GE Security CamPlus Camera, High Resolution Color, EXview
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Product Description

The KTC-840CE is a high-resolution color camera that offers 480 TV lines of resolution, high sensitivity (0.1 lux) and advanced digital signal processing. This camera incorporates EXview technology and adjustable gain control for low-light performance and excellent infrared response. The KTC-840CE accepts both C- and CS-mount lenses. It features digital signal processing, and its Auto backlight compensation prevents important foreground objects from becoming silhouetted against bright backgrounds. The camera includes a variable high-speed electronic shutter that compensates for conditions ranging from bright sunlight to low-light environments. The KTC-840CE accepts manual lenses and is compatible with video and DC autoiris lenses. The KTC-840CE has advanced digital auto-tracking white balance (ATW) that provides accurate color rendition even under the most adverse lighting conditions. The camera incorporates a universal power supply that accepts either a 10 to 40 VDC or an 18 to 30 VAC input.

  • EXview CCD
  • 480 TV lines of resolution; 0.1 lux sensitivity
  • Advanced digital auto-tracking white balance
  • Accepts manual, DC autoiris, and video lenses
  • Universal power supply: 10 to 40 VDC / 18 to 30 VAC