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  • Cheap as heck and the transfer is upgraded!
    Well, this isn't packed with special features, but it's sure worth more than two stars. After all, what do you expect for a double-feature (each film is in its own thin-pak case) plus episodes of the cartoon (which it will be great to reminisce while watching, by the way) and a scrapbook at such a low price?

    The real treat that home theater enthusiasts and most people with eyes will appreciate is that the transfers have been remastered and are marvelous-looking. That alone makes this a good companion to the old discs (KEEP THE OLD RELEASES because the video commentary from the first Ghostbusters DVD isn't on this new one and the neither are theatrical trailers). e-mail me for a link to comparison pics of the transfer upgrades! Worth an upgrade for home theater enthusiasts and fans of the cartoon (and fans of cool gimmick packaging, too, I guess!)....more info
  • 3 1/2 actually for the set, Movies are worth five, but...
    What can I say?
    I finally received my copy of this new boxed set of these classic comedies.
    As I indicated in my initial preview comments of this (which I've now deleted so I can write this), I have been a huge fan of all things Ghostbusters for as long as I can remember.
    The films on their own are worth five stars, as is this set for anyone who did not get around to purchasing the 1999 DVD release of these movies.
    For the rest of us, though, it is a good set for what new stuff there is. The "collectible scrapbook" is interesting to flip through once or twice, but on the whole, there isn't too much in it that I haven't seen on various Ghostbusters websites over the years.
    For me, the best reasons for getting this are...
    1. The two episodes of the animated series ("Citizen Ghost" from RGB, and "Partner in Slime" from Slimer and the RGB). Both of these were among my top favorites of the series (not to mention among the few I really remember, as well), and it's great that I can finally watch them whenever I want.
    2. The remastered picture. Simply put, these films are gorgeous. they easily could have been made yesterday, that's how good they look. The colors are nice and bright. Pixelation problems from the earlier DVDs (which are really obvious after looking at the new DVDs) appear to be nonexistent.
    One thing with the audio that I must say I am glad to see fixed as well... On the 1999 DVD of Ghostbusters II, when Vigo first speaks, there was this weird echo (which I've never been able to figure out why). Thankfully, the echo is gone on this new DVD.
    While I am still disappointed with Sony for recycling the majority of the bonus content, as well as still completely overlooking bonus materials of any kind for GB2, I will admit that the finished product is better than what the initial reports led me to believe.
    Still, I will hold out hope (even if it is futile) that some day Sony will realize that there are those who love Ghostbusters II just as much, if not more, than the first film, and give us a treat by giving it the Special edition it desperately deserves (If they can do one for the atrocious Men in Black II, they can do one for GB2).
    In the end, though, if you have the 1999 DVDs, it all comes down to whether you feel remastered picture, a couple cartoon episodes, and a collectible scrapbook are worth it.
    If you don't have the earlier DVDs and you love Ghostbusters, this should be a no-brainer....more info
  • Stays true to the ghostbusters we know and love!
    I remember seeing these movies years ago when I was just a young tyke and now with the purchase of this double-feature pack, I can watch them whenever I want.

    As always when watching films again when you are older, you catch things you may have missed due to the innocent mind of being a child. Such is the case with these movies. The comedic timing from the entire cast is right on point and will hve you stitches from the beginning until the very end.

    Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Rick Moranis are absolute comic geniuses in these movies. I find the more subtle jokes and humor a bit more appealing as it seems that these are the jokes intended for adults, while the general story is geared toward children. Also, I was never aware that the role of Dana Barret was played by Sigourney Weaver, who is not only amazingly stunning in these films, but also holds her own in the comedy department against the guys.

    The double-feature pack doesn't have many extras, but in my mind you can't beat the price and its worth it just for the movies themselves. If you don't have this pack, get it as soon as possible if you are like me and have been a fan of the ghostbusters since childhood. ...more info
  • UGh.
    Bill Murray is the ONLY reason to watch these Ivan Reitman POSs. Ivan hit gold with Ghostbusters 1, a fortuitous comingling of 65mm SFX + sarcastic SNL humor. Alas, #2 was where he really had to show his cajones and it is PAINFULLY unfunny from frame 1. Easily the worst film film I had in my entire DVD collection.

    "Ghostbusters" has one of the all-time greatest helicopter shots of lower Manhattan when the Gostbustersmobile goes over the Brooklyn bridge....more info
  • 80's Classics!!!
    GHOSTBUSTERS: This is a very awesome and hilarious movie! Dan Akroyd and Bill Murray make it even better! Some scientists start hunting ghosts in NY. Things get worse after some idiot makes them pull the plug at their headquarters and all the ghosts are released. Later, the Ghostbusters must deal with a HUGE Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man!!!

    GHOSTBUSTERS II: Five years after killing the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man, the Ghostbusters are out of work and nobody remembers them. Dana is walking home with her baby, and the carriage takes off by itself. She asks Egon to look in on it. Later, after a court session gone wrong, the Ghostbusters come out of retirement to figure out what the mysterious goo is under the city and where it comes from. With the help of the goo, music, and the Statue of Liberty, the Ghostbusters try to save the day!!! I can't wait for Ghostbusters 3!!! ...more info
  • Who ya Gonna Call?
    We had been playing the Ghostbusters game with my grandson who had never seen the movie. It was just as good as I remembered and now he knows the song....more info
  • One of my long time favorites
    Still a pleasure to watch. Enjoyable comedy. Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis at their best. Great support by Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver. Very good direction and script....more info
  • About the widescreen issue...
    Just a bit of information I know I would have like to have had before I bought it: There are some reviews on this page complaining that the first film is presented only in fullscreen.. The slip-cover for the set does, in fact, list the first film as being in fullscreen, and the second as being in 2.40:1 widescreen.. which confused me and I bought it anyway figuring that there was no reason they would do one film properly but not the other. Then I noticed that on the slip-cover under special features they list the FIRST film as being in widescreen, but NOT the second... It gets stranger. When you open it and look at the individual cases, the first film is labeled as being in 2.40:1 widescreen, and the second is listed as being in 2.35:1 (NOT 2.40)...

    Well, dyslexic cover-art designers aside, when you watch the films they ARE BOTH IN WIDESCREEN.. whether one is 2.40 and one is 2.35 I didn't really bother to figure out, and frankly I doubt given the attention to detail displayed on the boxes. Either way, the films do look really good.

    The special features are, like most people said, nothing to scream about and mainly re-packaged from the earlier releases with the notable exception of episodes from the cartoon, which are pretty awful. The scrapbook is nice, despite having an odd odor like burnt french fries...

    As for the films themselves, I haven't really watched them since I was about 12, and so it was pure nostalgia. They were actually better than I expected. The first one is plainly the "better" movie, and the second one basically shamelessly recreates its plot blow by blow (Instead of stay puft, we have the statue of liberty, instead of an evil apartment building, we have an evil museum, instead of arguments with a surprisingly accommodating mayor and his meddlesome underlings, we have... arguments with a surprisingly accommodating mayor and his meddlesome underlings.) However, in some strange way, the second film feels fresher to me, and the real joy of the movies was watching these great actors do their thing, and they're all just as good the second time around. Even if Winston still has nothing to do besides show up once in a while to deflect criticism about an all-white cast.

    So, anyway, hoped that cleared up some stuff....more info
  • Get buy!
    SOMETHING STRANGE IN YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD - I waited when the 1st DVD Came out because I knew they would place them together. I did the same with Nerds (they combined those as well) This has to be one of the great movies from my childhood. I just remember how much the kids just LOVED it. It became the cartoons, and everything. THIS IS A GREAT BUY FOR THE $$!!...more info
  • Blast from the Past!!!
    We all can sing the song, and know the cartoon, but there is nothing like the real thing! I love both movies!

    Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!...more info
  • A Must Have!!!
    A Must have for all 80's movie fans. My 4 year old absolutely loves it too. Great family fun!...more info
  • Who you gonna Call?
    I will always want these 2 movies in my video libray no matter what the format....more info
  • I ain't afraid of no ghost!!! A great 2 DVD package!!! It's Slime-O-Riffic!!!
    This is a great 2 DVD set that includes BOTH Ghostbuster's 1 and 2 in WIDESCREEN and some great extras too,including a collectable scrapbook!!! A great collection for the Ghostbuster fan!!! A great set at a great price!!! It's Slimo-O-Riffic!!!Recommended!!! A+...more info
  • I've been waiting for this one!
    "Ghostbusters" came out in the summer before I started Junior High school and I remember being such a geek about that movie. The first time I saw the trailer, it was during the film "Romancing the Stone" and I remember my brother covering his eyes because he got scared, but when they showed Bill Murray, I knew it was going to be funny. This film is a classic, with many lines my friends and I endlessly quoted during our 7th grade year ("okay, who brought the dog?", "does anyone want to play parcheesi?", "are you the keymaster?", "I think this building should be condemned", "there's something strange about that man", etc).

    Bill Murray made this movie with his detached and dry sense of humour. When this film came out in 1984, it did something that really hadn't been done before...a merging of a supernatural ghost story with SNL-type comedy to brilliant effect. Imagine what could be done with today's CGI-effects if they "remake" or "reinterpret" this film? Though it probably wouldn't be the same. It might be better in some ways, but the comedic chemistry between Bill Murray, Ivan Reitman, and Dan Ackroyd made this film as great as it is.

    Such a huge fan of this film that I was, when the sequel came out five years later, I had never felt such excitement over a movie's release before (such feeling was surpassed when "The Phantom Menace" came out in 1999, however). At the time, I loved the sequel just as much as the original, but in later viewings, I realized that it simply doesn't hold up well as time goes on. There was little reason to make the film other than for the money they expected to roll in, which didn't. The sequel made half as much as the original, which is just as well, since it was only half as original in its plot/story.

    What is the story? The film is about a group of fraudulent academia scientists who lose their university jobs over bad science (which Bill Murray displays to brilliant comedic effect). They decide to go into business for themselves when they realize that it is possible to trap and hold ghosts indefinitely. Their business gets off to a slow start but soon they become famous all over New York when they catch ghost after ghost. The plot builds as one case reveals itself to have Biblical, end of the world potential and leave it to a government Environmental Protection Agency bureaucrat to unleash the ancient Sumerian god and its forces of destruction by demanding that the Ghostbuster's ghost containment unit be shut down. Was that 50 foot Marshmellow Man cool or what?

    The sequel takes place five years later as we discover that they've been out of business and have been subjects to lawsuits by many people. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) continues his fraud by hosting a Psychic Talk Show and Dan Ackroyd's character runs an Occult bookshop. Strange undercurrents are running through the city, which brings Dana Barrett (Sigourney Weaver) back to request their investigative skills. The Ghostbusters learn that a river of pink slime runs beneath the city and is affected by the vibes of New Yorkers, for good or bad. To repeat the first film's conclusion, instead of the Marshmellow Man to unleash a holy terror on the people, the Ghostbusters bring to life the Statue of Liberty to inspire the people to good vibes in order to defeat the spirit of Viggo the Carpathenian (ruler of Moldavia) from possessing the body of Dana's baby. Kooky!

    Like I said...what they could do now with CGI and a great script! Perhaps M Night Shyamalan can "reinterpret" a new "Ghostbusters" for the 21st century. The possibilities are endless. Until Hollywood gets whiff of that idea, I guess these two films will do for now. I look forward to owning them on DVD finally (to replace my worn out VHS copies) and I know I'm risking it by buying the dvd now because I still think they are going to re-release a fully loaded dvd later down the line. Should you buy now or wait? I guess it depends on how much you love this film and how many times you plan to watch it....more info
  • BIG PROBLEM, you have to purchase THREE ITEMS!!!
    The problem with this set is that is uses the "pan and scan" version of the films, instead of the "WIDESCREEN". So if you are a real fan you have to buy this set for the booklet, then buy the individual movies (the only way to get them in WIDESCREEN). Why can't they make a "Special Edition", that has the WIDESCREEN versions of the film? This was the same problem with the Shrek boxed set, some of the films were widescreen, but some were pan-and-scan. If this was in WIDESCREEN, I would have given it four or five stars....more info
  • Ghostbusters is still great
    This double feature of Ghostbusters 1 & 2 is excellent and they hold up very well. My kids loved them. ...more info
  • Special Features from
    Commentary With Ivan Reitman, Harold Ramis & Joe Medjuck: On/Off

    Scene Cemetery
    Puft Hat
    "No Louis"

    -1984 Featurette
    -Cast and Crew Featurette
    -SFX Team Featurette

    -Special Effects Before & After With Multi-Angle
    -Spook Central Exploding
    -She's a Dog
    -Crossing the Streams
    -Production Photos
    -Ghoulish Librarian
    -Lovely Floating Ghost
    -Production Team
    -Spook Central
    -Stay Puft Man
    -Terror Dogs
    -Conceptual Drawings
    -Colorful Early NYC Concepts
    -Colorful Ecto-Mobile Interior
    -Early Stay Puft Man Concepts
    -Light Stream Chalk Drawings
    -Pencil and Chalk Creature Concepts
    -Pencil and Librarian Ghoul Concepts
    -Pencil Terror Dog Concepts
    -SFX Conceptual Paintings
    -Early Logo Concepts
    -Conceptual Drawings
    -Colorful Early NYC Concepts
    -Colorful Ecto-Mobile Interior
    -Early Stay Puft Man Concepts
    -Light Stream Chalk Drawings
    -Pencil and Chalk Creature Concepts
    -Pencil and Librarian Ghoul Concepts
    -Pencil Terror Dog Concepts
    -SFX Conceptual Paintings
    -Early Logo Concepts

    -Ghostly Gallery
    -Bums in Park
    -Dogs Drag Dana
    -Slimer Pigs Out
    -Haunted Stacks
    -Boys in Library
    -Louis Meets Dog
    -Mink Coat
    -Louis Meets Muggers
    -Proton Charging
    -Atop Spook Central
    -Cheeky Ghost

    Split Scene Compare
    -Dogs Drag Dana
    -Atop Spook Central

    Animated Episodes
    The Real Ghostbusters- Citizen Ghost
    The Real Ghostbusters -Partners in Slime
    ...more info
  • Ademas trae....
    Audio: ENGLISH 5.1 , FRENCH and SPANISH 2.0

    Ghostsbusters II
    Audio: ENGLISH 5.1, PORTUGUESE and SPANISH 2.0
    ...more info
  • Ghostbusters 1 & 2
    Great collection! Shipped timely and in excellent condition. Great price for the set. ...more info
  • Urgh
    I was a child around the time Ghostbusters was a cartoon series, the best messiest line of toys to ever exist (that slime stuck to everything and my mom hated it, everything a kids toy needed to be), a sugary breakfast cereal, 4 or more lousy videogames, and remember seeing part 2 in theaters. For some reason since the 80s I have not really gone back to GB but this DVD set being cheap on top of The Angry Video Game Nerd's endless praise has led me back. This thing is awesome, best 10 bucks I've spent in awhile.

    I have never seen Ghostbusters in widescreen and its absolutely awesome looking, every bit of the frame is crammed with action, I can't believe people use to put up with pan and scan for so long. I really want to see this in a theater one day. Nothing much to say about the movie, you know what Ghostbusters is about. One of the great 80s blockbusters, funny as hell, very well written, classic performances and action packed. I was disappointed the MST3k presentation of the commentary track wasn't included on this version, I read about it a long time ago and was looking forward to it, no real loss though.

    The main thing I want to gripe about is Ghostbusters part 2. WHAT HAPPENED?!?! Why is this movie so sentimental and sappy? The plot just doesn't cut it simply because its more of a retread of the original film with the humor and wit dulled down. The only thing that really saves this movie is the fact that there's alot of ghostbusting and special effects to be had but all the parts in between just don't live up to the first one. The love story with the baby, just don't need it! Notice on the special features there is an episode of the cartoon that takes place right after the ending of the first film where the Ghostbusters suits soaked in Stay Puft's ecto-marshmellow-plasm become possessed by evil Ghostbusters who wreck havoc all over New York. That would have been a perfect plot for part 2! There's even a moment on the episode that works in real theories on what a ghost actually is, nothing like that is mentioned in part 2. The sly dialog, improv moments of comedy and cast dynamics are all missing from this film. Egon isn't even Egon, Bill Murray gets too sappy, Rick Moranis's character is totally unnecessary, nothing new is presented. But like I said, its action packed enough to keep itself from being completely worthless but nowhere near as fun. I won't lie though, when I was a kid I ran up to the front row with a bunch of other kids in a what could only be described as a kindergarten mosh pit during the court room scene. Well there's some venting, thats alot of words for Ghostbusters 2 but it could have been so much better, oh well. Ghostbusters will always be great. ...more info
  • If you love ghostbuster this is what to get
    If you do not own Ghostbusters on DVD this is the way to go. Ghostbusters is a great film. Regardless of past releases I think you should get this one anyway its very low priced which is great for two great movies. Its like 12 dollars in some places here on Amazon its like only 13 something it is defintely worth buying for the price especially uif you do not won the previous dvd releases. ...more info
    I remember really liking the first one in the theater. It just seems to have lost something over the years. Still a great deal for the two films. The first is a classic and the second is certainly watchable. The DVD transfer is quite good on the 2 pack edition....more info
  • I ain't afraid of no ghost!!! A great 2 DVD package!!! It's Slime-O-Riffic!!!
    This is a great 2 DVD set that includes BOTH Ghostbuster's 1 and 2 in WIDESCREEN and some great extras too,including a collectable scrapbook!!! A great collection for the Ghostbuster fan!!! A great set at a great price!!! It's Slimo-O-Riffic!!!Recommended!!! A+...more info
  • Looks great, one great comedy, one good one, and some interesting extras
    Since these movies came out in 1983 and 1989, before my youngest son was born, he had somehow missed out on seeing Ghostbusters. While he had seen the second film, he had not seen the first. And for me, I did not remember the second installment being nearly as much fun as the first. So, when I saw this set with the two of them, I bought it. It is a terrific set and has a nice little booklet with some of drawings and sketches that were done to originate the ideas for the first Ghostbusters.

    The first movie was a sensation. The title song was remarkable and was the song of 1984. The exuberance of the actors, their chemistry, and the downright strangeness of the story delighted nearly everyone and if my youngest son's reaction is representative of young people today, it is still a great deal of fun. Yes, the effects look much cheesier than they did in 1983 (the year the film was made) before CGI took over effects in film.

    It is also fun to watch the film with the commentary and learn more about how the story evolved from Ackroyd's original treatment and what went on in making the movie. Some of the classic lines of the film were improvised or were done by the actor. For example, Dana's (Sigourney Weaver) line to Venkman (Bill Murray) that he didn't seem like a scientist, that he seemed more like a game show host was perfect and supplied by Weaver. The original line given her was more hackneyed, that Venkman seemed more like a used car salesman. The difference is one is fresh and memorable the other would just be lost in the rest of the movie.

    There is so much that is wonderful in the first Ghostbusters that it is impossible to list them all. We all have our favorite moments and as we watch the movie we are reminded of more that we really like. Just for fun, look up the cast on IMDB and see what they have all done since. It is quite an interesting exercise.

    The second film was inevitable given the success of the first. The domestic box office was $231 million and worldwide it was $291 million for the first movie.

    However, I remember feeling that Ghostbusters 2 was a bit of a disappointment. The music wasn't very good (the Bobby Brown stuff was terrible!) and the story seemed too much a sermon instead of the best story they could invent (but maybe it was). As I watched it again after all these years, I have to say that it was better than I remembered. Yes, the Bobby Brown stuff and the rap crap are still awful, but I can look past that.

    The beginning picks up five years after the other filmed ended. They are on hard times. Ray and Winston are doing kids parties for extra cash. As they do a little dance to the Ghostbusters theme from the first movie and come to "Who ya gonna call?" the kids shout back "HE MAN!". Quite deflating for the boys. Ray also has an Occult / Paranormal bookstore. Egon is doing research about on how emotions affect the human environment. Venkman has a cable access show interviewing paranormal nutjobs. And Dana is working at a museum because she has a young baby, Oscar, and can't travel with the orchestra.

    We get introduced to the main idea of the film when Dana rolls Oscar's baby carriage through some goo on the sidewalk (who would notice in 1980s New York?). When she stops to talk with someone the carriage starts moving on its own!

    I did enjoy many of the scenes. The digging in the street, the courtroom scene, the ghost train. It is all quite funny. Yes, it is very tough to surprise and delight the way the first film did, but there is a lot to enjoy. But whomever it was that insisted on Bobby Brown should still be taken outback and given a stern lecture about how bad an idea that was.

    There are also two shorts about the first film. One from 1984 and the other more recent. Both are very interesting. There are also some deleted scenes and it is clear why they weren't included.

    One great comedy, one good comedy, and some nice extras in this fine two DVD set....more info
  • GHOSTBUSTERS 1 & 2!!!!
    This is such a great buy. Two fun and entertaining films with great transfers and some nice extras for a cheap pirce. You also get a nice book that comes with it. If you are a fun make sure to pick this up!...more info
  • The Time Is Now
    Ghostbusters and Ghosterbusters 2! Anyone who grew up in the early 90's is well framiliar with these two awsome adventures.
    Alot of laughs (thanks to Bill Murray's improve and Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd's clever script), some geuine scares and cool special effects that pump up the action, all come together to make two major players in Hollywood entertainment. With Ivan Reitman at the helm, these films were considered blockbusters at the time of their release and for good reason. This two disc set may not be chalk-full of endless special features, but the features that are included are super-cool enough to make this gift set well worth the purchase amount.
    On the first movie is included some deleted scenes, an extreamly informative commentary from some of the filmmakers and more goodies here and there.
    On the second dvd, there is only one special feature, two full episodes from the popular cartoon show "The Real Ghostbusters" which both tie in in a neat way to the actual movies.
    The last feature that comes with this set is a movie scrapbook, which is very well done and includes alot of cool information about the making of the films and the back story of how the original idea for the movie was Dan Akroyd's, called 'Ghostsmahers' and featured him and the late John Belushi traveling through space smashing ghosts.
    All in all, considering the low price of the set, this a great buy for fans of the films. Don't bother holding out for more special-feature related releases of the films. If they didn't do anything new for this gift set, they probably won't anytime soon....more info
  • BIG PROBLEM, you have to purchase THREE ITEMS!!!
    The problem with this set is that is uses the "pan and scan" version of the films, instead of the "WIDESCREEN". So if you are a real fan you have to buy this set for the booklet, then buy the individual movies (the only way to get them in WIDESCREEN). Why can't they make a "Special Edition", that has the WIDESCREEN versions of the film? This was the same problem with the Shrek boxed set, some of the films were widescreen, but some were pan-and-scan. If this was in WIDESCREEN, I would have given it four or five stars....more info