Jakks Pacific G2 Game Girl Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game
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Product Description

Tween girls can now become a "Pop Princess" just like Hanna Montana, with Jakks Pacific's new G2 Game Generation: Hannah Montana Guitar Video Game! This Plug It In and Play guitar video game combines the hottest trend in gaming with girls' favorite surreptitious songstress.

With no console or additional software needed, simply plug the cool,guitar-shaped controller into any standard TV and prepare to rock outonscreen with Hannah and her hottest hits. Match the notes and the beats in sequence to play along with Hannah...with this game, you're not just with the band...you are the band. Requires 3 "AAA" batteries and 4 "AA" batteries, not included.

Girls, grab your guitars and get ready to rock with the Hannah Montana Pop Tour Guitar Video Game! This fun, interactive game is played with a colorful, lightweight plastic guitar that bring the songs of Hannah Montana alive through your television. Rock your way through a nationwide tour, or play with friends to show off your rock-star talent. This video game is ideal for ages 8 to 14.

A plastic guitar controller lets you navigate The Hannah Montana Pop Tour Video game. View larger.
What We Think

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The Good: Easy to set up and fun to play

The Bad: Requires a little practice to get beyond the first stages of play

In a Nutshell: An engaging game that encourages girls to take center stage as a pop-rock star
At a Glance

Ages: 8 to 14
Requires: Four AA batteries and a television
Are You Ready For Your Nationwide Pop Tour?
The Hannah Montana video game features three game-play modes including Pop Tour, Free Play and Head to Head. In the Pop Tour mode your challenge is to move your way through major cities while adding additional songs to your play list. Your progress is monitored by a "Crowd Meter" that indicates how well you're playing each song. If you play a song well you can advance to another city and add another song to your repertoire.

In Free Play mode you can choose from any of the songs you have unlocked in the Pop Tour mode and play to your heart's content. You can also compete with a friend in the Head-to-Head mode, where you each take turns rocking out to any of the songs unlocked in the Pop Tour mode. To get started, simply have an adult insert four AA batteries into the guitar game controller and hook up the controller to a television with the AV cables provided. Once you've got the main menu up on your screen, you can choose the Tutorial option to learn how to play notes, strum a chord, play held notes and use the Crowd Meter. After you've become familiar with thee guitar game controller, you're ready to rock! The Gallery provides a place for you to view all of the awards you've won during play.

Master Your Guitar Skills Before You Take The Stage
The Hannah Montana guitar video game is a fun and challenging game that encourages girls to take the center stage as they play their favorite Hannah Montana songs on the brightly-colored guitar game controller. The controller is made of lightweight plastic and features details that are similar to a real guitar, even down to the wah-wah bar and shoulder strap.

Because this interactive game requires hand-eye coordination, it is advisable to practice using the fun Tutorial provided. In the Tutorial you will learn how to hit the right notes by pressing the correct buttons and strumming as notes drop down the screen into the Target Zone. With a little practice and a lot of fun, you can complete all three tutorials and hit center stage like a pro! And with the variety of play modes and a total of 10 Hannah Montana songs to learn and master, this game will provides hours of challenging entertainment and engaging fun.

What's in the Box
Hannah Montana Guitar Game controller, and AV cable.

  • Play along to licensed Hannah Montana hits
  • Plug n play technology hence no need for separate console
  • Match notes and beats in sequence to play along with Hannah
  • Feel like you are apart of Hannah's band
  • Rock out onscreen with Hannah and her hottest hits

Customer Reviews:

  • Wow! Great deal and lots of fun!
    My 6yr old loves this toy and her 9yr old brother loves to cheer her on. She has never even watched Hannah Montana but is having a lot of fun with this. The reviewer who mentioned the pain factor/difficulty with the strum bar is correct. My daughter had a difficult time with that until she just started pressing the bar as if it were a button. That did the trick, enabling her to hit the notes so they would register (no blisters noted either). I paid less than the current amazon price but just ordered 2 more at 15 each to store in the attic for friend gifts in the future. If the price goes down again I'll buy more for toys-for-tots for next year.
    Very worthwhile. We also bought the Wii for the kids with guitar hero world tour and 2 guitars but they only want to play with this......more info
  • Perfect for kids who love music
    My five year old loves watching me play guitar hero, but doesn't want to play it because it is too hard for her. She also loves Hannah Montana and was ecstatic when she opened this for Christmas. Months later she still plays it all the time and loves it. This is a great toy for the price. ...more info
  • Fun for all kids!
    I can honestly say this is the best present i have ever found for the [...] i got it for when i got it. I bought it figuring for that price i wouldn't be loosing much if it wasn't that great. Hey, my [...] old loves it, but her teenage sisters and brother actually think it's cool enough for them to play too. I love the way it hooks up to a tv without any special gaming system so it would be great to anyone as a gift without having to check what "system" they had first. I think another version with about 30 songs from different disney movies would be a great seller too. I'm glad i got it for the price i did, but if you had the money, it is actually worth more. By the way, the sensor "strum bar" worked fine for us without any sore thumbs. ...more info
  • Fun Game!
    I bought this for my 10-year old niece Christmas. She absolutely loved it. She put on the wig set and used it all day. Everyone had to try playing. I was very pleased with my purchase....more info
  • My 8 year old loves it.
    My 8 year old daughter really likes this guitar game. As she gets better new songs open up as rewards. Worth the money....more info
  • m morris in georgia
    I bought this for my 12 yr.old grand-daughter and she is enjoying it. A challanging toy....more info
  • Poorly Made.
    My daughter got to use this twice, then it stopped working. She handled it correctly, and went to plug it in to play one day and it wouldn't work when plugged into the tv.

    ...more info
  • Not worth the money!!
    Bought it for [...] on Amazon. Told other people about it, because I thought it would be a great gift. I bought one for my daughter, 5 years old, and she was crying when she was playing it because it was hard to strum. I had a hard time getting through a song and was quite bored with it too.

    I guess we are used to Guitar Hero, that is much easier than Hannah Montana. If you have Guitar Hero or Rockband don't get this for your daughter....more info
  • Great Value
    This is a very cost effective way to get Guitar Hero without paying the cost of getting a system and the game. Granted, it doesn't have quite the graphics Guitar Hero has, but it plays like it somewhat. It was much better than I thought it would be. Its very nice for little girls who like Hannah Montana....more info
  • My daughter LOVES this :)
    I am so pleased with this. My 8 year old loves this guitar. Her and her friends are always playing it. I am so glad I got it, and what a great price here on Amazon. ...more info
  • Huge hit (even with Dad when no one was looking!!!)
    I was concerned about this when I read a previous review about the kids hurting their fingers. I decided to try it anyway. This was a gift for our daughter for Christmas (7 years old). Turned out to be a HUGE hit with everyone. Our 6 year old son also wanted to play it. Granny played too. The funniest thing was walking into the living room and seeing Dad by himself playing and "getting his groove on" with Hannah. Gave us a good chuckle. We have Guitar Hero for the Wii which I'm used to. I assumed this guitar would be the same size, but it is smaller. It's the perfect size for our daughter who turns 8 in a week. Dad... well he looked a little "delicate" with it :) They love how similar it is to Guitar Hero, I loved hearing something other than hard rock and everyone loved Dad's teeny-bopper attempt....more info
  • Hannah Montana Rocks!
    I bought two of these guitars for my grandkids for Christmas due to a sale that was irristable. I kew they liked Hannah Montana and figured this would be a fun toy for them as the are bothe girls and aged 5 and 8 years old. When they opened them, they were very happy and couldn't wait to try them out. It was very easy to plug in to the front of our VCR/DVD combo player. Learning to play was simple and only took a few times to get the hang of it. The 5 year old had to try a few more times but she did it and was having a blast! The only drawback was that my other 5 year old twin boy wanted one. I could not find anything like this for a boy. :-(
    I give it 5 stars and would recomend it to all!...more info
  • Wrap your kids Thumbs
    My daughter loved the idea of this game. She thought it was fun but could only play it a little while at a time. After just a little while of play her thumb would be numb and have a blister started. I tried putting band-aids on her thumb while playing but she still complained. After 2 days she completely quit playing and had a large blister. So I returned it. I think the company should have tested it better so that they would have realized that since the strum bar did not push in or down and was hard plastic that it would cause pain and blisters. ...more info
  • A hit for my Hannah Montana fan!
    I purchased this guitar for my six year old daughter for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! She picked up on it quickly and enjoys the "tour" mode. Her eight year old brother even enjoys playing with it, when he thinks no one is looking! My daughter did end up with a blister after the first few minutes, but once we told her to open her hand and strum it lightly, it worked like a charm. No more pain! Was definitely worth the sales price I paid for it here on Amazon. ...more info
  • great toy for hannah fans!
    I purchased this toy as a Christmas gift for my nieces and they absolutely loved it! It took us a little bit to figure out how to play,since we bypassed the instructions.We didnt realize that you had to strum the plastic guitar cords on the front at the same time as pushing the colored buttons.It didnt look like a button,but apperently it is a motion sensor.After we figured out how to work it for the kids,even us grown ups were waiting for our turn!...more info
  • Great for the Hannah Montana Lover!
    I bought this for my daughter for Christmas and she just loves it! All her favorite songs in one game! Plus now that she is getting to know this game, she now wants to try the real guitar hero games. Great product for begining guitar hero players!

    PS. For those saying about the strumming part hurting their child, I recommend that they don't strum but just touch it instead....more info
  • Good for the 4 to 6 year old Hannah Fans
    My daughter got this for Christmas and she is 8. She is bored with it already because it is so easy. No challenge whatsoever! She is a huge Hannah Fan and was so excited to get this. The guitar is pretty small too. I wouldn't buy this if your little girl is over the age of 6....more info
  • wanna be a rock star
    My daughter loves the Hannah Montana guitar video game. It lets her imagine herself on stage with the screaming/cheering audience in the background, just like a rock star. The game's feature of being able to choose level of difficulty helps improve her coordination. ...more info
  • Big Disappointment
    I was very disappointed....Once the guitar was connected to the TV the three games that it did have they were all the same...which it consist of pushing one button.. My 6 year old daughter played with this toy 2 minutes and never picked it up again..waste of money...more info
  • Hannah Montana Guitar
    This is exactly what my daughter wanted. It works great and teaches her how to hit all the notes. I would recommend this for any girl that likes Hannah Montana....more info
  • Precursor to Guitar Hero??
    I purchased this for my Hannah Montana loving niece because I knew that her mother was buying Wii for their family for Christmas and I wanted her to learn the guitar for Guitar Hero on a simpler scale. It was okay. She (8yrs.) didn't spend much time with it at all and went straight to Wii. Set up was a breeze, item was very inexpensive and it was entertaining enough for the short term. ...more info
  • Great!
    Bought this as a Christmas present for my 6 yr old daughter. She loves Hannah Montana and music. She loves to play it and so does her 3 yr old sister! Great deal!...more info
  • fun toy
    My daughter 7yrs loved this toy, it kept her occupied for an hour I don't know how much more she will play with it but for the money it was a great buy!...more info
  • Our family has loved this toy/game...
    My daughter received this for Christmas. The only thing she asked for was a guitar. She loves Hannah Montana so this seemed like a great fit. We hooked it up on Christmas day and my daughter, 3 boys plus husband have all loved playing it. There are continual fights over who gets to play, on which level, and who's next. It's been very durable considering it's making the rounds in 6 hands all day long. We've had to change the batteries once, but I was surprised they lasted as long as they did...considering it had been left on many times with out being played. I am seriously considering buying another one because we will all be sad when it dies someday. I paid $14.99. I also saw this at Sams Club for $59 and marked down to $20 after the holiday. This is a great purchase!...more info
  • Hannah Montana guitar video game
    This was a Santa gift for my 8-year-old daughter. She had been telling me she wanted a Guitar Hero. I did not want to spend that much money on one gift. I saw this Hannah Montana guitar, which seemed to work much like the popular "Guitar Hero", but it was much cheaper. My daughter is a big Hannah fan anyway. Well, she has already unlocked several more songs and is playing at the pop star level. She never once complained about not getting the other one she asked for. I think this is a great item to teach coordination, and I like the fact that it just plugs into any TV. She can take it to her dad's on the weekends she is with him and bring it back to my house. ...more info