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The Spiderwick Chronicles (Widescreen Edition)
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From the beloved best-selling series of books comes an extraordinary fantasy adventure revealing the unseen world that exists all around us. From the moment the Grace family moves into a secluded old house peculiar things start to happen. Unable to explain the accidents and strange disappearances the Grace children Jared Simon and Mallory start to investigate and find the unbelievable truth of the Spiderwick Estate and the amazing creatures that inhabit it.System Requirements:Running Time: 101 minutesFormat: DVD MOVIE Genre: CHILDREN/FAMILY Rating: PG UPC: 097363432845 Manufacturer No: 343284

A very good adaptation of the popular series of books by Tony DiTerllizi and Holly Black, The Spiderwick Chronicles is one of the few family films in recent years to seamlessly integrate magical elements with a potent drama that will strike a chord with many kids. An exceptionally talented Freddie Highmore (August Rush) plays twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, caught up in a sad shock from their parents' divorce and coping with a decision by their mother (Mary-Louise Parker) to uproot the boys and their sister, Mallory (Sarah Bolger), from New York City to a small town. There, the broken family moves into a spooky old mansion passed on to them by the kids' great-aunt, Lucinda (Joan Plowright), who is spending her twilight years in managed care and whose scientist father, Arthur Spiderwick (David Strathairn), disappeared some 80 years ago. Jared, angry, defiant, and determined to live with the father who seems to have abandoned him, investigates strange happenings and discovers Arthur's secret notations on fairies, ogres, and other mythical creatures that live both in and outside the house. Having no idea where his curiosity is leading, Jared soon finds that he and his family are under siege from goblins and a powerful ogre (Nick Nolte) who wants Arthur's notebook. Suddenly, the boy who is a lightning rod for a troubled family becomes a resourceful warrior intent on saving his loved ones from powerful forces. The Spiderwick Chronicles benefits enormously from a script (partially written by John Sayles) that treats, quite seriously, the emotional pain of its human characters and makes Jared's will to survive the very real engine of an otherwise fantastic story. It helps, too, that director Mark Waters, who brings a warm and knowing touch to outlandish material (Freaky Friday), has a way of making the spectacular elements of The Spiderwick Chronicles genuine enough to stir real excitement and suspense. This is one of the better film adaptations of best-selling fiction for kids in some years. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • It almost made it, but not quite.
    Never having read the books, & in fact I'd never even heard of them until I started to see the trailers for the movie, I thought 'The grandkids might enjoy this one?'
    Even if they did, I felt that there was too much of the tale which had not been told.
    Maybe if I did know the story; but then those who have read the book/s complain that it wasn't true to the script either, so it's the old book to film dilemma: what to keep, what to change (however little - or much), & what to leave out completely.
    I think that too much was left out, leaving it an incomplete viewing experience for me at least.
    Still worth a watch though....more info
  • the movie was so cool i wish every should see the movie
    the movie was so cool i wish every should see the movie i loved that it was cool even my kids loved it so mush....more info
  • Entertaining!
    Although this movie felt like a knockoff of Harry Potter, I enojyed it!

    Freddie Highmore (August Rush) plays twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace who, along with their sister and mother, move to the country to start anew after some major family drama.

    When they arrive, Jared is sullen and angry at his mother who he blames for his father bailing on them. But the family drama suddenly takes a backseat when Jared discovers something decidedly "other" is living in the house they inherited from an eccentric old Aunt of their mother's.

    When part of the kitchen wall falls down the kids discover a nest in an old dumbwaiter, and when Jared later investigates, he is led to a hidden study of his Aunt's father who died years ago. In it he finds a tome full of gathered information on magical creatures written by his departed great Uncle and, against the dire warnings placed on the outside of the book, he breaks the seal and opens it. A spell is unleashed that leads Jared to discover a magical world full of fairies, goblins and monsters.

    One particular monster, THE Ogre of evil Ogres (played by a decidedly ogreish Nick Nolte), is desperate to get his hands on the book, for with the knowledge contained within it, he can destroy the world. Jared, of course, is one smart cookie, and as he and his siblings battle the evil around them, along with the help of a few hapless magical creatures, he not only finds the courage to confront the monsters once thought make believe, but also the ones within himself and within his family.

    This movie artfully blends the family drama with magical world crisis without giving up one iota of emotion in either world. I'm really digging Highmore as a child actor and hope to see more from him!...more info
  • Good Movie. Not A classic.
    I do not know the books. But the movie is well made, It just lacks originality. You get the feeling you saw those things before. I suppose with so many movies around it is hard to be original. However, the movie does hold the viewer interest and has good entertainment value. I wish the fight scenes would have been toned-down to accommodate a wider range of audience.
    ...more info
  • Good Movie but...
    This movie is so different from the books I had a bit of a hard time enjoying it. I think had I seem this before reading the books with my kids I would have liked it better. ...more info
  • Movie review
    The movies were shipped at a very low price and in an orederly and fast method. The quality of the product was also excellant. I appreciate doing business with you. ...more info
  • "You Are the Book"
    A terrific tale for children, `The Spiderwick Chronicles' shows the plight of a NYC family moving into an old, decrepit house in the country while the children discover an ancient book that brings faeries, ogres, and sprites to life. Led by chief, Mulgarith (Nick Nolte), the ogres try to steal the chronicles from Simon, Jared, (both played by Freddie Highmore) and Mallory (Sarah Bolger) while Hogsqueal (Seth Rogen), a hideous changing forms leader, tries to destroy the children. Enchanting, transporting, and whimsical, 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' aims to please, even as it might be a bit too frightful for the wee little ones.


    1.) The movie's a whimsical throwback to the stellar Spielberg days of `E.T.' and `Gremlins' with Highmore more than a passing resemblance to Elliott (Henry Thomas). Thumblejack (Martin Short) is a charming (if not high strung) original.

    2.) Faeries, ogres, and sprites have their day once more in big screen splendor.

    3.) The haunting gives the house a personality, reminiscent of the quality of `Monster House' and `Poltergeist'. Suspension of belief is in high size (as are the special effects).

    4.) Excellent portal for the imagination with a good plug for the magical powers of books.

    5.) The screen presence of David Strathairn (as past portal figure Arthur Spiderwick) and believable performances all around.


    1.) Some of the film's elements are familiar.

    2.) It could provide too many nightmares for parents with lingering images of tomato sauce splattered on the walls with holes poked through them. Potential Amber alert false alarms are presented with missing children hunting down ancient ancestors and fighting goblins....more info
  • Fun and Adventurous
    This film was more than just a childrens movie to me. It was full of magic, fantasy, wonderful effects, great acting on all actors behalfs. Nic Nolte's part was supurb. I couldn't have thought of a better actor to fill that part then him. I mostly enjoyed how the movie tied the past, present and future all together. And helped a boy find his place in the world. Wonderful!...more info
  • Here's Spit In Your Eye!
    Visually appealing even if the story deviated significantly from the novels, THE SPIDERWICK CHRONICLES is bound to entertain young and old alike (but perhaps more the old).

    Starting with the visuals, Tippet Studios and ILM worked exceptionally well together to put out some very vivid visual effects. The creature creations were both interesting and sometimes creepy and since this was a large part of what we see as the audience, I found that I was pretty well glued to my TV screen as I watched the DVD.

    Although the kids in the film are much older than the kids in the books, I found this change acceptable and not irritating like some Spiderwick purists (and I think it's okay to be a purist as long as you look at the film as a whole and not in snippets).

    The story is that of the Grace family and their inheritance of an old mansion belonging to a (supposedly) deceased family member, Arthur Spiderwick (David Strathairn, Good Night, and Good Luck). Strange things abound inside and outside this seemingly ancient place. But Helen Grace (Mary-Louise Parker, Weeds) isn't interested so much in the place as she is getting away from her husband who's run off and left her with their three children. Mallory (Sarah Bolger) is the eldest and is the only daughter. Jared and Simon (Freddie Highmore, The Golden Compass) are twin boys but couldn't be more different. Simon is a self-proclaimed pacifist, while Jared is the belligerent and self absorbed one who finds the new home initially appalling and can't wait to be picked up by his father.

    The house eventually reveals its secretive past: a place where Arthur Spiderwick discovered we humans are not alone in the world. Beautiful and sometimes terrible things lurk in our periphery -- and sometimes they are combined. This combination is quickly revealed when Jared finds a special reference book written by Mr. Spiderwick that explains each creature that hides in this peripheral land. With the book comes great danger. Knowledge of them is the primary problem, unless these special creatures want you to see them. And such is the case with Thimbletack (voiced by Martin Short) who initially is supposed to protect this book from prying eyes but fails to keep it out of Jared's hands. Thimbletack can also change from a caring creature to one of great disrespect and upset when things don't go the way he plans (note: keep honey nearby to reverse this process). But Thimbletack isn't the problem; it's Mulgarath (Nick Nolte, Peaceful Warrior), an ogre that desires the book and its secrets so that it can rule everyone and everything. And with him are his goblins and beasts that are tenacious in their pursuit of the book.

    But can three kids convince their mother that this newfound world is real? And dangerous? Looking through rounded stones and getting "spit in your eye" helps to see them, but what of Mulgarath, the shape-shifting ogre that learns many secrets when pages from the Chronicles are ripped out and passed on to him?

    The Grace's new house becomes the battleground, and the kids realize they need help and information. So they head out to see their great Aunt Lucinda (Joan Plowright, Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont) who has been confined to a looney bin ever since she revealed to those around her that her father (Arthur Spiderwick) had been abducted by some of the creatures in this nearly invisible realm. Geared up with new and important ideas on how to fight Mulgarath and his legions, the Grace kids race back home and prepare for battle (which includes salt and tomatoes ...are we making pasta here?). But can the kids win against overwhelming odds? Of course they can ...with a little help from unknown quarters (gryphons, old men who aren't old, and Hogsqueal, a bizarre being with an infatuation for birds).

    Most important to this story is that it is a modern one. It isn't ancient history or trying to be old-English style. There are cell phones and new cars and plenty of modern items that let the audience know when and where they are.

    The acting is okay, but Joan Plowright shines as the superstar even though she's not given much screen time. I'm pretty fond of Freddie Highmore and his performances in August Rush and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but here he was just "okay."

    The big winners in every sense, though, were the special effects and the scenery. It really pulled the viewer in and made you believe in the things you were seeing; no small task nowadays.

    I would warn parents, though, that the PG rating is very well deserved. The violence is ever-present, as are the stabbings of small, evil creatures. It could also be a bit unnerving for kids to see a young boy being dragged off into the wilds by initially invisible creatures. Just a warning for those with real young ones.

    Besides that, this is a very good film. Something to watch for on Blu-Ray disc since the visuals are so stunning....more info
  • Make Up Doesn't Hide an Already Ugly Face
    Too juvenile to appeal to a mature audience and yet too scary to be appropriate for a younger one. They spare no expense when it comes to beautiful CGI effects but clearly have both a sloppy screenplay and poor director. Quite a few of these actors are big names with consistently good performances so I couldn't believe their cheesy acting. I am a huge movie fan and love a good cinematic interpretation of a book and believe whole-heartedly in the director and screenplay writer's creative license to make changes to the story to better fit the screen. That said, the books really deserved better....more info
  • Love it!
    If your into fantasy, mystical creatures, etc. This is a great story. This movie definitely had me hooked throughout the entire time. Not boring at all!!!...more info
  • One of the Better Recent Juvenile Fantasy adaptations
    The Spiderwick Chronicles is based on a series of popular children's fantasy novels written by Holly Black and Tony Di Terlizzi. The first book premiered in 2003 with four more following in the next two years. The film essentially encompasses the major plot of the five novels although a number of sub-plots and characters are left out and several significant changes were made to streamline the production, such moving the climactic battle from Mulgarath's castle to the Spiderwick estate.

    The story centers on the Grace family, twins Jared and Simon, older sister Mallory, and mom Helen, who move into the country estate they inherited from their Aunt Lucinda(Joan Plowright) who is now living in a psychiatric facility. Freddie Highmore plays the roles of Jared and Simon Grace in a remarkable performance. I was convinced that they really were twins as Highmore gives each character a distinct personality and mannerisms. Jared is the agitator and angry with his parents for splitting up and forcing the move to the country. Simon is a thoughtful pacifist and animal lover. Highmore's performance as the twins, as well as the technical aspect of having them onscreen together is flawless.

    Jared discovers an old key that opens a truck in the study of Arthur Spiderwick, Lucinda's father. Inside he finds a book, Spiderwick's Field Guide and a note warning not to open the book. Well of course Jared opens the book, unleashing evil forces. Jared meets a Brownie named Thimbletack (voiced by Martin Short) who scolds him for opening the book. He warns him that Mulgarath (Nick Nolte), a shape-shifting ogre, wants the book to unlock its magical secrets and gain dominion over the world. He has a legion of goblins, trolls, and other beasties to aid him. A magical circle protects the house, but Mulgarath has found a way to dispel the enchantment, putting the family in peril. The grace family has to find a way to defeat Mulgarath before he can get his hands on the book.

    The Spiderwick Chronicles is an enjoyable film for the whole family and vastly superior to other recent films based on children's/teen fantasy novels, The Golden Compass and Seeker: The Dark is Rising. The Spiderwick Chronicles is geared to kids but could be too intense for young children as some of the monsters, Mulgarath most notably, are quite terrifying. Martin Short is amusing as Thimbletack, the jittery-tempered brownie who can only be calmed by guzzling fresh honey. Seth Rogen provides the voice for Hogsqueal, a Hobgoblin who aids the children.

    There is a lot of CGI in Spiderwick that threatens to overwhelm the story when there are dozens of goblins scurrying about and the massive Mulgarath smashing down walls. Still, it has its subtle moments as well with the gentle Sylphs who kidnap Arthur Spiderwick to keep him safe. The tiny fairies look like dandelion fluffs blowing in the wind. The simplicity of the plot also makes it very watchable for kids and probably the reason why so many of the book's subplots were dropped.

    ...more info
  • A fantasy favorite
    Grand epic fantasy seems to be the standard by which so many other offerings in the genre get judged. And I do love epic fantasy, but there are many other stories worthy of our attention. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a marvelous film, a modern day "Wizard of Oz", full of magic and rich characters, the struggle with evil on the outside, and the struggle for virtue within. Engaging to both children and adult alike, this movie does not disappoint.

    With the Lord of the Rings finished, the Harry Potter series about to reach full maturity, and the Chronicles of Narnia growing in stature, it is good to know that there are still other fantasy movies of high craft that can transport us away for a short while and make us long for the touch of something more....more info
  • Entertaining and quick moving.
    I'd give it 3 1/2 stars, but after reading other reviews I'm not sure I want to read the books. The film could've been a bit longer if for no other reason than to provide explanation for some of the odd happenings. And at first, due to the sibling attitudes, I almost turned it off. I'm glad I didn't though as once things started to go "bump" I was hooked. Good story line, nice acting, graphics, and a solid ending. Before I knew it it was finished and I was left wanting more - perhaps I will read the books. ...more info
  • Spiderwick Chronicles
    The movie was great! My five year old's watched it about 30 times since we got it! And I like the fantasy so I don't mind watching it with her! Very Happy!...more info
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles Movie
    The Spiderwick Chronicles is an excellent film. Well acted, well directed and well written. The story line is creative and engaging. Freddie Highmore is a superb actor and he does a stellar performance here. The special effects are not overwhelming and fix very nicely with the story. If you have kids or are a kid at heart this is a most buy....more info
  • no subtitles
    rented the movies last night and according to the back there was supposed to be subtitles in english/french/spanish. there were none in any language....more info
  • Good for My Kids.
    My kids love this movie and I must say that I enjoyed it as well. It can get a bit scary at times, so I would reccommend it for older children over the age of 8.

    ...more info
  • "A Gift Only A Hobgoblin Can Bestow"
    The '08 film `The Spiderwick Chronicles' is an exciting, exhilarating, enchanting and at times surprisingly eerie tale that absolutely bowled me over! There's nothing I enjoy more than a tale dealing with the denizens of the "Secret Commonweath" consisting of the elves, fairies, sylphs, goblins, trolls and the rest of the mythic creatures that move unseen behind every flower and stone, or on occasion a dusty book in the library for that matter.

    There's not much in this movie that one could honestly point to as a totally original idea. Upon viewing `The Spiderwick Chronicles' one will immediately recognize the numerous bits and pieces of storyline borrowed from a rather broad spectrum of other well-known fantasy and horror films.

    On the lighter side of the tale we see glimpses from such beloved family films as; `The Neverending Story' from '84, `Labyrinth from '86 and of course the immensely successful `Harry Potter' series.

    However the plot of `The Spiderwick Chronicles' deals predominantly with the darker aspects of the Fairy Realm and this unexpected dark side of the film is what ultimately fascinates and beguiles its audience. The more children friendly films mentioned above are counterbalanced with cinematic aspects found in some surprisingly frightening adult films. You'll find overt correlations with such movies as; the legendary cult classic `Night of the Living Dead' from `68` and the '87 teen favorite `The Lost Boys'.

    However the greatest source of inspiration for this storyline surely must have been an obscure little film from '03 titled `Inhabited'. In fact there are simply too many similarities for it to be a nothing more than a coincidence.

    Having said all this let me also say that I don't share these similarities to dissuade you from viewing this film. I share it as an observation and nothing more. Afterall there's nothing new under the sun that hasn't been done before so the goal is to take what's already there and do it better and that's just what `The Spiderwick Chronicles' accomplishes. The film grabbed my rapt attention from the beginning and never let up. There's absolutely nothing I didn't enjoy about this film which is sure to become a classic in the years ahead.

    Message to Parents: If you have small children who want to watch this please take the time to view it with them. The goblins and troll will appear quite frigntening to a young audience so be forewarned.

    Postscript: Also remember to keep plenty of honey on hand and don't forget tomato sauce kills goblins....more info
  • A Heart Pounding Family Fantasy Adventure
    The Grace family is moving from New York to the family estate in the middle of nowhere. It is no one's first choice, but newly single mom Helen (Mary-Louise Parker) has a job in the area. And it allows them a chance to move into the Spiderwick mansion. Helen is related to the Spiderwicks. In fact, she has inherited the mansion, so it cuts down on costs.

    Of her three kids, daughter Mallory (Sarah Bolger) and son Simon (Freddie Highmore) are okay with the change. Simon's twin Jared (also Freddie Highmore) is not. He can't wait for his dad to come and get him out of there.

    The house is creepy, and right away things start to go missing. Jared hears a noise in the wall that leads to the discovery of a dumb waiter and a hidden room. Exploring further, Jared finds an old book with a warning on the cover. Ignoring the warning, Jared opens the book and starts to read.

    It's only after reading the book that Jared realizes what he's done. See, the book contains the secrets of all the creatures that are in the world around us that we can't see, like fairies, goblins, and ogres. And one ogre in particular, Mulgarath (voiced by Nick Nolte), wants that book so he can destroy everything. Now Jared, Simon, and Mallory are in the fight of their lives to find a way to defeat Mulgarath and stay alive. Can they do it?

    This movie is an adrenaline fueled ride. It is creepy and intriguing from the first few seconds and builds from there. I was on the edge of my seat by the end. While I absolutely loved it, it might frighten young kids. I would seriously question whether anyone under 8 or so would enjoy it. Of course, you know your own kids best, so judge accordingly.

    While a fast paced thrill ride, the story still hangs together. A couple things got glossed over in the ending, but they were minor. The acting is great as well, especially from Sarah Bolger and Freddie Highmore who carry the film since they are in every scene. Freddie makes both his characters different. I expect we'll be seeing lots more from him in the future.

    The special effects could have been a little better. I don't know whether they were going for stylized or what, but they aren't up to the level we are used to seeing these days. And it just goes to show how spoiled we are because they are certainly adequate. They just aren't the blow your socks off stuff we normally see these days.

    If this movie won't scare your kids, see it. Heck, see it even if you don't have kids. This is an entertaining fantasy thrill ride that anyone old enough will love....more info
  • Goblins, Sprites and Bogles, Oh My
    Think of it as "Home Alone - with goblins, sprites and bogles, oh my!" And a griffin and a uncouth pig-like creature whose spit-in-the-eye (yeeech!) makes all the unseen world around a spooky old Addams-family house out in the middle of the north woods visible for twins Jared and Simon and their sister Mallory. As far as young Jared is concerned, he has been dragged kicking and screaming away from the city and his father by his newly divorced mother. Angry, resentful and with a hasty temper, he is still the one who finds the dumb-waiter hidden behind a plastered wall, the secret study upstairs and sealed book - possession of which drives the whole rest of the story. For the book was the creation of naturalist Arthur Spiderwick, and there in loving and minute detail is everything about all the creatures, great and small, helpful and malign who inhabit that secret and unseen world. Based on the popular book series by Tony DiTerllizi and Holly Black, the movie is exactly what young book-fans would have been waiting for.

    The look and atmosphere of this movie is lush and believable; the various creatures are fully-realized, and some of the sequences - especially those involving the sprites - are just dazzlingly beautiful. It is purely amazing how far this sort of thing has come. The Spiderwick Chronicles critters make Ray Harryhousen's stop-action creations in Jason and the Argonauts look as basic as a simple pencil sketch animated by flipping pages.

    The extras are lavish, most of them included on a second disc. The cast interviews come as a little surprise - here we have an American fairy tale, and the two child stars are from the British Isles, and the location shoots were in Canada. The most interesting, technically speaking is how the special effects critters were designed and generated - at a cost of much computer and tech-hours, of course. In the very near future, movie makers may well be able to get along without live actors all together, at the light-speed rate that effects generation animation is barreling along.
    ...more info
  • too scary and violent!!!
    The books are great but, the movie was scary and innapropriate for my eight year old who loved the books first. the trailer and the pics on the movie are misleading. It looks like a magical land with brownies, and flower fairies. We were expecting some darkness with the ogre but the whole movie was dark, with heart racing violence. It is setting children up for horror movies as they get older. It is not a good family movie unless your kids are young teenagers. On that note, the movie could be entertaining for tweens and teens. It just goes to show that books are typically always better then movies....more info
    An excellent movie and fun for the whole family. There are some scary images that are not suitable for toddlers. Approach this with a light heart and fun in mind and you won't be dissappointed....more info
  • Cute Family Movie
    Great Movie for a family movie night. I would not allow children younger than six or so watch it though, as it does have some mildly scary characters. We loved it though!...more info
  • Spiderwick Chronicles - A Great Family Movie
    It is so difficult today to find a movie that will entertain the entire family -- children and adults alike -- without either innuendo that plays over the kids' understandings or a plot that plays below the adults. The Spiderwick Chronicles is a movie that will satisfy the entire family.

    My wife and I enjoyed the movie at least as much as my 5 year old son and 2-1/2 year old daughter (she was probably too young to really enjoy it, but she watched anyway). The movie follows a family who has moved into an inherited home that protects the secrets of the world all around us. When the troublesome Jared stumbles upon his great-great uncle's field guide and ignores the warning not to read the book, he finds himself and his family surrounded by goblins and other fantastical creatures that no one else can see.

    We join Jared and his brother and sister as they try to convince their mother of the dangers around them, only to be confronted face to face by an evil ogre trying to get his hands on the field guide. If the ogre succeeds, everyone will die.

    Spiderwick is full of incredible special effects, the actors deliver a believable performance, and the story created just enough suspense to keep the entire family on the edges of our seats.

    Looking for a movie the entire family can enjoy without the worry of innuendo, inappropriate language, or outright adult content? Spiderwick promises to deliver!

    Jeff Cole is an author, blogger, and podcaster. info
  • Wow we all have our own opinions
    I thought it was really good!!Your not watching the movie to judge make up people...(sigh) sheesh,or say it's too cutsie,duh,it's a family movie,more aimed toward younger audience...shame on you for breaking out the beers with the fellows to watch a kid/family movie....more info
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles
    I enjoyed the movie VERY much...I'm a 70 year old Harry Potter fan, and this film was not quite as complicated as all the Potter stories, but it was vertainly entertaining. I'm glad I purchased it....more info
  • Field Guide Edition
    The field guide version of this film is a creative way to enhance the movie and gives it more depth. It should also encourage all to read the books. Spiderwick is clearly inspired by legendary field guide authors like John James Audubon, and Roger Tory Peterson. And should encourage all amateur naturalists to explore the outdoors around their home. As well, hone in on their creative skills. Recommended for single adults!

    Creativity > 5 stars
    Plot > 4 stars...more info
  • Movie: 3.75/5 Picture Quality: 4~5/5 Sound Quality: 4/5 Extras: 4/5
    Version: U.S.A / Region Free
    Aspect ratio: 2.35:1
    MPEG-4 AVC BD-50
    Running time: 1:35:46
    Movie size: 28,352,348,160 bytes
    Disc size: 40,970,339,905 bytes
    Average video bit rate: 31.03 Mbps
    Dolby TrueHD 5.1 (48kHz/24-bit) English
    DD AC3 5.1 640Kbps French / Spanish

    Subtitles: English / English SDH / French / Spanish / Portuguese

    #Featurette: "It's All True!" (HD, 7 minutes)
    #Featurette: "Meet the Clan!" (HD, 14 minutes)
    #Featurette: "Making 'Spiderwick'" (HD, 21 minutes)
    #Featurette: "Magic of 'Spiderwick'" (HD, 14 minutes)
    #Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guild
    #Field Guild: In Movie Mode
    #Deleted Scenes (HD, 8 minutes)
    #Theatrical Trailers (HD)
    #TV Spots (SD)
    ...more info
  • The Spiderwick Chronicles
    Freddie Highmore is a charming young actor whose acting I enjoy and I've always loved children's fantasy stories. It's good for adults to be in touch their inner child. This one was interesting in the fact that it was a little different from most....more info
  • In the end a very formulaic movie that does not stand out amongst the Many Fantasy Films.
    It's based on a book, of course. But unlike The Chronicles of Narnia - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Widescreen Edition) or The Golden Compass (New Line Platinum Series Two-Disc Widescreen Edition) or of the franchise Fantasy films it does not add to the Fat genre that many believe is on the end side of its run. I would say it's a good Family movie that will run excessively on television when that time comes (Nickelodeon) To be more critical, it has sloppy, lazy CGI and the characters are pretty much your Stock characters that too many screenwriters/novelists use. A standard, average film which you should shed any expectations. I don't think I've seen a more average film for the Fantasy genre as of this year and last....more info
  • I'm a pacifist.
    I'm always a little twitchy when books are made film. Not having read the books, I can't help but wonder how the film measures. It moves terribly quickly, with the feel of segues missing and of characters unconvincingly persuaded to believe unbelievable things. The film felt like too much was being crammed into a short period of time. While Highmore was wonderful as Jared, I found Parker to be not so different from other mother roles she's had, meaning she did well in it but was not exploring new territory. The visual effects of the film are intriguing, the overall plot entertaining. As it was meant for children the film will likely greatly appeal to children....more info
  • Could've been a contender
    This is a good solid piece of film-making. It could have been great story telling but the writing fell disappointingly flat. The ensemble was stellar, but struggled against a so-so script; i.e., a rushed conclusion as if the director and screenplay writer got bored with the project. The movie did well in spite of itself. The SFX were terrific and the gnomes, demons and things that go bump in the night blended into the scenery and dialogue seamlessly.

    You won't be disappointed in the movie for popcorn-munching-in-the-living-room entertainment. But if you're a fan of the books, you know the movie has just skimmed the surface of possibilities. Let's hope for another Spiderwick movie with more spirit and heart than its parent-film. In the meantime, keep your salt and tomato sauce handy....more info
  • dvd movie
    Purchased as a gift for my 11 year old grandaughter, she was thrilled with it and enjoyed the movie very much. Great price and delivery also....more info
  • Too watered-down and cutesy
    The Grace family (mother, twin brothers Jared and Simon Grace, and their foil bearing sister, Mallory,) a little economically down on their luck and recovering from a nasty divorce moves into a creaky old house left to them by their great aunt Lucinda Spiderwick (Joan Plowright.) Jared (Freddie Highmore plays Jared Grace/Simon Grace) finds Uncle Arthur Spiderwick's"Field Guide to Magical creatures. " This unleashes a plethora of creatures that what the field guide to help them gain their rightful place in the world. Unfortunately their place means the elimination of the Grace family. Naturally mob is oblivious to the threat until it is too real to ignore and too late.

    The main theme to the story is of a dysfunctional family that must band together to survive the onslaught magical creatures. This results in each member understanding the other better; now they metamorphose to a co-dependent family.

    The set of books that are really one story in five cauterize books of course present a more in-depth story where the children are more cunning and resourceful. There were many compromises as movies must make them to fit the media and time constraints. However some changes were not necessary and down right uncalled for. Hogsqueal the hobgoblin was changed from a cunning creature that changed sides at will until and if his true colors showed, to a squealy revengeful cartoon character.

    I will not go into the other characters but also we are not told that the goblin's roasting spit is the family cat, leaving us to wonder if it was the Easter Bunny. And what is with the cuter walking off into the sunset type ending running a chivalrous exit.

    Because Blu-ray is just a standard now and everything is made in it there is no reason to go in to the intricacies. The DVD extras are mostly rehashing the movie.

    The Spiderwick Chronicles (Boxed Set): The Field Guide; The Seeing Stone; Lucinda's Secret; The Ironwood Tree; The Wrath of Mulgrath

    Arthur Spiderwick's Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You: Movie Tie-in Edition (The Spiderwick Chronicles)...more info
  • Pretty good ................
    Books will always be better than the movie...but when one has not read
    the books, the movie will do.
    Taking this movie as a whole, i really did enjoy this movie. From the
    music to the creatures and a pretty good storyline. Its like a fantasy
    tale for young adults and older ones.
    Good for a rental...but also a keeper.
    ...more info