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  • This DVD COMPLETES my collection
    This is probably my favorite Tom Cruise film. I love that even though Cruise is undoubtedly the star of the movie (the title of the movie?!?), the greatness of the film didn't depend on his star power. The movie got a great supporting cast from Renee Zellweger to Cuba Gooding Jr., the movie's got a great screenplay ("Show me the money!!!" "You complete me"... "You had me at hello") that is amusing and funny and perceptive and intelligent without being pushy. I love that the characters are eloquent but knows its boundaries and know that a simple glance or close up or smirk says it all. In short the screenplay knows when to talk and when to shut up!

    I also love the music used in the movie, I swear every time I hear "Free Falling" I can just picture Tom Cruise singing his lungs out or the Secret Garden by Springsteen, which is another song that I associate with the movie And of course there are the great performances by the entire cast. Cruise did a great job playing the character, it's fun seeing him play a loser for a change. This is one of his best performances. Renee Zellweger in her breakthrough role was radiant. Even though there's no doubt she's grown as an actress (from Chicago to Cold Mountain), I miss the understated, quiet effervescence and just vulnerability she showed in this movie (also in One True Thing). Cuba Gooding Jr the scene stealer himself, was just great. I especially like the scenes where he's making fun of Jerry. All of those things were used by Cameron Crowe to create this wonderful film.

    In the DVD, there's a great extra, a video commentary. It's the normal commentary that we know except that there's another screen where we can see the speakers (Cruise, Zellweger, Gooding, Crowe). There's a small box at the bottom of the screen where we see the movie the way they see them. That was just innovative and very fun to watch, I wonder why others don't adopt this kind of commentary. This would especially work with "fun" films (Clueless, Friends!!).

    Grade: A...more info
  • It's a CHICK FLICK!!!!!
    Oh, this was one of the most annoying movies I've ever seen! Tom Cruise usually does a decent job in any EveryMan role he's played (even though he seems to be off his meds these days no matter what the Scientologists do for him), but this was just plain bad. "You had me at hello" and "Show me the money" became the most cloying expressions since "Where's the beef?". It has a mushy love story, a chubby cheeked kid, and makes you just want to run to the nearest barf bag because it's a stealth chick flick....more info
  • a good movie
    A good Tom Cruise movie before he got so weird and became the "superstar" celebrity of Scientology. DVD quality is much better on blu-ray than on the pervious DVD versions....more info
  • Amazing
    Some thoughts I had while reading the reviews...

    1. Complaints about the lack of Chemistry between Cruise and Zelwegger.

    THINK: As Maguire simply put it..."great at friendships, terrible at intimacy"

    There wasn't supposed to be any chemistry, that's the whole of the main themes was that love can grow on you.

    Throughout the movie, Maguires relationship with his wife was juxstaposed with the Tidwells.

    I think that it is that which built us to the climax of the movie...when Maguire finally realizes that he loves her.

    2. Complaints about how this movie is "flat".

    I will not even touch this...

    well, now I'm lazy......more info

  • Something for Everyone
    Hey, we all know JERRY MAGUIRE was a box office hit that put sultry Renee Zellweger on the superstar map and birthed one of the most famous lines in all of cinema. I've seen this little gem upteen times, enjoyed it even more with each viewing, and scratch my itchy head in amazement that I have yet to review it. Suffice it to say the review begins now. . .

    Let's bypass the plot and the Big Three (Renee, Tom, Cuba); for me this movie ultimately succeeds by the fantastic performances of several of its second tier players. Jay Mohr is the guy you love to hate as Jerry's backstabbing former boss, Bob Sugar; Bonnie Hunt is the manhater with a heart of pure gold as Renee's sis Laurel. But Regina King tops them all as Marcee, loving and devoted wife of unappreciated and underpaid Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rod Tidwell. King is a vivacious, voluptuous goddess who absolutely steals every scene she's in, and while she steals it she exudes steamy sensuality. Rod Tidwell is one lucky dude.

    So with the strength of its cast and its delightful plot, JERRY MAGUIRE has something for everyone. The Tom and Renee romance pleases the chicks, while the guys get off on the sports drama. Furthermore, sports enthusiasts will thoroughly enjoy all the cameos made by sports celebrities and broadcasters. Bottom line: If you haven't seen JERRY MAGUIRE, by all means see JERRY MAGUIRE. Show me the DVD player.
    --D. Mikels, Author, The Reckoning...more info
  • "You had me at Hello"
    This is probably one of the best romantic comedies that the 90s dished out. It has everything for anyone. Cameron Crowe knows how to draw an audience. He gives the guys a little football and the women, sappy hearfelt love scenes. It is an enjoyable movie all around. The acting is great, especially Renee Zellweger and Cuba Gooding Jr. The script is also very well written as well. I highly reccomend this film for both sports fans and romance lovers....more info
  • You Had Me At Hello
    In 1996, "Jerry McGuire" proved itself as a breakthrough film for many of its cast and crew. It earned many awards, including five Oscar nominations (Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actor [Tom Cruise],...), winning two (Best Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor [Cuba Gooding Jr.]). Therefore, this film proved the true potential in several of its cast members, namely Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, Cuba Gooding Jr., and producer, director, and writer Cameron Crowe (2000's "Almost Famous", 2005's "Elizabethtown"). Though some had previously stretched themselves as artists occassionally, this film earned them newfound respect like never before.

    "Jerry McGuire" follows a greedy workaholic sports agent who suddenly loses his job. This begins his path of soul searching, which teaches him many life lessons, namely his true love. When Dorothy enters his life, he realized the true worth of money is much less than the finer things in life which are free. Meanwhile, he begins his own agency. Only few of his clients follow him. All except one, Ray, maintain this relationship with Jerry. This becomes closer than ever as Jerry struggles to help him find his place in football and later, of purpose. These series of storylines create an eyeopening masterpiece that leads to a powerful and unforgettable conclusion.

    Cameron Crowe begins his series of masterpieces with this film. He proves in this film that he is one of the finest filmmakers of today. He takes a creative, unique story and adds great substance in its events. These written words often find some humorous scenes that maintains its dramatic theme unbelievably. This shows that films don't need a large budget to attract audiences or to be amazing. As with his following films, he never rushes any of his projects. He assures himself that they are full quality, and that every storyline fit one another. In particular, "Jerry McGuire" adds some clever quotes that make this film for added viewing pleasure including "you had me at hello", "you complete me", "did you know that a human head weighs eight pounds", and the most prominent "show me the money". This undistinguishable writing style proves that sometimes, the most unexpected becomes the highlight.

    This roller coaster film could not be as enjoyable if it wasn't for the brilliant performances, namely but not limiting Tom Cruise, Renee Zellweger, and Cuba Gooding Jr. They give their characters the unforgettable presence that may be close to impossible to most other actors. Cruise offers his signature acting style to new extremes to the main character Jerry McGuire. Zellweger's more emotional performances gives greater strength to the film's dramatic and romantic value. Gooding offers the more eccentric theme that often gives the famous film quotes new meaning.

    Such film quality proves that "Jerry McGuire" has and always will stand the test of time. This will surely please a variety of audiences, the more dramatic and the more comedic. It has proved its capabilities as a future film classic....more info
  • One of the great film comedies of the 1990's
    Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a sports agent who has an epiphany one day about having "less clients, less money". This soon leads to him getting fired from his agency and he his down to one demanding football-playing client Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and a secretary Dorothy Boyd (Rene Zellweger) who takes the plunge and comes with him.

    Jerry Maguire is a great romantic comedy filled with warmth and humour and characters you really care about. Underappreciated at time of release this is actually one of the great film comedies of the 1990's.

    Jerry Maguire is perfectly cast. Tom Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr are simply brilliant and their interplay provides the real highlights of the film - making the most of a brilliant script. The film lags a little bit in the second half and Cruise and Zellweger's romance is not entirely convincing but this is still great compared to most comedies these days.

    Sadly, the commentary included on the DVD with the director and his three leads is a waste of time. It is a self-indulgent, back-slapping session of the very worst kind with insights on the level of "I loved that scene", "you were great in the scene", "awesome", etc, etc. Very disapointing as I was interested in gaining some insights on the making of this great film. Hopefully in a few year's time Crowe will produce a proper commentary that befits the film.

    The DVD does include a pretend Reebok commercial that is worth seeing with Cuba, but otherwise you could save your money and just buy the one-disc edition....more info
  • "Old Tucson" vs. "New Tucson"
    This seems to be yet again another example of Hollywood's affinity for the way we do things out here....more info
  • Heart-Warming and Thoughtful
    Jerry Maguire is one of my favorite movies, because it's a modern movie with a heart and soul. Not very many modern comedy/drama/romances actually have one, but that is what this movie is all about: relationships. Although there are some cliched moments where it seems like the typical comedy/romance, the romance part actually explores issues about true love, intimacy, marriage, and commitment that most movies are afraid to, even though these are very timely issues. The questions of why we marry, why we are we afraid of commitment and intimacy, and what true love is are all explored by the film, as well as deeper questions about what is important in our lives, through the lives of Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise), Dorothy Boyd (Renee Zellweger), Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) and his family, and various other characters throughout the film. In addition to the excellent script however, the acting is also great. Cruise, Gooding, and Zellweger are all wonderful, and Bonnie Hunt shines as Laurel, Dorothy's protective older sister. It's not the best movie of all time, but is in my top 10, and I laugh and cry every time I see it. I recommend it highly. ...more info
  • Love and Loyalty
    "Without your love,
    It's a honky-tonk parade.
    Without your love,
    It's a melody played
    In a penny arcade.

    "It's a Barnum and Bailey world,
    Just as phony as it can be,
    But it wouldn't be make believe,
    If you believed in me."

    E.Y. "Yip" Harburg's lyrics to the classic, Depression-era song he co-wrote with Harold Arlen, "Paper Moon," sum up Jerry Maguire, a movie about the redemptive power of love in a crooked world that is just for show.

    "Jerry Maguire" (Tom Cruise) is a top agent for professional athletes, working for the world's biggest sports representation firm, a butt-kissing and back-stabbing world, where the word "love" gets tossed about as easily as cuss words. And yet, Jerry does have one endearing, enduring quality: Loyalty.

    Late one night, Jerry has an epiphany, or as he puts it, he doesn't know if it was a "breakdown" or a "breakthrough." He types an inspiring "mission statement" on how agents ought to do their jobs. The mission statement does not have the intended effect, but it does inspire at least one person. (I'm being purposely vague, to avoid spoiling the story.)

    "Dorothy Boyd" (Renee Zellweger) is an accountant at the firm, who is inspired by Jerry's words. She falls in love with Jerry, but does Jerry love her? Oh, and did I mention, that Dorothy is a "single mother"? Well, actually, she's a widow; calling her a "single mother" is one of the movie's intermittent pc tics. Dorothy's chubby, bright son, "Ray" (Jonathan Lipnicki), who appears to be about five years old, and has been starved for a man in his life, takes to Jerry immediately. The feeling is mutual.

    (The other pc aspects involve a woman beating the hell out of Jerry, one character referring to a deaf relative as "hearing-impaired," and the conceit of having a black NFL player lecture his white agent on how to love a woman, and on how to respect a "single mother," a conceit which will be particularly jarring to anyone at all familiar with professional sports. At least the movie does have a sense of humor about feminism, and even a little about race, as the black player has Maguire shouting, "I love black people!")

    "Rod Tidwell" (Cuba Gooding), whom Jerry represents, is an under-sized NFL wide receiver with an over-sized chip on his shoulder. This character gave America the phrase, "Show me the money!," which became ubiquitous for a few months.

    Most of this two-hour-and-eighteen-minute movie consists of tightly framed, intimate scenes with either Cruise and Gooding or Cruise and Zellweger. "Intimate" means that the actors must carry the scene; there is no distraction to diffuse the drama or cover for poor performers. And as good as the scenes are with Zelleweger and Cruise, the ones with Cruise and Gooding are even more intense.

    I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, but I have to give the Devil his due. He richly deserved his Oscar nomination as Jerry.

    This was Renee Zellweger's breakthrough role, in which she displayed the winsome, spunky persona that has since become her calling card in movies such as Bridget Jones' Diary and Cold Mountain.

    After Cuba Gooding won the Academy Award for best supporting actor as Rod Tidwell, I recall sitting in a Union Square coffee shop in Manhattan, and telling someone that Gooding only got the Oscar because he was black. A big, beefy, middle-aged black man in the next booth heard me and sighed loudly, to express his anger. (No, I hadn't yet seen the movie, but the odds were very much in my favor.) Well, I was wrong. Gooding's role is much meatier than a typical supporting role - almost a lead - and he makes the most of it.

    But there are many other great players, too. And every role is exquisitely cast, particularly Bonnie Hunt as Dorothy's caustic, feminist, older sister, "Laurel," who hosts a support group of embittered, man-bashing, forty-something women, Regina King in the Alfre Woodard role as Tidwell's wife, "Marcee," and Jay Mohr as Jerry's slimy protege, "Bob Sugar." Beau Bridges and Kelly Preston also shine in smaller roles.

    Jerry Maguire is not "high concept." There are no car crashes. There is lots of talk. Amazing talk. Director-screenwriter Cameron Crowe wrote one of the best original scripts of the past twenty years. He does here what he has developed a well-deserved reputation for: Showing the world behind the fa?ade (see also Almost Famous) of an apparently glamorous but actually tawdry social milieu (ain't they all?). This movie is for grown-ups.

    But Crowe choreographs scenes so well, whether involving a mob of people or just two, that they don't come off as "talky." (Besides, unless one is an action junkie, the feeling of "talkiness" is often the result of a bad script.)

    And oh, the acting. The comparison that comes to mind, is Terms of Endearment, which was the quintessential domestic drama. When TOE came out in 1983, I recall a critic writing that it showcased the best acting you'd ever see in an American movie. That judgment was unfair to American movies; TOE showcases some of the best acting you'll ever see in a movie, period. As does Jerry Maguire. There is not a single clearly flubbed line or wasted scene in this entire movie.

    The best thing I can say about Jerry Maguire, is that I liked it a lot the first time I saw it, and I loved it, the second time around.

    The Critical Critic, February 26, 2004...more info

  • A Classic?! Not Quite...
    Although it starts promising enough, this movie soon turns into another predictable and unsurprising romantic comedy. The story is pure Hollywood fluff and the typical and expected ending confirms it. Ok, the acting is quite good, everyone was believable and gave solid performances, yet the plot is full of cliches and sometimes it`s way too annoying in its tender and sappy moments. Cameron Crowe did a decent job directing this, but overall "Jerry Maguire" is a romantic comedy by-the-numbers, even if a couple of characters are a bit above cardboard charicatures. It`s a watchable movie, yet it brings nothing new and is far from innovative stuff.
    A rental at best....more info
    This is a very good film and does not deserve the "chic flick" label it has been given(Even though it has one of the all time sappy lines in it "you had me at hello"....hoo boy)! I still dig the movie alot! One to watch again and again. The DVD is a good transfer....more info
  • Jerry Maguire (1996)
    Director: Cameron Crowe
    Cast: Tom Cruise, Cuba Gooding Jr., Renee Zellweger, Kelly Preston, Jerry O'Connell, Jay Mohr, Bonnie Hunt, Regina King, Jonathan Lipnicki.
    Running Time: 139 minutes
    Rated R for language and sexuality.

    Director Cameron Crowe uses "Jerry Maguire to ask the simple question: is life all about money, fame, and glory, or is it really about something else? Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) is a high-powered sports agent for a huge agency, handling a portfolio filled with high profile sports figures. The name of Jerry's game is money; he gets the big bucks for those he represents, he keeps them in the limelight and in the end pulls down some mighty big bucks for himself and the firm. One night, he wakes up and happens to look at himself in the mirror, and for whatever reason, it suddenly dawns on him what a selfish, soulless, empty life he is leading. So in the wake of this epiphany, he seizes the moment, sits down at his keyboard and hammers out a `mission/morality statement,' in which he reorganizes his entire approach to his career, including reestablishing parameters and setting new priorities making conscience, ethics and integrity his paramount concerns. And while still riding the high of his nocturnal enlightenment, he goes to his office, makes copies of his statement and distributes it to the mailboxes of everyone from his boss on down. In the cold light of morning; however, he realizes what he's done and races to his office to avert disaster. He enters the room to a hail of praise and appreciation from his peers, but his boss is less enthusiastic. It's no surprise to Jerry, then, when the big `M' his superiors are interested in turns out to be `Money' and not `Morality,' the equation equals `Money talks, Jerry walks.' But before he leaves, he vows to make it on his own. He's up, he's positive, he has his statement and he doesn't have a clue what to do next. What he does know is that the adventure of a lifetime is awaiting and the world is about to meet the "real" Jerry Maguire.

    Cameron Crowe made his debut as a writer/director with "Say Anything" in 1989, in which he first exhibited that keen insight into the human condition that has been one of the trademarks of his success as a filmmaker. In "Jerry Maguire" he demonstrates again that acute sense of knowing what makes people tick, and leaves no doubt that he knows how to convey it to his audience. Crowe's story, as well as the presentation, is original and imaginative, and he fills it with real characters involved in very real situations and it's these characters that really sell it, because these are three-dimensional people, not just cardboard cut-outs, and moreover, Cameron knows how to get the best out of his actors to really bring them to life. Tom Cruise was the perfect choice to play Jerry; he has the look, the energy and the talent to get inside this guy's skin and make him tick, and he successfully channels his natural exuberance into his character, tempering his performance just enough to make it really work. Cuba Gooding Jr.'s performance is deserving of the acclaim he received for it. As Rod Tidwell, the pro football player/client who sticks by Jerry and insists that he "Show me the money!", Gooding equals, if not surpasses Cruise's level of enthusiasm with a vibrant and rich portrayal that makes Rod one of his most memorable characters. Like Cruise, Gooding is perfectly cast and points up, again, what an acute sense Cameron has for who and what will work to bring his story so convincingly to the screen.

    Not to be outdone by her co-stars, Renee Zellweger gives an endearing performance as the vulnerable but steadfast, single mom, Dorothy Boyd. She's such a "giving" actor, and she endows Dorothy with a gentle, caring manner that expresses her deepest thoughts and feelings so well. Her work here is every bit as Oscar worthy as Cruise and Gooding's, and it's hard to understand why she was overlooked, as she is such a vital presence in this film. "Jerry Maguire" is well beyond the normal sports drama, and in fact, the film has virtually nothing to do with sports. Intertwining the themes of machoism, greed, and reputation, Crowe sends the audience on a journey that discusses integrity, love, and the ultimate enjoyment of life. A touching, oftentimes hilarious, and supremely well-executed masterpiece of filmmaking....more info
  • One of my Top Ten All Time
    Why? It is REAL! The character relationships and interaction are HONEST. We are talking real, raw, genuine emotion! The movie is about making a change in your own character and living with the consequences, good and bad. It is about developing genuine relationships in your life. It is about two men who "mature" through their relationship with each other. Some of the dialogue is now part of our pop-culture. There are some scenes that are hilarious. You will definitely take away a few things from this movie that will be with you forever....more info
    And you find a film full of soul. JERRY MAGUIRE shows Tom Cruise as an actor, not a box office attraction. He works the central character into a likeable, tortured 30+ professional, looking not for redemption, but purpose more in the vein of (Maguire's) father ("My dad worked 38 years for the United Way," he laments. "When he retired, he said: 'I wish they would have given me a more comfortable chair'.") Cruise has his star turn polished by outstanding support (Rene Zellwegger, Bonnie Hunt and Jay Mohr, in a role you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy), the hyperness of Cuba Gooding, Jr. (who sings "What's Going On?" instead of one of his fathers classics) and Cameron Crowe's great script and direction. No sequel, please. Greatness can stand on its own....more info
  • Jerry Maguire
    Cameron Crowe's directorial breakthrough (he also scripted) is an infectious comedy-romance buoyed by a star-making turn from Zellwegger, and an Oscar-winning comic performance from Gooding. Young Lipnicki is pretty appealing too, and all provide Cruise with plenty of opportunities to shine. Razor-sharp yet very human satire ends up really warming the heart....more info
  • You are hanging on by a very thin thread and I dig that about you!

    1996's acclaimed Jerry Maguire is the tale of a sports agent who stumbles upon his morals; therefore he finds himself jobless and fighting for his clients.

    Jerry(Tom Cruise) finds himself with only one partner Dorothy Boyd(Renee Zellweger) in his attempts to build back his business; and only one client football player, Rod Tidwell(Cuba Gooding Jr.: in his oscar winning performance)

    Jerry and Dorothy start to fall for each other, but how can they not let it get in the way of working together? Meanwhile Rod's still waiting on Jerry for any kind of endorsement or contract and Jerry hasn't quite been pulling through for him.

    The rest of the story is not so imperative, it's cliche, mostly predictable, but not terrible. Cuba is fantastic, Zellweger is adorable, and the child talents of Jonathan Lipnicki and Jeremy Suarez are amazing, and honestly they were my favorite part of the entire film. And Cruise, well... it was only a little painful, although I can't blame him entirely, part of it's the character, I know.

    Personally I'd give the film 3 stars, but those kids crack me up and therefore deserve their own star.

    It's a fine film, I just don't see what all the fuss is about. I prefer Sleepless in Seattle.

    I will admit I still like to yell "SHOW ME THE MONEY!" ...more info
  • Amazing!!!!
    This DVD is simply amazing... I love it!

    Good actors, perfect screenplay, deep thoughts.

    I strongly recommend....more info
  • Heart Warming Film For All To Enjoy
    After playing a vampire and a spy succesfully , Tom Cruise took on the role of a sports agent and succeeded. Jerry Maguire is one of the movie that after watching you feel good inside. Cuba Gooding Jr. won a well desreved Oscar for his role as Rod Tidwell. Regina King and Renne Zwellger are good as the female leads and Johnathen Lipnicki steals almost every scene. I love this movie. ...more info