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Perfectly Clear
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Product Description

It comes as no surprise that Jewel, an acclaimed American singer, songwriter, actress, poet, painter, philanthropist and daughter to an Alaskan cowboy singer-songwriter, finds herself in the embrace of country music for the release of her seventh career album, Perfectly Clear.

Nashville Connections

Jewel's personal odyssey, partly chronicled on one of the best selling debut albums of all time, the twelve-time platinum Pieces of You, comes full circle with her forthcoming country album, Perfectly Clear, the debut release on newly launched Nashville-based independent label The Valory Music Co.

Jewel is set apart her whole career for not only singing, but writing all her songs, and this album is no exception. "I've been writing country songs my whole career; some of the songs on this record date back to when I was 18 years old. I've been hanging on to them until now. They were meant for a record like this one."

The record's first single "Stronger Woman" is a powerful and positive message that resonates with women of any age. Perfectly Clear is produced by Jewel and John Rich of Big and Rich fame. "Jewel is probably one of the greatest American singer-songwriters we have. It is such an honor to work with anyone of that caliber of talent," Rich says. Jewel has spent a lot of time in Nashville over the last few years, and has naturally been drawn to and accepted by the Nashville music community. "If I were discovered today, there is no doubt that I would be signed as a country artist. Songs like "You Were Meant For Me" would have been a country hit today, and not a pop hit as it was in the 90s. The genres have changed more than I feel I have," says Jewel.

Customer Reviews:

  • Her Best Yet!
    While many call Jewel a sellout (0304), or just milking the industry for the money (her continuous evolution into other genres), I call Jewel one of the most brilliant and talented artists to ever grace the music industry. Everything she creates is a definite breath of fresh air, and Perfectly Clear is no different.

    As many reviewers stated, this album has been in the making for many many moons, as at heart, Jewel has always stated she's a country girl who wanted to do a country album. While Perfectly Clear is distinctly country, at the same time, it is "Clear"ly a Jewel album. The lyrics scream Jewel, the melodies scream Jewel ... and that distinctive voice... yep! Definitely Jewel!

    Recommended songs (though I'm biased and think all are fantastic!)

    Thump Thump ... after hearing this live, it became my favorite Jewel song. I had just started a new relationship after being in a horrible one, and this song just hit me, as it is how I feel about my current significant other!

    I Do ... wow... that's all that needs to be said!

    Love is a Garden ... definite single material! Has a ring of You Were Meant for Me.

    Rosy and Mick ... if anyone has heard this live, they will note a drastic departure from its roots in the album version. However, it works and is quite catchy!

    Perfectly Clear ... when it's just Jewel and a piano, magic happens. Foolish Games, Absence of Fear and now this.... amazing!

    Anyone But You ... definite country roots... amazing vocal range and quality on this song!

    The rest of the songs are all great, but these are probably the most memorable and impressionable....more info
  • Just doesn't work.
    Whenever Jewel sings there is a genuineness to her voice that is heard in very few singers. Unfortunately her voice's honesty is lost to the insincerity of the sugary sweet country sound. There is no question that country music today has moved so far away from it's roots it barely resembles anything of substance anymore. Appealing to only women 20 to 35 country music has become the female singer song-writer's best chance at commercial success. Thus I have no doubt this album will succeed in appealing to that audience. Once considered to be the female Dave Mathews, Jewel has taken a huge step backward by releasing an album that's already been released by three other female country singers this year alone. If you like Jewel's indie sound do whatever it takes to avoid this album. If you like mediocre muttled sugary sweet country then enjoy....more info
  • not feeling it
    I have always been a fan of Jewel's but I am really having a hard time with this CD. I just don't "feel" it. I think there are only 3 songs I kinda like on the CD. I usually feel confident buying her music but after this I will definetly be listening to samples beforehand from now on......more info
  • Great cd!!
    This is a great CD. Jewel has done it again. I just love her voice and the lyrics to her songs. ...more info
  • songs you continue to hum to yourself
    Very impressive, makes you jolt up the volume to hear the good words and background country instruments like the ukulele and banjo. The words are great and my favourites are Stronger Woman, Rosey and Mick, and Everything Reminds Me of You. Anyone But You is a very moving song; imagine yourself in a small-town country bar dancing to this slow ballad about a lover you still have a strong longing for. Enjoy....more info
  • Perfectly bad...
    Hate to say it, but Jewel has definitely become a sell-out. Lately she seems to throw herself into any genre that's popular at the moment (see her "0304" CD for more evidence of this). Bon Jovi did a country album, then Def Leppard does a song with Tim McGraw, and now Jewel comes out with this. Give me a break. As soon as I hear pedal steel guitar, banjo or fiddle in a song I tend to change the station as quickly as possible. Jewel should go back to her roots and the honest songwriting on "Pieces Of You", her first and by far her best work. This, on the other hand, is a weak and feeble attempt at being trendy. Big thumbs down......more info
  • One of the best Jewel's jewel.
    Perfecly clear can sound sell-out because of the change of style and also of the trend that put several artist recording country songs to diversificate target and also, in some case, trying to get back to mainstream. Jewel was demonstrating her country inclination since so long. Pieces of you and Spirit offer folk notes, while This way plays with country and modern-country rhythms. 0304 was a different step and I like it but it is completely different of anything she did up to now. Goodbye recollects the folk/indie/country spirit and introduce the listener to a new atmosphere, which is extended through this new album.

    Perfectly clear is much better than Goodbye because she was a little more free to write, compose and record. I really recommend you to purchase this album (digital or physical) and try this new experience. A good type is start the album with I do instead of Strong woman, and then go back to first track and let the whole album being played.

    ;)...more info
  • Good CD
    I don't think anyone is surprise that Jewel came out with a country CD. When she first came out she was considered a folk singer which isn't too far from country. If you liked Jewel's previous albums or country music you'll like this cd. Stronger Woman, Loved by you, Till It feels like cheating, I Do, Everything Reminds me of you, Anyone But you are my favorite songs from this cd.

    The only thing about the album I did not like is she included Two Become One, so if you have been buying her cds you now have two versions of this song (was on her 0304 album). Just like what she did on Goodbye Alice with "Fragile Heart". I would rather have new material than buying songs I already own. ...more info
  • Not Country - doesn't work
    Let me start by saying I like Jewel. But this collection is a failure.
    Her voice is not very country. And the songs are not country songs!
    Listen to them. They are really her traditional folk/pop style songs,
    themes and melodies with pedal steel, banjo, fiddle, etc layered on
    there to try to give them a country sound. I think this makes
    the arrangements clumsy and insincere.

    I found myself feeling that every one of the songs would have
    been much better with some electric guitars and piano, and played
    more like rock songs, instead of using the
    countrified instrumentation that feels way out of place.

    Songwriting-wise, the gem in the whole set is "'Til It Feels Like Cheating". THAT could be a GREAT country song. It's got the slightly-offbeat unsettling story-telling that is the hallmark of a truly great country lyric. You don't expect a woman to describe her passion with her man to be "like cheating." It's dangerous, a little racy, yet sincere and warm. Unfortunately, Jewel's voice is all wrong for this kind of song. ...more info
  • Good effort, easy (obvious) transition
    Jewel's latest effort serves her well. She has cut country-sounding tracks since her Spirit album over a decade ago. I think she is too brashly criticized for "switching genres" too often, but really the mark of a great artist is versatility. She has had a lot of success on pop radio with her first three albums, she let her hair down for the dance album 0304 (not my favorite Jewel album, but quite a good dance-pop album compared to other dance-pop albums), she made an excellent, very underrated introspective album with Alice in Wonderland, and now she makes an easy transition into country which is about the only place you can tell story-telling, folkie songs on the radio any more. My favorite tracks are Stronger Woman (the lead single) as well as Rosy and Mick, which I believe she wrote as a teenager (a live performance of this song is available on the Live at Humphrey's DVD, circa 2001), Thump Thump, and Perfectly Clear, though honestly all the tracks are quite good. Two Become One is an interesting cover of her own song from the 0304 album. I don't think her voice has been this strong or rich on an album before (though you know if you've seen her live what a powerful instrument she has). Overall it's an incredibly good album (though This Way will always be my favorite I think)....more info
  • Amazing Album
    I bought this album after hearing one song by here called 'Good Day'. After I heard this cd I had to by more! I a love the first 4 the most! This proves just as Randy Jackson would say "If you can sing you can sing anything" and she really can!...more info
  • Jewel is coming home!
    It's nice to see my Jewel heading back to her roots. This album is beautiful. I've been a fan since the beginning and watched her go through so many transformations. This album just shows how versatile and talented this woman really is.

    Yes, so Jewel is home AT LAST! Perhaps the next project could be a folk/bluegrass album. Please, Jewel? ;)

    My only criticism, Two Become One was released on 0304. Having so many bootlegs, I know she could have come up with something new to share. What about Emily or Violet Eyes?

    I'm a rambling fanatic and I apologize. Buy this album!!!...more info
  • Easy Listening
    I enjoyed hearing Jewel's new country CD. Every song is catchy and memorable. I have listened to it several times without growing tired of it. I only wish it were a little longer. It seems somewhat short. ...more info
  • So disappointing...
    When I was a teenager, Jewel was my hero. Her heartfelt songs and odd melodies captured my imagination for three albums straight.
    Three albums later, Perfectly Clear appears on the scene, and I was so excited to hear her country "departure".
    Excited until I heard it, that is.
    One low point, lyrically, was the song "Thump Thump". "I swear I hear the language of your heart, and it says Thump Thump..." Oh really? Do tell. Hearing common metaphors about love sung as if they were something profound also frustrated me, such as "Love is a garden" or "Love is a game until it's played" (I Do).
    Probably the thing that made me move from disappointment to disgust was the song, "Till It Feels Like Cheating". I'm assuming from the rest of the lyrics that this is about a married couple who have been apart for awhile and are having a rendezvous in a hotel room somewhere. That sounds fine, except the main lyric, "Till it feels like cheating, till it feels that good." Yuck. Cheating feels good? Even if it did, it's still a gross lyric.
    I've heard her sing some of these songs with just her guitar and voice, and they are infinitely easier to listen to. Perhaps I should blame her producer, then, but the whole album does not sound like a tribute to country music as much as it sounds like she is almost poking fun at the industry of country music.
    Sorry, Jewel. I said "Say it ain't so!" when you came out with 0304, and now I'm saying it again.

    ...more info
  • Perfectly Clear??
    Jewel's latest work "perfectly clear" is another turn in genres for Jewel. There are several Good Songs on this album and overall it is pretty Good work. What my problem with jewel is that she has completely removed all other influences (except for country music) from her album. If you are not a fan of Country music you will without a doubt HATE this album. Where Jewel's previous works often incorporated several genres (eg. this way, spirit, pieces of you) all of the songs on perfectly clear have a repetitive/boring country sound (and i am a fan of country music!!). Why must jewel limit herself to 1 genre? I am a huge fan of all her previous albums and own every one but this is the first O.K. jewel album. Hopefully she will come to her senses and make a mixed genre album mixing Country, Pop, Folk, and Rock. I guess we'll have to wait until then....more info
  • A True Jem
    Jewel's first country album really reminds me of her This Way album. Many articles I have found say her fans may have a hard time with her flipping genre's all the time. I think that if she were to realese her original album, Pieces of You, in our current time it would have been debut in the country genre anyways.
    Song that is great, #10, Cowboy Waltz....more info
  • Not particularly country
    First of all, I have been a huge fan of Jewel's since she emerged in the 1990's. I do not dislike Perfectly Clear, but I am not sure that I agree with the labeling of this album as country. While there are a few songs that are obviously influenced by country music, they are a few others that are folk-based songs not unlike those that have been recorded by Jewel in the past. All in all, I was expecting something different, something uniquely country. While I still enjoyed Jewel's folk sound, her unique and conversational lyrics, and her beautiful voice, this album left me puzzled by its labeling as a country record....more info
  • Jewel - Mostly Clear
    I buy every record Jewel releases. It always takes me a while to warm up to them. This is probably because she is unpredictable, and that's a good thing. Her voice is always Perfectly Clear. I'll buy the next one too....more info
    This is the best album I've ever bought! Every song is amazing! Her voice is so pure and diverse. This a cd EVERYONE should add to their collection. I wont take this out of my cd player for months!!!GREAT JOB JEWEL. You continue to make your fans loyal and proud that you give us so many differant variations to your lyrics, vocals, and ability to make us love you more with every record!...more info
  • I don't think she's ever coming back
    First off, I was a huge Jewel fan. Have every CD (up to 0304) and have seen her multiple times live.

    What happened to the folky Jewel? What happened to the girl and her guitar? When she is playing live, she is amazing, especially if she is playing acoustic and not with a band. Don't get me wrong, she has some awesome songs she did with her band ("Down," "Carnivore," etc.) it just isn't the same as these over-produced albums that sound like cheesy soundtracks.

    I miss her so much....more info
  • Thump Thump, I'm in love.
    Okay, I love 0304. Really, I do. But come on! Perfectly Clear is just pure perfection. Who knew Jewel had this in her! Highlights in the album are Thump Thump, Anybody but You, I Do, and Two Become One.

    Ugh. I can't stop playing it! I haven't felt this passionate about a cd since Dido's "Life For Rent"....more info
  • Not too country
    When I heard that Jewel was doing a country CD, I was apprehensive. I was worried it would be too far away from the type of music she does best. I was wrong. This CD will make her fans happy, and attract some new ones too. Great CD. Buy it....more info
  • Jewel Fits Country 'Perfectly'
    Anyone who has followed Jewel's career beyond the obvious hit singles knows that a country record has been in her cards for a while, and sixth studio album "Perfectly Clear" fits the bill. Whether it be quality album tracks like "Cleveland" from 2001's "This Way" or "Stephenville, TX" from 2006's "Goodbye Alice In Wonderland," each of her albums (save for 2003's misjudged "0304") has demonstrated her potential for the genre. Accusations that the Alaskan singer/songwriter is courting Middle America to sell more records cannot be disproved, but what matters is whether or not the results are worth repeated listens. They are.

    Fans of Jewel's body of work not particularly privy to country music can relax and dig in - "Perfectly Clear" is a Jewel album first, a country CD second. The witty, romantic lyricism and catchy melodies typical of her earlier records are both here and stronger than ever. The only difference is typical country music instruments like violins and steel guitars take on an eminent presence. It is executed wonderfully, however; those waiting for the next rootin tootin' Gretchen Wilson record or even country purists should find the album thoroughly absorbing.

    Not much has changed as far as Jewel's themes are concerned, and it tends to work for the genre. "Love Is a Garden" joins the ranks of "Break Me" or "Morning Song" with its sticky-as-Christmas-tree sappiness, but its melody is colorful and invigorating. The same goes for "Two Become One," a great improvement on a track from "0304," as well the album's formidable lead single, "Stronger Woman" which has met respectable success on country radio and even pierced the pop charts with its feel-good theme and strong, confident vocal delivery.

    Follow-up single "I Do" has the ripest potential for large-scale success, not to mention considerable crossover appeal. With a splendid, chugging, instantly memorable melody and gorgeous lyrics, the song is quintessential Jewel.

    "Because love is a game until it's played/And if it's lost, it can't ever be saved/We have heaven to gain and hell to lose/And the difference is up to me and you/So if you will, I will stop saying I won't/And start saying I do."

    "Anyone But You" is a passionate, drink-yourself-into-oblivion lamentation of a ballad, making it the most clichedly country song of the record. Jewel pulls it off with her solemn, plaintive vocals extracting emotion out of every note. Meanwhile, "Rosey and Mick," a track that has spent years in her setlists, turns the similar theme of lovers' trysts into a sweeping, widescreen radio-friendly light country rocker with another instantly memorable hook.

    "Thump Thump" and "Loved By You (Cowboy Waltz)" also sport memorable melodies that beckon the repeat button in addition to adventurous song structures that reveal different facets of Jewel's considerable talent. "Perfectly Clear," a stark, ingratiating ballad, concludes the album in top-notch fashion.

    Jewel is going to retain her existing fanbase and successfully court new listeners if "Perfectly Clear" is given the attention it has coming to it. She should even win back former listeners if they know what's best for them. So she kicked up her heels and had a little fun in 2003. Get over it. These new songs are meaty and substantial with lyrical bite, lovely melodies and the sharpest vocal work of her career.

    What more do you want?...more info
  • So Tired!
    I'm so tired of people calling artists "sell-outs" when they cross genres. If an artist isn't versatile they're not really an artist, they've just learned a few chord progressions to get them by. It's so boring to hear people come out with the same cd over and over with different words. Good job Jewel for being a true musician and appreciating all kinds of music. ...more info
  • Jewel's "Perfectly Clear" Gateway to Country Music
    Prime Cuts: Anyone But You, Two Become One, Thump, Thump

    Once upon a time many a county artist had an eye for pop crossover success. However, the tide has turned: nowadays, more and more pop artists are crossing the ever-lowering hedge into the country fold. Jewel is a parading example. Once a fixture on the pop charts when "You Were Meant for Me/Foolish Games" spent over a year on Billboard's Hot 100, now Jewel has teamed up with John Rich (of Big and Rich) to release her first country effort on Big Machine's Valory Records. Nevertheless, "Perfectly Clear" is not the standard pop waxing garnished with fiddles passed as a country output. In terms of its production execution, lyrical themes, and melodic structures, this is a bona fide country record. Take a listen to "Loved By You (Cowboy Waltz)" and you'll hear Jewel even attempting a yodel--a rare fleet almost unheard of even from today's staunchest country acts.

    Jewel who has written or co-written all but one track here brings in her worldly-wise acumen escalating the lyrics of many of these songs beyond the nomenclatures of your stand fare of heartbreak and love so prevalent in today's country music. "Rosey and Mick," a tale of domestic violence is dressed in a narrative that trumps with arresting lines like "She let him in, he lifted up her dress/Like an apology began to kiss her breast/And he felt much relieved as the ceiling fan tapped out a broken melody." Heartaches doesn't get more morose than the stone cold country tearjerker "Anyone But You," drenched in the rustic mores of fiddles and steel, that almost transports us back to era of Tammy Wynette and Patsy Cline. "Till It Feels Like Cheating," the only non-Jewel original, follows in the traditional path without having the poignancy of "Anyone But You."

    However, not all is sad: Starting off with her understated girlish vocals, "Thump, Thump" has a dreamy feel as a love-drenched Jewel indulges in the flushes of burgeoning love. "Two Become One," which first appeared on Jewel's dance record "0304," gets a country makeover. The romantic lyrics, the engaging melody, and Rich's crisp production make "Two Become One" a percolating country hit waiting to happen. Fueled by its bluesy, smoking, and intense backing, the percolating "I Do" has the immediacy of radio appeal. Vanguard single "Stronger Woman," already a top 20 country hit, is a so-so inspirational type of popish ditty celebrating the strength of womanhood. Though it feeds radio's insatiable appetite for such feel-good paeans, lyrically and melodically "Stronger Woman" isn't quite that strong.

    As they say 7 is a lucky number, album 7 may be Jewel's best CD to date. Carefully crafted each song tells of a different story yet they are all limned together by Jewel's oft fragile yet affecting vocals. This CD is not just a desperate attempt by a pop artist who has reached the end of her teeter in the rock market. Rather, this is country through and through. Though Jewel has a huge spade in crafting these songs, she has avoided the trappings of non-melodic overindulgence so prevalent on many records by singer-songwriters. Strong melodic constructions and insightful lyrics still remain the contributing factors why this disc is "perfectly clear" the gateway to a luminous career for Jewel in country music.
    ...more info
  • "Five years worth of kisses are packed in your bags..."
    Jewel's first country album, Perfectly Clear is full of tender and heartfelt love songs. My only gripe about this album is that I wished there were more tracks, 11 is just not enough for my favorite folk singer. I have been a fan of Jewel's since her first album, and Perfectly Clear is more of a folk record than country. Jewel's voice is still powerful and gorgeous as ever! This gal can belt her little heart out. Her songwriting is her true talent, she creates some of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard. Standout tracks include: Stronger Woman, I Do, Rosey and Mick, Anyone But You, Everything Reminds Me Of You, Loved By You (Cowboy Waltz) she yodels in that song, and the title-track. I'm thrilled Jewel is still making great music, I highly recommend this breathtaking album, enjoy!...more info
  • Impressive!!!
    The move to country is so smooth for Jewel, it's hard to really tell the difference between this album and others. If it weren't for the ever-present Steel Guitar, it wouldn't be that much of a departure. Still, this album is one of Jewel's best. The lyrics are more instantly accessible than previous albums (as has been her trend over the last decade since her debut) but that doesn't make the music any less credible than that of Pieces of You or Spirit. It's a wonderfully crafted CD that fans of folk, pop, and country can appreciate, and I recommend it completely....more info
  • Wonderful album...
    This is a great album from Jewel. I loved her last album, "Goodbye Alice in Wonderland" and this one is even better. I think she is perfect for country music, it is basically her same sound, just a little bit more country sounding on a few tracks. If you like Jewel, folk, and/or country - this is the album for you!...more info
  • Sweet
    Jewel's treacly country-pop confection is a lot like cotton candy: fluffy, light, and easily consumed. It should appeal to her previous audience and embrace the "American Idol" set, but it comes with a cautionary note. Like most treacle, overindulgence by adults is likely to result in projectile vomiting....more info
  • Where has all the good folk gone?
    I am huge Jewel fan. This is the worst sell out in the world. I get the feeling that Jewel has become lost in trying to be an artist and people influencing her to sound like something that she is not. It is hard to tell that the singer is Jewel because of all the "enhancing: People didn't like Bob Dylan when he picked up the electric guitar...but this is different its country!!! And not like Johnny Cash Country....bad country..i.e. Big and Rich Country...the downfall of our society!

    In Jewels "spirit" Album her song "Do You" and "Everybody needs someone sometime" from her "This Way" album has country undertones and we could see this coming for a long time.

    Country music is the feces of the music world. Most of the songs on this cd were beautiful until they were "enhanced" with the country crap background.

    Mostly the songs sound like they are forced into some sick country format that doesn't allow the lyrics to be appreciated which is Jewel's strongest asset.
    ...more info
  • They just don't make 'em like they used to...
    I LOVE Jewel, this cd is a bit lacking. It's missing that fire and passion she had in her voice and lyrics in Pieces of You and Spirit. It's just sort of middle of the road Jewel, not so special....more info
  • Perfectly Clear a Gem on First Listen
    I have been a fan of Jewel, since just after her coffee house days, and I have seen her in concert over a dozen times. "Perfectly Clear," is a stunningly gorgeous demonstration of Jewel's unique, fascinating storytelling. Furthermore, the sound is fantastic. I care very little for country music, but this album is fantastic and quickly rose to one be one of my favorite Jewel albums ever despite having only listened fully one time. Typically I need a dozen listens before really understanding and enjoying the sound of an album. Not here, this album is great right off the first push of the play button, and the Jewel storytelling is always clear and there from the start to begin with.

    The album is not entirely different from the 2001 album release "This Way." While every Jewel album is superb, I'd certainly take the step to say this is the best produced album since "This Way," as its not overly done, and Jewel's voice is allowed to carry the story.

    The variety and quality of songs on here is fantastic. From older treasures, to new creations, they are found here. They will delight you, put you at peace, and entertain you.

    My next album hope? This album was fully enjoyed. I still want, someday, the average CD or radio listener to hear the brilliance that is Jewel live. A Jewel live album, or live-style album would further complete her discography....more info
  • A FINE GEM...
    Country,pop or whatever,Jewels latest is quite enjoyable.I am a fan of different styles and genres of music and like it when I see an artist explore.One of her finest in a while. It has the trademark Jewel sound,with a country twang.Stronger Woman,I Do,Two Become One,Everything Reminds Me of You and Perfectly Clear highlight this well crafted release. If you have been a fan of Jewels since the beginning,there is no reason not to pick this one up. Go get it...A solid 4.5 for a fun and quite enjoyable effort...
    A Gem from Jewel......more info
  • I Like It
    I like Jewel's 2008 album, as hybrid of country and adult alt rock. Her genre defining This Way goes ever forward without gloating. Obviously they're selling this on the attactive looks of the siger almost now a deacade since she broke big on MTV in 1996 or 1997. Easy listening palatable country music rock hybrid. It's not boring either. ...more info
  • Typical Beautiful Jewel Music.
    I think its just this simple. If you enjoy Jewel's music in general, you will love this cd. What i like most is its consistency. I dislike mellow music that puts a few fast ones in, or fast music that puts a few slow ones in. This stays true to semi mellow-- typical Jewel. And for me, its real nice.
    ...more info
  • Will the real Jewel please stand up?
    Jewel is a great American voice without an identity. She seems to always want to cash in on whatever genre of music is hot at the moment and the result is bland, uninspired music, that at its source, comes more from a cold corporate soul than from the heart. Listen to her early stuff and you will see just how lost she comes off. If you have ever seen her live performances, she weighs heavily on her roots and comes off much better than her shallow, high-gloss recordings....more info
  • Clarity!! An Improvement
    Well, the melodies on Jewel's songs are always catchy, albeit OH so predictable. But what puts them over the top are usually the lyrics. She is in many ways the original John Mayer (or at least a more feminine version of him, assuming such a thing is possible), she tried to emulate Ricki Lee Jones early in her career and sometimes came up short. But like Mayer (to whom also the lyrics "habba labba dabba dadda doddley dip dap day" actually constitutes the bridge of a song) she has managed to find her niche. She is talented, yes, and so is Mayer, and although the majority of their music is dreck, occasionally there are moments of artistic brilliance among the mess that their full-length records tend to be. "Perfecly Clear" has a few more of those moments. Ricki Lee Jones she is not, but settling into a career that fits alongside the Norah Joneses of the world suits her quite nicely....more info