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Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 Player
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Lap to Lap. Punk to Pop- Waterproof, compact design- Floats in the water, enabling quick and easy recovery- Ergonomically designed for aquatic athletes and active people- Aquabeat can conveniently attach to any goggle strap- Supports MP3 & WMA files- 1GB internal memory stores up to 500 songs- Fully compatible with both iTunes & Windows Media Player- Compatible with Win 2000/ME/XP/Vista & Mac OS 9.x or higher- Continuous playtime of up to 9 hours- Built-in Li-Polymer rechargeable battery- 1 year manufacturers warranty- Comes with headphones and mesh carrying bag

Want to listen to your favorite music while swimming laps? Turn to the Speedo Aquabeat MP3 player, which is outfitted with a waterproof housing that's safe at depths of up to 3 meters. The Aquabeat--which includes ergonomic, easy-to-navigate buttons and multiple sizes of ear buds for a comfortable, custom fit--holds up to 1 GB of music, enough for 250 MP3 or 500 WMA files. The device's playlist editing software, meanwhile, makes it easy to sort songs and add new files. Best of all, the chassis attaches easily to swimsuits, goggles, board shorts, bikinis, wetsuits, and just about anything else. Other details include a short earphone cord for easy wear, a USB cord for charging through a PC or laptop, and a playtime of up to nine hours per charge. The Aquabeat, which weighs only 35 grams, carries a one-year warranty.

About Speedo
In 1914, Speedo was founded in Australia by Alexander MacRae, a 22-year-old Scottish immigrant who arrived in the country in 1910. The company began when MacRae Hosiery manufacturers, established by Alexander in 1914, extended the manufacture of underwear to swimwear and became MacRae Knitting Mills. A naming competition was held by the staff in 1928 and won by a Captain Parsonson, who coined the slogan, "Speed on in your Speedos." In 1929, the first swimsuits were in production and it didn't take long for Speedo to successfully establish itself. World War II caused the brand turn over 90% of it's manufacturing to war production, providing the armed services with vital equipment such as mosquito nets. After the war, Speedo opened a new factory and was able to re-establish itself, due to increased demand for swimsuits. In 1951, Speedo Knitting Mills (Holdings) Ltd, was incorporated and became a publicly traded company on the Sydney Stock exchange.

Speedo hit the international stage in earnest, at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and a few years later the brand grew on a more global scale. Export sales to the USA began and an international division was set up to monitor trade in New Zealand, Japan and South Africa. The expansion of the brand continued, and in 1976, Speedo was appointed as the official swimwear for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, where 52 out of 54 countries wore their swimsuits.

Speedo continues to make its mark in the pool and on the beach today. Many world class athletes who wear Speedo include U.S. phenomenon Michael Phelps, legendary Australian swimmer Grant Hackett, world record holder Kosuke Kitajima from Japan, and Holland's Inge de Bruijn.

  • 1 GB MP3 player with waterproof housing for water sports
  • Floating chassis is waterproof to depths of up to 3 meters
  • Built-in memory stores up to 250 MP3 or 500 WMA files
  • Attaches to swimsuits, goggles, board shorts, and other clothing
  • Charges via USB cord; weighs 35 grams, 1-year warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • do not buy this.......itunes can not be played and battery sucks
    horrible horrible the battery dies after 40 minutes of swimming....a big not buy this.....also you can not put songs from ituneson it because they cant be formatted not buy this....just get a waterproof case for the ipod.....goood luck...more info
  • Good player-- have some answers to limitations
    I've owned this product for a little over a year now. I have to say it's made a big difference to my water workouts: I can go much longer and not get bored. This is especially notable in water running, which tends to be a bit duller than lap swimming.

    As others have noted, the player is not sophisticated like an ipod, but it is very light and the simplicity doesn't strike me as a bad thing (I have an ipod, but who wants to fiddle with menus etc while swimming?). I can see that for audiobooks and podcasts you may find it a bit of a pain, but I just use it for music and have had no problems.

    I do wish there was a battery life indicator, but unlike another reviewer below I've observed a much longer life. I swim about 1hr per session and can do about 3-4 sessions on one charge. One exception is that it used to sometimes turn on in my bag without me knowing and run down the battery. But one thing I appreciate is that the player stops and will not play when the earphones aren't plugged in. If you unplug the earphones after your swim, there is no chance the AB will turn on in your bag.

    In answer to some of the limitations above: I have had no trouble with it staying on my goggles or my goggles staying in place. I suppose this could be head shape/size (mine is massive with a pronounced back ridge into which straps can nestle), but I also use goggles with a double strap. This might secure the player a bit more firmly.

    As to the ear bud seal issue, I had this problem for the first few weeks. It took some getting used to, but just like using earplugs you really have to cram the buds into your ear canal. Once they are firmly lodged in (like earplugs, not normal earphones) and your cap is pulled down over your ears, they shouldn't fall out.

    So my only real complaint is that my earphones only lasted until the warranty was up, and I've now had to scramble to find replacements (not as easy in canada).

    If you want a barebones, no sophisticated features player for straight music without fanciness, this player is great. If you need a bit more in the way of features, I'd suggest the waterproof ipod casings you can find. Of course, you'll need an ipod and willingness to haul it around the pool. As one final comment, speedo has come out with a 2gb model, so you should be looking for a slightly reduced price on the 1gb model.

    ...more info
  • Works pretty for improvement
    The interface to load playlists is pretty elementary for Mac. If you want music to play in a certain order, it requires adding numbers to the song files. Otherwise, it will line them up in alphabetical order when you drag them into the folder that loads on to the device itself.

    I purchased this to use for swimming laps and for that it works like a charm. It comes with two sizes of ear buds. They are not the most comfortable, but they stay in your ear pretty well. The sound is comparable to any mp3 player. Once water creeps in to the ear in between the speakers and your ear drum the music can become a little muffled.

    However, its much better than nothing and the experience of swimming with music can be an exhilarating experience. ...more info
  • Happy swimmer
    Swimming and listening to your favorite tunes at the same time is quite a treat! you swim faster, harder and have a blast during your entire routine. This little device is definitely easy to use in the water, it is in fact water resistant and water proof and there is a good sound quality under water. I would like Speedo to have adjustable earplugs so you can find the right fit for you. The color is bright to help you find it in the water in case you ever lose it while swimming. The attach system it has keeps it out of your way no matter what stroke you are doing.

    Definitely recommend it!...more info
  • Great Product - I love this device!!
    I swim laps at lunch and this device helps get me into the flow and complete my workouts. Earplugs fit snug in your ear and it easily attaches to your googles. You can't feel the device on your head/googles, other than the earpieces that you use. The sound is good too.

    ...more info
  • Well worth it
    This product is great. I had read some of the reviews prior to purchasing and it was really hit or miss. Perhaps it really just depends on what you are expecting. My expectations were for soley to have music while I worked out. I bought this to wear for my morning lap swimming. This was my first mp3 player of any kind.

    It was very easy to set-up and I've even taken to wearing it during my runs as well with a regular pair of headphones. The sound quality to me is great; I have not noticed any difference between regular headphones and the waterproof ones provided while I am swimming.

    The unit is very light and easy to attach to a pair of goggles. It doesn't affect my swimming, I hardly notice it at all. Every once in a while the wire will lay against the side of my neck but after a couple of strokes it will correct itself and go back to where you don't even notice it.

    I did have an issue with my first pair of headphones having different volumes and then the right side completely giving out randomly with sound. Speedo was very efficient and sent me a new pair that arrived in a couple of days at no cost. These second headphones have not caused me any problems. I don't know if it is because I wear a swimcap so the cap is pushing the headphones against my head but I will have to say they are not the most comfortable headhphones I've ever worn. Once I've started swimming they don't bother me, but afterwards my ears are sore for a couple of moments after I take them out. Does it bother me enough to stop using them? No. Would they make me consider giving up on using the Aquabeat? Not a chance. ...more info
  • Sound Good!?
    I really like this product, I swim for about 4 hours a week, it took me some time to get use to it, as you need to see what plugs will best fit your ears.
    Don't expect ipod quality, you are still at the water but the music sounds great.
    You can RIP CD's from windows media player, MP3 are recommended.
    As for the price, this is an expensive MP3 player, but it works great and worth the money.
    Cons - no LCD, you still need to deal with setting the headphones every 20 laps.

    Don't waste you time at the GYM - SWIM!...more info
  • Average Performance - many limitations!
    Speedo Aquabeat Waterproof MP3 Player

    I was, at one time, a competative sprinter, now train purely for health benefits...I swim laps in a 25 yard pool now (2-2.5 miles a day/5 days a week). I was just looking for a simple H2O proof MP3 player that was reliable and easy to use. I don't require outstanding sound quality or a bunch of bells and whistles from an MP3 player. After doing A LOT of research and reading all the reviews on all the available waterproof MP3 players out there I settled on the speedo aqua beat and ordered it from, here's my analysis of the product...

    THE PLAYER - small, lightweight with easy to use controls and fits on most goggle straps. I swim with swedish goggs and the straps are a bit thin. This makes mounting the goggles on the back of your head kind of tricky because if you don't get it just right, the player has a tendency to pop off when pushing off the wall or doing a flip turn (VERY ANNOYING)...the drag is negligable from the device while swimming along, but with any kind of a strong push off the wall, it almost always slides down to the base of the back of your head even with VERY tight goggle straps (also VERY ANNOYING)...recommend using goggles with a wide strap if you're going to use this product. Of note, the internal, computer OSB rechargeable battery is a nice feature and the player can be used with other sets of headphone as a "dry land" MP3 as well.

    THE SOFTWARE - easy to use, music can be easily drag-and-dropped into the "removable" hard drive that pops up on your computer...Note - you have to plug the player up to your computer's OSB port and allow it to charge 1 full time before you can load music to it (takes about 2 hours to charge) and the single LED on the player will turn from amber to green when it's fully charged. I was over-zealous and tried to load music on to the player within the first half hour of the first charge with no luck.

    THE EARPHONES - These were the biggest let down in the whole package...they do come with 3 different sizes of triple flange rubber ear pieces, and while I have what I assume to be average size ears/ear canals, I could never really achieve a proper seal with any of the three sizes of plugs. These headphones REQUIRE a water tight seal to work properly...and even when you do get that seal, the minute you start swimming and turning your head to breath, the movement of your head or while streamlining off the wall makes the seal change and therefore VERY susceptable to water entry...BOTTOM line, they just don't fit well...ultimately your ear canal fills with water and the sound is no longer audible. This requires constant "fiddling" with the ear pieces after each lap and severly detracts from your workout. Also, in order to get a good seal the ear pieces need to fit very tightly, this causes ear canal pain over time...not being a wimp on this one, I can certainly hack the pain... and would have gladly accepted that as part of the deal if that were the only issue with the earphones! Additionally, after 1 use, my headphones developed a short in one of the wires to one side of the earphones...I'm not holding this against the product in my "number of stars" review as it may have only been a one time incident with my particular Aquabeat...but be aware that the wires from the player to the headphones are VERY thin and appear to be quite susceptible to fatigue/failure or shorting out after only a few uses. ALL in ALL this was a DISAPPOINTING PRODUCT, especially for how much it costs...I've elected to return the player to Amazon based on the defective short in the headphones. By the way, Amazon is great with their return policy and it's quite easy to do with a few clicks online. I've decided on trying the "bone conduction system" of the Fini-swiMP3-V2, and will order that from Amazon when my aquabeat is refunded.

    In short, I would not recommend wasting your time and money on the Speedo Aquabeat MP3 player.

    I'll write a Fini-SwiMP3 review in a couple weeks when I've had the chance to fully test that one out! ...more info
  • Pretty Good!
    When I bought this product, I had high hopes. Overall, this thing is great. I found it on [...]. The only things i really was not pleased with were the earphones and the sound quality. The earphones just aren't comfortable. But, they do work. Not horrible, not great. Secondly, the sound quality is okay. It sounds as though there's rain in the background of some songs. I guess it's alright for those who really love water! Haha. Anyway, the Speedo Aquabeat rocks! Transferring the songs was pretty easy with a Mac. It really helps with swimming....more info