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ClickFree Automatic Backup 160 GB Portable External Hard Drive HD801 (Silver)
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Product Description

No software to install or setup. Automatically find, organize and backup all your data onto the Clickfree portable backup drive. Works right out-of-the-box. Just plug it in and the backup just starts. Backup multiple computers with one Clickfree portable backup drive. Backs up data from up to 10 computers. Easily restore your lost files back to your computer. Transfer your files to a new computer. Share photos, music and videos with your friends. Works with Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000 Device Dimensions - 4.52 x 0.67 x 2.9

  • 160GB of storage space and can backup over 350 different file types.
  • Multiple PC backup - all on one device.
  • Automatic Backup can backup up to 5 computers.
  • Each PC can have individual backup options and each computer's data is presented separately.
  • Clickfree Automatic backup includes customizable options, giving users full control over their backup.

Customer Reviews:

  • Senior Citizen
    Being a senior citizen I found the clickfree so easy to use.
    Just plug it in and it does the rest.I love it
    ...more info
  • Excellent Experience
    Read about this item in a tech column and it got great reviews. Needed to back up my wife's computer that has scads of photos, files, scrapbook stuff, etc and it needed to be simple/easy so she can do it, too. This device was perfect! Used it on a HP Windows XP Media Center. Plugged it in the USB port and it did the rest....backed up about 14 gigs of files in about 50 minutes and played Solitaire till it finished. Unplugged it from the USB and put it on a shelf till I back up again. ...more info
  • You can't go wrong.
    This backup external hard drive could not be any easier to work. I had been looking for a backup hard drive since my computer was on its death bed so I bought this strictly based on the customer reviews. Lightweight, quiet, and simple to use the ClickFree Automatic Backup Hard Drive worked as promised.

    I plugged it into a USB slot (it might require two slots for more power) and it promptly began to seek out certain file types and copied them onto the hard drive. In about an hour (we had alot of files to back up) the process was done. Best of all you can view this hard drive just like a Windows file and sure enough all of our documents, pictures, videos, and music were uploaded onto the hard drive. The only difficult thing about the whole process was getting it out of its prison like packaging.

    I rated it four instead of five stars because the device itself doesn't feel very solid or that it would survive a drop of even two feet. Plus the plastic chrome on the edges are cheap looking and take away from the aesthetics. Those are minor issues. You cannot go wrong using this product. ...more info
  • So easy and painless!
    I have purchased the device to use across 2 machines (1 desktop + 1 laptop) & it is the easiest back up device that i have ever used. This device has built-in software that truly enables 'click free' to the fullest. Literally, all you have to do is plug it in let the device do the work all on its own. Backing up 2+ machines will split the "save location" into their own so that files from each machine retain its own structure at the top (root) to easily distinguish-able format. The initial back up (full back up) will take anywhere b/w 5-20min or so depending on how much files you have but all the following, subsequent (Incremental) back ups are very quick (2-3 min). For advanced users, options are available in setting to set to save certain format type of files (out of 100's of supported type) or by location. Once it's set, again, all you need to do is plug it in. Additional neat feature is the auto firmware upgrade. When there's a new firmware available at the time when the device is connected to a PC, it will compare the current version on the device to the new version in the server and it will download, install automatically. Of course, all of your backed up data is retained after the firmware upgrade. Out of countless backup hardware/software i've used in my life, this device by far is the best back up solution that i've seen! I would recommend it for any personal/business users that can't afford to lose what they have whether it'd be pics, video, business doc, personal doc, email, contacts, book marks, game profiles etc etc!...more info
  • ClickFree Great Product!
    This product is very easy to use and is a great way to backup all of your computer files. I can now have peace of mind knowing that in case something happens to my files through a virus or some type of computer failure that I now have all my files securely backed up including all my picture and music files. This product will also come in handy when I replace my computer in the future as far as transferring all my files to a new computer. I would recommend this product to anyone for these reasons!...more info
  • Clickfree Backup 160GB HD801 - For User Files Only.
    I bought this Backup device for 2 computers. I knew going in, that it is for USER FILE ONLY. It will NOT backup your entire drive. If you want a backup device for all your PROGRAM files than you will need to buy the more expensive type of backup systems out there. I have all of my original Program disks and re-registering them again would not be that great of a hardship for me.

    I have found that it does exactly as advertised and as noted in the June publication of Consumer Reports (Pg31). There is not a User Manual with the device, so I went to their Web Site and downloaded their PDF Manual.
    This manual is very comprehensive and will answer any questions that you may have about the operation of the device.

    I have not been backing up my files in years because it was so time consuming, but this device makes it so-o-o easy. It also has an optional program that you can setup to remind you to backup. I rate this device as the best user backup device to have ever came out. Enjoy. :-)...more info
  • Works like advertised
    Excellent. Plugged into computer, it did the rest, without anything else needed. When it was done (took a while for first time), all my pictures, music, presentations and word documents were there. Highly recommend for ease of use. ...more info
  • Warning - Vista/Corporate domain log in
    Wanted to love this product, and on my first computer (running Windows XP SP3) it worked as advertised. Plug it in, wait ten minutes. Done. If that's what you're running, buy this product by all means. However, on my second computer,running Vista and with a log in required to my corporate domain, the ClickFree gives an error message that I don't have the permissions to run the software. Long story short, confirmed by both my corporation and the very nice and helpful people at ClickFree - the software within the device attempts to do something not approved by the corporation security settings, and neither my corporation nor ClickFree can exactly say what needs to be changed to make it compatible (or even if my corporation would approve it if they knew what it was). I had the feeling I could spend hours going between the two groups trying to figure it out, but I won't. DO NOT BUY FOR A COMPUTER RUNNING VISTA AND TIED TO A CORPORATE DOMAIN FOR LOG IN....more info
  • Great Product
    I bought five of these for a 4 million dollar business and everyone finds them easy to use. So easy you just plug it in. No set-up required....more info
  • ClickFree 160GD External Hard Drive Great
    I've used the ClickFree on 2 computers and it keeps track of what information is from each computer, separates it. It downloads the entire computer in about 20 minutes if you have high speed. On my new computer of about 6 months, it only took about 4 minutes to download everything I had on it. This item is great. I can now transfer all my information from one computer to another one in a flash. Just click and do nothing more, just wait and it does everything for you. It even updates from the last thing you downloaded, continues from where you left off and downloads only the new info. Fantastic...more info
  • How fast can I return this?
    I bought this and it does not work. I plugged it in and nothing happened. I tried their trouble shooting tricks and still nothing happened. Of course, I thought I'd made a mistake, so I went through the procedure again. Still nothing. I got a message that said the disk drive could not be fragmented. Ok, so now I am packing this device back up and sending it on it's way. I'll spend my money on something that works....more info
  • Clickfree HD801
    I love this product! It is super easy to use. Between my wife and I we have 5 computers in 2 homes and they were never all backed up regularly Now they are! I also bought one for both of my sons and they also love the concept. Just plug it in and that's it. The first time takes a while. After that it's much faster....more info
  • So easy, and worth every penny!
    I purchased mine from a home shopping channel, at a lower price. I am extremely happy with this product. I use it at work and at home. I have almost 8000 photos and thousands of other files and still so much room on this thing. I have a Vista at home and XP at work. It truly is a Clickfree product on the XP. The Vista however, I do have to go to the Start menu, Computer, and then double click on the icon. But seriously, this is way easier than backing up all my photos onto discs.
    It's a small enough to carry with me everyday without being in the way.
    The first time I backed up it did not take very long, maybe 20 minutes....more info
  • Easy to work with, tough on the pocket book!
    This item works exactly like it is advertised. After connection, I just had to reboot the computer once so that the back up starts. It did complete it in a reasonable period of time. I have backed up the data from one PC only. I have not downloaded to any other PC yet; therefore, I cannot comment on those functions at this point.
    I bought two of these in November this year, each for $106.87 from (Electronica Direct ). Now it is advertised at by another vendor(Willoughby's)for $74.95. That is ~30% less. I feel being cheated by the first vendor!...more info
  • Thrilled...
    This product arrived promptly and was extremely easy to use. The instructions were easy to follow. The first time I plugged it in it took less than 20 minutes to save everything on my computer. Thereafter, it only takes about 30 seconds to save new data. It is compact and stylish. It was recommended by a friend and I have recommended it to my other friends....more info
  • Worked as advertised
    The ClickFree HD801 worked as advertised...just plug it in and follow the popup intructions..couldn't be easier....more info
  • Awesome product!
    Never before have I bought such an easy to use electronics product. I was worried that is might be backing up my files randomly, it looked that way in the progress window, but everything is in it's own folder, nice and neat. This worked like butter for me. Highly recommended....more info