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Men in Black (+ BD Live) [Blu-ray]
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Product Description

Men in Black follows the exploits of agents Kay (Jones) and Jay (Smith) members of a top-secret organization established to monitor alien activity on Earth. The two MiB find themselves in the middleof the deadly plot by an intergalactic terrorist (Vincent D'Onofrio) who has arrived on Earth to assassinate two ambassadors from opposing galaxies.

This imaginative summer comedy from director Barry Sonnenfeld (Get Shorty) is a lot of fun, largely on the strength of Will Smith's engaging performance as the rookie partner of a secret agent (Tommy Lee Jones) assigned to keep tabs on Earth-dwelling extraterrestrials. There's lots of comedy to spare in this bright film, some of the funniest stuff found in the margins of the major action. (A scene with Smith's character being trounced in the distance by a huge alien while Jones questions a witness is a riot.) The inventiveness never lets up, and the cast--including Vincent D'Onofrio doing frighteningly convincing work as an alien occupying a decaying human--hold up their end splendidly. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • All in Good Fun
    Firstly I'll agree with David a few reviews up in that they've stuffed up the concept of what the Men In Black are supposed to be. I too in my days of reading constantly about alien abductions and the like would always find that the MIB were alien life forms, not humans. But all I could do was sit back and say "That's Hollywood for you" and try to enjoy it for what it was.

    When I saw this in the cinema I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have as I went with someone who was not enthused to see it. Don't ever do that! Go alone if you have to. It's amazing how much that, even in a darkened room, a disenchanted person next to you can alter the atmosphere.

    That being said, since I've bought it on DVD and watched it many times since, it's got to be a favourite. My kids like watching it with me, which is great as it means we can sit down together to watch something and I don't have to be suffering through some kiddie stuff. Sonnenfeld seems to have found his niche of material with this sci-fi/comedy stuff, and he's hilarious on the commentary, and very insightful compared to a lot of other commentaries I've heard.

    The effects are great - Stan Winston is undoubtedly a master at big screen make up, and the cgi work wasn't overdone to the point where it bugged you, like a lot of films are getting to these days. I thought the pairing of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones was pretty inspired - I'm a big fan of Tommy and it was good to see him have some fun (or as much as he can) for a change. Vincent rocked as the bug, he's so over the top he's hilarious! And so gross!!! LOL

    Look, it's Hollywood, so you can never expect too much. Enjoy it for what it is, and it's a movie where you can laugh, go "oh man, gross!" on occasion, and then have a sing to a Will Smith song at the end....more info
  • Men In Black-One Helluva of Good Time!
    Men In Black was one of the biggest films of the summer in 1997. I remember seeing it at the cinema and laughing my head (substituting for another word) off. It brought in a lot of money at the box-office and continued to make Will Smith a star.
    This film is so wildly inventive and funny that you'll hardly care if it gets to be a tad silly. Director Barry Sonnelfeld is a talented filmmaker and has crafted a fun, highly
    entertaining film. So this may be one of my all-time favorite comedies, as well as one of my favorite sci-fi films.
    Will Smith stars as Agent Jay, who is recruited to be a part of a secret intelligence agency which deals with extra-terrestrials. Tommy Lee Jones is his partner and him and Smith embark on a mission to elimiate a lethal alien. Sure the plot is silly, but the film is hilarious. Smith and Jones have
    amazing chemistry and certainly prove to be a great buddy team.
    This film doesn't take itself too seriously which is a good thing, because as I've stated if you take this film too seriously you are certainly not going to enjoy it.
    Men In Black is rated PG-13 for Sci-Violence and Language. The action is bloodless, but the language is fair. Overall, a fun film which you'll have a great time with. The sequel, while not as good as the origianl, is still worth checking out too. Worth owning or at-least seeing. ...more info
  • Ruthlessly Original
    I love this film.

    This movie has more satirical content than any other sci-fi parody I'd ever seen before.

    It's great to see the interplay between Wil Smith and Tommy Lee Jones here. What a great pairing - such mutual respect and high regard.

    Make sure to look out for the "near cameo" appearance of Tony Shaloub near the beginning of the film. Was growing a new head the reason for Monk's OCD?

    The sequel was nowhere near this original. Enjoy it, even if you're not a big sci-fi fan!...more info
  • The Best of The Best of The Best
    I had the opportunity to watch the new collector's edition of "MIB' the other night. What a great DVD with a lot of neat extras.

    Kay (Tommy Lee Jones) and his partner Dee (Richard Hamilton) are two of the Men In Black, an elite force of men in a secret institution that are charged with "Protecting the Earth From The Scum of The Universe". Dee is unable to stop an alien from attacking, requiring Kay to blow it to bits. Dee wants out of the business. Kay needs to find a new partner. James Darrel Edwards III (Will Smith), a NYPD detective, is the best candidate. Kay sees something in him. Zed (Rip Torn), the director of the division, agrees to let Kay recruit Jay (Smith), despite his misgivings. Almost immediately, the Earth is threatened by an alien force that wants to prevent another galaxy from falling into the hands of Edgar (Vincent D'Onofrio), a hick farmer that has been killed by an alien. The alien, a roach like creature is using Edgar's skin as a disguise. Edgar is searching for the galaxy. The Men In Black must stop him, or the other alien race will destroy the Earth.

    "Men In Black" is a quintessential summer film, a film that works in so many ways. Released in July, 1997, the film cemented Will Smith's stardom. Smith is very good. He plays Jay in a somewhat somber way, cracking jokes, but in a more refined manner than we had seen him do to this point. He is actually trying for a character here and he succeeds. Tommy Lee Jones is just perfect as his partner, the aging, wiser mentor of the couple. Jones has many funny moments, allowing his dead pan persona to help define his character.

    The film is also aided immeasurably by it's brevity. So many films like this run in excess of two hours because they spend so much time establishing the characters and then telling a story. "MIB" does all of this in 98 minutes, moving along at a brisk pace, keeping us occupied and interested.

    Two of my favorite scenes both showcase Tommy Lee Jones. The first is the tunnel sequence. The Ford LTD that Jones drives zooms through the Holland tunnel aws Jones sings along to Elvis Presley. The catch? The car is riding on the roof, Jones is singing along merrily as Smith is frantically trying to get seated. The second is a scene in which Jones interrogates an alien that has disguised himself as a little dog. Jones is shaking the dog, trying to get information out of the alien. Very funny. Smith is also very good, perhaps best in the audition sequence. His character is participating reluctantly in the audition, trying to fill out a test with a pencil that breaks, no where to write. Very funny.

    The DVD presents a great print of the film, very clear and crisp, available in widescreen (yeah!) and pan and scan (boo!). It was a joy to watch the film again, so quickly transported into the world that director Barry Sonnenfeld creates along with the writer, Ed Solomon.

    The 2 DVD set has a second DVD with a lot of extras, perhaps the most interesting of which is a 'scene editing workshop'. I only had time to try one of the three options. This option presented three different takes of three different parts of the scene. You can preview each take, select one and then move on to the next segment. After you have selected one scene for each bit, you can play them back as you have edited them. Then you can compare them to the film.

    The second neatest feature is the 'special effects deconstruction'. Two segments are presented and you are allowed to view five different aspects of it, switching back and forth as you watch it. The first aspect is the original storyboards, then a blue screen strip, followed by a composite and so on. This allows the viewer to watch, in an abbreviated fashion, the process of creating these sequences. A lot of fun and a lot of information.

    There are also a lot of production photos, including a large segment of photos taken at ILM as some sequences were created.

    There are also the requisite trailers, talent files and commentaries.

    Interestingly, there is a teaser trailer for "MIBII", which doesn't reveal anything at all for the simple fact that they can't. The film has been delayed due to budget constraints and other problems.

    A great DVD. Check it out.
    ...more info
  • E.T. This Ain't
    You'll get a kick out of this sci-fi comedy/adventure starring Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith. Since I'm a little late on reviewing this film(it's been out for awhile now), I won't delve too deep into the premise of the film. Just know that Jones' "Kay" character handpicks Smith's "Jay" character to replace him and they form a hilarious odd couple with Jones playing the straight man and Smith being the goof-off.

    "Men In Black" provides plenty of laughs and action for even the toughest sci-fi critic. Smith does an excellent job without coming across as smarmy as he did in "Independence Day." Jones' no-nonsense character is the perfect foil to Jay. Rip Torn does a good job as Zed and Linda Fiorentino is good as the coroner in the wrong place at the wrong time. Vincent D'Onofrio also does a good job as the big, bad bug. Some of the biggest laughs come from Kay's encounter with an alien informer who hides out as a dog and Tony Shaloub's performance as an alien peddler with a pawn shop.

    The action is spread throughout the film at perfect intervals, often with great comedic sidelines such as the "noisy cricket" and Kay and Jay's drive through the tunnel in what Jay refers to as a "Ford POS."

    Overall, a really fun movie to watch multiple times. The language is mild for the most part, although a few words slip here and there. Some of the alien action might scare younger viewers, especially the big bug conflict at the climax, but there isn't anything here that would scare children over ten. I'll leave that up to the parents.

    Check it out for some good sci-fi fun....more info
  • My Good, My Bad Of 'Men In Black'
    A good combination of comedy, drama and sci-fi with effective special effects made this movie very entertaining and thus, a big hit. It evened spawned a sequel that didn't do as well but I liked even better.

    To me, Tommy Lee Jones was the best part of this film. I liked his straight-faced, no-nonsense approach to the job and his deadpan comedy lines. Then again, I prefer almost anyone to the smug, macho-obsessed Will Smith, who is just full of himself in almost every film he's in (although I've really enjoyed his last few in 2007-09).

    At any rate, Smith and Jones play off each other well and Rip Torn, Linda Fiorentino and Vincent D'Onofrio are all entertaining in supporting roles.

    Rick Baker's special-effects team did a creative job with these monsters. All of them are quite different in appearance and fun to view. Negatives include too much language for a kids-appealing film and the usual military/government cover-up conspiracies the Liberal filmmakers love so much. Have you seen a Hollywood filmmaker who likes the U.S. government? Well, they like the money they make here in America....more info
  • Men in Black in Blu Ray DVD
    I ordered this dvd as a Christmas present and haven't actually watched it yet. But the package arrived surprisingly quickly even though I did not pay extra for over night delivery. The packaging was very protective and I can find no fault in the the packaging or delivery of this Blu Ray DVD...more info
  • Great Sci-Fi Comedy
    Mixing Science Fiction with comedy is a risky proposition, unless the film in question is a sendup of Sci-Fi films (I still can't decide if "Mars Attacks" was worth the matinee price I paid to see it almost a decade ago). "Men in Black", however, is a near perfect blend of Science Fiction and comedy. Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones are two of the most watchable actors out there, and the pairing of the two in this film is ingenious. The supporting cast,from Linda Fiorentino to Tony Shaloub, is top notch. The special effects, from the dragonfly flight during the opening credits to the spaceship crash near the finale are excellent. The writing is also much more clever than one might expect from a Sci-Fi picture - the film has to be viewed several times to catch all the barbs and asides Smith and Lee throw at each other. All in all, one of the most entertaining Sci-Fi films to come along in quite a while....more info
  • Well-crafted, silly good time at the old cinemaplex...
    The actors are great, the concept is clever, the script is sharp, and the direction is fast-paced. You won't give it a serious thought once you finish the viewing, except for the fact that you realize you won't mind seeing it again someday, because it gave you quite a nice time. ...more info
  • :)
    Was happy with the price I paid for the product. Fast delivery. Came in excellent condition....more info
  • Just so you know not everyone loves this junk.

    It is simply one of the most unimaginable things I have ever seen. It amazes me how people loved this movie.

    I don't want to waste my time going into detail what I hated about this movie because the film is only indicative of a larger problem.

    If you don't know what this problem is then perhaps this is the film for you.
    ...more info
  • A good movie
    If you enjoy watch Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, then this movie is for you....more info
  • A little disappointing.
    This was to replace our DVD, so I already knew it was a great movie! However, the difference between our DVD, and the Blu-ray was not as amazing as I was hoping....more info
  • This One Never Gets Old!
    I have owned this movie for two or three years, and I still watch it maybe once or twice a month. It is fast paced, very funny, and full of slapstick humor and cliche'd lines.

    Very fun, watch this....more info
  • Great Movie
    Tommie Lee Jones and Will Smith in the same movie, what more needs to be said!...more info
  • Good memory
    I had heard this film but I had no chance to watch this film entirly. This BD brought me the exciting experience of Audio and Video. Especially, the scenario of this film is funny and relaxed. ...more info
  • So funny, So cool, Love BD-Live
    I had forgotten this movie was so funny and good. Well executed. Good SFX. My boys loved it too.
    And BD-Live. Yes, admittedly a little slow to load but fun. A lot of potential there. How about downloading official subtitles that are not on the blu-ray? This is the future!...more info
  • See people dont see the whole show!!
    I didnt buy here,but same BD disc!If you have never watched the original on DVD and not BD then you missed alot of the picture that was on the DVD not the BD!After watching the BD version I noticed cuts in alot of the show and no 1 here has seen the cuts,like the at the end where he "flashes" the whole city after the fight with the "alien bug" and Will was on top of the building fighting the bug.Get your old DVD out and watch to see what was chopped out of the bluray version that makes it still #1 on DVD to watch!...more info
  • A really funny movie
    My usual movie fare consists of independent and foreign films and I shy away from the typical big brash Hollywood movie but sometimes everyone needs a good laugh.
    This is a very funny film that puts a whole new spin on "illegal aliens".
    Part sci-fi spoof, part action movie, the film makes use of a lot of special effects. Some of the forms of space creatures are in and of themselves a riot.
    The humor ranges from slapstick to the silly to sometimes being surprisingly witty.
    There are parts of this movie that are laugh out loud funny....more info
  • perfect everything
    I don't know why I've been asked to write this review twice??! anyway, perfect item, perfect packaging, super fast delivery and I love the seller, ladyloromir. I would give 6 star if there's one....more info
  • I think you have wrongly...
    I've got this limited edition.I Totally enjoyed the movie and the special features but I think you have wrongly advertised this edition because this edition comes in 2 discs. It is also comes with the limited edition signed poster and the letter from the producer. You guys should be more alert and careful in giving the right information to customer next time. ...more info
  • Fun summer flick, excellent transfer
    It's a fun movie, even if it isn't a cinematic masterpiece. Just a joy to watch, it's well paced, funny and slick. It has undercover agencies, aliens, and Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones,a nd lots (I mean lots) of jokes and a touch of action and mayhem. Gotta love this classic summer fun flick!

    The Blu Ray edition is stunning; while some of the special effects didn't age as well as I'd have liked, picture quality and sound quality were both phenomenal, noticeably better than DVD. Colors were crisp, there was minimal grain and noise. Watching this on my 50" plasma was a total blast. This was hi def done right and a great showcase for the capability of blu ray. I haven't really explored the extras much, but they seem pretty normal--commentaries and the like. Fox should take lessons from this and fix some of their abysmal transfers (Predator, I'm looking at you!). ...more info
  • A rare blockbuster: it holds up
    I remember I must've watched Men in Black at least 4 times during its theatrical run. I just really really liked it, then of course there's the VHS release now the DVD release. I don't know what it was that drew me in so quickly. I think it's a rare movie that manages to be on both spectrums, that of being silly and outrageous while being serious and straight-faced. And unlike Independence Day, this one's actually funny, better paced and just all around better.

    Aliens exist in the world with most of them looking very much like regular people. However, like people, some of them stray and try to stir some stuff up so in come the Men in Black, a secret organization that keeps aliens secret from everyone else. When one alien decides to cause some stuff that could spell doom for everyone on Earth(of course), it's up to Kay and new partner Jay to save the world.

    When the disappointing sequel came out a couple of years ago, Sony decided to re-release the film in a "Deluxe Edition". The extras are pretty much the same except for some previews for MiB II. So it's pretty much just buy this if you haven't got the old one but if you haven't, might as well get this one. The featurettes are ok but the commentary was slightly annoying. Presented in a quasi-MST3000/football match style, on occasion the director and Tommy Lee Jones almost act like guys who haven't seen movies ever with stuff like "and there's you saying that line" and whatnot.

    What ultimately makes the film succeed is a couple character moments throughout. Kay's backstory is explained involving a woman that helps the film become more than just a simple flashy blockbuster. Not to mention the film can still entertain with funny lines or just physical comedy. There's no weak link in the cast and the effects still hold up after all these years.

    Should you buy it? Definately. It's funny, exciting and it's perfectly paced. Just don't watch the sequel...eek.
    ...more info
  • Men In Black - Blu Ray
    Men In Black is one of my favorite movies. I have both the Blu Ray and regular DVD versions. I use an LG Blu Ray player that "up converts" regular DVD's and frankly speaking, there is not that much of a difference in video (Samsung HDTV)and sound (Bose 321). The Blu Ray version has a slight "edge". ...more info
  • MIB Blu ray
    Excellent by, quick shipping. Both Sound and Picture quality on the blu ray are 4 out of 5...more info
  • Men in Black is the best of all Worlds
    It is not very often that a movie will come along that can be categorized as one of the best movies in so many different movie genres, but this one can.

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones act off of each other so well, and have such great comedic timing together I wish they would make more movies together. While the comedy in this movie is not blatant and slapstick, it is good where it is in the story, and just the right amount to be considered a comedy.

    The action in this movie is great. Mixed with the special effects it creates a movie that from beginning to end is nonstop action and adventure.

    Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones both have made great movies, and this one deserves to be in the list among their best.

    If you don't already have this one you should definitly pick it up....more info
  • Hilarious
    This movie is just hilarious from start to finish and it has great replayablity so it is definitely worth the purchase. Also, if you are a fan of the movie, the deluxe version is worth the buy because there is a great amount of extras that are fun to watch....more info