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Sony Bravia XBR-Series KDL-32XBR6 32-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV
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Product Description

PRODUCT FEATURES:32-inch 1080p flat-panel LCD HDTV120Hz Motionflow high frame rate technologyDLNA compliant24p True Cinema input capableHigh-definition 3D graphic user interface1080p input capable via HDMI (x4), Component (x2) and PC inputBRAVIA Sync

  • 16:9 Full HD 1080p Resolution (1920x1080p) LCD Panel
  • DMex compatible; allows seamless feature upgrades
  • Bravia Sync (Enhanced HDMI-CEC)
  • Enhanced XMB with 3D graphics incl. TV Guide
  • HDMI x4, HD Component x2, PC Input

Customer Reviews:

  • My 32" Monitor
    I had been shopping the market for a good TV for months before I settled on this Bravia. My size requirements and budget limited me to a TV in the 32-37" range, and the opened box deal was too good to pass up. Ideally, I would have rather bought a plasma for the richer colors, but because of my plans to use this as a replacement computer monitor, and because I leave my computer on a lot, I went with an LCD for its smaller size and to avoid the dreaded "burn in". I have my 360 and PS3 hooked up to it, and both look absolutely stunning, but the awesomeness of having this as my computer monitor trumps them both! I tried a number of set-ups to achieve this and found that buying a DVI to HDMI cable ($20 here on amazon) is the best solution, and the quality is, near as makes no difference, the same or better than a standard monitor. The TV does require a little bit of settings-fiddling to get the screen to fit properly, but it only took a few minutes of digging through the immense properties menu. Also, you have to make sure your video drivers are fully up-to-date, and there may even be additional HDTV drivers to download, depending on the make of your video card.

    To anyone looking for an HDTV-computer monitor solution, I highly recommend this TV and the DVI to HDMI cable. This, on top of the 1080p graphics from an Xbox or PS3 make this TV worth it. I can't wait to get my HDTV cable box from Comcast and complete the whole package.

    ...more info
  • Sony Bravia KBR Series 32 inch 1080p
    After many months of gathering information on HD TVs, I felt the best one in this size was the Sony Bravia. After receiving it, I found it to be more than I hoped for. Setup was quick and easy and picture is crystal clear. I've connected a Sony Blu-Ray player to this TV and the viewing experience is just phenomenal. Highly recommended....more info
  • THE bedroom TV!
    Excellent product from Sony! A friend of mine had an old CRT Bravia TV and I remember the picture was outstanding. It stuck with me, and now looking for a new TV Sony was on the list. Some people love Sony, some say it's over-priced junk but, I fall in the middle. I care about value and performance and that is it. I have been following this TV since it was first released but, waited to buy it till about two weeks ago. I purchased it from the local BB as it was on sale.

    First off the picture is really great. Some newer reviews I have read on forums complain this TV doesn't have colors that "pop". I have an 42 inch Panasonic plasma that is almost five years old and the color is and has always been very solid. This TV takes it to the next level. It is hard to describe but, to me the TV had that "just right" look. Nothing unnatural but, very vibrant. The blacks are certainly black enough for me, and the contrast in dark scenes are very detailed. Another note about the picture...eveness. It may be a weird term but, sit tight. I have seen a friends LCD TV and when going from source to source the color would change. Nothing was connected with less than component cables and even with that the sources would not be consistent within themselves. It was something I found terribly annoying. The 32XBR6 has no such problems as everything looks super sharp.

    I have a Direct TV HD receiver, X Box 360, and Playstation 3 plugged into it via HDMI. Having four ports is very handy as this is going to be the prime digital format going forward. When I first brought it home some HD channels had the "sparkle" effect going on. It would be when panning across a scene like following a basketball and looking at the crowd or something similar. It really bothered me once I noticed it. So I go online and look for "32xbr6 software update" and, sure enough, it forwarded me to the Sony support site with software recently upgraded.

    After a simple download I transfered the new software to my thumb drive (which had numerous other files on it) and plugged into the USB port on the back of the TV. Seven minutes later after a series of reboots the TV was set and the problem was gone! Since then I can not say how impressed I am with the set. It blows away my Panny and made me a believer in LCD after being convinced I was a "plasma guy". One last thing I'd like to note is the "variable out" for audio. I have powered speakers and a powered sub set in the bedroom. It has a dial on the front for adjusting the volume with no remote or other way to adjust it. With the Sony set, I have it plugged in to the "Audio Out" and the TV remote(or programmed DTV remote) controls the volume! Sound is excellent due to the digital amp in the TV, and having adjustment controls including mute made me flip! I guess sometimes its the small things that make the difference.

    Again I can't recommend this TV enough. I have played numerous games like MGS4, Killzone 2, Assassins Creed, and the quality is amazing. Blu Ray at 1080p/24 has to be seen to be fully grasped. Direct TV looks fantastic as well. The ability to upload any future any enhancements to my set within 10 minutes is the icing on the cake. If your shopping for a 1080p HD TV for your bedroom GET THIS ONE!...more info
  • One of my more tasteful reviews
    So here is the bottom line on this Sony...

    1. Beautiful appeal, the product simply leaps out of the box it will actually look better then described.
    2. The options truly due seem limitless, picture, screen, sound, and more with stunning capabilities to adjust even the very finest of viewing detail.
    3. The TV menu (if you like the PS3 styling) is wonderful and currently supasses most of what is on the market.
    4. When other reviewers speak of 3D like picture quality yes this is very true, the color reproduction of this TV is outstanding and with the Bravia Engine 2 you will enjoy very life like images.
    5. The TVs internal software is updatable with a USB stick there is one update available at the time of this review, very neat feature.
    6. The built in TV Guide feature is amazing with listings for almost every channel, it will tell you whats on and whats next with many search features (need not apply for those of you with cable boxs)
    7. Many inputs and ways to select them very simple and easy to use.
    8. The TV will dim/adjust the screen brightness based on the lighting in your room.

    Issues noticed:

    1. The TV will create a "new plastic odor" when turned on for the first couple weeks however this is not an issue for most people since the smell is not too strong and is that of just plastic.
    2. The software runs a tad slow and will lag minorly but is well worth it for its capabilites, also the TV takes a few moments to load.
    3. The TV will give off a slight hummmm while turned on this can be very irritating in a quite room.
    4. I received a complimentary small scratch on the stand that came with mine, just a thought for the QC conscious

    For those who are wondering the digtal compression artifacts and picture judder (MPEG noise) etc is very tolerable on this TV with many options to smooth out such things, also channel changing SD to SD is fairly quick.

    In summation this TV is a good buy, lots of inputs and nice styling with solid performance to back it up.

    As always, happy shopping =)...more info
  • A spoiler for older TVs
    Bought this TV several weeks ago to replace burned-out CRT. Picture so good I had to buy a new big screen TV to replace 5-year old rear-projection CRT model (Mitsubishi). Picture is fantastic with Blu-ray. Difference between up-converted signal for regular DVD's and Blu-ray DVD's wasn't apparent until I got this new set. Lots of connectivity options for hooking to PC, Composite, Component, S-Video, & HDMI....more info
  • Great tv
    I love the TV Guide feature since I have regular cable and before then I had to wait for the channels to scroll on the TV Guide channel. Good Picture and a great deal from Amazon....more info
  • Can you say ..... WOW
    I searched and research all kinds of HDTV's ... never really wanted a Sony but the price was right and the size perfect 32" and full hd. Well soooo glad I did I don't have room for anything larger thought I was going to end up with 720 (blah). I bought this model very good price. Went and bought a PS3 and got home hooked it up color took a few tweaks but WOW ... dvd's look wow ... Bluray AMAZING!!! Sound is way better than my old one ...wish I had the space for a full HD surround but I think the sound is very good for tv speakers....more info
  • VERY IMPORTANT -- Try turning off the light sensor!
    Sorry about the screaming, all-caps alert, but I'm simply astounded that Sony ships this great TV with a default setting that completely undercuts it, and I want to make sure potential buyers know about it.

    When I initially set up my 32XBR6, I was frustrated trying to get the Standard or Custom picture settings where I wanted them. Even with backlight adjustments, they seemed too dark and muted. The Vivid setting was much brighter, but garishly colorful, as others have noted. Then I remembered comments I had seen in some reviews of larger Bravias: complaints about dark and dull screens, and fortunately, the solution. The sets are equipped with a light sensor (or "autodim" function) that adjusts the screen brightness based on room lighting. But the formula seems to be way off. I suspect it's designed to be at full brightness (up to what your setting allows) only in a brightly daylit room -- otherwise it darkens up. At any rate, I disabled the light sensor, and the difference was dramatic: a beautiful, vibrant, natural-looking picture in Standard mode.

    As I mentioned, the TVs come with the light sensor on, so if you already own one and have never experimented with the setting, do yourself a favor and try it. Unfortunately, it's not as quick and easy as a button on the remote, which there should be. The procedure is in the back of the manual: Press "home" on the remote; go left to "settings" and down to "general setup," then down to "light sensor" and choose "off."

    I've had the set for a few days now, and so far it's been terrific. On some points that are often discussed:

    1) I was a little worried about the screen "clouding" problems that seem to plague Sonys (I returned a 32S3000 last year because of clouding), but so far at least there's been no hint of it at all. The picture, colors and contrast are all excellent. As someone else mentioned, the side pillars on standard 4:3 inputs are nice and black.

    2) The internal speakers are quite good -- obviously not a home theater system, but natural and balanced sounding. If by chance you're wavering between the 32XBR6 and the Samsung LN32A550 (another 1080p 32-incher), and the TV's internal sound matters to you, the Sony's speakers are much better. (No, you cannot make the Samsung sound as good by adjusting the audio settings.)

    3) The viewing angle is not bad for an LCD, but color does start to wash out a little at about 30 degrees. You can still see a fairly watchable picture at an acute angle, but it will be a lot less vibrant than head-on. If viewing angle is critical to you, consider the third option in the 1080p 32" field: the Panasonic 32LZ800. The Pannys use a different type of LCD screen (IPS-Alpha), and the off-angle viewing is really remarkable -- like a plasma or CRT. Both this Sony set and the Panasonic get top ratings from Consumer Reports and from owners. In my case, 95% of my viewing is straight on, so I opted for the Sony's fourth HDMI input and its slightly lower price.

    4) Motion smoothness: If you've been researching this size set, you probably know there's currently nothing under 40" with true 120hz, though there was some confusion about that with early descriptions of the 32XBR6. So far I've noticed no blurriness or motion artifacts with HD sports or nature broadcasts. But aerial scenes of running herds on a Planet Earth DVD showed definite "juddering." However, that was a conventional DVD in a Sony up-convert player, so maybe a Blu-Ray version would do better.

    So all in all a really nice TV. If I encounter any problems after a longer test period I'll post them. ...more info
  • Sony KDL 32 XBR6
    Outstanding product. Sound and picture are what to be expected and then some. Very easy to use out of the box even though you go through a setup that takes a little while. Shipping and delivery time from Amazon outstanding!...more info
  • Simply the Best
    I've owned nothing but Sony TV's since the 70's.Always excellent and never any problems.
    This 32 XBR is no exception. Picture quality is the best of any 32" I tested, the design of the set is superb.Even non high def channels look great.
    Higly recommended!...more info
  • Best 32" out here....
    I bought the Sony 32XBR6 about a month ago at Circuit City. They charged about $400 more than it's selling for here. I've had literally dozens of TVs in my lifetime, and this is by far the best set I have ever owned. Color, even in non-cable broadcasts, is absolutely gorgeous. Rich, vibrant colors even on regular setting. I have the set in a 10 x 10 room and have had no problem with "smelly" odors. Set has very minor lag warming up, maybe 5 seconds before overlapping menus disappear. Once that's done, I can't think of one single thing to complain about (other than occasional weak signals from our local HD stations). They don't have all their bugs worked out yet. The widescreen feature on this set is unbelievable, making the screen seem twice the size it actually is. I'm a senior lady and had very little trouble unpacking it and setting it up by myself. I couldn't have done that with my last CRT TV! I totally recommend it. ...more info
  • All Good
    All good: excellent picture, extremely easy set up, smooth delivery, lowest price . . . I am very pleased with this purchase. One pleasant surprise was how it automatically tuned every station, including all of the HD digital stations. I have standard cable from Comcast. I called them before I bought the TV to see if I would need a box. The Comcast service representative told me unequivocally "yes, you need a box." I hate boxes. In fact, it works just fine without one. I don't get the encrypted channels like HBO or pay-per-view movies, but I really don't care about that. I get all of standard cable in NTSC and digital, with 1080i HD digital for every station that broadcasts it. I expect I'll just cut the cable altogether before long....more info
  • Oustanding performance, owned 3 weeks and have not been let down.
    This is a great TV, i got it brand new at a sony style store for $767.00 after 10 percent off a few weeks ago. I wanted picture in picture feature and I liked the options I can add to the TV like the Internet link module that I own and like alot. Amazon on demand movies are outstanding just watched on last night over a a 3mb cable internet and it was fast enough.

    I have it hooked up to my computer via DVI to HDMI off my videocard. I have played old and new games like Crysis and the picture is awsome. My video card is soon to be 1 1/2 years old too. Its just a ATI 3850HD.

    The HD is great, no dead pixels. 4 year warranty for $99.00 im thinking about putting the dvd module on this tv too. The picture in picture lets me work or surf the new plus watch tv and news. Dream come true there.

    I dont have a cable box, just plugged in the cable and I was done. Because I dont have a cable box i get to use the on screen tv guide feature that is really nice.
    The tv guide is great but mine isnt working anymore, looks like it has something to do with the transition to digital. I have read that the tv guide signal is going to be changed from analog to digital also so we should get that back very soon too. If anyone finds out more information about the status of that please tell us. ...more info
  • Nice LCD TV --Honestly Speaking
    I ordered this TV after many weeks of research on the net. I have only had it now for few weeks and nothing compares to it- honestly speaking.The picture and sound are crisp clear - a true 1080 pixel quality. With an upscaling DVD player you are sure to watch a HD quality picture just with a normal DVD. The picture quality for sure is much better than that of 720p TV.

    Though expensive(almost twice the price of a 720p sony M or L series, anybody who wouldn't compromise quality should go for the XBR series instead of M or L series if he/she can afford it.However am hoping it will be able to stand a test of time (ie durable). I recommend it.

    ...more info
  • Can't beat it!
    Don't be fooled into those who say 1080p does not make a difference. Sony makes the best 32 inch LCD in the world.

    If you are looking for a TV for a small room, you will be happy with this purchase. It's flawless. ...more info
  • Excellent Picture with great contrast
    Once the settings are perfected, the resolution, contrast,and black levels are great on this TV. We also have a 32" and 46" XBR4, and even without the 120Hz motion this TV has a better picture. What is especially nice about these Sony XBR LCD's is that the picture looks natural and not over saturated like Samsung LCD's. Also to note is that we were able to get the picture right on this TV much quicker than the XBR4's so that is either by experience or most likely that the initial settings are pretty good. Finally, hats off to Amazon for a great price and the shipping was on time, professional, and the driver happily waited for us to power up and check the operation of the TV. ...more info
  • Perfect 5 stars
    I bought this for $879 on 12-02-08. The price went up to $898.99 when I got my invoice and now more then 3 weeks later Amazon lists it at $949.97 (12-30-08) Kinda confusing. I thought prices would be going down!
    The price I paid was STILL $400+ cheaper then at Best Buy & Frys Electronics!! ($1,200+tax) here in the San Fernando valley near Los Angeles

    The Sony picture is perfect. No complaints at all about it. You can create a custom picture you like or go with the defaults. Under Options> Picture Adjustments there are many settings you can adjust. I bought the 32" model because it is the equalivilant of the 26" tube tv's in height. TV uses 160 watts. The speakers are very good. 0-100 and I set the volume at 20 or so. 100 is very loud. Plenty of connections to hookup more speakers.

    The tv has a built-in tuner so you don't need a cable box if you don't want one. The Sony has Coax, RCA, S-video and 4 HDMI connections. I bought a 3ft $25 HDMI cable that hooks up to my cable box. Others will insist that you get those expensive ones at $100+ while others say you only need the $5 ones.

    You can view 480-720-1080 resolutions. The high def channels at 1080 will make you think you are there in person when the show has been filmed well. See the Travel channel and National Geographic and Discovery etc. I swear I could reachout and hit Paulie and Mikey and old man Teutul on 'American Chopper' : )

    The 480 resolution looks better then any tube tv. The 720 better and the 1080 is what I wish all tv channels were like.
    Easily switch between inputs like your cable box or the vcr/dvd player. Push the Input button on the remote or top of tv and select the one you want. You can tell which has a connection because it has an arrow next to it.

    The remote is lightweight. Just wish the Mute button was larger since I use it a lot. If you are using a cable box you will use their remote.

    The tv channels switch quickly when you have the coax plugged directly into the tv. If you use a cable box and a HDMI cable however there will be a 1-2 second delay as you change channels due to that $#@!&%! DRM (digital rights management) that checks if you are looking at copyright material. It slows the changing of channels way too much.
    It is the cable box that is slow and not the tv set.

    A workaround is to use the RCA connection. The picture will be dumb down to 720 or 480 due to hollywood.

    I will buy a Sony later on in the 42" or larger range when I move. The 32" is just right for my place....more info