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  • Alfred Hitchcock - The Masterpiece Collection
    This is a great collection of Hitchcock's best at a great price. Packaged well, too; great for display. ...more info
  • Simplement genial
    Tres bonne compilation des plus grands succes du maitre. Le transfert numerique est de grande qualite et les bonus souvent interessants. Il manque quelques incontournables tq To catch a Thief (pourtant meme distributeur), mais bon au prix indecent de cette compilation on s'aura lui pardonner et acheter les dvd manquants a part. A conseiller a tous les amoureux du 7e art....more info
  • A Master at his craft
    If you are a true diehard Hitchcock fan, this collection is a must have. I have no complaints. Once you make this purchase you will have endless hours of classic movie viewing at your fingertips. ...more info
  • The REAL lowdown on this box set
    O.K., I have the box set in my hands, and although I have not watched every movie I have scanned them all in order to write the review. I am not reviewing the movies themselves, just trying to clear up some of the confusion that seems to be surrounding this release.

    First, the technical info is as follows:
    The Birds, Marnie, The Trouble with Harry, Topaz, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Torn Curtain, Frenzy, and Family Plot are all Dolby 2.0, 1.85 Widescreen, Color.
    Vertigo is Dolby 5.1, 1.85 Widescreen, Color
    Rope, Shadow of a Doubt and The Bonus Disc are Dolby 2.0, 1.33 Full Frame, Color.
    Rear Window is Dolby 2.0, 1.66 Widescreen, Color.
    Psycho is Dolby 2.0, 1.85 Widescreen, B&W.
    Saboteur is Dolby 2.0, 1.33 Full Frame, B&W

    I actually thought the velvet box was rather nice, and I didn't mind the four discs to a sleeve. The booklet is very nice, printed with lots of color on heavy stock and includes trivia and facts on each movie.

    I read a review that said one of the films didn't look as good as the others, so when I scanned them I tried to pay particular attention to the picture quality. I found all of the movies to be crisp and clean, so I would suggest maybe there was a bad disc in his box set (?).

    My only negative is that only Vertigo is remastered in Dolby 5.1. I just don't understand digitally remastering the films and not the soundtrack.

    However, the amount of brilliant filmmaking included in this collection is almost overwhelming. Every film is a treasure, and it's filmmaking that has rarely been equaled, let alone surpassed.

    Look, everyone is always going to have something to complain about (didn't like the package, the sleeves, hasn't done justice to the master), even myself with the soundtrack issue, but Universal has put together a 15 disc package of great films for $84.00. What's that...$5.60 a disc?

    If you are on the fence on this one, just click "add to cart" and go to checkout. This is the deal of a lifetime....more info
  • Great movies good price
    You can argue all day about the greatness of Hitchcock, but these films do the one thing debating film historians rarely do: entertain. Rope, Rear Window, Vertigo, Psycho...even The Birds are so much better than 99 percent of the stuff at your local cineplex. There's a reason why so many directors rip off moments from these films - cause they're great. And now at this price for the boxed set they are affordable, there movies you never tire of.
    ...more info
  • Alfed Hitchcock-Masterpiece collection-dvd
    This set is awesome. It made a great gift. It arrived in perfect time and was packaged very well. I give this movie collection a PERFECT rating of FIVE StarS!!! If you are a Hitchcock fan, this is the one for you!...more info

  • I love it!
    I'm an old guy. I started watching television at a neighbor's house when I was very young. The station was over the mountains, so watching that first Superman show was like seeing shadows through the snow. But, delighted? Most of you have no idea. How spoiled we are today. If it isn't perfect - be critical. I got this set at a wonderful price, and as always Hitchcock is as good as he always was. It's a dream come true to watch these wonderful movies in my own living room. ...more info
  • Master of Suspense, Masterpiece Collection
    This collection puts some of the best known Hitchcock films with some less-known films in one wonderful collection. Each disk comes with special features for the film, and there is a bonus disk which I am still watching. It's a great collection, even if I didn't like Marnie or Frenzy. I had never seen The Trouble with Harry, or the new The Man Who Knew Too Much.
    I would say this is a great collection for those who like Hitch, but don't know him well yet....more info
  • Very bad reproduction quality--we feel cheated
    The masterpieces contained here are ruined by sloppy reproduction, veering from light to dark unpredictably. sometimes obscuring images. This happens on different DVD players, so the discs themselves are at fault. We feel cheated. It will make me think twice about ordering from Amazon....more info
  • Tie up your safety belt and dive
    Fourteen titles. Fourteen films from the American period of Alfred Hitchcock, starting in 1942 and going up to the very last ones, all under the label UNIVERSAL. We will say they are the ripe fruit yielded by a fully mature tree. I will neglect the irritating commitment of Alfred Hitchcock to the political side of self-righteous blindness, the good old western side of the cold war. No distantiation, no relativization. Though a certain use of humor made that lauding song most of the time slightly off tune, but just slightly like the final stanza sung by the mother and the son in the Marrakech hotel in "The Man Who Knew Too Much" (1956) that is a midget of half a tone off the tune. It sounds strange and we wonder if the great man really believed what he was depicting in such na?ve terms. That theme is heavily present in this collection of films because after the war Hitchcock spent a lot of his creative time serving that side of the cold war. He could have gone back to England like Charlie Chaplin but he did not because he had no problems with that orientation of his, of Hollywood, of the USA. At times we can wonder if Hitchcock was not a bigot somewhere, someone who remained attached to very traditional values just because they were traditional and who was severely opposed to anything that disrupted these values (like the possible perverted and sublimated into crime homosexual tendency of the two young men in "Rope"). Luckily he did not see the fall of the Berlin wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the Chinese empire. He could not have survived that kind of trauma. The west becoming second, the USA falling to second, what a nightmare for someone who was defending the idea that the west was number one and in the west the USA was A++. But these films reveal too that Hitchcock was obsessed by climbing up and down, stairs or slopes or whatever, and he explored that side of life systematically in his films, treating that vision as a metaphor of life, insanity, society, whatever. But this obsession that becomes criminal in many films, or synonymous of a crime, a possible crime, a real crime, reveals a fear in Hitchcock and his fear is not so much that of a vertigo but that of something, someone, some authority that is sitting up there in some kind of a throne and casting its lightning ukases and thunder decisions down onto the poor humans under. Don't believe it is God, though Hitchcock's references to God and religion are numerous and very traditional, though at times he may scratch it slightly, but only on the side, like a chapel, not the church mind you, in the 1956 version of his "Man Who Knew Too Much". He lives with the belief that there is some higher level and stratum of power over our heads that menaces us constantly like a Damoclean sword suspended over our heads by a mere single hair. And Hitchcock does not try to reassure you by telling you that hair is a sturdy hair from a mammoth or some other thick-haired animal. He is really afraid of that higher tier. It is often political power and crime, the psyche of people and any kind of spiritual power, when it is not the police. That fear becomes traumatizing in a way when he shifts to the cold war since this time this fear of that menace leads him to stick to another power that is roaming and soaring over our heads too, and this time the political power of the west at all costs. Never did he manage to go over that fear and he never reached some kind of Kubla Khan dome of salvation. Even in "Family Plot" he manages to keep that dependence to that higher level of authority absolutely intact in front of crime. The endings are thus always good, even when they are tragic, like in "Vertigo". The bad one, the accessory to a major crime is frightened by that higher level of moral authority in the shape of a nun that becomes in her vision a glimpse of hell and the devil into jumping and causing her own just death. The art of Hitchcock, and that is what he will survive in our memory for, is the way he creates a situation in two brush strokes and the way he feeds suspense with little spoonfuls of sugar to let our disbelief get to enough suspension so that we can enter this nightmarish though always polished and shiny decadence. And yet that decadence comes to an end and everything comes back into order. He is best when one crime leads to another and then to a third, giving a feeling of total loss in front of that fatality. As soon as you cross a line you cannot come back and you have to go right through to the end that will mean punishment for the culprits and salvation for the innocents. And in that perspective his ability to recreate atmospheres and real situations in all their details is feeding our sense of recognition and our nostalgia when he deals with the past, a past we have known. If you haven't known that past, you can be sure that the slightest detail is right, even the very fruit sold in Covent Garden: they must be from the exact period he is trying to revive.

    Dr Jacques COULARDEAU, University Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne, University Versailles Saint Quentin en Yvelines, CEGID
    ...more info
  • The Best Box Set for your Buck
    Of all of the box sets I have obtained through the years, this is by far the best in quality and price. I happen to like all of the films in the set. Although titles like, "Saboteur," "Family Plot," and "The Trouble with Harry" may not instantly intrigue you the way other Hitchcock titles do, they are nice films to watch from time to time (especially since these are some films I have not seen sold alone with such great extras). Classics like Psycho, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, Rear Window, The Birds, Shadow of a Doubt, Marnie, and Rope are shown in restored and clear pictures with excellent sound quality.

    The box is a great display case (with a minor problem being that the DVD cases should be pulled out of the slots and put back in carefully, as the edges wear and bend over time). The extras are what any DVD should come with: still photos, documentaries, interviews, production notes, etc.

    The price is also exceptional. For all you get besides just the DVDs, it is well worth it. Considering the poorer quality of other Hitchcock sets, or extravagent prices, I recommend this one above all else. The DVDs are guaranteed to entertain.
    ...more info
  • Wonderful box set!
    I am happy to say that, in spite of many scathing reviews of this box set, this collection of Alfred Hitchcock films is excellent in every way. I love the velvet box the disks are kept in and the cases (three or four DVDs to a case) are attractive (with poster art adorning the covers) and compact, keeping this set from being huge as it could have been, and I appreciate that. Although some people have complained of the picture and audio quality of the disks in comparison to the previous editions, I have to say that they are the same as before, not worse, and that is fine by me. The difference that I can see is that those films that were not previously anamorphic widescreen are now and that is reason to celebrate. Also the set is a deal, 15 disks for $90 is about $6 a disk and you can't beat that. Included in the set is Hitchcock's personal favorite Shadow of a Doubt, the interesting "one shot" experiment Rope, the classic Rear Window and delicious black comedy The Trouble with Harry, the masterpieces Vertigo and Psycho, the chilling The Birds and Frenzy, to the underrated Marnie and Torn Curtain, his final film Family Plot and much more!! ...more info
  • Hitchcock Is The MASTERMIND And Always Will Be!!!!
    I just purchased this great set and the DVD transfers are Excellent.
    Vertigo is outstanding.I owned some of these already.I compared them to these new releases and there is a big differance.The quality of this new set is much better.
    These are not repackaged dvd's.
    They have been restored and they all look much better than other past presentations.
    We will never see the likes of another Hitchcock.
    Nobody is better at SUSPENCE.
    Everything about this set is PERFECT,except for one thing.I wish the entire AFI salute was included.There were plenty of room on the disc.
    ...more info
  • Great set
    This set includes some of the best Hitchcock films. No other boxsets I found online were as good as this one. This is a great investment for any Hitchcock fan....more info
  • Masterpiece Collection is indeed a masterpiece
    For anybody who has not brought these films at the individual list price of $29.95, then this box set has to be considered (at under $6.00 a film) the deal (or steal) of the century.

    The problem is that probably every Hitchcock fan has already purchased all or most of these films - as I did, at those advanced prices, and doesn't want to lay out any more cash. But anyone living in a major city should easily be able to get at least $6.00 a disc for their old Hitchcock DVD's at any used DVD store, and in the process they would actually be saving money and be getting a beautifully packaged box set in the process, along with a nice booklet, and the bonus of an extra disc.

    Unfortunately, the extra disc, only includes (to Universal's disgrace) a mere 15 minute excerpt from the AFI life acheivement award to Hitchcock - that includes comments from Ingrid Bergman and Jimmy Stewart, as well as Hitchcock's complete acceptance speech. But missing are all the other speakers, like Janet Leigh, Francois Truffaut, John Forsythe, Anthony Perkins, etc.
    This is my biggest complaint, because the entire 105 minute program was easily one of the best AFI shows ever produced. So why couldn't they include the entire program on the bonus disc?

    However, that aside, the bonus disc is offset by the incredible interview segements with Mr. Hitchcock, which only runs about 33 minutes, but includes comments from the master that have never been heard before. For a director like Hitchcock, who had been endlessly interviewed, I expected this to be a repeat of comments Hitchcock had made many times elsewhere. But guess what? These 33 minutes of interview are almost entirely new material! Most of Hitchcock's comments are entirely fresh, and not in the Truffaut interview book, or anywhere else, for that matter, making them very valuable indeed.

    Kudos go the two interviewers, Pia Lindstrom (Ingrid Bergman's daughter) and the esteemed film collector William K. Everson for not following the same old paths and asking Hitch the kinds of questions (as Richard Schickel did in his documentary on Hitchcock for the PBS series, "The Men who Made the Movies" which basically repeated everything about Hitchcock that everyone was already familiar with who had read the Truffaut/Hitchcock book).

    ...more info
  • Hats Off To Alfred Hitchcock
    If you've rarely seen an Alfred Hitchcock film or never seen one you are in for a bounty of cinematic power and beauty with this collection of movies from the master of suspense (and romance)....more info
  • Good Gift
    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my new son-in-law because it was on his Amazon wish list. He was very happy....more info
  • Fantastic!!
    Having always been an avid Hitchcock fan practically my entire life, I had been anxious to find the classic Hitchcock movies in a collection that was available on dvd. I'm in heaven now! I can watch this collection as many times and at anytime that I please. When it arrived in the mail, it was in pristine condition. I am still excited! My favorite Hitchcock film is Vertigo.
    The film quality is fantastic. I recommend this product wholeheartedly!...more info
  • Enjoying Hitchcock
    Have watched two of the Hitchcock movies as they were a gift to one of my son and his family. We all were delighted to be back in the Hitchcock days....more info
  • Great Deal
    This is a great deal and nice packaging. For fourteen movies and a bonus disc, how can you go wrong? I bought my copy even though I own Psycho and Vertigo already on DVD - but I was really interested in the ones I haven't seen, like Frenzy and Topaz. Although this is not a complete ouvre of Hitchcock, it's a great starting place. It includes his masterworks - Vertigo, Psycho, The Birds, Rear Window and Marnie. This set works like a follow up to the two box set of Hitchcock's same films, but in a faux velveteen box and digipack jewelcases. It comes with a small booklet that is rather dissapointing though. An excellent gift for a Hitchcock fan that is still upgrading to DVDs like I am! ...more info
  • Magnificent Box Set!
    I didn't even know this was available until I was in a local Best Buy last Sunday (12/18/05)... and I bought it on the spot... for $98.99. Kinda wish I had known about it sooner so I could've paid $10 LESS on Amazon, but even @ $98.99 that works out to only $7.07 p/DVD... and that was a Great Price, too! The remasters are excellent, and the use of the original poster art is cool, too. There are 'complaints' that there's not sufficent Bonus Material? Big deal (or, honestly, "Get a life!"). Oh, yeah, the 'velvet' box is real nifty, too. If you're a true fan of Hitchcock, this 14-DVD box set is a Must Have! ...more info
  • Excellent
    I recently purchased this box set and i have to say I am very pleased with it. There have been a lot of complaints about this, although many of them are ridiculous, the most ridiculous of which is the complaints about the cover art and the music on each DVD. Regardless of whether picture was drawn up for the show (same goes for the music), to many, this is what is associated with Mr. Hitchcock. Everyone knows him by the song and the sketch, stop being so nit-picky. The box looks great. Also, for 14 movies (yes, FOURTEEN), the price of a little less than $100 is certainly reasonable. In fact, it could be sold for much more. As for the selection, if you don't like it, don't buy the set. And if you bought it anyway, then don't complain.

    Again, an excellent box set that I would certainly recommend to any Hitchcock fan or any fan of film in general....more info
  • Alfred Hitchcock rules and rocks!
    The new ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION is one of the most expensive DVD boxed sets I have ever bought--$90 from (It retails elsewhere for a whopping $120.) But if you have that much to spend on a boxed set, have a Hitchcock scholar in your family, and want the ultimate Christmas gift, you will not top this one. You get FOURTEEN digitally remastered and widescreen (where applicable) studio print masterworks by Sir Alfred on fifteen disks. This averages out to only $6 a movie! The movies are all classics; several are full-fledged cinema masterpieces, spanning The Master's entire Amereican career until his death in the late 1970's: SABOTEUR, SHADOW OF A DOUBT, ROPE, REAR WINDOW, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, THE TROUBLE WITH HARRY, VERTIGO, PSYCHO, THE BIRDS, MARNIE, TOPAZ, TORN CURTAIN, FRENZY. and FAMILY PLOT. The movies come as four disks in a beautifully designed series of boxes inside an elegant larger maroon velvet box.

    You don't just get the movies here. Each one has a small filmmaking documentary (REAR WINDOW and VERTIGO have longer ones), some wonderfully sly and inspired theatrical trailers, publicity material, and other behind the scenes bonuses. The bonus 15th disk has (unfortunately) only excerpts from the AFI Tribute banquet, the making of PSYCHO and the making of THE BIRDS (why aren't they on those individual film disks?), and another documentary called MASTERS OF CINEMA: ALFRED HITCHCOCK.

    Finally (!), you get a 36 page labor of love collectible booklet with a couple of pages devoted to each movie here. If you love Alfred Hitchcock the way I do, you simply must find a way to afford the admittedly very expensive ALFRED HITCHCOCK: THE MASTERPIECE COLLECTION boxed set from maligned Universal, even if you have to give up every other DVD purchase for the month or even the rest of the year. It is one of the crown jewels of my DVD collection.

    ...more info
  • the trouble with these mixed retrospectives...
    is that you get pretty lousy films alongside the truly great ones. That means that, while you get more for your money, in fact you might well wind up paying more for less because if you just bought the ones you want - and those are the ones you'll watch more than once - you'd buy far fewer. While I was tempted to get this for Vertigo and the Birds, I was dissuaded because more than half of them are films that I wd never buy or want to see again, like Marney, which is a dull and shallow film about a damaged woman. So on balance, go retail: there are too many failed and near-failed films in this batch that the only people who wd want this are collectors.

    Not recommended....more info
  • Shadow of a Doubt
    Alfred Hitchcock is my all time favorite director, and that is a very clich¨¦ thing to say but it's clich¨¦ for good reason, he simply is the best. Shadow of a Doubt is in my top three favorite films of his. It is nearly perfectly crafted, written, executed and directed. This is truly the closest that a film can get to pure perfection. Every movie fan should see it immediately.

    Every scene is so carefully crafted, every movement, dialogue, lighting choices. Case in point : the dinner scene. The overall tone is very strange, Cotten comes across in the entrance scene as scheming, dark, and brooding with untethered thoughts. Yet with this is the contrast of a small town family reunion. The lauded closeness between the niece and uncle is kind of chilling with its undertone.

    The tension and sharp change in mode in restaurant scene near the end just grabs you by the throat and strangles the air out of it. Only part I didn't like was the melodramatic train ending. Give it maybe another 10 minutes - milk it with more suspense and maybe less dialogue, more glances. But there was not way as Cotton's characters seems to need a reason for remorse but can't find one.
    ...more info