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Calphalon Simply Enamel 12 Piece Set, Black
List Price: $299.99

Our Price: $179.99

You Save: $120.00 (40%)


  • Black porcelain enamel exterior that is highly resistant to food odors, moisture and scratches. Nonstick interior for superior release and easy clean up.
  • Domed tempered glass covers make it easy to monitor foods while they cook.
  • Stainless handle stays comfortably cool on the stove top
  • Oven safe up to 400F. Dishwasher safe.
  • Set Contents: 8 Inch and 10 Inch Omelette, 12 Inch Covered Omelette, 2 & 4 Quart Covered Sauce Pans, 3 Quart Covered Saute Pan and 8 Quart Covered Stock Pot

Customer Reviews:

  • Scratched
    Product was a xmas gift for my parents. They agree that the product is great itself and the pans and pots heat up very quickly, however most of them were scratched. I know this is a minor aesthetic flaw, but the product was brand new and should not have any flaws....more info
  • Do Not Purchase! Poor Quality!
    I bought 3 sets of these pots and pans. Gave 2 away and kept one for myself. After only a couple of uses, the teflon layer came right off and some of it has already started bubbling up. The set I gave to my mom did the same thing. Just so everyone knows, you should call Calphalon directly; they will replace (with different set) your defective ones. Ask them to send you a prepaid Fedex return label too. ...more info
  • Quality Does Not Equal Cost
    I bought this pot set on sale for around $100 and hoped it was a good buy. I was disappointed after using them for a few months. The enamel coating is very thin and peels quickly. I received a replacement set, and it did the same thing. Nothing can be stored in these pots because the water sitting in them causes the coating to peel right away. Already I have thrown two of the pots/pans away, and I've had them for four months. The lids fit nicely, and the set is attractive. However, if you are an individual who likes to cook a lot, these will not be the pots and pans you want to purchase -- for any price. These will only work for VERY light cooking in the kitchen. They would be a much better value at $29.95!...more info
  • Worth Every Penny
    My mother-in-law LOVES these pots and pans. This was her Christmas gift. She said they are some of her best pots and pans ever. I would receommend you watch the price on these though because it fluxuates a lot!
    We bought them for around $98 and I know my co-worker got them for $88. I've seen them up to $200 which is obviously a huge jump. They are great pans though....more info
  • Calphalon Simply Enamel 12 pieces set is amazing.....
    I purchased this product in November of 2008 and it is amazing.. Wish I had purchased this sooner.. I would recommend this to everyone.. ...more info
  • RIP OFF!!!!!!!
    My husband got me this set for Christmas. I was so excited to have a calphalon set. After only a couple uses the non-stick coating started to bubble and peel off. I used the sauce pan once to boil water and it was completely damaged. We paid $134, what a waste of money. I dont even use the other pots in the set because I fear they'll be damaged as well. Dont waste your money....more info
  • Great item and great price!!!
    We purchased this set for ~$100. I have to say that my wife an I are thoroughly pleased with this cookware set. Not sure where this product line falls in Caphalon's totem pole but at the price we got it at, our expectations were not too high. Nevertheless, it looks fabulous, has good weight to it and so far seems to be very durable. All in all, a quality set....more info
  • Waist of money
    I was so excited about this product, it looked so nice when I got it. But just after 1 use, i noticed that the non-stick interior started peeling!! These are not good quality, don't waist your money....more info
  • Calphalon Simply Enamel 12 pieces set is amazing.....
    I purchased this product in November of 2008 and it is amazing.. Wish I had purchased this sooner.. I would recommend this to everyone.. ...more info
  • What a waste of money!
    I bought this item not even a couple months ago... since there are too many pans we end up using none of them too much. One of these pans after using it 2 times, I could see like air bubbles between the enamel and pan and after one wash the enamel peeled out so bad that it can never be used again. Now I am scared using other peices because, I dont want me and my family to be eating that enamel. I am hoping for a full refund. This looks like some defective merchandise theya re selling on a sale. Please dont waste your time and money buying this. It is not what u expect a Calphalon to be....more info
  • Teflon coating peels off after a month or two...
    Just like everyone else - My coating peeled off after some light use which was disappointing. I did run these through the dishwasher a few times ( less than 10) and that may have attributed to it - but I still find it unacceptable. These are going in the trash - bought a new set from Cuisinart instead.

    Don't buy unless you want disposable pans....more info
  • Not worth it
    the tephlon part starts pealing after one time use. so i wont recommend it. i have returned mine back for refund. ...more info
  • Quality could have been better...
    I bought this calphalon set for my girlfriend since she loves cooking. I had a super good deal on this set [...]. Amazon did a very good job delivering.. The set looked great.
    First thing I realized the lid screws on the glass were sealed with silicon and the extra silicon was little bit hanging. I had to cut the extra piece so that it wont fall into the meal. Second, this product is made in china. the quality was not comparable to her large calphalon pan, which is made in USA.. Third, later we realized that teflon in one of the pot start chipping. I have never seen that before. but again it is only one pot. I will try to exchange that one only but I am not really keeping my hopes too high.....more info
    My wife and I bought this set about a month ago. It looked nice coming out of the box and worked well at first. Just last night as my wife was cleaning out one of the sauce pans, the black enamel finish began to peel off. Yes barely a month old and the enamel finish was already coming off. What a freaking rip-off. We cannot even use that pan and I am now worried about using any of the others as I do not want my family eating some crappy enamel paint they put on these cheaply made pans. I'm hoping to get a refund.
    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware...
    AS with most others here, the inner nonstick coating of these pots have started peeling. Calphalon has replaced two of them so far and I just noticed two others have started peeling so Calphalon will be replacing these also. Calphalon has been good to deal with and offered replacements with no push back. To bad the product is junk. The replacement pots I received are called Cooking with Calphalon. Hope these are better....more info
  • awesome product
    My mom got this set for Christmas. I used it as well, the heat conductivity of this set is great. She does not have to cook with as high heat as she used to. Calphalon has always made great products and this is no exception....more info
  • Inconsistent Quality
    After only 2 months of light use the large stockpot's Teflon coating is bubbling and coming loose. Not useable. I had always respected Calphalon - until now....more info