Built NY E-HCS-BLK Small Hoodie Camera Case (Black)
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Product Description

Hoodie Sm Camera Case BLK

  • Has hard EVA plastic backbone to protect screen; has interior storage pouch
  • Neoprene "hood" folds over samera as extra protection
  • Available in brown, wood grain black and Soho Stripe
  • Made of heavy duty durable neoprene with EVA plastic backbone; machine washable; stain resistant
  • Patent pending

Customer Reviews:

  • Case
    Since the fabric was different on the back side I think a picture should have been shown or told the customer.
    The back was ugly. So if
    I was to buy it again I would ask or get a solid color. Not one color design from the front was on the back.
    So I think it was misrepresented....more info
  • snug as a bug in a rug
    The reason I was searching for a good camera case is because the magnet on my old one caused the battery to die. I wanted something cute, fashionable, easy, and fun. This is all of that and more! I don't have to worry one bit about dropping my camera while it is in this case. The hard plastic back gives me that security. I do, however, have to agree with another user of this case... It is very difficult to get your camera in and out quickly because it is as snug as a bug in a rug in that camera case. Another concern that I have about the case is that the strap looks a bit flimsy. It may not last for very long, but it is still very useful. I'm really happy that I went with this case because it looks exactly like the picture and it is safe for my camera and its just so cute!...more info
  • Love it!
    Cute as can be and it has a nice hard shell on the backside to protect your screen (which was my main concern). I have a large carrying case that holds all my cords and disks and stuff but since my camera is newer and doesn't have a protective cover for it yet, I bought this one in brown (which really looks more black to me with brown trim).

    Has a spare pocket inside for extra cards
    Wrist cord to make it easier to carry
    Stretchie (so it will fit most slim point-and-shoot cameras)

    Slightly hard to get open quickly but it shouldn't be a huge issue.

    All in all I LOVE it and would buy it again in a heart beat! I'm actually thinking about buying another one for my friend as a birthday present......more info
  • Cute but to small
    The camera case was cute, but my granddaughter said it was hard to get her camera out. So she doesn't use it....more info
  • Will not fit Canon A590is
    Though this is offered as a recommended accessory on the page containing the canon a590is. The case is way too small....more info
  • great, slender case perfect for carrying in a purse
    This is an excellent camera case. I have a very thin Sony camera and wanted a protective case to carry it in my purse--but I didn't want it to take up a lot of room. This case is very thin, fits my camera perfectly, and doesn't take up a lot of space in my purse. It is stiff on one side to protect the touch screen, and flexible on the other, making it easy to open and slide the camera out....more info
  • good protection
    This was purchased for our new Canon Powershot SD1100IS. The fit is a little snug but is ok. The back of the case is rigid and the front is flexible fabric. I think the rigid back offers more protection in case the camera is dropped. I'm giving it 4 stars because the wrist strap is a little flimsy and there is nothing to attach to a belt. I bought it mostly because of the small size and nice colors/patterns. It will easily fit into a small purse and the camera is very secure once it's inside....more info
  • Hookie Camera Case
    The case is a perfect fit for most small cameras and fits easily in a purse or bag without adding too much bulk, but keeping the camera safe....more info
  • Color Not as Represented
    The Hoodie Camera Case in Micro Dot does not have a black background and black piping as pictured. This case is really a dark purple....more info
  • Great little camera case!
    Semi-hard sided case gives my camera extra protection, but is not the least bulky. Has space for storing extra battery and memory sticks. Hot little item! Love it! It was recommended by some of the people that had purchased the same camera I did and I was glad I took their advice! Plus I received it quickly and with no problems whatsoever!...more info
  • Not just for cameras...
    I use it to keep my LG VU cell phone and spare stylus pen in. The cover prevents the stylus from falling out--I kept loosing them before. This little bag should fit most candy bar cell phones. I have no problem getting my in and out of Hoodie. I add a clip to the strap and hang to my belt loop or bag. I have several Hoodies; I use them in different ways: as a "on-the-go-side-bag/purse", to keep a pack of tissue for my too often running nose--hey, be creative. Read all other reviews for bag's detail--no sense repeating them in my review. I wanted to put my spin on the different uses this little bag can offer. Funny, I do not use it as a camera case. Well there's my two cents....more info
  • hoodie
    My daughter loves the case. It's colorful, fits her canon camera, has a hard backing to protect the camera, and has a small pocket for memory cards, etc. ...more info
  • Love Built products
    Great case and small enough to pop in a medium-size purse or a coat pocket. It is neoprene so of course the camera doesn't come out without a tug, but the rigid bottom gives protection. Color is great too....more info
  • Such a cute case and very compact
    I purchased this because I love this Built Ny pattern. I already own the lunch tote and know how durable and easy to clean their products are. With that being said, this is a snug fitting case, the front part of the case is just the thick fabric, and the back is the hard shell. I think that if I dropped my camera it would be protected, but there's only one way to know for sure and I'm not trying that on purpose.
    This case is perfect for me because I can keep it in my purse without adding a lot of bulkiness. I have the Canon Powershot SD1200IS camera currently and use to have the SD630 with it and they both fit well. I hope this review helps you make your decision....more info
  • Great, Pocket-Portable Protective Little Bag
    I bought this at the same time I bought my new Canon SD870 IS. I was especially interested in the screen protecting hard EVA plastic backbone, as my previous pocket camera had bitten the dust when I was walking with it in my front pocket and my leg bumped into a chair, resulting in a shattered screen.

    I have yet to bump into anything with this camera, but if I do I'm sure my camera will be fine. The case is strong, yet still small enough to easily slip in and out of my pocket when needed.

    The storage pouch feature is nice as well - I keep an extra battery tucked in there just in case.

    Over all, a great looking, inexpensive product that does what it needs to do: keep my camera safe and always with me....more info
  • Also great for iPhone!
    I actually got this for my iPhone, and it fits perfectly! I put it in with the screen facing the back-board, and it is SO shock resistant. Also gives an extra level of protection when charging the phone in the car, as you can put the phone in upside-down, and it is protected even as it charges. GREAT product!...more info
  • Very handy and compact!
    This is a very nice and compact case. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it has a hard plastic panel made into the center to protect the screen. It also has a lot more extra storage area than I thought. But, if you don't want to use the extra storage, the case stays nice and compact due to the neoprene-type material unlike other regular cloth cases where you're left with an empty pocket still sticking out....more info
  • great product!
    I love my new small hoodie camera case. It is attractive looking and it is very protective. No need to worry about dropping your camera when it is in this case. It fits my camera like a glove!!! I could not think of a better product!...more info
  • Love it!!
    Ordered this to go with Fuji Finepix and it fits perfect! Very cute - my daughter will love it!!!!!!!!!

    Fujifilm Finepix Z20fd 10MP Digital Camera with 3x Optical Zoom (Wasabi Green)

    ...more info
  • just what I wanted
    Perfect for small cameras! This offers protection for my camera but is still small enough to easily tuck in my purse or bag and doesn't take up a ton of room - which is why I wanted a small camera in the first place! There is a small pocket, too, to tuck an extra SD card, batteries, etc. - which is nice. Easy to get camera in and out. Love it!...more info