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  • Riveting!
    A very suspenseful thriller--well-crafted, directed, and acted, with a full variety of characterizations and non-stop, heart-pounding scares. Recommended,...more info
  • Panic?
    Like all his movies, from the satirical "Fight Club" to the deep human horror of "Se7en" to the could've-been "Alien 3," Fincher's "Panic Room" is a conventional thriller loaded with a layer of subtext. Unlike "Se7en and "Fight Club," however, the plot and characters in "Panic Room" can't survive without the subtext, and what we're left with is a slick but unfulfilling little thriller.

    Freud would've loved the plot - frightened woman and her frail but tough daughter are trapped in the womb of a house while three would-be robbers (who might as well be named Id, Ego, and Superego) invade the home, seeking the treasure that's secure in the center of the fortress. Wow! Anyway, Fincher has fun with camera moves, funky angles, set pieces, and wonderfully muted colors...unfortunately, every self-conscious shot only magnifies his weakness with character development and true, human fear. Examine the moment when Jodie Foster's character discovers the trio in her house - why is it so muted, when it should be filling her - and us - with terror?

    Unfortunately, I suspect Fincher was drawn to "Panic Room" as much for its flimsy plot (more of a situation, actually) as its symbolism - the simpler the setup, the more chances to dazzle with nifty camerawork. "Panic Room" could've been a nail-biter, but it's only a mildly satisfying thriller, and a waste of most of the actors' talents....more info

  • A sleek little thriller with technically proficient beauty
    "Panic Room" is highly simplistic in plot, highly attentive to detail, and the result is a satisfyingly unique thriller. Some may be a bit bored by the events which unfold, but others (like me) will be won over by the intelligent script and beatiful camera work. Oh, and the opening credits sequence is probably one of the coolest I've ever seen....more info
  • Panic Room (2002)
    Excellent thriller starring Jodie Foster as a woman divorced from her husband who moves into a mysterious old house (complete with a high-tech elevator that was necessary for the previous owner) where there is a panic room that contains something desperately desired by a threesome of thieves who break into the house causing Foster and her on-screen daughter to compete and race for their lives in a classic cat-and-mouse chase. Extreme suspense, gripping performances and a well-laid out script help to make this another ultimate thriller...rare for today's film! An outstanding achievement!...more info
  • A bit more panic
    I'd give the film 3 and a half stars, its an entertaining movie with some good performances from Jodie Foster and Forest Whittaker. The director David Fincher (Seven, Alien3, Fight Club) uses some interesting camera moves to keep you on your toes - the camera goes through keyholes, down air vents etc. However it does rehash a lot of standard thriller plotlines and actually isn't that thrilling.

    Why this special edition gets 4 stars is because the extras are very good. You wouldn't believe the amount of money they spent building the inside of the house. The courtyard at the back of the house is also a set as well. The extras are really good and make this version well worth getting. In all honesty I'm more likely to watch some of the extras before I watch the film again.

    Its also worth mentioning that this film needs to watched after dark, as it is filmed in at best half light, and most of the time less than that. So if its still daylight outside and you haven't got heavy curtains select another movie. ...more info
  • Panic Room Review
    In this movie Jodie Foster has recently purchased a house in NY, and has just moved there with her adolescent daughter. Her first night after she moves in, three men break into her house. This movie is full of suspense, and very surprising. The lengths the characters go to in this movie never fail to amaze me, and the ending is a big surprise. It is a movie you will not forget. ...more info
  • How Convenient...
    ...that she bought a house with such a unique feature, and not a moment too soon. Really dumb movie....more info
  • A thrilling and dramatic experience
    As you can see by the rating I really just thought this movie was okay. There isn't a huge amount to go into beyond that concept because the movie is fairly basic in concept. Though, I have to admit that the way they generated the drama with the location was quite impressive.

    This is a movie based around the story of a robbery gone wrong. The robbers didn't expect anyone to be in the house, but Jodi Foster's character and her daughter had already moved in early. The house has some unusual features, such as an elevator and a panic room. The panic room, which the movie is named after, is a small room that people can hide in and survive if attacked. It's behind very thick steel, so it's nigh impossible to get through and it comes complete with a camera surveillance system. Naturally the robbers were expecting the room to be empty, but Foster really throws that wrench in their plans. What they're after is in that room, it just so happens that one of the robbers installs those kinds of rooms, thus enter Forest Whittaker. As you can see the stage is set for a very suspenseful ride. The whole movie takes place in this house and really doesn't go anywhere else. That alone is fairly impressive. Seriously, to stay on screen for two hours and not leave the same location, that takes pretty good writing and they do manage to pull it off. Not to mention this is all done with like five actors and a sixth enters later with almost no lines.

    Despite the very competent acting, the film still felt a tad drawn out. This is a shock to hear me say because I'm usually the guy wanting more out of the movie! The suspense was certainly great and the acting was very well done. However, I can't see myself watching this numerous times in the future and that's what really separates a great movie from an okay movie for me. I did like the interaction with the robbers the most once they realized their carefully laid plans weren't going very smooth. The audience is meant to eventually sympathize with Whittaker's character, which I thought was a bit of an interesting twist, though I really don't think Whittaker would make a really good down and dirty robber with loads of violent experience. Seriously, it's just not him, so he was perfect for this role of a man who was in over his head, so to speak.

    I think this is definitely a movie worth seeing once, at the very least. If you're a fan of Jodi Foster films I don't see how this could possibly disappoint you. I'm not a huge fan of hers, but I typically enjoy the films she puts out. That's about all I can think to say on this, just a good thrilling and suspenseful movie if you ask me....more info
  • An Amazing DVD For Film Enthusiasts
    Panic Room is a great film and one of David Fincher's best projects to date. A dark thriller full of well-thought-out moments which are evidence of Fincher's amazing skill and attitude toward filmmaking.

    The Special Edition is a film buff's dream! 2 discs with so many hours of extras it can hardly all be watched in just one day. Few DVD's focus on a film's construction like this one and rarely does a director have so much genuine information to give on his own film to fill up 2 discs. Combined with wow-factor menu design, this DVD is a must for film enthusiasts who live and breathe for behind-the-scenes material....more info
  • Edge of the seat
    Jodie Foster is great again! This movie will keep you glued. Great chilling and suspenseful....more info
    A very tense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat through out! It does go a little over board towards the end,but it is still a first rate thriller. The superbit version I have, did not impress me any more or less than a standard DVD release. ...more info
  • A lesson in home construction
    The next time you remodel or build a new room or home, add this to your plans. As the threat of terrorism increases those old 1950s bomb shelters are in vogue. Use this movie as a model. A lot of valuable information here....more info
  • Over-hyped.
    Panic Room starring Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart is a major disappointment. Probably David Fincher's most inconsistent film to date. All the actors are good in this but it's too long and boring. Jared Leto and Forest Whitaker look completely horrible, jeez who was in charge of hair and make-up? Panic Room is the biggest disaster of 2002....more info
  • David Fincher Rules!
    This movie is a great thriller that isn't too scary for the people who hate horror movies, but is just intense enough to satisfy those who love horror films. Like Fincher's other amazing movies (Fight Club, Se7en, The Game) this movie has a ton of twists and just very interesting situations. The best thing Jodie Foster has done since Silence of the Lambs. I highly recommend this movie as well as anything else Fincher has done....more info
  • Not a horror movie!
    I purchased this as a rental here on Amazon because it was listed as a scary movie. This is not a horror or scary movie in any sense of the word. Yes, its a thriller but not one that captivated my attention. ...more info