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Hot Six (Stephanie Plum, No. 6)
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Never mind who did the deed with New Jersey bounty hunter Stephanie Plum at the end of High Five. Five months later, that night's only a dim, cherished memory, and Stephanie's freezing her butt off on a Trenton bridge trying to keep her friend Carol--caught shoplifting some crotchless panties she was too embarrassed to buy--from committing suicide.

Truth is, I didn't for a minute think she'd jump. For one thing, she was wearing a four-hundred-dollar jacket from Wilson Leather. You just don't jump off a bridge in a four-hundred-dollar jacket. It isn't done. The jacket would get ruined. Carol was from the Chambersburg section of Trenton, just like me, and in the Burg you gave the jacket to your sister, then you jumped off the bridge.
When Stephanie finally talks Carol down and makes it in to work at Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, it's only to find that her libido-boosting pal Ranger, the professional bounty hunter and sometime hit man, has disappeared. A building owned by black-market arms dealer Alexander Ramos has burned down, with Ramos's son Homer lying inside, dead from a gunshot wound. Ranger, who was caught on film there by video cameras, is wanted for questioning. Stephanie's boss Vinnie wants her to find him, but Stephanie, who knows she won't find Ranger if he doesn't want to be found, refuses. Soon everyone, from her cop boyfriend Joe Morelli to the two Laurel and Hardy wannabes who suddenly start following her around Trenton in a badass black Lincoln, thinks she's hot on Ranger's trail.

And Stephanie's got other things to worry about. For one thing, Grandma Mazur's moved in with her, and so has Bob, a golden retriever who's only partly house trained. Then Ranger starts popping up at odd times of the night, with instructions for Stephanie to keep an eye on another Ramos son, Hannibal. Add to that one homicidal maniac, a couple more dead bodies, Stephanie's usual bad car karma, and the zit from hell, and you've got yourself one fine Stephanie Plum adventure. Will Stephanie triumph? You can bet a jelly doughnut on it. And there's another great cliffhanger waiting at the end. --Barrie Trinkle

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum and Trenton vice cop Joe Morelli join forces to find the madman killer who shot and barbecued the youngest son of international black-market arms dealer Alexander Ramos.Carlos Manoso, street name Ranger, is caught on video just minutes before the crime occurs. He's at the scene, he's with the victim, and he's the number-one suspect. Ranger is former special forces turned soldier of fortune. He has a blue-chip stock portfolio and no known address. He moves in mysterious circles. He's Stephanie's mentor--the man who taught her everything she knows about fugitive apprehension. And he's more than her friend.Now he's the hunted and Stephanie's the hunter, and it's time for her to test her skills against the master. But if she does catch him...what then? Can she bring herself to turn him in?Plus there are other things keeping Stephanie awake at night. Her maternal grandmother has set up housekeeping in Stephanie's apartment, a homicidal maniac has selected Stephanie as his next victim, her love life is in the toilet, she's adopted a dog with an eating disorder, and she can't button the top snap on her Levi's.Experience the world of Plum--in Janet Evanovich's new thriller. It's surreal, it's frenetic, it's incendiary. Hot Six. It's the best yet.

Customer Reviews:

  • Hot Six is not 'hot' at all
    in the book Stephine has to bring in Ranger and although she refuses to do so, two idots are following her around to get him for their boss, the bounty Hunter, Joyce, ends up following her too to get Ranger.
    i flet like Evanovich was trying to make is like the first Plum Novel, ONE FOR THE MONEY, becasue Ranger and Stephine have a little romance going on throughout... i felt like she was trying to top her first book and it was not working! the only charater that i really enjoyed thoughout was Carol. and thats about it....more info
  • The best of the series
    This is absolutely the best of the 14 (so far) in the series. Hysterically funny, and well worth the read!...more info
  • Halarious, sexy, and captivating.
    I picked up Hot Six on a summer vacation, the store didn't have the other five in the series. Stephanie Plum is SO funny, I actually laughed out loud. The storyline followed something I might have seen on a happier Law and Order. It was awesome. The characters were incredable, I fell in love with all of them. And this book was no without a bit of romance, but not the sappy kind . . . the real kind. This book was so great, that I went out and bought all of the other books in the series. I'm waiting for no. 1 to come in so I can start from the beginning. I totally recommend this book to everyone who wants to get lost in a funny, sexy, and dangerous world....more info
  • Another enjoyable entry in the series
    Heard the taped version of HOT SIX, another enjoyable entry in
    author Janet Evanovich's series about bounty hunter Stephanie
    Plum . . . this time the plot centers around a fellow bounty
    hunter, Ranger, who Stephanie may or may not have a thing
    for . . . but then again, there's also vice cop Joe Morelli--her
    ongoing flame . . . and on top of that, there's crazy Grandma
    Mazur who moves in with Stephanie, along with a dog she
    more or less inherits . . . if it sounds wacky, that's because

    it is . . . however, I had fun listening--and you will too . . . I'll
    now want to read or listen to the next book in the series,
    especially to find out if Bob (the dog) has become a regular
    character . . . I hope he does . . . Debi Mazur does a superb
    job narrating, sounding exactly as I would think that Stephanie
    would....more info

  • unhappy
    I guess it was my fault, but I did not read the fine print and received merchandise that was represented like new, but had no jacket cover. How can a book be represented as new without a jacket cover. Perhaps seller should better understand was constitutes a new status....more info
  • Stephanie's back and sassy as ever
    Homer Ramos has been killed and the building he was in set on fire. The accused is none other than Ranger! When Stephanie's cousin Vinnie tries to assign this FTA to Stephanie she refuses big time. No way will she even attempt to bring in Ranger. The file is then given to Stephanie's rival, Joyce Barnhardt. Stephanie has other bad guys to catch though and somehow becomes employed by Ranger. She also has two new roomates when Grandma Mazur moves in after a disagreement with Stephanie's parents, and when she is conned into "dog sitting" cop Brian Simon's dog while he's "away". The Golden Retriver, Bob, becomes part of Stephanie's wacky family, and wins the hearts of the reader.

    This book was awesome. Stephanie is as sassy as ever, and Grandma Mazur is as wild and loveable as expected. The addition of Bob to the mix was entertaining and made the book fun to read. There were also two new off the wall characters--Mooner and Dougie, a.k.a The Dealer. These two seemed to be molded after Beevis and Butthead. They were likable in their own odd way. And of course, no Stephanie Plum novel would be complete without the irresistable Joe Morelli and the dangerous Ranger.

    The plot of this story was great. It was well written and moved along at a fast and steady pace. There is enough action and laughs to keep the reader turning pages as fast as they can. The characters are all charming and quirky, if not a little (ok, maybe a lot)mixed up in the head. This just adds to the entertainment of the book and makes it more fun to read.

    Also, the prologue of Hot Six answers the mystery at the end of High Five. If you've read High Five and wondered about the mystery man at the end, the beginning of Hot Six will end the suspense.

    Hot Six is a fun, wacky, crazy, entertaining read. Packed with laughs and chills it is a book to recommend. A keeper by far....more info

  • Ops Rangers the Bad guy!
    Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter has been told by her cousin to bring in Ranger. Seems Ranger was the last person to see a another guy alive. Anyway the book starts of with our favorite cast of characters. Not to mention Grandma's taken to pack'n a .45 hand cannon in her purse! Poor Stephanie, her on again off again relationship with Morelli is currently off and she's getting death threats as usual. Its another good romping read in the day and life of Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter. Definately worth the read, especially if your a Plum fan....more info
  • hot diggity dang
    i love the plum novels. i've finished several in just the last few weeks. i read some bad reviews on here, but those people must have been expecting oscar wilde or something! oy.

    at any rate, i love the entire series. i only had one complaint with this book. the pakistani bad guy was a raging stereotype. of the worst kind. it's possible to have a muslim bad guy who isn't of the terrorist ilk. maybe just a bad guy from pakistan? i don't know any pakistanis (or muslims in general)that talk like he did, and there are oodles of them where i live.

    otherwise great book!...more info
  • Better than High Five
    Hot Six is like a breath of fresh air after going through the suffocating smog that called itself High Five. Stephanie's sixth outing is slightly better than her fifth.

    For one thing, the romance sub-plot is not so prominent here as in the previous book. The humour which made the series popular is also back. Along with Grandma Mazur there's the Mooner, the Dealer and two vicious but thoroughly incompetent thugs who all guest star as Hot Six's comic casts. Mind you, they are not there just for the laughs. All of them are somehow essential to the overall plot.

    The plot, as with all Stephanie Plum books, is not really important. It never has been. We read the books for the humour and/or the romance. In book six the humour level is up a notch and the romance down a notch, thank goodness. That made reading the 300-odd pages a breeze.

    Better than High Five but not as good as One for the Money. So I'm giving it 3 stars....more info

    Hot Six will leave you wanting more as the first five did. Should read these in order as you will understand them better. Stephanie Plum bring in Ranger, in your dreams. Ranger is suspected of murder. Murder of one of the local hoods. Ranger is really using Stehanie to help him find out who did kill Homer Ramos. The book is very funny in places. With Grandma and Lulu there is not a dull moment. Ranger is always great, Joe Morelli is his usual very good self. The two men who are following Stephanie are fantastic. Their experience with Bob, the dog, is great. A very good funny mystery. Be glad to get number seven....more info
  • Irresistably Fun
    I'm normally turned off by the fodder usually topping the bestseller charts, finding it to often be mindless, formulistic garbage like "The DaVinci Code," overhyped and poorly written. Evanovich's work, however, truly stands out as endlessly entertaining, full to the brim of original characters, snappy dialogue, bizarre adventures, and a consistently lovable heroine. Don't miss this series - you WON'T be disappointed....more info
  • This One Did Not Capture Me
    It seems as if only every other book in this series capture my attention. But at least we do know who was knocking on Stephanie's door.

    In this sixth outing, Stephanie is hot on the trail of a guy that killed his wife and has a general dislike for all woman; and since Stephanie does seem to be of the girl variety, this makes for quite an interesting adventure. If only Ranger was available, but unfortunately Ranger has a couple problems of his own. Most importantly, Ranger has skipped on his own bail and now has two amateurs looking for him in addition to the infamous Joyce.

    This comedy of errors only intensifies when Grandma Mazur decides to move in with Stephanie and Ranger makes a surprise visit. ...more info
  • Evanovich at her best
    _Hot Six_ was the first book in the Plum series that I read, and I loved it so much that I went back and caught up on the rest of the series in short order, and then read _Hot Six_ again - Evanovich has a singular talent, and is now one of my favorite authors. Not every Plum book is a gem, but all are enjoyable.

    _Hot Six_, much like _One for the Money_, showcases how funny and human Evanovich's writing can be. As I read this book, I laughed out loud many times, chuckled in self-recognition more than a little, and vicariously felt Stephanie Plum's frustration and awkwardness; Evanovich has done an excellent job of writing another book that can completely envelope the reader. It can be a very quick read, as the story flows exceptionally well and kept my interest rivetted, even the second time around - the second time I read it, I stayed up all night after starting it at 10pm and didn't put it down until 5am.

    The heat between Stephanie and Ranger gets turned up a few notches in several places, and Morelli definitely isn't out of the picture, so the little love triangle becomes interesting. The plot doesn't feel forced or contrived, and it felt like Evanovich really enjoyed writing this one - there are several unexpected quirks to the story that are very enjoyable, including a gun-running boss that Stephanie is supposed to be spying on jumping into her car and asking her to sneak him to the bar, a huge, friendly dog named Bob becoming a part of Stephanie's life, Grandma Mazur moving in with her, and a surprise from Morelli at the end of the book, though I'm waffling on whether or not I want it to turn out the way Evanovich alludes it will.

    This is better-than-average for the genre, and anyone who has enjoyed previous Evanovich books should really like _Hot Six_ tremendously....more info

    Never one to disappoint, Steph is back again with another rollicking bounty hunter adventure. This time, though, Ranger is FTA...and Joyce Bernhardt is determined to bring him in.

    But Joyce is not the only one looking for Ranger; Morelli needs to talk to him, the Ramos crime family believes he has their money, and the crime-fighting community at large seems to believe that he is responsible for a murder.

    And the world is tailing Steph--believing that she will eventually lead them to Ranger. The usual characters are here of course (Grandma Mazur, Lula, The Parents) and a couple of new ones are introduced--equally funny of course. Add to that the fact that Steph has "acquired" a new pet--a mutt called Bob that
    that Steph was tricked into dogsitting--only to find out that his owner hasn't gone anywhere!!

    And of course, the usual heat is on--between Morelli and Steph, and Ranger and Steph.....loved it!!...more info

  • Homing Home on the Ranger
    Any normal person learns from their mistakes, but fortunately for us, Stephanie Plum is no normal person. Having miraculously survived to the sixth installment of this humorous series of misadventures in bounty hunting, the ditsy ex-salesgirl now faces her toughest challenge yet.

    This time the job seems doomed to failure from the start, as she gets assigned the task of tracking down the mysterious Ranger, an easy task if you know how to catch smoke and pin it down. As a bonus, she's being followed by two clueless goons, bodies are turning up, and a very dangerous "family" member catches her up a tree in his backyard.

    To make matters worse, her grandmother's on the rampage - learning to drive, picking up guys, and totally messing up Stephanie's lust life - and just when you thought you'd seen it all, she's been conned into ownership of the world's largest pooping dog.

    Throw in her arch rival Joyce, her gun toting super-sized sidekick Lula, and a new assignment to bring in a crazy homicidal maniac arsonist, and you get an idea of Hot Six, one of the most character intensive installments in the series.

    If you can control your natural inclination to slap some sense into the heroine, and get over sharing Morelli's pain by biting your lower lip, you should enjoy this one.

    Amanda Richards, April 7, 2005
    ...more info
  • Fun, easy read
    This book is hilarious. It is an easy read and keeps you laughing out loud all the way through. Stephanie and her fellow colleagues and love mates are interesting and snappy. Gotta love Stephanie Plum. I plan to read all of hers....more info
  • Sparkle Hayter is Better & Funnier !!!!
    I finally got around to reading Evanovich. My expectations were high, probably because her books are always on the best seller lists and are always checked out at my local library. I was amazed to discover what juvenile and boring drivel her work is. For those who have convinced themselves they like Evanovich I recommend they try Sparkle Hayter's Robin Hudson novels which are 100% better than any Evanovich. The titles to look for are:
    What's A Girl Gotta Do?, Nice Girls Finish Last, The Last Manly Man, Revenge of the Cootie Girls, and The Chelsea Girl Murders....more info
    Evanovich writes with a cookie cutter instead of a PC keyboard.

    This novel is so formulaic you'll go back to see if it's already in your collection.

    You may smile or slightly chuckle at a turn of a phrase--but that occurs about every 100 pages. And the book is about 300 pages, so the math is evident.

    Evanovich has sniffed at reviewers who've questioned whether she is just churning this stuff out on auto-pilot. The paragraphs seem like they are produced the way a butcher shoves sausage through a grinder.

    And grind is a perfect word for Hot Six....more info
  • Jersey Girls Rock!!
    Another fun one from Evanovich! This time Ranger's definitely on the wrong side of the law, and Stephanie's the one who's got to bring him in. As you can imagine, that is easier said than done. And, of course, Stephanie has some other obstacles to peace and happiness, including her Grandmother who is now living with her, a deranged killer wanting her for his next victim, and Bob, the canine eating-pooping machine. This one proves as enjoyable as the rest....more info
    After reading, in no particular order, a half dozen or so of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum novels, I decided that I had to review at least one of them (call it a compulsion to do so), and __HOT SIX__, being the most recent one I've read, got the nod.

    I believe that the plots in these novels are mostly there to provide a background for the machinations of our intrepid bounty hunter and her friends and relatives. The plot has been pretty well described in the 300+ previous reviews, so I'll just give it a very short discussion before getting into the part of this review that's the most fun for me.

    In her position as a bounty hunter (officially bond enforcement agent), Stephanie is given the job of apprehending and bringing to court, the man who taught her everything she knows about the art of bounty hunting, the elusive man known as Ranger. Ranger, who is out on bond, has missed a court appearance. He is the suspect of choice for a murder. Stephanie, and everyone else, knows that bringing in Ranger is impossible -- no one captures Ranger. No one! But, it does seem that everyone wants to find him, the good guys, the bad guys, and a few intermediate semi-bad guys. This situation provides background for the true meat of the novel, Stephanie's adventures and misadventures along the way.

    To give you a an idea of just how good a bounty hunter Stephanie is, consider the following: Most of the time Stephanie sets out on her apprehension tasks by leaving her gun at home in a cookie jar. When she does take it, it usually has only one bullet, or even none, because she has forgotten to buy more. When she does catch up with someone, her intended target more often than not gets away, and in so doing, wrecks her car, and/or sets her on fire, and/or handcuffs her with her own handcuffs, and/or just walks away while she is preoccupied with something else. At any rate her success rate on the first few tries with each bail jumper is very, very low

    She attempts clandestine surveillance in a nice inconspicuous "Rollswagon," a car with the front of a Rolls Royce attached to the body of a Volkswagon. Nobody'll spot this car! It's a temporary replacement for her most recent wrecked car.

    While trying to peer into the window of a suspect's house, our Stephanie falls out of a tree into his walled off back yard, and gets shot at.

    There's lots more, but you get the idea.

    Stephanie lusts after two men, the aforementioned Ranger, and her sometimes lover, sometimes protector, sometimes a few other things, Joe Morelli, police detective. This lust is reciprocated by both men.

    Stephanie has a grandmother who frequently totes a gun herself, thinks that she, too, would like to be a bounty hunter, and, spreading fear throughout the area, somehow passes the driving test and gets a drivers license.

    Stephanie has a sidekick named Lula who is a retired prostitute and who frequently accompanies Stephanie on her misadventures. Lula is a very large woman who dresses in skintight spandex apparel, carries two or three guns and, on every case, tells Stephanie what havoc she is going to wreak on each target. Then when the time comes, tends to run away even faster than Stephanie.

    Stephanie has a long suffering mother whose answer to any problem is to start ironing.

    And, oh yes, did I mention that Stephanie's idea of home cooking is to make a peanut butter and potato chip sandwich.

    There are also a few other colorful characters in Stephanie's life, both human and animal. These include her cousin Vinnie, the owner of the bonding agency, and her boss; her "arch enemy," Joyce Barnhardt; the inadvertantly comedic duo of Moonster and dougie, "the dealer" as well as her pet hamster, Rex; and Bob, the dog who eats everything he can reach, including furniture, and whom you'd like to hate, but can't because he's just too sweet.

    When you toss all of these people and animals in a hopper, then add a few gangsters and lunatics to the mix, you end up with a laugh or two or even three on every page from the opening line right up to to the concluding sentence. Thanks, Janet Evanovich, you keep me laughing....more info

  • Another Fun Romp
    I really love these characters and Janet Evonovich does a great job of mixing comedy and suspense. I wanna be Stephanie Plum!...more info
  • I give up. It's just funny.
    I don't know what part of this novel is the funniest. Is it the grandmother? The dog? The badass that keeps jumping into Stephanie's blue '53 Buick? Or the dead guy sitting in a lawn chair and strapped down with a bungee? Stephanie Plum is the Lucy Ricardo of the new millennium....more info