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  • Still Going Strong Past 40...and Worth The Money
    I have found many films just aren't as good as I remember seeing as a kid. A wide-eyed youngster gaping at a big silver screen at the theater can be more memorable than a middle-aged guy seeing that film decades later on a small television.

    However, here is one film that is EVEN BETTER than I remembered it. Yeah, it's a little dated here and there, but not much, just mainly Audrey Hepburn's dialog. However, the story with all its twists is just as suspenseful and fun to watch as it was 40 years ago. I've seen this three times in the last two years, after that long, long absence. (Tip: spend the extra money to get this Criterion DVD disc. It is the only clear, sharp copy of this film I have seen, sad to say.)

    The story's strength lies in getting the viewer involved. One never knows whether Gary Grant is a good guy or a bad guy. The dialog between Grant and Hepburn is very entertaining as the latter tries to figure out the same thing. There are lots of good lines, particularly by Grant. That in itself makes this film fun to watch multiple times. The pacing of this story also is good; the film moves fast and spaces the action out smartly.

    This has to be one of the best movies ever to come out of the 1960s. I have never known anyone who didn't like this film. ...more info
  • Hilarious and Intense! Superb film-making!
    I don't know what I was expecting from this movie. I've liked the lead actors in everything I've seen them in. Until recently I had not even heard of this film.

    Now I know just how little I know about movies.

    This one blew my mind. Few movies I've seen have been consistently good every second of the way. This one easily makes that list. The music (!), the colors, the suspense, and yes the acting too - all engrossing. It was intense when it needed to be (Tex and his matches come to mind), funny when it needed to be (and the jokes were actually hilarious!), romantic when necessary.

    While some of the plot twists were obvious, I don't think that detracted from the suspense. After all, for any movie you've seen more than once (and hence must like?), you already know the plot in advance. This one is definitely rewatchable....more info
  • Horrible DVD ruins a great classic movie
    Charade is a great movie that most people discover later in life (their 30s, or at least I did), and I've seen it between 10 and 20 times. If Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn aren't enough, there's Walther Matthau, James Coburn, George Kennedy, Ned Glass, and Paris, plus a score by Henry Mancini and a plot that you won't see all the way through until the last scene.

    But the Delta DVD is just terrible. There are no extras, just chapter selections. This alone isn't enough to deserve a pan, perhaps, but the introduction to the menu screen takes several seconds to loop through and can't be interrupted. Okay, so that's a minor annoyance.

    The real problem is the movie. It's dark and muddy. There are several bad skips both in the opening credits sequence (one of my favorites, but ruined on this DVD) and several scenes of dialog. I'm guessing this studio used a worn-out copy of the film for its transfer rather than a master.

    I bought this DVD because I didn't want to spring for the big bucks to get the Criterion DVD. But like they say, you get what you pay for. Apparently there are several versions of Charade available now, and I guarantee that the Delta copy is the worst....more info
  • Just saw it and i loved it!
    Done in a Hitchcock style, this thriller/comedy is without a doubt one of the best "spy" movies ever. It's a tad long but when you have two great actors (Suave, classy Cary Grant and charming, beautiful Audrey Hepburn) who have real chemistry together you can't help but be into the story. It also is a bit hard to follow and you might have a few questions in the end but you'll still love it. ...more info
    Donen did a fine job on this sleek, romantic-thriller, and the pairing of Grant, and Hepburn was sensational, and though the movie may not quite equal Hitchcock at his best, it has enough twists, action, light romance, and ascerbic dialogue to keep things interesting throughout. It also has another fine Mancini score, and a cast to die for. It should be in any Cary Grant, or Audrey Hepburn collection....more info
  • Whimsical tale of intrigue
    Stanley Donen both produced and directed this capricious comedic crime drama. Such a vehicle was perfectly cast with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn playing the lead roles.

    Hepburn playing Regina Lampert is contemplating divorce from her husband Charles while on holiday in the French Alps. While vacationing there she meets a charming and friendly Peter Joshua played by Cary Grant who promises to call her when they return to Paris. Upon her return she discovers that her apartment has been emptied out and that her husband has been found murdered. It seems that he stole $250,000 of U.S. government money and it's whereabouts are presently unknown. Very soon a dangerous group of her husband Charles army buddies show up looking for the stolen loot. The buddies played by James Coburn, George Kennedy and Ned Glass threaten with bodily harm her unless she turns over the money.

    Who should come to the rescue but Grant, now sporting a different name and offering help and consolation for Hepburn. She gets a message from and then visits U.S. CIA operative Walter Matthau playing Mr. Bartholomew, who also is searching for the money.

    In a classic case of whodunit and who's who, one by one the suitors for the $250,000 begin turning up dead. The plot containing a series of twists, plays out with a happily ever after Hollywoodized ending.

    The beautiful French scenery and the excellent musical score composed by Henry Mancini are both hilights of this vintage film....more info
  • Worth viewing, good for this type of film
    Nice mix of breezy romance, villains and suspense. Because of the complex dealings of her once, always busy husband, Audrey Hepburn is pulled into a world of obsessed, quirky and ruthless characters, all searching for the fortune (1960's value) left behind, somewhere, by her recently murdered spouse; a man of many aliases. The hunt for the prize keeps you guessing who's who in the zoo.

    Although I try to outwardly present an image of a sophisticated moviegoer I still enjoyed it. If the seemingly out of place "black foot, white foot Indian?" metaphor had been left on the cutting room floor this film would have an even greater appeal to me. My personal sensibilities aside, this one is really worth your viewing time though. Good cast too, aside from the headliners....more info
  • First-rate thriller
    As a newly-inducted Audrey Hepburn fan, it's amazing to see how many of Hollywood's legendary talents she's collaborated with in her comparatively short career (Peck, Bogart, Astaire, O'Toole, etc). Charade adds more to the list, including Cary Grant, Walter Matthau, and James Coburn.

    This is a fun thriller in the laid-back, 60's kinda way where the tension comes from character scenes instead of gunfights and pyrotechnics. There's a fortune to be found and someone's murdering everyone else for it, but who? And where's the fortune hidden? Kudos in particular to Cary Grant, who after decades of playing heroic male leads can still keep the audience guessing as to his true motives. Hepburn is charming and sympathetic as always, and Coburn carries his trademark attitude. A genuine classic.

    I guess there's a reasoning behind Criterion's jacked-up prices for their niche titles, but the Charade dvd falls a little short. What extras we get are fine, there's just not nearly enough of them. Criterion does do the best video transfer though (make sure to buy the anamorphic one and not the old letterboxed version). If video quality doesn't concern you as much, there is a decent version of the film as a "bonus feature" on Universal's "Truth About Charlie" dvd. Otherwise avoid the tons of cheap, public domain releases out there. ...more info
  • Charade is a great classic....
    This movie is one of my favorite movies. I'm an Audrey Hepburn fan and who doesn't love Cary Grant?! If you are looking to buy a copy of this movie, please do yourself a favor and buy the Criterion Collection of Charade. In the past, the prices of Criterion movies always made me cringe a bit but the truth is their movies are worth that kind of money.

    This copy of Charade I bought seemed odd to me when I watched it; the sound quality was less than satisfactory and the print quality was disappointing. There were actually lines running down the screen for a split second during a scene of the movie! It seemed like someone transfered this movie to DVD from a less than stellar print of Charade. I have other Criterion Collection movies and they are always the best of the best.

    The lesser prices of some of these older movies may be tempting but don't buy them. In the end, spending more on a very good quality product is the way to go. I don't like to waste money and even though this copy was not a lot of money compared to other Charade DVDs, I'm sorry I bought this and I'm even more sorry the Return Policy date expired before I watched it. Now that really makes me cringe.

    I don't want readers to think that I reviewed this item with one star because this is not a good movie. Please note, this is a great movie. It's funny and suspenseful; Audrey Hepburn, Cary Grant, and the supporting cast are fantastic. It's got a great cast, great fashion, great 60's film music, great scenes of Paris, and it's altogether a classic. But I hope people find this review somewhat helpful and will spend the extra money to buy a Criterion Collection copy of Charade. I wish I had....more info
  • Charade - sophisticated intrigue filmed in Paris
    Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn--together--classic lovers can't beat that! Plus Walter Matthau and James Coburn as villains. Grant creates the 'charade', but I won't tell you any more. A must-see oldie! ...more info
  • Great Movie, Poor Quality
    While Charade is one of my favorite Audrey Hepburn movies, this version is a poor copy to buy. It looks like someone snuck a video camera into the movie theater and put it on DVD. The sound echoes throughout the movie and the film is very, very grainy. If you love Audrey Hepburn, spend a few extra dollars and buy the Criterion Collection. ...more info
  • Great Old Movie
    My husband and I cuddled up on the couch and watched this movie. Don't know whos chemistry was better..Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn or My husbands and I :0) An Oddly romantic movie.
    ...more info
  • this one went though
    Of the video downloads, this one got through. I have the film on tape but this download was a pristine copy of a great film....more info
  • Came quickly, Good condition.
    Came quickly, Good condition. The sound goes in and out a little bit at 2 spots in the movie. But it is still enjoyable!...more info
  • OK film
    Got this one for my sister. I viewed it. I guess I'm not a Audrey Hepburn fanatic because I just don't groove on these flicks of hers. It's a classic and all, but I wouldn't recommend it, nor watch it ever again....more info
  • charming, enjoyable, flawed
    i rented 'charade' this past weekend based on a good friend's recommendation. as with virtually every other red-blooded, heterosexual male, i find audrey hepburn irresistable for her beauty, charm and vulnerability, all of which are in full supply in 'charade.'

    what i liked about 'charade's' screenplay is that it gives plenty of room for its actors, particularly cary grant, plenty of wiggle room to bring plenty of personalities to their characters. granted, i haven't seen many cary grant movies, but in some of the scenes in 'charade,' he's downright silly. it's nice to see such a distinguished, handsome fellow make faces and engage in witty, playful banter. audrey hepburn for her part, does by and large a decent job of bring her character to life. i do have to say, she's not very good at screaming in movies--she has a tendency to overdo it at times, but it's forgiveable given that she's genearlly speaking such a likeable person, both in real life and on celluoid. the costume designers take full advantage of hepburn's fashion sensibilities, too. hepburn looks great even durning the middle of the night. ;) the supporting actors, walter mattheau, james colburn, and others, do more than a fine job with their limited roles.

    the film does suffer a bit from pacing. i actually sped through a few parts. at nearly two hours, it's about 20 minutes too long. the screenplay also has some gaping holes that are sort of swept under the carpet during the film's final scenes and explained away as inconsequential or incidental, when in fact they're crucial to the plot. that, however, is a minor qualm given the leads' perfomances. some modern-day folks might quibble over audrey hepburns' 'damsel-in-distress' routine, or the final scene at the american embassy. it *is* a very 1950's sensibility, but anyone objecting need not take themselves so seriously.

    in the end, 'charade' is an entertaining film--stylish, sometimes clever, fun, entertaining and clean. it's an example of a film that hollywood rarely produces anymore: a film that won't insult our intelligences, isn't ruined with explicit sex and excessive language, and manages to leave a smile on your face....more info
  • Cary Grant & Audrey Hepburn are perfect together
    Cary Grant (Peter Joshua) and Audrey Hepburn (Regina 'Reggie' Lampert) are absolutely perfect for each other in this romantic comedy/drama about a women (Hepburn) married to a man who was not who she thought he was.

    As a soldier in the OSS during WWII, Hepburn's husband was part of a team, parachuted behind enemy lines to deliver 250K in gold to the French Resistance. Instead, the group buries the money with plans to return and collect it. In true Hitchcock fashion, everything goes wacky and general pandemonium ensues.

    Walter Matthau & James Coburn round out this star studded cast. Who will find the gold? Who is who? Who will Reggie trust? Can Reggie trust anyone? No spoilers here folks. Buy the movie and find out, it is well worth adding to your collection. ...more info