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Daddy Day Care
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  • ENjoyable
    Eddie was good as usual, the other fella was good, especially on the first day when he had them little kids singing all those songs(had me cracking up big time),but the one who stole the show was Eddie's little son. The way he woke up, ate and used the bathroom by himself, was too darn much He liked to stole the show. Seriously. Great movie....more info
  • daddy day care review
    This movie was in good condition and plays well. The status of it's condition was true and shipping was timely. I am very satisfied and will likely order from this contact again....more info
  • CUTE COMEDY. 14th dec 2004.
    I have watched this film approximately 4 times, i wasen't keen on it at all when i saw it at the cinema. After viewing the film 3 times, i got really interested in it. Its made by funny characters such as EDDIE MURPHY which make the film great and young kids so cute such as ELLE FANNING. The kids did a great job of their parts in the film as if they found it so easy and the movie has some great songs too. When eddies character takes on a day care, he gets around 10 kids at his day care and the kids are enjoying their stay, i loved this movie....more info
  • Finally. a successful Murphy movie!
    Firstly, I kinda have to take that back. Eddie Murphy was real good in `I Spy,' which is unfairly overlooked. But with the likes of `Showtime' and `Pluto Nash,' I was totally thinking about whether or not I like this guys after all. But he is great in this film. Eddie Murphy finds that looking after your kid is way cheaper than putting him in a day care centre, and he and his friend hold a little day care centre of their own. There are some hilariously funny moments, but you'll have to be there to get it. I would recommend this movie to everybody, as it is just such a pleasing movie anybody would like it....more info
  • Great flick
    What do you have when two cereal promotional guys are fired off from the only thing they know how to do and they bills are piling up, and they need a job badly? In the same time, you need to find a good day care center for the kids when both parental units are off to work and find work. The main problem is, it is hard to find any at least a daycare that is trustworthy to even leave your kids and not to worry at all if it is safe enough and cheap!

    So back to question to unemployment. What do you do? Open an excellent daycare yourself! Open a business up! The only problem is you have a very strong and able competition, from an established day care who looked like preschool.

    Much to add, there is a short animated movie in this dvd set and you gotta watch it *grins* Early Bloomer is the cutest animation I have ever seen and I must admit of watching it repeatitively way too many times hehehe...more info

  • Great Family Fun!!!!
    This movie is wonderful and heartwarming, perfect for kids, and adults can appreciate the memorable hilarious mannerisms of Eddie Murphy. Each of the kids are unique in their own ways and are all equally entertaining. My husband and I are about to become parents in the coming months, and this movie will definitely be a part of our children's DVD collection....more info
  • First Class family entertainment
    See this with the whole family. Cute, funny, well-made tale is really an adult movie, though it was marketed as a kids movie. You really care about these characters, and desparately want everything to turn out well for them. A pleasant surprise. Best fun Eddie Murphy movie since Dr Dolittle....more info
  • Perfect For Toddlers better than Baby Einstein
    My 15 months old loves it!!!
    Better than Baby Einstein because it is not that boring for adults neither.

    HIGHLY recommended for parents of toddlers. It will keep them in front of the TV and let you have some time to get things done!!!

    Great Buy!!!...more info
  • Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This movie was horrible. I wached it because Anjelica Huston was in it (keep in mind that my favorite author is Isaac Singer and I want to see Prizzi's Honor. Not your avrage 10 year old.). Don't waist your time on it; wach Mr. North or Manhatten Murder Mystery instead.
    - An Anjelica Huston Fan...more info
  • Good clean fun
    This was a great family film. Good slapstick, geik, and family humor. I haven't laughed this hard at good clean fun in a long time. Eddie Murphy and crew successfully make a film with a scenario that might seem overdone, but this was by far the funniest effort I've seen yet....more info
  • The challenges of having children
    Daddy Daycare starring Eddie Murphy and Jeff Garlin is a hoot. This movie is one that shows typical fatherhood. In most homes the mother stays home and the father works but Eddie Murphy shows that men are able to play the role of stay at home dad. The kids are wonderful and portray your typical preschooler and what runs through their heads. Out of all of the movies that Eddie Murphy has made this is one of the more enjoyable ones that even my kids can sit down and watch with me. It is clean humor that touches on the reality of parenthood and the everyday challenges that accompany it. I would recommend this movies to any family that just wants to have some fun family time together and enjoys to laugh with one another....more info
  • Side-splitting family fare
    Murphy is hilarious, Garlin is the perfect sidekick, the kids are great and this movie is perfect for Moms, Dads and kids, with observational humor for adults and potty humor for all. Got it for Xmas. My wife also gave me a book that's kinda like a real-life Daddy Day Care--"I SLEEP AT RED LIGHTS: A True Story of Life After Triplets," by Bruce Stockler. Hilarious! True story of a guy who loses his job and stays home with the kids--classic chapter on taking 4 kids to the potty in a shopping mall....more info
  • Daddy Day Care
    Purely family entertainment that is a fun look at two dads trying to make a go of a day care center after losing their jobs. Considering the alternatives they have a jump on the competition. Taking care of pre-school kids is by no means easy and we get to see most of the challenges. We get to see a little fun poked at a strict school along with a few in home type businesses. Eddy Murphy and the rest the cast do a good job making us laugh at the pratfalls and kids as they go through growing pains in learning the best way to keep the kids and parents happy. If you enjoyed this catch "Dr. Doolittle".

    CA Luster...more info
  • Good for a Laugh
    The movie isn't dealing with profound concepts and ideas, but it is a light hearted movie that provides many laughs. Very enjoyable....more info
  • Dissapointin eddie murphy movie
    Let me put this straight. This movie stinks. Its not funny at all. DO NOT BUY THIS MOVIE...more info
  • Day Care Dummies
    This was one of the worst movies of the last decade. I don't know how such an inane idea came up at a meeting of movie executives, but apparently they thought it would be a great idea.

    Eddie Murphy's character loses his job and starts a day care with buddies. They all run around and laugh and make cookies. Heartwarming. But oooooh, there's a scary villian- someone who wants to educate children! Oh no!!

    The head of a world-class school is made out to be a villain and a "witch" for daring to educate the children in her school, then villified again for reporting the bad conditions of Daddy Day Care. They were not up to the state regulations, but to report these fun-loving people was just too wrong, apparently.

    So the apparent moral is that you should not learn, and that it is wrong to teach children. The ones who did not want to "shove knowledge down these kids' throats" (an actual quote from Eddie Murphy's character) ended up with a thriving business of crappy, ignorant children. The woman who had worked hard at teaching five languages to the children at her school lost her business and her livelihood and was forced to become a crossing guard. It serves her right!...more info
  • Great!
    This movie was amazingly great and it came in very good condition! There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. That's why I love ordering from because they always provide the best products!!! ...more info
  • a very cute kids movie
    if you have a choice between this or the haunted mansion get this this movie is a very good kids movie that the whole family will enjoy. All of the characters are awesome...more info
  • I Remember a Day When Movies Were ususlly GOOD
    Get a job and you "Actors" need to get a new job too....more info
  • Josh Enden
    I have to admit dat Eddie Murphy has had some stinkers before but dis movie takes da cake. Da only thing that made this movie worth seeing was Eddie Murphy's kid. Other than dat dis movie was crap man. Its full of cheap laughs. Except u aint even laughen. Ur more like crying. Eddie Murphy used to be like my idle. But like now hes like not havin good movies. I dont think dat u should consider watchin dis movie.Wait til its on tv. And if u like it then u can record it. I think dat instead of buyin dis movie u should buy Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison....more info
  • Eddie Has Become An Unfunny Family Man
    Memebers of my family were having a bad day and decided we needed a pick me up movie to try to brighten things up, so we picked up Eddie Murphy's Daddy Day Care, thinking a movie with one of the greatest standup comics of all time combined with kiddie hijinks might be our savior. How wrong I was.

    First, the movie is 90 minutes of non-stop non-laughs. Every cliche (the missing Tarantula which ends up crawling on Jeff Garlin's head, Anjelica Huston's evil dictator role at the rival day care center) has been done before and been done better. The kids aren't likeable either, except for the young man who plays Eddie's son, who's only likeable because he hardly talks.

    I'm not kidding, not one of the four of us watching the movie laughed once during the entire viewing, and we did get through it, although there was talk of shutting it off.

    Someone I know says that Eddie went from the edgy characters such as Axel Foley and Reggie Hammond to these cream-puff roles because he wanted movies his own kids could watch. But I think if the Murphy children had their choice, they'd pick "48 Hours" over "Daddy Day Care"....more info

  • this movie stinks
    This movie is full of non-stop laughs. Its great family fun. Just kidding. This movie has no laughs at all. The only funny things were when Eddie Murphy's kid bumped his head on that door and what Dylans face looked like after he got that dollar. DONT WASTE YO MONEY ON THIS MOVIE. Wait till it comes out on cable. Then if you like this movie you can record it....more info