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America's Sweethearts
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  • America's hottest couple just got hotter
    I'm afraid I don't understand all the bad reviews this movie has gotten. America's Sweethearts is not your everday romance. Where John Cusack is trying to get over the infidility of his ex wife and coworker, while realizing that he has been harboring feelings for her sister. Who has loved him all her life, but was left in the shadow and wake of her star sister.

    Its a movie of finding your true self, and that love if looked for can heal even the most despairing of hearts. In a comical way, having Billy Crystal as Cupid, the man who only wanted to make the couple famous, and ended up giving John Cusack the world.

    This was a wonderful movie, romantic, sweet and comical. If you love Billy Crystal, John Cusack or Julia Roberts this will be sure to please....more info
  • Not the best of films, not the worst of films
    America's Sweethearts is a lightweight tongue-in-cheek satire of Hollywood--the stars, the studios, the directors and "artists" of all kinds, and the businessmen behind it all. The real curiosity of the film, though, is that those doing the satirizing are the biggest Hollywood names of today--Billy Crystal, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta Jones, John Cusack, Christopher Walken and Stanley Tucci. Sure they know the business and undoubtedly have more than a few tales to tell; but those tales aren't told here. Only Walken's part has any real bite to it, and that is dampered by the storyline in which we see only the first five minutes of his "honest" film--made with hidden cameras during the apparent filming of a standard bit of sci-fi nonsense. Here, where America's Sweethearts has the opportunity to let loose a little, it pointedly does not. That said, for a romantic comedy there are laughs--some far too predictable, some quite clever--but not much romance--the movie focuses more on Cusack and Zeta Jones' characters than Cusack and Roberts'. It is worth watching, but maybe not worth owning. Really three and a half stars....more info
  • Romantic comedy?
    An odd catagory for a movie that seems intent on doing without romance or comedy.
    With this cast it's fair to say that expectations might have been set too high, but geez what were they thinking? I mean they all have basically decent track records and none of them notices that the movie is bombing?

    Annoying characters, less than entrancing chemistry, and a diligent focus on the dreadful nature behind a Hollywood "star" who is so annoying that I began hoping that a plot twist would kill her off.

    Seth Green has some good moments, but if you want to see an all around brillant "inside Hollywood" movie I'd recommend "The Player" from 1992 - which also happens to feature Julia Roberts and John Cusack....more info

  • Cute and entertaining
    Catherine Zeta-Jones plays the star actress with a diva attitude, Julia Roberts is her ever-so-kind and helpful sister and personal assistant, and John Cusack is the love-sick estranged husband of Catherine Zeta-Jones'. Although they have been living apart for a year, are going to be divorced, and try to avoid each other, Zeta-Jones and Cusack both star in a movie which the movie's producer is anxious to earn big bucks from. Billy Cristal is the PR guy hired by the movie's producer to encourage (let's say, "dupe") Zeta-Jones and Cusack into making a star appearance at the film's premiere and he also orchestrates a series of "scandals" for the reporters and tabloids, just to make more money (as they say, no publicity is bad publicity, or something like that.) In the process, Zeta-Jones and Cusack end up in all sorts of funny, embarassing circumstances which they both try very desperately to extricate themselves from.

    Cusack is not at his best, but he's entertaining. Roberts is looking good (and I wonder if she did really put on all that weight for this movie, cos it looks so real!). Zeta-Jones is stunning and ever-so-convincing in these diva roles.

    I wouldn't say this is a great movie... but its a good one for renting for those nights in (with lots of crisps and popcorn at the side!). It does have enough unpredictability and gags in it to keep you chuckling, and the nice little happy ending will make you go "Awwww...." with a smile :)...more info

  • Hollywood stars fail in impersonations of Hollywood stars
    You'd think Hollywood would have no problem making a movie about Hollywood. Think again. True, there have been some great pictures in which Hollywood looks at itself. The oldest one I can think of is 1937's A Star is Born, which was remade as an even better movie in 1954. 1950's Sunset Boulevard is one of the greatest movies ever made, and a few years later came Singin' in the Rain, a classic musical. Yet, over the years, the industry has produced more bad movies about itself than good ones. America's Sweethearts falls somewhere in-between. Its beginning is quite promising, but it falters and goes downhill after that.

    Lee [Billy Crystal] is a Hollywood press agent with big problems. His boss, Dave [Stanley Tucci], needs him to promote the newest move starring Gwen Harrison and Eddie Thomas [Catherine Zeta-Jones and John Cusack]. The pair used to be the hottest, most popular married couple in America, and the public flocked to see their movies. Now that they are on the verge of divorce and can't stand the sight of each other, they are boxoffice poison. Lee must figure out a way to convince the press that Gwen and Eddie are getting back together without letting the two stars know what he is up to. He enlists the aid of Gwen's sister, Kiki [Julia Roberts], who not only resents the way Gwen orders her around but is also secretly in love with Eddie. Then there is the problem of the movie itself. All the studio has seen of it is the opening credits. The director [Christopher Walken] doesn't want to show it until he's made some changes. These modifications will result in a movie quite unlike the one the studio paid 86 million dollars to make.

    Reading the above synopsis makes me see how funny and insightful America's Sweethearts might have been. The plot leaves ample room for both farce and satire, but the writers didn't take advantage of the opportunity. Instead of being bright, brittle and insightful, the story is instead cute, cloying and tame. Most of the chances for Hollywood to laugh at itself are wasted. So is Julia Roberts. As much as I have finally come to respect her, I just don't think she's right in a plain-Jane role. Also, she has done the ugly duckling into a swan routine too many times before. The movie is primarily a vanity project for Billy Crystal, who also produced it, and for director Joe Roth, who used it to launch his new company, Revolution Studios. They probably were afraid to upset the Hollywood establishment, of which they are a part, too much.

    If your mind wanders while watching a movie, it usually means it isn't grabbing you. There are several scenes in America's Sweethearts where a character says something and everyone in the room gasps. I started thinking about this. In my entire life, I have never known anyone ever to say anything that made all the listeners gasp, and I've known some pretty racy people. This is something that happens only in the movies. Then, I started to list in my head of other things you see only on celluloid. Before I knew it, the movie was over....more info

  • For Comedy Lovers
    This guilty pleasure has the consistency of cotton candy and is every bit as delightful. Those who would put it under the microscope, as if it were The Bicycle Thief, Battleship Potemkin, or Day For Night, really could benefit from a week off - this is a screwball comedy for heaven's sake. And what fun it is.

    Consider the dream cast, Julia Roberts (seriously threatening to act), Billy Crystal (borsht belt not yet dead - just not feeling so well), Catherine Zeta-Jones (superb - her best performance ever), John Cusack (always on time), Hank Azaria (fantastic), Stanley Tucci (consistently funny), Christopher Walken (marvelous as a deranged lunatic - typecasting?), Alan Arkin (still at it, terrific), and Seth Green (impeccable as a sleazy studio hack). The script is by Billy Crystal and Peter Tolan.

    For Crystal, who has spent his entire life in show business, these red carpets are very well worn and familiar, which makes it easy for him to set up smart and often biting jokes lampooning celebrity superficiality, falseness, backstabbing, and profound insecurity. That he and Tolan were unable to create a credible plot to hang these jokes on, like ornaments on a tree, would be a problem if the film had aspirations other than to amuse - as it is, the trip itself provides so much fun that the lack of destination, or even a reason to get there, is not terribly consequential.

    The credit for this goes to a series of marvelous performances, led by Catherine Zeta-Jones who plays a gloriously narcissistic movie star. She inhabits this role so unapologetically that you can almost see her wink at the camera as if to say, "Yes, I know I'm playing myself, and you know it too." Julia Roberts, playing her wallflower sister, is funny casting at the very least. Remarkably, she gives the film one of its only sincere and stirring performances. The reliable John Cusack is likeable as a dazed celebrity struggling to juggle dualities, torn between two sisters, movie star smile barely concealing a disintegrating personality. Hank Azaria, as the staggeringly dim Latin lover Ms. Zeta-Jones has picked up for the moment like a glossy magazine, is so good that he practically walks off with the movie in his brief scenes.

    Everything about the film is false, a false romance between "America's Sweethearts" holds a studio together, the press is invited on a junket to promote a movie that doesn't exist; indeed, part of the film's comedy and pleasure is that it rewards our most wicked suspicions about Hollywood. Ultimately it's your choice. You can watch a depressed Swede play chess with a guy in a Speedo and a cape, or you can watch Catherine Zeta-Jones fire off zingers penned by a latter-day Henny Youngman. Either way, it's pretty funny. ...more info
  • horrible
    I was surpised how much I disliked this movie because im not picky with movies at all but this movie was just a lame wanna be romance flick it truly was awful....more info
  • under-rated
    This movie was hilarious and under-rated. Zeta-Jones does a great job playing a total self-absorbed actress witch willing to do anything to salvage her movie career, Roberts is under-stated (nice for a change), and Cusak is nice to look at, and always does a great job acting ("High Fidelity" being best of his yet). Other cast members are equally hilarious. I think this movie is definitely worth a watch for mindless fun....more info
  • Funny, Entertaining, Perfect!
    Catherine Zeta-Jones delivers an amazing performance (as usual)! The film is pretty easy to follow, but still manages to be entertaining enough to make you wanna watch it again. If you're anything like me, once it's in the dvd player, it doesn't leave for a few days!! :)...more info
  • A waste of Talent
    This movie proves my statement that Hollywood is running out of ideas. The one star is for the effort, but otherwise there was no plot, no great effects and definitely NO originality.
    I was surprised with this considering the actors' talent in other films, maybe they didn't work well together, or there was just a lack of enthusiasm, but either way this film was surprisingly boring and very predictable....more info
  • Far Below It's Cast
    Shallow. That pretty much sums up this film which is neither heartwarming nor sweet and derives most of it's humor from crude jokes and sophomoric antics. ...more info
  • 2.5 stars out of 4
    The Bottom Line:

    America's Sweethearts has a hilarious first 5 minutes and goes quickly downhill from there; it's a forgettable film that misses most of the opportunities inherent in the script for the sake of showing the audience a story it has already seen before....more info
  • Not Julia's best work..
    Being a huge Julia Roberts fan, I was excited when I heard she was doing this movie. The previews looked good, the plot seemed cute, but a bit of a surprise that Julia was kind of taking a back seat to Catherine Zeta Jones.

    After the first round of my friends saw it and panned it, I held off seeing it in the theater and got it on DVD. My intuition was right.

    It's not that this is a bad movie, it's just not up to par with other JR movies. Maybe because her character was given second billing.. I don't particularly care for Catherine Zeta Jones, and the part she played in this movie didn't help. Thankfully, though the makers alluded to Julia Roberts' character having lost a lot of weight, they didn't subject us to her in a fat suit a la Gwyneth Paltrow.. like anyone would ever believe, even in a movie, that Julia would ever be less than beautiful.

    Given that the movie had a lot of star power in it (JR, CZ-J, Billy Crystal, John Cusack) it was just a bit of a bad use of the typical Julia Roberts romantic comedy. Go with "My Best Friend's Wedding" or one of her better movies if you're looking for a funny, entertaining Julia Roberts film....more info

  • One of my Favorites!!
    I know that alot people scarcely remember this movie, some may even want to forget that it exists, but this is a WONDERFUL movie! No, it's not perfect, the plot is so-so and the movie chugs along at a somewhat slow pace, but the one-liners and the cast are so great, that how can you NOT like this movie? John Cusack, Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Billy Crystal, Seth Green, Stanley Tucci, Hank Azaria, and Christopher Walken are part of this amazing cast and together they make up a wonderfully light-hearted little romantic comedy.

    Crystal plays a wise studio exec who is getting fired from his job by the head honcho, Dave Kingman (Tucci), to be replaced by a kid who doesn't know much about the movie business (Green). Kingman wants one last favor: to reunite the ultimate Hollywood couple for one last junket, one last premiere, so he can make his millions off their movie. No junket, no money! It's Crystal's job to get them back together one more time. Big problems arise when trying to do this. Gwen (Zeta-Jones) wants nothing to do with her now-crazy ex-husband (Eddie) who is now living in a mental institution. But she knows that foregoing this junket could ruin her career, so she enlists her sister Kiki (Roberts) to help pull it all together. Eddie is still hung up on his ex-wife, until he begins to see Kiki in an entirely new way.

    Lots of funny lines in the movie. Very dry comedy, not quite your typical romantic comedy. Lots of colorful characters, no questions are left unanswered, so take a glimpse into what Hollywood is probably like, direct from Billy Crystal himself (he co-wrote the movie, afterall!) RECOMMENDED!!...more info
  • Carboard characters and flat attempts at jokes.
    You would think that a movie with such a star studded cast would have some redeeming qualities but this one does not. The characters are flat and provide no reason for the audience to become emotionally attached. Zeta-Jones self centered starlet character is terrible and drab, John Cusacks depressed and lonely character is unbelievable and impossible to become attached to, Billy Crystal's press agent who tries to please everyone character is not funny nore engaging and Julia Robert's character seems to only be present because she has a big smile. The high point, if you can call it that is Hank Azaria's foreign lover character. His character is horribly stereotypical yet at least he does a bit of acting by talking in an accent (even if the accent is overdone). Even Christopher Walken, who is good in just about anything is lost in this movie. His small role of movie maker doesn't even make any sense - there is nothing at all in the movie that gives hints to the ending in which Walken's character plays a large role.

    The main point of the movie - will Zeta-Jone's character and John Cusack's character get back together? - is completely lost because they simply have no amount of chemistry together on screen. Their acting is completely flat.

    This movie is disappointing even when compared to all the other bad romantic comedies out there.

    One last note - the running Doberman gag would maybe be funny and appropriate to third graders if it weren't for the fact that Crystal's character appears to enjoy being licked in the crotch by a dog. He even tells the dog where to lick. That's not funny - it's just disturbing....more info
  • Awesome Actors
    Casting was wonderful with Julia Roberts, John Cusack, Catherine Zeta Jones, Billy Crystal, Hank Azaria, Seth Green, Christopher Walken and many more big name actors. They gave an awesome performance. Each of the actors did there part with realism. One would believe that this is truly how actors lives are and all about press junkets. Seth Green was a great choice for comic relief. A must for all movie collectors!...more info
  • One very lame attempt...
    Awful. ...more info
  • Cusack is America's Sweetheart
    This is Cusack at his best . . . quirky, new age, obsessive over Catherine Zeta-Jones, who is the most loveable self-absorbed prima donna ever to grace a screen.

    I'm mad about this movie, it is probably the one that pushed me over the Cusack edge....more info

  • Star Studded Folly
    How did someone take a light-hearted but cute premise, big name stars, and turn it into such a lame and inane film? The talent is obviously there, but the movie simply doesn't work. Alternating between over-the-top (which I think was the point) and deadly dull (which probably wasn't), this film stalls and fizzles....more info
  • Billy Crystal can do no wrong
    He also wrote, produced, and starred in this. I'm surprised, I didn't think he could do three things at once! The scene where he basically gets molested by a Doberman, is the worst bit of the whole movie. It's like toilet humour - it's cheap and not in the least bit funny.

    I bought this film mainly because I got a 2 off voucher, which had no "use by" date on it, so I thought I'd better use it quick smart. So I bought the first film I saw, and got it for 3.99. It looks like the nice little rom-com that I would normally buy, and hence the reason why my DVD case is bursting at the seams with these things.

    There are a surprising number of terrific stars in this, and who saves this is Hank Azaria, in a fantastic role once more. Although he doesn't show off that amazing body of his (as seen in Along Came Polly). Julia Roberts is playing her usual role, although she chose not to go for the lead role - despite still getting star billing. I was NOT keen on John Cusack - he just doesn't do it for me, and every time he's on screen, you can feel yourself wanting to scratch the TV, just to make yourself feel better. He does have one of the best lines in the movie though: when Billy Crystal is trying to explain to him why Catherine has far bigger accommodations at the hotel, he asks: "Well, she has an entourage ... you don't have an entourage." Cusack responds: "I"m a paranoid schizophrenic, I'm my OWN entourage."

    Catherine Zeta Jones plays herself fantastically - you can almost imagine that she's this much of a madam in real life! Christopher Walken also appears in a surprising, unkempt, and almost chubby role, and despite not having as much screen time as the others, he portrays the part of a pretentious director perfectly.

    The finale is a great surprise, when the completed film is finally revealed, and brings a lot of laughs. The ending was too sickly sweet for my liking - you get the feeling Kiki (Julia Roberts) is getting her sister's tainted goods. I wouldn't feel right with that. Knowing your own sister has been there before you, whether the guy is comparing you two etc.

    This is a reasonable film, despite the fact it was written by Billy Crystal - I'm sure he could write much better. Just for the film being shown to the stars and the press is worthwhile seeing. It's just a shame, that if you don't like these kinda movies, you have to sit through the rest of it first....more info
  • Slick, sharp, smart and funny!
    I loved it. I saw it a year or so ago, loved it then, bought a copy and just finished watching it a 2nd time. I think it's one of the cleverest comedies I can remember seeing. It is as the acerbic virulent reviewer below me said predictable. In this case, so what. And what else could you expect from the plot (that he didn't already divulge) given the characters and the situation? I would love to know how much Billy Crystal did on the script, I didn't know he was a witty person. And I never liked him before this movie, but I thought he was droll and subtle and perfect in this movie. One glitch. What would Eddie have ever seen in Gwenn? That one was a little hard to swallow. Sigh. But no matter. And (rare for a comedy these days or any days), it was actually witty. It was funny. It made me laugh out loud. All the actors were in top form. The situations and conversations the writers devised for them were original and I thought hysterical. I highly recommend this comedy to anyone who thinks he might like it. ...more info
  • Very Funny
    i dont know what peoples big problem with this movie is i think that it is exremly funny and a cute romantic comdey. throughout the entire movie i was laughing out loud. john cusack plays a wonderful unstable person im my opinon great romantic comedy...more info