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Tuneband and Shoe Pouch, Grantwood Technology's Armband, Silicone Skin and Screen Protector for iPod Nano, Choose Skin for 3rd or 4th Generation, Includes Shoe Pouch for Nike+iPod, Assorted Colors
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Product Description

Grantwood Technology presents the tuneband armband for the iPod Nano? 3rd or 4th Generation. The silicone skin is secure, thick and protective and allows access to all the ports on the iPod Nano?. The tuneband has a comfortable stretchy Velcro? band that fits both large and small arms. Also, the tuneband comes with a low tack peel screen protector. Finally, the tuneband is compatible with the Nike+iPod system, allowing you to attach the Nike+iPod receiver to the iPod.

This package also includes the Shoe Pouch. The Shoe Pouch was designed by Grantwood Technology, LLC to allow runners and walkers to use the Nike+iPod Sport Kit? with any type of shoe. When designing the Shoe Pouch, our primary goal was to ensure a snug fit, extensively testing it with reinforced, nylon lace loops, and a Velcro? closure over the insertion slit. These designs maximize the durability of the Shoe Pouch while, most importantly, maintaining the accuracy of the Nike+? system. The Shoe Pouch matches the correct longitudinal alignment of the sensor, completely covers the sensor and attaches through the laces for excellent security. With a small, low profile, secure, neoprene design, the Shoe Pouch is the answer to using the Nike+iPod? with any style of shoe.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied we will guarantee a replacement of your purchase or a refund. We stand by the our products and look forward to you becoming another happy customer. For US customers, we now offer expedited shipping via USPS Priority Mail (2-4 days after shipping) or you can chose standard shipping via USPS First Class mail.

Note: Nike+iPod Sport Kit is sold separately.

If you are unsure of which generation of iPod nano you own, please contact us.

  • Armband for iPod Nano 3rd or 4th Generation
  • Includes Silicone Skin, Screen Protector for iPod Nano 3rd or 4th Generation
  • Soft Stretchy Velcro Armband that Fits Both Small and Large Arms
  • Compatible with Nike+iPod System
  • Includes Shoe Pouch for Nike+iPod, which holds the sensor in a tight neoprene pouch

Customer Reviews:

  • Great product!
    This is a great way to wear my Nike receiver on my shoelaces of any shoes. I don't have to buy a special pair of Nikes with a hole under the sole for the receiver.

    The armband for my Nano is comfortable and light. The Belkin armband I had before, for my iPod Nano made me get a rash on my skin.

    The best part is that it is available in lots of colors. The only downside is that I have to take the shoelaces out and re-lace them. I LOVE my Nike+iPod for keeping track of my walks and runs. This way I can use it with any shoes, not just Nikes.

    ...more info
  • Great way to use Nike+iPod with other running shoes
    The shoe pouch works very well, iPod tracks the running speed and distance correctly with Nike+ censor in pouch. The armband and skin is a little harder to use because I don't want to keep getting my iPod into the skin and then take it out after the run. Overall, very useful to have for running w/ Nike+iPod. ...more info
  • Nice. Recommended.
    Tuneband works nice, decent quality, but compared to the Marware sportsuit convertible, has better quality, resulting in better experience to wear the ipod on the arm. However, the Tuneband has an opening for the nike sensor, where you have to cut yourself an opening for the Marware sportsuit.

    The shoe pouch fits nicely, very recommended above the other solutions including the hard plastic ones....more info
  • Great procudt...Great service
    I ordered two of them, one for a friend and one for myself...they arrived promptly...perfect fit and great color (purple.) I made a mistake on the style (I needed a G4 for my friend) and the customer service people were amazingly helpfu....sending out the replacement and not asking for the incorrect product back! Excellent product and half the price of what you see in the apple store! The chip holder is snug and effective as well...more info
  • works perfectly for less money
    Have been using this combination armband and shoe pouch for a few weeks now, and couldn't be happier. First, the shoe pouch holds the Nike+ sensor in place firmly, and allows me to get accurate readings. I had tried a different pouch previously, and that one allowed too much sensor movement, leading to wildly erratic readings. With the Tuneband shoe pouch I'm consistently getting readings within 1% accuracy, which I consider excellent.
    The armband and silicone protector hold my Nano in place firmly while exercising. There's no slipping of the band or loosening of the velcro, even when I'm sweating heavily. The silicone skin is a great case on its own when not using the armband. The best part is that access to and control of the scroll wheel is very easy. I previously had a more expensive Belkin armband which had such a thick cover over the scroll wheel that it was basically unusable. Plus, the band didn't convert to a stand alone case. For less than the the cost of just the typical sports armband that can be purchased in stores, this Grantwood combo gives you two excellent products that work exactly as they are supposed to...more info
  • great product
    shoe pouch works excellently. the gray on the armband is a little cheap looking- i'd go with a different color. product is excellent, good quality. very pleased!!!!...more info
  • Functional and comfortable
    I purchased this to replace a "non-apple" armband and protector, as I had read many unfavorable reviews on the apple armband. This is very comfortable, and the armband can be worn on the forearm or the higher up on the biceps, which is nice for going to the gym. I also like the fact that since the actual ipod protection is a skin, the touchwheel is left open and is easy to access. The shoe pouch works just fine also. Overall, I think this is a very good bargain, and would recommend it....more info