GE Security PIR Camera (non-working PIR), Color
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Product Description

DISCREET 3.6 MM COLOR SECURITY CAMERA: The PIR camera is a doubleduty surveillance tool that combines the look of a professional PIR with the viewing capability of a security camera. The camera hidden in the PIR comes equipped with a 3.6 mm pinhole lens. The camera features a form C relay with both N/C and N/O contacts, so it can trigger other functions like video recording. The LED can be enabled or disabled during installation. The color camera delivers a resolution of 380 TV lines and light sensitivity of 3 lux. The camera features a highspeed electronic shutter that compensates for changing lighting conditions, from bright sunlight to dim outdoor lighting. It also features a backlight compensation circuit that prevents foreground objects from becoming silhouetted against bright backgrounds. It includes a plug-in power supply. The camera can be installed using easy-connect leads or the internal terminal strip.

  • Can be mounted on a wall or in a corner
  • Fully adjustable, heavy-duty swivel-mount bracket included
  • Color camera
  • 3.6 or 5 mm pinhole lens
  • Form C relay--both N/C and N/O contacts