    I don't know what I would have done without this! My son wouldn't sleep anywhere else except for this chair the first few months of his life. He LOVES the vibrating. I also like that you can choose music and vibrating or just one or the other. It also shuts off automatically after a while, which is great.

    He's almost 4 months old and he still loves it. I dread parting with it once he outgrows it.

    The only downer... he has a chubby belly and the belt that holds him in is getting tight. I wish it were longer....more info
  • This chair ROCKS!
    We bought this chair for our new baby and she loves it! She prefers being in this chair above any other place in the house...(with the exception of being held of course!) She is starting to get a little bored with the bunny, but I found the coolest toy that attaches to almost anything and it fit the chair so she's very happy with it. And since I figure I didn't buy the chair to baby sit my child, I can occupy her attention with other things should she get bored.......more info
  • It was great for an infant
    My son loved this seat so much as an infant he wouldnt sleep in anything else. It so comfortable! THe only problem is by 3 months its boring and it sits back to far. It definatly was designed for only a childs first couple of months....more info
  • Best bouncer
    I have owned many a bouncy chair, and I must say I like this one the best. Very plush, reclines perfectly for newborns, has a nice hanging toy that detaches, and the music is also nice (and not annoying.)...more info
  • too hot for warm weather
    I wish I had known before ordering this seat that the cushion is a fuzzy fleece. Now that the weather is warmer (70-75 degrees) my 2 month old gets hot and sweaty in this seat. He likes his other seat which has a breathable fabric, but he cries in this one. I'm sure it's because he is just too hot.

    If your baby is due in the winter, this would be a very cozy seat for him or her....more info