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The original hepcat spree, the big daddy of Rat Pack movies, the straight flush in a high-stakes game: yeah, it's Ocean's 11, baby. Long before George Clooney dared to rework this movie into a franchise, Frank Sinatra turned a straightforward heist picture into--well, in some ways, a star-studded but still straightforward heist picture. Ocean's 11 is sometimes a surprise to fans who expect a jokier, more freewheeling movie; the boys actually play it fairly straight in this one, and after all they're under the direction of Lewis Milestone, once the director of All Quiet on the Western Front. Sinatra is fairly effortless, Dean Martin gets loose on "Ain't That a Kick in the Head?", Sammy Davis, Jr., croons an approximation of a title tune, and Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop, and Angie Dickinson fill in the gaps. The lingo is fun (Richard Conte: "Give it to me straight, Doc--is it the big casino?"), the d¨¦cor is eye-peeling, and the general ambience of 1960 Las Vegas has a great time-capsule quality. While they were shooting the picture, the members of the Rat Pack were also performing on stage at night, which suggests that the real fun were happening when the cameras weren't on. The swagger, however, endures. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Real Celebrities!
    Others have reviewed the movie's plot and setting. I want to concentrate more on the all-star cast... not quite like "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," but loaded with "celebrity" today's younger generation doesn't comprehend. The Rat Pack guys and their peers will be revered a century from now....more info
  • Ocean's Eleven
    The older version of Ocean's Eleven was great...made me a little sick at the end, oops, I almost revealed THE END!!...more info
  • Eleven Stars if Possible for the Rat Pack
    Probably one of the best "Heist" films of all time...period. OCEAN'S 11 has been scrutinized off and on over the years and now that all the original "Rat-Packers" have passed away, and with the Steve Soderbergh & George Clooney remake with sequels completed, the film has been elevated to "Classic" status. When the film was shown on network and local television over the years before the advent of VHS and DVD, the movie was padded with commercials and almost shown to 2-1/2 to 3 hour lengths. The movie suffered in its pacing and tone. When shown without the commercial interruptions on video, PBS, or cable, it fares way better. Even though there is really a serious and understated tone to this Rat Packer film, the real treat here is just to see "the guys"(who represented the swinging coolness of the late 50's/early 60's of America before the advent of the counter-culture late-60's, the Vietnam War, and the death of JFK) together on an adventure. The story is straight forward, and the technical jargon of the heist is easy to understand compared to its modern day remake(s), and the characters are all likeable. The twist ending is classic and that final stroll on the Las Vegas Strip of all the characters after that cruel irony of an ending surmises that even though the guys lost the dough, they didn't lose their cool....more info
  • The real deal!
    George Clooney has got nothing on the Rat Pack! An excellent story, great action, and even great singing! What else would you expect from these legendary entertainers? A must have for any fan of the Rat Pack, and any fan of Movies!...more info
  • Old Vegas is Gone Now,but this Movie was Great....
    If U have seen Oceans 11 with Brad Pitt & George Clooney I think U will like this movie if nothing else to see how Old Vegas was and looked,ran,a Fun look onto the Past..I wouldn't be born for quite a few years after this movie even came out & I can totally "Agree" New Vegas doesn't hold a candle to New Vegas,which is a shame because it's lost something when big corp's took over & I would've Loved to go when Vegas was Vegas,too bad.
    The only thing about the movie I didn't like too much was how they did the ending,but it's still a great movie...
    This movie was shot for the most part in the casinos which is very cool & so too the performers but it's nice to visit.. ...more info
  • Far Too Much Fun to be Fairly Critisised.
    This Film isn't Perfect, it has it's Flaws, but they are Over Shadowed by it's Overwhelming Sence of Fun. A Bunch of Mates getting together to make a Film about a Bunch of Mates getting together to Rob a Casino... Timeless.

    The Gang are Playing themselves so the Performances are Laid Back and Honest. The Pacing is Leisurely and Fits the "Take Our Time" Tone, the Music is a Great Asset, Especially Sammy's Solo and Dean's Piano Sing-Song.

    The Heist is Pretty Ingenious and the "Italian Job" / "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels" ish ending leaves you with a Lingering Love of this Fun Flick. A Classic....more info

  • The "Pack" at its best!
    Talk about an All-Star cast,the list is long and the talent is Superior! The Rat Pack plus some other familiar faces like Norman Fell,(Mr. Roper),Cesar Romero,(The Joker,old Batman & Robin)Angie Dickinson,(Police Woman),and not to mention the "Pack". From the start the talent starts pouring in! As someone who loves Las Vegas, this movie shows it in its Grand and Glorious days. Where everyone knew everyone and the shows were great! The story line is a great fantasy tale of old Army buddies trying to make that one last "Big Score", target: the five main Casinos on the strip. What starts off great turns upside down,but enough with the description of the movie, just rent it and then when your hooked, buy it!...more info
  • Dino at his best
    This movie has to be one of my all time favs! Dean is great as always with an all star cast! The Rat Pack is in full force baby! A movie every movie lover will enjoy!...more info
  • Aint that a hole in the boat!
    A CLASSIC! Best part is seeing Dino on stage singing "Aint that a kick in the head" PRICELESS BABY...more info
  • Comes out with seven or eleven on every roll of the dice!
    This is the way we want to remember Sinatra and the rest of the Rat Pack. A very entertaining movie about the old Las Vegas which today is just a memory. A "must have" for all nostalgia fans....more info
  • The Best Vegas Movie Ever, and more.
    This movie will make you a Rat Pack fan. It does a fantastic job of capturing a sense of time of a place that no longer exists. This is Vegas before the corporations took over, when LV was truly a place in the sun.

    It is also a "guy" movie. Most guys would give their left "arm" to be as cool as Frank, Dean and Sammy are in this movie. The dialogue is crisp, the singing great and the ending represents the ultimate Vegas lesson.

    One fun exercise. Watch the garbage truck scene and observe the west side of the vegas strip, there is NOTHING THERE.

    What you feel after watching this is a sense of exhillartion and a sense of sadness. Vegas will never again be like this, but that's what makes this movie so special.

    Get me a drink and a plane ticket.

    EO-11, EO-11, EO-11

    (** I just got the DVD edition **)
    When I wrote my VHS review several years ago this movie hadn't come out in DVD. Now it is. It has a wonderful commentary by Frank Sinatra JR., and Angie Dickinson. This movie is even better on DVD.


    I don't think I've ever seen a combination where the original movie was so good and the remake so bad. In fact I think that this duo might take that prize. "And the envelope for best original movie with worst remake of all time goes to .....", Oceans 11.

    Seriously, what the critics of this movie are missing is the fact that this was never meant to be a "Serious" movie, it was meant to be FUN. Ironically, the writing and dialogue in this movie are better than a lot of so called "serious" movies. So what if it's a little politically incorrect. People forget that Frank Sinatra was a Liberal. He was instrumental in getting the Vegas casino's to allow people like Sammy Davis to change their ways concerning people of color. In fact Vegas was known at one time as the Mississippi of the west. The fact the Sinatra was a friend of Davis is testimony to the fact that he was ahead of his time, not behind it as some critics in this space have tried to attest.

    ... If you want a fun movie, with great singing, and the ultimate vegas ending buy this movie....more info

  • Resevoir dogs is just a copy.
    The best of the rat pack films and a big influence on Resevoir Dogs as you wll notice. It's got all of the main rat pack members Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr.,Peter Lawford , Joey Bishop and the head man himself FRANK SINATRA. Watch and enjoy....more info
  • A lesson in class and style...the ultimate buddy movie.
    From the off you know know this is going to be a feel good movie that reeks of class, style and a little Jack Daniels. As soon as Sammy starts singing eo11..you know your watching a masterpiece in the art of cool that shouldn't, mustn't be missed. Although a lot of the 'actors' in this film could do with 1 or 2 more takes ( something Frank wouldn't allow) it's surprising how good Dino, Frank and Sammy are at acting....Sammy Davis especially. A well balanced movie that won't disappoint rat fans and will surprise newcomers. Best Surprise: The Joker out of the Adam West Batman series playing the 'bad guy' Duke Santos.....great name Best Bit: Widely talked about it has to be the end scene of the cast walking by The Sands in a long straggling line to the sound of Sammy Davis at his bluesiest...Out of context with the actual end of the film but definately the coolest thing I've seen on film....more info
  • I won't spoil it, by giving away the ending!
    The Rat Pack at their best! This is not a ratty movie, it is great fun (even if it is about robbing a casino). These guys had a great time making this movie, you could sense that. Old Blue Eyes, how he can sing...and Dino, too. But, in this movie, they also put on a good show. I never thought I would someday own a copy of this film for my own. Like a good book in your personal library, this is a movie to keep....more info
  • I won't spoil it, by giving away the ending!
    The Rat Pack at their best! This is not a ratty movie, it is great fun (even if it is about robbing a casino). These guys had a great time making this movie, you could sense that. Old Blue Eyes, how he can sing...and Dino, too. But, in this movie, they also put on a good show. I never thought I would someday own a copy of this film for my own. Like a good book in your personal library, this is a movie to keep....more info
  • Classic Rat Pack
    Ah, for the days of the Rat Pack. How sad that nowadays, one has to state, when speaking of movies like this, that they are talking about the "real" "Ocean's Eleven", not the remake.

    Why they would even attempt to remake a Rat Pack classic is beyond me, but if you think the George Clooney version is good, your taste in movies is somewhat questionable.

    Much like trying to re-make "The Italian Job", always stick with the original.

    A classic movie, and a great DVD package (WB comes through as usual), with information on the old Vegas as well as the movie.

    A definite "must have"....more info
  • Rat Pack + Las Vegas+surprise ending = a classic caper film
    Sure I know everybody loves the new version of Oceans's 11. I do to, it was a great film. But I love the first one, in fact without this version there probably would not have been the newer one. In the original, Danny Ocean is played by the Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra and his army buddys which include Dean Martin,Sammy Davis Jr.,Joey Bishop, Peter Lawford, and Henry Silva, plan to knock off 5 casinos in Las Vegas on New Years Eve.The casinos which include the famous and now defunct Sand's where the Rat Pack played, get the plug pulled on them and the boys steal the lute. The story continues as the run into a couple snags including Ocean's ex played by Angie Dickinson and Lawford's future stepfather played by Caesar Romero(the Joker from Batman),it all leads up to an ending that no one sees coming. This film is great, it is very nostalgic because Frank, Dean, Peter, and Sammy are in heaven and it plays like a tribute to the gang who were not just great entertainers, but legends. Also considering Las Vegas has changed since the days of the Rat Pack. If you see Ocean's 11, see this one as well as the new one. Its great entertainment, EEE-O-11...more info
  • Awesome!
    I bought this along with the remake. What a great combo!...more info
  • The Rat Pack in Hack
    This movie has two things going for it: first, it has the Rat Pack involved in a Las Vegas crime caper, which means it glows with a certain glamourous intrigue; second, it's more a character study than a technical how-to treatise, which means it's better than the recent remake. The picture's problem is that it's dated in a way that doesn't hold up well. Its Playboyistic slickness, which came to pass for sophistication in many sixties flicks, imparts an aura of parody that bloats the pacing and results in a plodding, strained storyline. Had the film been done ten years earlier, it might have been made as noir, and the Rat Pack could have been great in that genre! (Sinatra, for one, proved such mettle in Suddenly and Manchurian Candidate). Nonetheless, the movie does have its noirish moments, and Rat Packers should be able to hang in there even when the ship seems to be sinking in slough....more info
  • Sinatra, D. Martin, Sammy at their best! This is Las Vegas
    Here it is folks! The original Ocean's 11 with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. all in their prime. Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop were also in the pack. Cast also includes Angie Dickinson, Shirley MacLaine, Caesar Romero, Henry Silva and Norman Fell. The best Las Vegas casino-heist movie ever made. You'll get the feel of Las Vegas watching this film. The music is outstanding and classic. I first saw this film on American Movie Classics cable network in 1997 and have been a fan ever since. In Special Features, DVD includes interviews with people who worked at The Flamingo, The Sands, The Desert Inn, The Riviera and The Sahara and tell you the way it was and is now. There is a Tonight Show clip with Frank Sinatra as guest host interviewing Angie Dickinson. This Tonight Show clip is sadly blurry to watch. If you've seen this 1960 version before, there is a very interesting audio commentary by Frank Sinatra Jr. and Angie Dickinson! This film is still the tops and the 2001 remake can't even compare.
    Remade with George Clooney as OCEAN'S ELEVEN (2001), OCEAN'S TWELVE (2004), OCEAN'S THIRTEEN (2007).
    ...more info
  • A great "guy movie," but . . .
    I would have given this movie 5 stars because I like the Rat Pack, it is entertaining, and it does have a good story line with an interesting twist of an ending. Like other Rat Pack films, it must have been a fun-to-make movie for them, but it has some serious detractions. Like Gone With The Wind is a "gal movie", this is a "guy movie" with all the requisite adventure, gambling, money, smoking, drinking, and glamorous showgirls. Set in Las Vegas, it is a fantasy about eleven World War II veterans of the 82nd Airborne Division, led by Danny Ocean (Sinatra), who reunite to use their commando war experience to rob five casinos at once on New Year's Eve. Rather than focussing on "the mission," the story moves off track at times because of the four extraneous characters who make little or no contribution to the story. Ceasar Romero plays the fianc¨¦ to playboy Peter Lawford's very wealthy mother who provides him with some "spending money" when he runs a little low. Her part could just as easily have been reduced to a voice on the other end of a telephone call ("Mother, could you send me some more spending money?" "Alright, dear."). With her gone, Romero can go because after the heist, he deduces that the eleven commandos are the guilty ones when he learns that Lawford's ten army buddies are also in town. What a leap! He then tries to shake down the casinos by offering to find their stolen money for a 30% fee. This ends up going nowhere because of the surprise ending, so why not delete that character? The next is Angie Dickenson who plays Ocean's wife. They love each other, but have been kept apart for some strange reason that only women can figure out. Why their love problems couldn't wait the two days this story covers is not explained. Through the introduction of a complex male-female relationship, her character provides the sole purpose of maintaining female audience interest, as though all the handsome male entertainers weren't enough. I don't care what Frank Sinatra, Jr. says on the included extra naration, the worst character of the four by light years was played by Akim Tameroff. His only contribution to the story was that he thought up the idea for the heist. Far better would have been to have cool Danny Ocean think it up and eliminate Tameroff and all the irritating, exasperating nervousness and constant telephone ringing he brings. There are also some interesting cameo appearances by Red Skelton, George Raft, and Shirley MacClain (although I could not find her name in the credits). Skelton plays gambler who has exceeded his limit, is trying to cash a check to buy more chips, gets angry when refused, and has to be thrown out by casino security. This role damages his happy-go-lucky comedian memory. A minor observation is that the film's dialog seems a bit contrived at times by today's standards, but maybe you could say that's typical Rat Pack. After not having seen it since it came out, I did enjoy it, though. If I had it to buy over again, would I? Probably....more info
  • Frank Sinatra said to a couple of pals...
    "Hey, let's get together in Vegas and make a movie." Thus was "Ocean's Eleven" (and eventually the Rat Pack) called into being. Not anything to really be taken seriously, the film is still entertaining on a few levels, nonstalgia being among them.

    The two musical numbers (Sammy Davis Jr. singing "Ee-Oh-11" and Dean Martin singing "Ain't Love a Kick in the Head") seem kind of random, as if they started out to make a musical but then gave up on that idea along the way. I got that feeling a lot during this movie...that the guys were just wandering around Vegas, and happened to make a movie while they were there.

    "Ocean's Eleven" is still fun to watch, though, especially the scene at Bergdorf's funeral, when the boys realize what has happened, and they each turn to look at the guy next to him, going on down the row....more info

  • Interesting Chance to See Rat Pack in Their Prime
    The 1960 "Ocean's 11" brings together the men who were romping through Las Vegas to the screen, where they plan to raid Vegas on New Year's Eve. The plot here is slightly different from the recent remake, but it gives you a chance to see Sinatra, Dino, Sammy, Peter, et al fooling around while at the prime of their careers. Hardly the most impressive picture any of them turned out, but this film has a certain magic to it. Not enough Angie Dickinson, and the DVD has some interesting extras. But the '80s VHS release was superior, packaged as an evening at the movies, complete with a Warner Bros. cartoon. Still, it is nice to see this film released again so fans who saw the remake can check out the original. After having seen the original, most fans will probably ask themselves why this, of all films, was chosen for a remake. Neither version is particularly remarkable in terms of performance or story. But this 1960 version at least gives you a chance to see Sinatra and Co in their prime....more info
  • Dated, silly, beyond camp and beyond PATIENCE!
    I always wanted to see this film. In fact, I found an old paperback novel of the movie and enjoyed that but somehow this was the movie that got away from me. I wish it did! It has such a loooooooooooong build-up before it gets semi-interesting. The heist is fun, the lead actors are too-cool (for 1960), it was great to see a very young Shirley MacLaine in an unbilled cameo, and the surprise ending is great, but the dialogue and the pacing are awful. And the excuse for musical numbers is so false and stupid -- it was fine to have Dean Martin as a nightclub entertainer -- but Sammy Davis Jr. singing and dancing at the sanitation depot, and behind the wheel of the garbage truck WITH FULL NELSON RIDDLE ORCHESTRATION -- all this just slowed down the pacing?!?!?! And what was Red Skelton's reason for being in this film? (One guess: NONE!) It was really more Peter Lawford's film than Sinatra's as he had more face time and he was the first name in the cast list at the end of the film. Strictly a curiosity if you are going to see the remake which I am now watching and enjoying more....more info
  • Off.
    Movies like these remind me of why I so prefer the modern cinema to the vintage. The acting, the writing, the plotting, the cinematography, the ...well, the EVERYTHING. You may just call me a naive unappreciative whippersnapper, and to some extent I suppose I could concede it - but in this particular instance, I am firm. This movie's most redeeming quality, and likely the purpose of its success at all in this day and age, is the nostalgia of it; the sole fact that it's a blast from the past, and not a complex film, buoys it.

    Here are the reasons I found this movie to be a vapid lull:

    1. The acting. Frankly (ha ha), I haven't experienced any of Frank Sinatra's other performances, and I'm willing to give them a try - but if this is any sort of barometer for his other works, I won't be doing much research.

    2. The unresolved conflicts. So MANY unresolved conflicts - Jimmy's mother, for example. How to keep the theives' identities concealed, for example. The dead man's child and the missed football game, for example.

    3. The plotting - it took nearly an hour of the characters running about all over the United States collecting one another before they finally arrived at the arranged meeting place and discussed the plan. What a pathetic excuse for character development - the only things revealed about the characters were literal; I couldn't have distinguished a prominent emotional personality if I had tried.

    4. Which brings me to the characters themselves - dry, shoddy, and two-dimensional. You'd think that for a movie with eleven main characters, the authors would go out of their way to distinguish one from another; define them; give them redeemable personality. This, unfortunately, is not the case. The characters were slightly-differentiated replicas of each other, all styled the same, all talking the same, all dressing the same - all with that non-emotional 'hipness' about their person.

    5. The elements of the 60's that were less 'cool' than others - such as the racist jokes (a character's stereotypical japanese servant), the assumption that every man must be married (and to a woman), etc.

    I cannot understand the popularity of this movie, other than for the so-called merits of Frank Sinatra - he may, for all I know, be a BRILLIANT actor, but if he is, this movie does not display this at all. Were the names attached to this movie severed, it would not attain a quarter of the popularity it has. Because frankly, that's all it is - names....more info

  • Fun!
    Reading the reviews before me and having already seen the movie (it was the first thing I saw/heard Rat Pack-related, and I was hooked afterward), I'm going to dispel and argue a few things they have said.
    First of all, if you're looking for anything other than something to relax to, go watch something else. Frank said before they even started production on this movie that they weren't out to win any awards; the goal was to simply have fun. I'll agree that "the 2001 remake has a better script and direction", but that wasn't what these boys aimed to do.

    "How can they even try to compare the new one to the old one?"
    So true. I mean really, who, in their right mind, would try to compare ANYONE to Frank Sinatra? No one in the universe will ever come close again. Basically this movie and the new one are two totally different movies and I highly suggest you watch them as so.

    "I'm going to go out on a limb, and say that this movie will not appeal to younger viewers (40 and under), the same way that it appeals to their parents or grandparents."
    Um. Excuse me? I'm 16 and I am a diehard fan of Frank, Dean, & Sammy. You can't get any cooler than them.

    "I didn't see the 'coolness' or 'swagger' that is associated with the Rat Pack. To me, they all looked the same, dressed the same, and acted the same."
    That's just nuts. I don't know what else to say to that.

    Overall, I highly suggest this movie to anyone who's into late 50s-early 60s Vegas (honestly, I dearly wish that Vegas still looked like that), immense talent, and just having a good time.
    This is not a "thinking" movie... if you want that, go watch "Frequency"....more info

  • Good Movie, Good Transfer
    This is a good movie and the DVD transfer is good. Nothing great. Nowhere in the same league as "Reservoir Dogs" or even "Pulp Fiction" (slightly different genre), in terms of story, soundtrack or transfer....more info
  • Don't make them like they used to.
    If only they made movies like this today. It is a wonderful movie and story. Filled with humor and action.

    How can they even try to compare the new one to the old one. I don't see how they can sleep at night by giving it the same name. Even packed full of the top stars of today it can not stand up to the original....more info

  • OK movie, but great cast and extras
    Some people may be tempted to see the original "Ocean's Eleven" after seeing the enjoyable remake starring George Clooney. Frankly, the 2001 remake has a better script and direction. However, anybody who likes the Rat Pack will likely enjoy this movie a great deal. Just seeing so many of them together is cause for celebration. The only other movie starring Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop is "Sergeants 3" (1962), and "Ocean's Eleven" throws in Vegas, Angie Dickinson and Akim Tamiroff to boot. The plot concerns a group of army buddies lead by Sinatra (Danny Ocean) who get together to rob 5 Vegas casinos simultaneously. The plot is fun, and the chemistry between the stars is terrific - it really feels like a bunch of friends getting together and joking around. The movie even has an amusing twist ending.

    Sammy sings an original song, "Eee-O 11" and Dean sings "Ain't that a Kick in the Head?" (both of which are available on the CD "Eee-O-11: The Best of the Rat Pack"). Best of all, the DVD is packed with extras, including a commentary track with Frank Sinatra Jr. There is also a clip from the 1970's with Frank Sinatra hosting the Tonight Show and Angie Dickinson as his guest. They talk about making this movie and it's great seeing them talking about the behind the scenes stuff. There is also a mini-history of each of the 5 Vegas casinos where the film was shot. Overall, this DVD is terrific because of the cast and the extras...enjoy!...more info

  • It's a classic!
    Great movie if you are a fan of the Rat Pack. It is just a fun, fun movie....more info