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Midland Outfitter GXT950VP4 5 Watt 42 Channel 30-Mile Waterproof GMRS with NOAA All Hazard /Weather Alert
List Price: $89.99

Our Price: $59.28

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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:22 channels plus 20 extra channels142 privacy codesX-tra Talk powerVoice privacy scrambleWeather scanDirect callNOAA weather alert radio10 call alertsEVOX - 9 sensitivity levelsChannel scanDual watchVibrate alertAuto squelchKeypad lockMonitorHI/MED/LO power settingsRoger beepSilent operationBacklit displayKeystroke tonesMicrophone and headphone jacksBattery life extender

  • 5 Watt 42 Channel Mossy Oak Break Out Camo with Up to 30 Mile Range
  • Voice Privacy Scramble
  • NOAA/All Hazard Weather Channels with Alert and Weather Scan
  • 142 Privacy Codes
  • Direct Call

Customer Reviews:

  • Bought a pair for my ski trip
    Great product. I have not tried the long distance out yet but very clear at the distances we have used it at. It has more "bells & whistles" than I will ever use. I have read where people have had issues with setting the channels, not sure why as everything is already set up for "basic" use. I would recommend this product to my friends....more info
  • great walkie talkies
    I picked these up for airsoft wargames and as survival communications during inclement weather. They work great! I gave one to my siter to try who lives 8 miles away in an urban area and reception/transmission was great. The VOX feature works seamlessly...I have since also purchased the small over the ear headset with VOX capability and it has enhanced it even more. The weather radio works greatand is terriffic to have here in Florida. Excellent product...Midland has always been a leader in 2-way communications/radios...they have done it again. Highly reccomended. ...more info
  • Very impressed
    I have bought and used several two way radios over the past few years. I've used them from hunting, camping, work, & etc. This by far is the best one yet. The range is incredibly farther than most in this price range. I've gotten at least 3 miles between vehicles and was still talking with clarity. After that the sound quality goes away. Out of the vehicle I've talked over 5.5 miles (with obstructions). I can honestly say that I don't see any CONS with this radio. If you are comparing different radios, then don't look any further. This is the ONE (as of January 2009)....more info
  • Great Product!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Midland Outfitters operate just as described. I used them hunting in rolling hills, flat ground areas, in the rain and even accidentially dropped one of them in the creek. I picked it up out of the water and it never lost a beat! I would recommend this pair to any sportsman, farmer, hunter, fisherman or outdoor enthusist! Finally a product that works as descibes. The one negative comment I have is the headsets are not high quality and do not fit your ears properly, actually one of the bomms broke off from the ear piece already....more info
  • Midland 5 watt 42 channel 30 mile GXT950VP4
    We purchased thise hand held radios for Church Security. Our Buildings are spread over 1/4 mi. apart and it was more cost effective to order the Midland radios from your site than Midland's own site. The radios actually performed better than our expectations. We are able to communicate from building to building (lots of steel and concrete) from deep within each building. The delivery took longer than I expected but that was because FEDEX's truck broke down with our units on it.
    Thank You
    Tom Palmer...more info
  • Great Features!!! But distance is NOT as advertised...
    These are the best FRS/GMRS radios I've ever owned! I've gone through Cobra, Motorola, Uniden, Radio Shack, and a couple others I don't remember. I got these for my kids but I've found myself using them more than they do, lol!

    I love the features and the ruggedness. However, I should only give them a four due to the misleading "30 miles" advertisement. But I digress, I got 5 miles within the city & almost 10 miles out in the open. I haven't tried them over water yet, but I'm sure they'll do great out there. If transmissions come in "broken," I just turn the squelch off & I can usually hear the "whole" transmission.

    I plan to buy two more for my wife & I since my kids are in love with them too. While wearing the included headsets, they'll even use them even though they're literally only a few feet away, ha ha!

    You definitely need to buy the "upgraded" headsets like I did. They're a little more rugged & the sound is much better than the included ones. Buy a pair! You won't be disappointed!!...more info
  • gmrs radios
    great radios. i like the scamble feature,it gives you privacy plus you dont have the hassle of other people talking to you thinking your someone else in their group.battery life is very good....more info
  • Great radios!
    I got these for my fiance for Christmas and he loves them. Highly recommend....more info
  • Great radios.
    I purchased these radios for paintball, and they are almost perfect for that role. The headset plugs do not get in the way, and the range and battery life are long enough that I can concentrate on playing, not checking to see if it's still working. It's almost too big for the radio pouch on my vest, but it still fits very securely. I will be using these radios for many years to come....more info
  • Decent Radio
    Midland Outfitter Series GXT950VP4 5 Watt 42 Channel 30-Mile Waterproof GMRS with NOAA All Hazard /Weather Alert and Direct Call, Mossy Oak Break Up Camo, Pair

    These radios outperform the old ones I replaced. Even in the low power setting they operated better then I expected. I haven't had the opportunity to use the high power setting for long distance but I am sure they wont get near the advertised 30 miles that is claimed. Not that I think any of these types of radios get what is advertised. A simple google search of reviews will back up this statement time and time again. I researched 2 way radios for several hours before deciding on this set. I'm glad I bought them and my complaints or only minor things I think could be corrected. One of the cons would be that no lanyard attachment is designed into this unit. If this is important you might look elsewhere or consider altering the radio case. The scan feature is very slow. The animal call signs are a little whimsical if you ask me. I have never used the "group" settings but I can see where this would be really useful if the radios were being used on a cruise ship or large hunting party. All in all I like this radio and I am totally satisfied. The instruction manual must be read in order to get the full use of all the features. I hope you find this information useful. : ) TL ...more info
  • Best hunting radios
    I have used two-way radios for over 30 years while hunting throughout North America. I finally found a radio that works great and is clear and easy to operate while hunting with friends in a realatively large track of land in the mountains and the valleys. The Midland GXT950 radio may not have the long 30 mile distance that they say they have but they do work great and clear out to 5 to 6 miles in rollong hills and low mountains....more info
  • Great Item!
    I bought these for my husband for Christmas & we just used them this weekend at our deer lease. They worked wonderfully & I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Our lease is very heavily wooded and has very hilly terrain. His hunting area covers a 400 acre section of a 23,000 acre ranch on which one stand is approximately 2 1/2 - 3 miles (on normal roadway) from our cabin, it wasn't as clear in this area had a bit of static but still worked good. From this stand they even reached to another cabin/camp area that is approx another mile from our cabin. With other reviews & manufacturer specs I honestly wasn't very hopeful but like I said before I was pleasantly surprised! These radios are wonderful! The terrain is so rough we can't even get cell phone service in this area (across most of the 23,000 acres). I would definitely recommend buying these! We might even buy another pair. ...more info