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Where The Heart Is
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  • Where the Heart Is
    This is one of the best movies ever. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry and just about everything in between....more info
  • Where The Heart Is - A Great Story
    This movie is one of my absolute favorites. I never get tired of watching it. Natalie Portman's portrayal of Novalee makes the movie. I get emotional every time I watch it. My favorite part is when Novalee finds Forny at college and tells him that she loves him. And he says " Novalee there is nothing better than you". It gets me every time. I highly recommend this movie. I love it!...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    A pleasant enough movie but not an especially good one, Where the Heart Is suffers from the fact that it feels rather episodic in nature and many of its occurences defy belief (a woman living in Walmart with no one noticing, Forny jumping through glass as she delivers her baby, etc.); you may enjoy WtHI but I doubt you'll come away impressed. ...more info
  • where the heart is
    Jade Rioux Book review 3/25/07

    "Where the heart is", is a book about a girl named novalle, who finds herself in a difficult but common situation. She has to deal with many battles and struggles all because of one man. When everything is going right and all is good something always seems to go wrong. Until one day when novalle meets a women "sister husband" who supports and comforts novalle through this difficult era in her life. From then on novalles life was never the same.
    Novalle goes through some terrible times. But there's always that one person who is uplifting and trustworthy to her, named Forney. As novalle goes through tough times he is always there getting her through them. Novalle gets so caught up in her own issues that she fails to give credit or reconciliation to him. Forney is constantly making an effort to impress novalle, but novalle just doesn't seem to get what he is trying to do.
    I would recommend this book to everyone. This book was amazing and has such a strong true story line. "Where the heart is" will show you a girl who is in need for much help and reaches out for someone to be loved by. The story was so real to me and I think that when you read it, it is easy to put yourself in Novalles shoes, which helps you understand her situation more in depth. It will show you its ok to ask for help and someone will always be there to love you no matter where you are.
    ...more info
  • where my heart is
    This movie is great.
    The first time I saw it was in a hotel in Las Vegas.
    I loved it.
    I did not watch it for about 5 years and I saw that it was on TV.
    I turned it on and fell in love with it all over again.
    This movie is not one of those films that you here about
    You here none of that.
    But it is ALL of that.
    If you have not seen this movie, I suggest you do.
    If you do not own this movie,
    I suggest you buy it....more info
  • Enjoyable...
    Where the Heart Is
    I really like Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd in this movie. You laugh, you cry... the trials and tribulations of life. Overall I enjoyed the movie. I have watched it a couple of time already....more info
  • A strong name
    The main characters battle and win again overwhelming odds and fate. Heartwarming story, riveting dialog, and beautiful people....more info
  • awesome
    This is another great heart tugging movie. I have seen it 20 times at least....more info
  • Great entertainment
    My daughter and I rented this. i watched it. Simply, I fell in love. I bought it. Natalie Portman is precious in this movie, her acting devine. Stockard Channing is absolutely delightful as Sister Husband. Ashley Judd is now one of my favorite actresses. It all seemed so effortless for her. The story is funny, sweet, sad, all rolled into one. I watch this movie when I need to feel good about something and to laugh a little. Nothing deep here, just a feel good movie that I think most of us can relate to. It's great, really....more info
  • Great entertaining movie
    This is a wonderful feel good movie. I have watched it many times and there is no part that I want to skip over. It is so neat....more info
  • A few good performances can't save it.
    I enjoyed the book but the movie is simply awful! The plot in the book is charming and touching; however, in typical Hollywood fashion, the movie has ditched most of the relevant characterizations and plot points and offers instead only the action sequences, greatly exaggerated, and strung together with the barest hint of a story. It all seems absurd and unbelievable. Conflicts abound, but never fear, they are all resolved in a matter of minutes. There's no time for exploration or thought or emotion and the viewer simply can't engage. There's a tornado, a kidnapping, a train accident, a birth, child abuse and domestic violence, and plenty of suggestive sexual talk, but frankly, it's boring.

    Ashley Judd and Stockard Channing give decent performances (though not their best) but Natalie Portman is terrible as Novalee. I believe this was one of the first films she did after the first Star Wars and Queen Amidala is still very evident in her acting. Novalee is wooden, stilted, and boring and she utterly fails to make a connection with any of the other characters (including her daughter) or with the audience. Her romance with the librarian is so devoid of any chemistry and passion it was laughable. The subplot with the sleazy boyfriend is stupid and pointless, though Joan Cusack salvages it slightly by her mere presence.

    Two stars because of Judd, Channing, Cusack, and the cameo by Sally Field. Everything else would rate negative stars....more info
  • Hey Hey AA!!

    Once in a while a movie comes along that is the complete package. Where The Heart Is is one such movie. There's love, betrayal, sex, drugs, rock and roll, drama, one mean tornado, hope, inspiration, desperation, and Wal-Mart.

    Natalie Portman is stellar as Novalee Nation, a young pregnant girl who gets ditched by her white trash boyfriend at a Wal-Mart in Sequoya, Oklahoma. Abandoned, scared, lonely, penniless, she hides out in the Wal-Mart for 6 weeks. During her stay at the Wal-Mart "hotel" she ventures out and meets a variety of truly interesting characters like the local welcome wagon's Thelma "Sister" Husband (Stockard Channing), photographer Moses Whitecotten (Keith David), and librarian Fornay Hull (James Frain of Elizabeth, the Virgin Queen).

    It's hard not to feel sad for Novalee because it seems that everybody she cares about leaves her. She has this calm, humble demeanor that makes you realize she has accepted life on life's terms. It's hard not to admire her.

    This movie is probably the first movie to openly introduce Alcoholic Anonymous into a movie plot. Author Billie Letts who wrote the book used a lot of humor in regards to the theme of AA. That humor translated well into the script. The humor is respectful, unoffensive and gives the viewer a brief but informative glimpse into the world of Alcholics Anonymous.

    There is so much chemistry between the cast members of this film, you feel drawn in -- like you are actually sitting there with these characters, in their livingroom, eavesdropping.

    I really do love this movie. I have watched it numerous times. It is completely different from what I might normally watch and it's such a refreshing break. Plus it has James Frain in it who played the Spanish Ambassador in Cate Blanchette's Elizabeth. He is an incredible actor and there's something about him that I find disarming and very attractive.

    Don't hesitate to buy this movie.

    ...more info
  • Where The Heart Is
    I have enjoyed this movie many times. It has heart breaking moments as well as very happy times in it....more info
  • Home is Where the Heart Is
    Where the Heart Is is a touching film about a young girl(Natalie Portman)who finds herself alone, and pregnant after her boyfriend abandons her at a Wal-Mart. With nowhere to go, and only five dollars to live off of, she has no choice but to make a home in the Wal-Mart. Hiding in the bathroom at closing time, and at opening, she spends the last few months of her pregnancy in the store, undetected. After she delivers "The Wal-Mart Baby" she has the help of her new friends to help her get back on her feet. During her journey she learns new things, forms many new friendships and finds out what true love really is. Along the way, she meets Thelma Husband,(Stockard Channing), a recovering alcoholic with a cheery spirit; Forney, the librarian; and Lexi Coop(Ashley Judd). This movie proves that, "Home is where your history begins, and where the heart is."
    This film is a very warm movie full of compassion, and is a great Comedy-Drama. This movie may sound like a "Chick Flick", but it really isn't. This movie teaches you a lot of lessons about life, and will indeed bring a smile to your face. Natalie Portman and Ashley Judd give a great performance, with brilliant acting. The plot of the movie is not grim and depressing, it is the exact opposite. The plot is also simple, but still gives out a lot of meaning. Love, laughter and some tears are shown through the plot, but still is smooth going and very easy to understand.
    The DVD also has great special features. You can watch the "That's the Beat of a Heart" music video sung by the Warren Brothers featuring Sara Evans, and see the theatrical trailers and TV spots....more info
  • Film Essay on Where The Heart Is
    In Where The Heart Is, the number five is an ironic symbol of bad luck, because Novalee's misfortune began at an early age and her misfortune followed her to adulthood. Every time she comes across anything that includes the number five, whether it's five o'clock or five dollars in change at the store, it is followed by some form of calamity that makes Novalee's life a little harder. Furthermore, Novalee experienced misfortune even with her own daughter.
    Where The Heart Is first began as a novel written by Billie Letts. Then, it was turned into a motion pictured directed by Matt Williams and screenplay by Lowell Ganz. My aunt who always recommended me to watch it gave this movie to me as a Christmas gift. I think she wanted me to know that there are many hardships in life and to never give up, just like Novalee kept on going with her life even though she had many discouraging events that happened to her. Where The Heart Is opened in 2000 but I first watched it on November 20, 2005 in my room at my house. This movie rated 6.5 on a scale from one to ten on the Internet Movie Database. It was given a low scored because many viewers believed the characters could have been more developed in their parts. I personally would rate this movie a ten because it was very dramatic to me and very compelling. It had really captured my attention with Novalee's character and all of her misfortunes adding on and on as she kept trying to find some hope.
    In Where The Heart Is, the number five an ironic symbol of bad luck, because in the movie Novalee faces more struggles in her already misfortunate life when she comes along anything with the number five tied with it. Even though she did all she could to keep her away from pain, it still hovered over her like a black cloud always around.
    Novalee's life of bad luck had begun at early childhood. On her fifth birthday her mother left her for a baseball umpire and never came back and left her to spend her growing up years alone with no family to rely on. From that moment on she was cursed with ill luck. After she dropped out of school to wait tables in a restaurant, a waitress that went crazy attacked Novalee with a steak knife and cut her from wrist to elbow. It took fifty-five to stitch her back up. From this traumatic experience in her life, Novalee continued her life constantly followed with pain and heartache when she comes across the number five.
    Novalee's persistent misfortune had followed her throughout her life every since she was a young girl. She left her trailer home with her controlling boyfriend to begin a new life in Tennessee at five o'clock. He had bought an old heap for eighty dollars with no floor on the passenger side. Novalee fell asleep and her shoes fell out from the bottom. After, they stopped at a Wal Mart so that she could use the bathroom and to buy some slippers. After purchasing her item the cashier gave her change of five dollars and fifty-five cents. Novalee was horrified and ran out of the store leaving her stuff behind. She nervously ran out into the parking lot and only found her old camera sitting in the parking spot where she last saw her boyfriend. For the next two weeks she managed to stay inside the Wal Mart at night and using merchandise that would help her get through her day and her pregnancy. At the same time she kept a list of the things used and how much she owed Wal Mart. Then one night while Novalee slept, she felt a sharp pain from her stomach. She nervously walked down the aisle gasping in pain when her water broke and she fell to the ground in aisle five. She helplessly crawled to aisle six and then a man broke through the window and delivered her baby while she had passed out. She woke up the next day in the hospital only to be surprised that she was a local celebrity. She was now considered the mommy that gave birth to the Wal Mart baby. She wanted to give her baby a strong name that means something. She named her Americus Nation.
    Furthermore, Novalee still continued to come across more struggles even with her own daughter. Americus was born on July 5, 1995. When Americus was five days old she got the jaundice, when she was five weeks old she had an ear infection, and when she was five months old she was kidnapped. A religious couple that believed she was an abomination kidnapped her. They had come from Midnight, Tennessee to give the word of God to the baby but were turned away by the Welcome Woman. They were the same couple that sent Novalee a letter and wrote, "A baby born out of holy wedlock is an abomination in the eyes of God." After they kidnapped Americus, they had left her in a manger in a Nativity scene in front of a church.
    The number five is a symbol of the same main thing in the movie. One single number represents the pain and struggles of one person. Although, after all Novalee's heartaches it shows that everything turns out for the best and that with bad comes good....more info
  • Down home country
    It was a change to get use to becuase I have seen the movie pleanty of times before reading the book but I really enjoyed this book....more info
  • Where the Heart Is Review
    This is one of our family's favorites. Great story, great cast, what more could you ask for?...more info
  • Where the heart is
    The DVD cover says that there's a spanish subtitle and the true is that there is no spanish subtitle. In the overall, the product had good quality....more info
  • Where the Heart Is
    The book, Where the Heart is, is about a young girl, 17 years old, 7 months pregnant, and her boyfriend has just left her. She has no place to call "home" so she lives in a Walmart using their supplies to survive. She gives birth to a baby girl, and goes on a wonderful adventure meeting various types of people, and realizing you can call any place "home" as long as you have family, friends, or loved ones. My favorite part of the book is when Novalee tells Forney that she doesnt really love him. It's my favorite part because it is a main part in the book, and it really helps you understand how Novalee acts and thinks, and helps you relate to her more easily. I definitely recommend the book, Where the Heart is. It is one of my favorite books. It shows the true meaning of family, friends, and a place to call "home". If you like books with drama, and romance, then you will enjoy this book. Where the Heart Is will teach you to not take things for granted, and appreciate the people around you....more info
  • Very touching
    This was a very heartwarming and endearing film. Natalie Portman portrays her character very well and the plot is fairly original. This more of a softie, romantic type of film and certain scenes never fail to make my eyes glisten in happiness. The movie seems desperate at certain times, situations appear impossible, but there is a constant thread of hope and love, throughout it all....more info
  • Flawed, but good
    Where The Heart Is is flawed. It's often much to mellowdramatic for it's own good, and a lot of the dialogue is stale, among other things. However, it's such a charming, feel good film that none of it matters. When submerged in it, without questioning the flaws, it's great. When thinking about the flaws, it makes your head hurt.

    It serves it purpose....more info

  • Best Movie Ever
    This is the best movie I've ever seen. I highly recommend this movie for any age. The movie is reality with a happy ending....more info
  • Good old home value movie
    Follows a pregent girl that is left at a Wal-Mart by her boyfriend as she learns and grows while providing for her new daughter. This shows her going from nothing to having it all and the hard work along the way. It's great because it didn't just occur over night, it too years for her to get everything that she ever wanted and the challenges that she had to over come to get there....more info
  • Some characters miscast
    I read the book (an Oprah's Book Club selection) before watching the movie. I also felt a little proud because the author was once my teacher at Southeastern Oklahoma State University, so I went into the movie with quite a bit of favoritism.

    I didn't like Natalie Portman as Novalee. Natalie is the not by any means the type of girl who'd end up dumped at a Wal-Mart, and that makes her portrayal of Novalee unbelievable. Ashley Judd was WAY too Hollywood-esque (is that a word?) for Lexie, who in the book wore a size 22. In my mind, Stockard Channing was a deadringer for Sister Husband, with a quirky sense of humor and fornicatin' on the kitchen table.

    The movie makes for good, easy viewing. You won't need a Ph.D. in psychology to figure it out, and you won't think you missed anything important if you have to get up to get another drink from the fridge. It's kind of like a big screen Lifetime movie.

    I recommend to anyone even remotely interested to read the book, too. Preferably before watching the movie. Although the movie is loosely based on the book, you'll get a much better feel for Novalee's plight from the author....more info

  • Inspirational
    This is one of those horrific stories that makes everyone realize that it could be worse. Natlie Portman did an amazing job portraying a southern under educated girl who over comes every obstacle that is literally thrown in front of her....more info
  • Another Chick Flick... But It's Really Good
    This is a good movie to sit and watch with your girlfriend. It has a pretty good story (although some of it was a bit silly) and very good acting. I wouldn't say that this is the greatest movie of all time, it is a total chicky flicky, but there is enough in it to keep you interested. The only thing is that I really hate Walmart and this movie paints them in a good light. So I gave it only 4 stars because... I hate Walmart. But overall, if you are a guy and need to watch a movie that will make your girlfriend or wife happy... this is a good one to watch. It is a bit slow, but just make pretend that it's the best movie in the world and you will score points with your lady. It's a much better choice than a lot of the other chick flicks out there. This one won't torture you too badly....more info
  • heartwarming
    I really like this movie, it is a movie about overcoming whatever horrible things life throws at you. Natalie Portman does a great job as a pregnant teen with a loser boyfriend. After been left in a strange town she meets people who will forever change her life for the better....more info