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Once Upon a Time in Mexico
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  • Loved it!
    Bought it for the second movie - Desperado - which I loved, but ended up loving the first movie - El Mariachi - even more! Even though it's subtitled and in Spanish, it gives the beginning of the story and is campy and gritty, obviously low-budget but it's great. If you like foreign films and anything to do with Robert Rodriguez, you'd love this set of movies and it'd be worth adding to your collection....more info
  • Great!
    Only saw the last 2 parts. I got this set for my friend's daughter and she said the first part was decent, it had words you had to read because of the foreign language but it explained a lot....more info
  • The best.
    What is there to say... These movies have it all from drama, comedy, action, ect... If you're a dude get it for the action and gun fights, and for you ladies d'uh its got Antonio Banderas for you in there. Anyhoo stop reading this and buy it. ...more info
  • One to watch (and hold on to!)
    This is just a great collector's item. All the extra's on the dvd make it extra special. ...more info
  • Mariachi Grande
    *El Mariachi (4 stars out of 5)
    For a very low-budget film, this is very well-made. Even though it has very grainy picture quality, the filming style is very excellent. It is a simple but great story filled with great action scenes and great characters. It is entirely in Spanish with English subtitles, and includes a commentary track, a short film, and a making-of featurette.

    *Desperado (4 stars out of 5)
    With a higher budget, this film surpasses its predessor both in quality and in style. It has excellent image and sound quality. There are loads of slick action scenes. The story is not bad, and has some excellent characters. It is well-written. Music was good. It is mostly in English with subtitles for Spanish-speaking parts, and includes a commentary, a making-of featurette, and I believe it has a free demo for video-editing software.

    *Once Upon a Time in Mexico (4 stars out of 5)
    This last film has some of the biggest and best action scenes of the trilogy. It still has great video/sound quality, a good filming style, good writing, good characters, and good music. The only thing that really suffers is the story, which is convoluted and seems to have too many characters to keep track of. Again, it is mostly English with subtitled Spanish-speaking parts. It includes a bunch of featurettes, a commentary, and some deleted scenes.

    All of these films are exciting, entertaining, and very well-made. All discs are special editions, and contain a wealth of extras. Only the first film seems to have poor image quality, since it is so grainy, but it also accentuates the grittiness of the film and can be considered a benefit. The other two films have nearly perfect quality. Overall, this is a great set and is well worth the price....more info
  • "Boy with camera" grows up
    Starting with "Bedhead", and traveling through the Mexico Trilogy (sprinkled with a little "Spy Kids" here and there), you can see him educate himself and develop into a talented film maker. And he shares what he's learned with his audience along the way, by including his "Ten Minute Film (and Cooking) Schools".
    You get the feeling, watching the special features included with the DVD packages, that he never sleeps, and that he needs to control all aspects of his creations, so that they are HIS and no one elses. This is a fine way to be (think Orson Welles); but I hope he can keep a grip on reality....more info
  • Good set, good music, Selma Hayek, Willem Dafoe, Antonio Banderas
    I have no attention span to go back and watch the original El Mariachi in its entirety but Desperado and Once Upon a Time in Mexico make this set a good addition to your collection of movies.

    I have personal reasons why I enjoy Desperado the most however don't discredit the last movie in this series. Good movies that you should see at least and the extras are your standard trailers, pictures and commentaries. Geth this set for the movies, not the special features....more info