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Samsung Touch Of Color T220 22-inch LCD Monitor
List Price: $559.00

Our Price: $257.64

You Save: $301.36 (54%)


Product Description

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There aren't other monitors like these anywhere. Of course.

Imagine being inspired by something old to create something completely new. When sand was fused with soda for the first time around 2500 B.C., a new material was created: glass. And now Samsung designers have fused a clear-as-glass plastic with an opaque, rose-black plastic, to create something completely new in the monitor industry: the Samsung Touch of Color Series widescreen LCD monitors. Luxurious glass-like frames with gracefully sculpted edges join with rose-black bezels to give a soft hint of rich red. The result is an elegant monitor that feels more like handcrafted artwork than a high-performance office tool. The stunning Samsung Touch of Color widescreen LCD monitors. The fusion of high technology and high style. With Samsung, it's not hard to imagine.

They're works of art. They'll be a pleasure to work on or game on or whatever on every day. They're an unexpected bright spot in an industry of sameness. And they're exactly what you should have been expecting from Samsung.

Samsung values design every bit as much as we value technology. We go to work every morning too, and just like you, we want to feel inspired when we walk in the door each morning. We feel very strongly that every product we put our logo on should both perform better and look better than anything else on the market. The latest result of that way of thinking is the beautifully hand-sculpted-feeling Touch of Color series monitors.

Yes, it's a pretty face. But it's also ready to work.

You can't just sit and admire your Touch of Color monitor all day long. At some point, you have to turn it on and start working. When you do, you'll be every bit as impressed with the images as you are with the design.


Reduces Glare
While the crystal-like bezel frame catches light beautifully, it doesn't glare harshly. In fact, it actually reduces refelection of light off the bezel. ToC monitors are easier on your eyes, in more ways than one.

Better and Safer
Since the rich red color is injection molded for a blown glass effect, instead of spray painted, there's less environmental impact.

Lower Power Consumption

ToC monitors (T240, T260) are designed to be extremely efficient, and use up to a third less power than other monitors in their class. And the unique SoftPower off function lets you put it in standy mode right away, using just 0.3W.

Integrated USB Hub and HDMI Connection
The ToC will become the center of your life. An integrated USB hub and HDMI connection let you connect all your digital devices, including HD gaming consoles (T240, T260).

20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio

The ToC monitors continually analyze the input signal and adjust the contrast to match. The ultra-wide range gives you blacks and whites that are full of detail, even under adverse lighting conditions.

Ultra-fast Response Time

2ms GTG response (T190, T220) and 5ms response (T240, T260) ensure blur-free videos and gaming.

Exclusive MagicColor Technology
Samsung's MagicColor technology gives you richer, more natural color by enhancing the color overall (Full mode) or by enhancing color without affecting delicate skin tones (Intelligent mode).

Exclusive MagicBright 3 Technology
You can make the stunning picture even better. Samsung's MagicBright 3 technology gives you seven presets, so you can tailor your screen setting to the type of media you're viewing. Presets include Text, Internet, Game, Sport, Movie, Print View and Custom.

Windows Vista Premium Certification
ToC monitors are designed to take full advantage of everything Windows Vista OS has to offer.

Customizable Hot Key
Want to open a favorite application with one button? Or connect to the internet? Or adjust picture modes? A customizable hot key puts your favorite preference or command at the tip of your finger.

Multi Screen Need some organization in your life?
Multi Screen can help. You can assign applications and open windows to different quadrants of the screen, and reduce desktop clutter. You can even specify that a certain application always open in a specific quadrant, so you'll always know right where it is.

  • 22" widescreen LCD monitor with ulltra-fast 2ms response time
  • Unprecedented 20,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • Low Power Consumption uses up to a third less power than other monitors in it's class

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Good Monitor
    The Samsung T-220 is a fantastic monitor, not only in design and curb-appeal but in performance. No matter what you use it for, the screen will be sharp and crystal clear for text, images, photos and background. I'm using the T-220 for a CCTV system with a DVR and the images from all 5 camera's are perfectly stunning. If your wondering then why I gave the T-220 4 stars instead of 5? It's because for some unknown reason Samsung decided not to make these T-220 monitor's VESA compliant (no mounting holes in rear of monitor) wall mountable. When I contacted Samsung their tech-rep admitted the T-220 were their newest monitor addition and could not understand why the T-220's were not designed to be wall mountable? This is the only flaw I could find, but it could be a major one if you want the monitor mounted on a wall. I had to return one monitor for this specific reason. If your not mounting your monitor to a wall, I would recommend the Samsung T220 to all, it's just a great product. ...more info
  • An acceptable and economical substitute for an Apple monitor
    My husband and I just purchased a new Mac Pro, but didn't want to incur the additional expense of Apple's highly-priced (but admittedly, gorgeous) monitors. We did some on-line shopping, after researching the monitors recommended by other owners of Apple computers, and finally selected this Samsung Touch of Color 22-inch monitor. I would agree with other reviewers who have pointed out that it's a little annoying that there's no height adjustment; but otherwise we are well pleased....more info
  • Excellent display - very sharp and perfectly smooth response
    It isn't the design of this LCD that earns merit, although it is a rather timeless looking item and will look smart in any situation. It's the feature set, and there is certainly far more function over form than meets the casual eye!


    - Can be set to auto detect the exact input source resolution and display the image without any stretching. This is great if you play games that might need 1280 x 1024 or 1680 x 1050. Your treasured vintage game collection will still look splendid!

    - Has a great software tool that will set the correct color / contrast / brightness balance. Make sure you run MagicBright after installation - the image is stellar once you have this set.

    - Low power consumption - do your bit for Gaia ;-)

    - The memory resident tools do not task the CPU.

    - Tack sharp display with almost non-existant light bleed at the edges

    - Games look superb!

    - No dead pixels

    - Comfortable viewing size - I find larger displays somewhat taxing on the eyes

    - Has a great tool that can divide your display into various logical units - a bit mike having multiple displays - very cool as this makes apps snap into the regions just like extra displays

    - Amazing price - 2ms + 20,000:1 contrast ratio + Samsung quality + auto resolution detect + much more!


    - No height adjustment - but by no means a show-stopper when you bear in mind the spec.

    - Tilt only tilts away, not towards you. The assumption is that you will be looking down at the screen up to horizontal, which is ergonomically incorrect. The user should have the option to view at 90 degrees or above to avoid neck strain. I resolved this by buying a sturdy stand so I can have the mid-screen point at eye level ;-)

    - No frame color options - just translucent burgundy, which looks blackish most of the time in low light conditions.

    - Software installation is confusing. It recommends that you download the latest software. When you click the link, it's very unclear what you need to do. I couldn't see a option for the T220, so I just installed what was on the disk and everything ran fine. You must run the software installer using Internet Explorer, otherwise you need to manually run the install exe from the CD....more info
  • Awesome Clarity
    If your looking for a mid-size lcd monitor, you can't beat this one for the price!! You get the backing of a major company, unlike alot of the cheaper 22in models that come from some company u've never heard of!...more info
  • BAD Backlight Bleed Problem
    Purchased this monitor at Costco because of great reviews, and it looked great on display in the store. When I plugged it in at home it was immediately noticeable there was white light leaking onto the screen from the top & bottom edges. Tried to ignore it but after watching enough full-screen video it was driving me CRAZY! I took it back to Costco (where they treated me like I was nuts) & exchanged it for another one, which had the same problem but WORSE! On this one, light was bleeding in from all 4 sides. I called Samsung (where they assured me it was an unusual problem) and am now awaiting another exchange, which will take anywhere from 1-2 weeks. Is it that hard to just quality check a product before sending it out?...more info
  • Excellent Monitor for the Price
    The Touch of Color 220 is a superb monitor for the price. Samsung has done a good job really catching up to many industry leaders in the visual dept.

    The 2MS and 2000:1 ratio makes an excellent monitor for both the average user and a gamer.

    The widescreen is a comfortable size and the exterior fo the monitor has decent curb appeal.

    Finally, the fact that the monitor is not sucking power like many is also a subsidiary perk!...more info
  • samsung support is poor
    It's not easy getting a good resolution, so I wished I'd bought a simpler monitor.
    This stopped working after a few weeks.
    Returning the item to Samsung for repair was very easy.
    It was returned to me without any cables, so I now have a unusable monitor, waiting for them to return cables.
    Unfortunately, the third party they get to repair these aren't honest, and have said it was returned without cables. Now I have to buy my own.
    ...more info
  • Great monitor with good game performance
    I bought a reconditioned unit. Everything is excellent on this monitor and it has a funky look that I love. Stalker on max resolution plays fantastically, with great reaction times and colours. The only criticism I have is that some light leaks at several points around the edge of the screen. Overall, though given that I paid $225, I am very impressed....more info
  • Excellent Monitor
    I currently own 3 Samsung monitors, they have all been good but this one is outstanding for the value. It is Sharp, clear, great contrast and excellent color. I'm sure there are better monitors out there but I don't think you can beat this one for the price and value....more info