Imitation Dummy Dome Camera Indoor Outdoor Fake Security Decoy + Sticker (3 Pack)
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Product Description

3 new empty "dummy" casino dome camera housings complete w/ shaded domes and mounting bases plus a free "warning" sticker for maximum impact! These are the actual housings we install security cameras into - so you can add real board cameras later! Why spend thousands for a real system when you can enjoy many of the same results for next to nothing! These are shipped from the manufacturer with a clear window for the cameras to see through, so we'll include 3 free darkened internal shields incase you plan on using these as empty dummy cams! Great for preventing shoplifting, employee misconduct, robbery, and slip & fall fraud. Imagine getting the benefits of a high dollar security system for next to nothing!

  • Includes 3 fake dome cameras with real housings plus security sticker
  • Easy Mounting - No worries about changing batteries
  • Place anywhere you want - Great theft deterrent!
  • Lowest Cost S/H
  • Free Darkened Internal Shields