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D-Link DCS920 Wireless G Internet Camera
List Price: $110.99

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Product Description

The D-Link Wireless G Internet Camera (DCS-920) connects to an Ethernet or wireless network to enable remote high-quality video recording. 802.11g wireless technology allows you to place the DCS-920 in places that were previously inaccessible such as ceiling and walls.Access and control the DCS-920 using any Java-enabled browser, then instantly take snapshots or record directly from the Web browser to a local hard drive. The D-ViewCam 2.0 software allows you to view and manage up to 32 camera feeds easily and hassle free. The DCS-920 records and streams MJPEG for detailed video monitoring and playback. Keep an eye out on your kids, pets, home, or office remotely by simply logging onto the DCS-920 using a Web browser from any computer with Internet access.The DCS-920 adheres to the universal plug and play specification, which allows for automatic camera detection and addition to networks. Once recognized by your network, the DCS-920 can be accessed and viewed from "My Network Places" as a device on your network. You can then stream the feed from the DCS-920 to any compatible digital media player to view from the comfort of your living room.With features such as MJPEG streaming and D-ViewCam 2.0 management, the Wireless G Internet Camera (DCS-920) is a cost-effective and versatile security solution for your home or small business.The D-Link Wireless G Internet Camera (DCS-920) is a versatile solution that connects to your network to provide remote monitoring over the Internet. Schedule recorded video or snapshots to be uploaded to an FTP server or sent via e-mail.

  • Access and control the DCS-920 using any Java-enabled browser, then instantly take snapshots or record directly from the Web browser to a local hard drive
  • The DCS-920 adheres to the Universal Plug & Play (UPnP ) specification, which allows for automatic camera detection and addition to networks
  • The D-Link Wireless G Internet Camera (DCS-920) is a versatile solution that connects to your wired or 802.11g wireless network to provide remote monitoring over the Internet
  • devices such as Game Consoles, Digital Video Recorders (DVR), and Digital Media Adapters (DMA) to your wireless network.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great camera
    I have two of these and use a lot of the advanced features of this netcam.

    - The dynamic dns function to view live pics over the Internet
    - The ftp function to snapshot images to my DLink DNS-321 1TB NAS device
    - enabling port forwarding to enable Internet viewing
    - setting up a static IP address rather than using DHCP over the home router
    - guest accounts so others can view the pics without admin functions

    Other cool features include being able to flip the image upside down or right-to-left so that you have flexibility on how you mount the camera.

    BTW, I like to use the term netcam to describe this because these are not webcams in the sense that they do not need to be connected to computers. The DCS-920 works well with both PCs and Macs and works well in both a wireless-g and a wired network. The wired method is also very helpful in setting up static IP addresses.

    The email function doesn't work for me as well. Ideally, I would send snapshots using gmail or Yahoo mail but the email settings do not provide enough of the advanced security settings these email services require in order to send mail through their servers.

    I had the old DCS-900W and I think DLink has made 5 giant leaps forward with the DCS-920. One thing that hasn't changed for the better is documentation and troubleshooting help or manuals. Setting up dynamic dns, ftp and email and other settings, the manual does not provide a wide range of possible configurations.

    Overall, the user of the DCS-920 should have a medium to high proficiency level of computer literacy since the online help won't be very useful and I hear DLink support service sucks. I would buy these all over again!...more info
  • Clear image convenient network attached camera at reasonable price
    I bought DCS910 in Nov.2008 and DCS920 one month later. I am quite satisfied with both of them and I did not meet any problem till now, or say I could solve the problems that I have found.

    The network attached camera supports up to 640x480 in resolution. It is higher then lots of other network attached camera which has only 320x240. So the image quality is quite good. It has good vision in dim light. you could see image or video on your web browser. It supports both MS ActiveX and Sun Java for live video monitoring but it does NOT support sound :(
    You may need to install ActiveX control plug-in and Sun Java plug-in for your browser to support live video.

    The supplied DViewCam software also supports monitoring up to 32 cameras and you could record videos into computer hard disk. I have not used video record feture till now because it requires turning on computer and consumes too much router/switch band width. I think check from web from time to time is good enough for my needs.

    It support user account management, NTP time sync, DDNS name service, FTP and email deliver of photos at the frequency you defined.

    The device does not support SSL protocol, so your password could not be encrypted for delivery. So you could not use https or ftps for secured communication. But this is understandable because encryption cost too much resources for the embeded system. You could not expect too much from tiny embeded device. Anyway, normal web access and FTP upload are good enough if you do not have too much security concern.

    It is quite simple to access the device from within the internal/home network because you PC and the camera are in the same network segment. But if you want to access the device from external/Internet, there are some other things to take care. You need to have some basic networking concept for the setup.

    I have seen one user complain the tech support and blame the device to be not usable. I could understand the mensioned situation. It is not the user's fault nor the product's fault. Tech support is not wrong on what they said but they should explain clearly on the technical background and guide the user for a smooth set up. User is not network expert so it will be a little difficult for them to understand and follow the network rules.

    Normally, ISP will only give one dynamic IP address to a user. The IP address will change when you turn on the router or after a certain period of time. So you need to keep track to your current IP address on the WAN port of your router. This is usually done by register a DDNS service(free or paid service). Most router support DDNS auto update service and this camera also supports it but you need to set it up in your device. All the devices in your home network will share this single IP address. Network applications will monitor communication port for TCP/IP communication. Different devices in your network have different unique IP address. The IP address for a specific device is unique in the network. So if you want to access your camera through the internet in a remote location, you need to have DDNS service set; set up a internal static IP address to your camera; setup your router port forward to your camera IP address. For example, use to access your camera, you need to buy(or register a free child domain name from some website) your domain name ''; register your domain name to a DDNS server(paid or free service); setup your router to auto update DDNS for your current IP address; set router to forward 9011 port request to the 80 port of the static internal IP address that you have assigned to your camera(such as depends on the settings on your router and camera). You may need an experienced friend to help you for the setting.

    Even if you have set everything correctly, it not necessarily means you could watch live video in your office. You should be able to access static current image from web browser in your office but live video is another story. Normally office network is protected by firewall on gateway. Most office firewall uses proxy and only open ports for web requests and some predefined application ports and bann all other communications. The ActiveX and Java live video of this device may need dedicated port connection to open communication session but this will not be allowed by default on the proxy. So unless you know your network administrator and could ask them open the port for you, you will not able to access live video in office. This is not the problem of the device, it is the rule of the network security. But anyway, you could see still image of your home which is good enough.

    I have used my DCS910 and DCS920 for 3 months and I am quite satisfied with the device. I would like to highly recommand this device to you for its clear image, easy setup(if you understand networking in and out), and resonable price. ...more info
  • A Good wifi camera solution.
    Over the last 4 years, this is my fourth D-Link wireless Camera. I started with the DCS-900W which was a 802.11b camera.

    I use the cameras to watch my three dogs while I'm away.

    The Pros:
    1. The price is right, generally less than $100.
    2. The picture quality during daylight is good (not V.Good, nor Excellent)
    3. The speed this camera transmitts to my router is far faster than my other camera, a DCS-G900. (The DCS-920 position replced my G900 a 802.11g)
    4. I use the D-ViewCam and like it a lot. Rather useless unless you have at least 2 cameras or you want to record.

    The Cons:
    1. Digital Zoom on the DCS-920 is near useless; it gets so blurry the added digital magnification is near useless.
    2. The setup with a linksys router can be trickey and requires some serious understanding. When I got my first one, several years ago, I called D-Link Tech Support and they were fantastic!!! They guided me through every step. (It was an American Tech support guy in the USA) I have used the knowledge I gained from that setup over the years as I bought new cameras. Have never used a D-Link router.
    3. The unit is in no way moisture proof, let alone weather proof. It is solely for indoor use.

    I have provided a link to my outdoor camera to give you an idea how it performs. If you are using Firefox, you will not see the time stamp as it updates that you will see on IE 6,7 or 8.

    I will leave this link up for a few weeks to help you decide. It's the back of my house; you may see one of my three dogs occasionally. You can try the zoom feature.

    The camera is mouted in my outdoor lawn equipment included.

    I live in the CST zone.

    I hope this helps.

    ...more info
  • Pain in the but but decent
    The image quality is good. I've been trying to get the D-View Cam to work. note to those - D-View cam does not work on 64 bit version of vista. So don't bother. However, I had a bit trouble the camera to be recognized so I had to manually configure it under model DCS-900 Bx. That worked. This was a upgrade version of D-View Cam 2.02. It's an okay product. I'm gonna buy something better within the D-Link family of cameras. ...more info
  • Software Dosent Work-What use is this?
    Ok, I bought this D-link IP Camera, in hopes of putting it on my family room.Once I got the package, I opened it and found the camera, cat5e network cable, stand, mounking kits, and the software. I got out my laptop and installed the Wizard that is supposed to setup your camera to work on the network.That was OK. I could see myself locally (IP Adress)
    Then, I installed the D-View Cam software, whitch is supposed to give me DVR recording capabillites and view up to 16 cams at a time. When I tried to add the first camera to D-View Cam, It could not find the camera in Atuo and Manual camera discovery modes.I am very dissappointed with the quality of a product from a reputable company such as D-Link. I am returing this product tommorow.
    ...more info
  • Pretty simple setup
    I use it as a webcam for my observatory. I just point it out the window from inside. I've had no major problems with it. The setup was fairly simple. I wish that it were easier to assign it a static IP. There isn't any way to point it to a name server. So, I just let it use DHCP which most users want anyway.

    The instructions are a bit trite when setting up a webcam to takes a picture every few minutes. This wants to be full motion video.

    The included software to watch more than one of these at a time installed but could not find the camera. I tried it on a couple of computers. You know, if I can get to it via a web browser (as in the control interface), you'd think that their software could find it.

    Overall, I'm happy with it. It's only been running a couple weeks, but it is doing a good job.
    ...more info
  • Product works as advertised
    The product works mostly as advertised. The instruction manuals are very lame, but the web interface, FTP and Email photo functions all work nicely, once you get them set up. One note: The camera is virtually useless at night....more info
  • Affordable Solution
    I've been dabbling with a weather station for a few years now. One thing I wanted was a web cam to go along with my station. The problem is most solutions were not affordable. I decided to try this camera mostly because the price was right. Now, this is not an outdoor camera but what I did was I mounted inside looking out. What I ended up with is a both a weather cam and a view of who is coming and going in my driveway!

    The camera was a bit tricky to setup. I'm pretty technical and I have a good working knowledge of networking. I found it very hard to get the wireless camera to see my network. I actually gave up the night I tried to set it up. Then the next morning it seemed to work.

    The camera also came with some software for managing a network of cameras. The installation kept hanging while unpacking some .Net related cab files, complaining it was out of system resources. My PC is about 4 years old and has seen better days. I do have 1 GB of memory and available memory at install time seemed fine. I gave up on that since I really don't need to manage multiple cameras. If I ever do I have the option of installing on a different machine.

    I actually wrestled with FTP setup as well. This was a new ftp site and I could easily connect to it through command line ftp. It seems the camera software liked an IP address better that a qualified name. I guess I can't fault the camera here as getting FTP going usually takes a few tries until you get the settings right, no matter what the software.

    So just be prepared to wrestle with the setup a bit. If you have the patience and know-how for this, then I think this is a great camera for the price....more info
  • Great Network Video Camera
    I purchased one of these DLink DCS-920's from an Amazon seller. When it was received, it was non-operational. I contacted DLink Customer Support, and received full and complete satisfaction. I mailed the DOA camera to DLink, and they sent me a brand new one.

    The camera works exceptionally well. It has 640x480 resolution which gives very good quality picture. The software that comes with the camera works, but not as good as it should.

    For under $100, this is a good item. You will have to spend $250 or more (per camera) to get better quality....more info
  • Works but bad value for the money
    I recently purchased two of these for use with SecuritySpy (Mac Software). I have since had the chance to test a few other cameras and found that while the D-Link camera works ok, the small image size (320x240 at 30fps) as well as spotty wi-fi make it inferior to the Linksys WVC54GCA which retails for about 20% more.

    - I remember that it was a bit of a challenge to get the camera to work at first, but that was mostly because I use Macs and the install disc is Windows only. I managed to get each camera up in about 10 minutes and haven't had to touch the configuration since. I suggest you set each camera up to use a static IP address (the configuration program makes that pretty simple) so in case of a restart you don't have to try to find the device again on the network.

    There's really not much to it. It comes with a white wall-mount that converts to a table stand. The camera itself has an annoyingly bright green LED that blinks constantly. My other test cameras came with bright LED's as well which I can only assume relieves the manufacturer from any liabilities that may come with the territory (security cameras). The lens focus ring is unintuitive as it turns endlessly in one direction and it's tough to focus. Again a downside I found other cameras share. The case is surprisingly big and bulky doesn't really "blend" in anywhere. I plan on taking mine apart to see if I can save some space or mount the camera better.

    The biggest issue is that the cameras tend to disconnect from the network. I think the issue is related to the fact that the cameras don't renew IP addresses when the router restarts or terminates the IP lease. That's a huge problem because the particular router I am using forces IP's to expire every 24 hours. After assigning IP's the problems only appeared every 2-3 days but still annoying (my Linksys has been running steadily for 2 weeks).

    - Inexpensive wireles camera
    - Looks like a baby monitor

    - Small image (320x240) at 30 frames per second
    - No microphone
    - Bulky
    - Focusing is difficult
    - Annoying blinking LED in front of camera
    - Spotty Wi-Fi

    Go with the Linksys wireelesss camera. It has a higher resolution, comes with a mic and has a built-in web server so you don't need any other software for monitoring.

    ...more info
  • Great for the price
    I've been researching wireless webcams for a while and was put off by most of the reviews, but this one seemed like it was worth a shot.

    The setup was pretty straight forward. I also had a problem with the software recognizing the never found it, even when I typed in the IP address. Luckily, you don't really need it. If you just log onto it directly using a web browser and the IP address you have access to all the configuration you need. Once you have it in place you need to focus the lens with the black ring around it and your done!

    I now have it set to ftp a picture every 60 seconds to my website where I can check on my house and my pets throughout the day.

    Great for the price!!!

    ...more info
  • Nice Camera, Poor Software
    I got this camera about a month ago. Had to call D-Link to get the wireless function to work. Once that was resolved I couldn't get the email function to work. After calling back and forth several times between my ISP and D-Link, D-link finally decided my camera was defective. They said I needed to call the the RMA department. After several calls to this department I was finally able to order a replacement camera, but I had to send my defective camera back at my own expense(9.00) UPS). I got the replacement camera this past Saturday. Well what do you know, the email function works. Now if i can just figure out how this stupid software works.

    Bottom Line: Camera is OK. Software is terrible. Also, not impressed with D-Link service...Long waits on the phone, technician hung up on me twice, was supposed to call me back and didn't. ...more info
  • Software Help
    If your software wont find the camera. The software password Must match for it to find the camera again. Also download the newest version of the software online from Dlink....more info