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Saints Row 2
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Product Description

A worthy successor to the open-world gameplay hit, Saints Row, Saints Row 2 features all new customization options, including player's: gender, age, voice, crib and gang. In addition, the sandbox just got larger with a totally transformed and expanded city of Stilwater, offering all new locations to explore with new vehicles, including motorcycles, boats, helicopters and planes. Saints Row 2 will be playable online in 2-player co-op through the entire singleplayer campaign or in the all new open-world competitive multiplayer mode never before seen in the genre.

'Saints Row 2' game logo
Take back the streets of Stilwater
Staring down a shotgun in 'Saints Row 2'
Welcome back to Stilwater
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One of the Brotherhood gang members from 'Saints Row 2'
One of the new faces on the Row.
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Character customization in 'Saints Row 2'
Customization down to the taunt.
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Extreme customization of your possee 'Saints Row 2'
Extreme posse creation.
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Airplanes and helicopters in 'Saints Row 2'
Take the battle to the air.
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Shooting down a jet with a rocket launcher in 'Saints Row 2'
Weapons that go bang.
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Throwing down in the club in 'Saints Row 2'
Throw down some skin.
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Five years have passed since your former Saints crew betrayed you. As you awake from a coma for the first time since that fateful day, you find the Stilwater you once ruled is in disarray. Unfamiliar gangs have laid claim to your territory, rival factions have taken over your rackets, and cash-hungry corporations have laid waste to your once proud 3rd Street home. Abandoned and left scarred with an unrecognizable face, you seek out a plastic surgeon to begin your new life on the streets. Yet some things never change in Stilwater.

Respect can only be earned and that requires a lifestyle that reflects your unique personality. Your crib, your crew, and your character define who you are on the streets and how you are perceived. The image you portray is as important as the decisions you make in a city ruled by false bravado and impulsive behavior. The only constant is the need for an identity that reflects your individuality. But style and image can only take you so far in a world where actions speak louder than words. Sometimes sending a message to your enemies requires heavy lifting, like that of a rival gang member into oncoming traffic. Respect in Stilwater needs to be taken, and what better way than to grab it from the hands of a gang full of enemies by means of a satchel charge, a flame-thrower or those minigun rounds you've been saving for a special occasion.

Meet Your Homies
But remember that the fight to reclaim Stilwater does not have to be waged alone. The Saints once ruled these streets as a crew of brothers, and their return to the top can help be secured through co-operative alliances. The time has finally come to seek revenge against your rivals to reestablish your crew as the rightful kings of Stilwater, but the streets are crawling with bangers. Check out the crews you'll run into and remember their faces and their ways:

The Third St. Saints - a gang of 'Saints Row 2' 3rd Street Saints
Once the kings of the city, the Saints have been forced out of their titular home of Saints Row by the Ultor Corporation, a giant conglomerate that gentrified the once poor neighborhood. Now operating out of an abandoned underground hotel, the Saints are looking to reclaim the glory that they lost several years ago.
The Ronin - a gang of 'Saints Row 2' Ronin
One of the newest gangs instilling fear in Stilwater, the Ronin recruit from both the city's Asian population as well as among the immigrants. Their crimes involve peddling vice through gambling, prostitution, street-racing, and protection rackets, and their power has reached even into the boardroom of corporations like Ultor.
The Sons of Samedi - a gang of 'Saints Row 2' Sons of Samedi
Influenced by Voodoo and a history of military corruption in Haiti, the Sons of Samedi are known for their potent combination of spiritualism and fearlessness. Members are attracted to the gang out of respect for their methods, through coercion or a desire for easy income generated through trade in their designer drug called "Loa Dust."
The Brotherhood - a gang of 'Saints Row 2' Brotherhood
Formed from the cast-outs and dredges of Stilwater society, the Brotherhood is a solid force of strength and intimidation intent on revenging itself upon the police and city. Specializing in violent extortion, they forego subtlety and nuance and simply take what they want, all the while flashing their allegiance with piercings and tattoos, bright colors, and gas-guzzling trucks.
The Ultor Corporation - a gang of 'Saints Row 2' Ultor Corporation
A ruthless corporate contender, the Ultor Corporation's gentrification of Saints Row created a new skyline for the city and a headquarters for their corporate office at the expense of the poor and the 3rd Street Saints. Now they're targeting another neighborhood, the Shivington projects, fueling gang wars and waiting for the prime moment to move in and reap the profits.
Key Game Features:

  • Freedom to Explore Through Open World Gameplay - Balancing story progression with all the time-wasting mayhem imaginable, Saints Row 2 contains more activities, diversions, races, cribs, city districts, and interiors than ever before.
  • Extensive Mission Play - Over 40 story missions with additional bonus missions take place in a transformed Stilwater that is over 50% larger than before.
  • Limitless Customization - Saints Row 2 allows you to customize everything connected to what you wear, drive and where you live as well as gives you access to countless character combinations from facial expression, body type, voice, taunts, gender to walking style. In addition, players can customize gangs various and extreme physical looks (some pretty crazy), fighting styles, gang taunts and tags and vehicle preferences.
  • Improved Combat Functionality - In addition to the usual run, jump, punch, drive, stab, shoot model of combat, Saints Row 2 allows you to take human shields and exact finishing moves if you choose, but beware. How you commit crimes affects your notoriety, which determines the response of police.
  • Expanded Multiplayer options - Along with a compelling singleplayer mode, enjoy a variety of multiplayer play options including:
    • Strong Arm: A team-based multiplayer mode batching together prominent activities from the singleplayer campaign into one series of timed events, with the goal to earn the most cash as a team at the end of the events.
    • Gangsta Brawl: A standard deathmatch mode with the single player with the most kills winning.
    • Team Gangsta Brawl: A standard team deathmatch mode with the team with the most kills winning.
    • Co-Op Mode: Full drop in/drop out coop support and ability to play through the full single player campaign with buddies and with the ability to set online co-op games to public, friends-only or invite-only status.
  • Lots of Wieldable Weapons - Whether you talking chairs, parking meters, street signs, newspaper dispensers or your neighbor's garden gnome, use whatever is on hand to take out an enemy.
  • An Explosive Weapon Arsenal - When a melee weapon just won't do, send a message to your enemies by dipping into an arsenal that includes: rocket launchers, shock-paddles, stun-guns, satchel-charges, mini-guns, uzis, automatic shotguns and flame-throwers; Some of which can be duel wielded.
  • A Vehicle for Every Surface - Put the pedal to the metal in a large selection of cars, motorcycles, ATVs, planes, watercraft and helicopters.
  • All New Music - Saints Row 2 will feature an entirely new soundtrack of songs and the ability to create a custom in-game radio station, accessible from any vehicle by building a playlist of songs purchased in-game, with in-game money.
The Silwater sprawled before you as you wake in Saints Row 2 is both familiar and strange, but you will find that the explosive conclusion to the original Saints Row not only has left you wounded and betrayed, but also thirsty for revenge. Now it's time to take back the city that has forgotten you and only you will decide how far you'll go to achieve that.

Saints Row 2 brings true freedom to open-world gaming. Players can play as who they want, how they want, and with whomever they want in this sequel to the much acclaimed and tremendously successful Saints Row. Set years after the original, the player finds himself in a Stilwater both familiar and strange and challenged with bringing the Saints back as the rightful kings of Stilwater and bringing vengeance to those who wronged him.

  • Over 40 story missions with additional bonus missions take place in a transformed Stilwater that is over 50% larger than before.
  • Limitless Customization ? Play as fully customizable characters that are male, female or something in between. Cribs, vehicles and even gangs all have customization options.
  • Multiplayer ? Co-op full story campaign has seamless integration (for example one player drives while the other shoots).
  • Competitive multiplayer pushes the boundaries of immersion in a living Stillwater environment fully populated with police, innocent bystanders and rival gangs.
  • Planes, helicopters, motorcycles, boats and cars can be piloted and used as weapons. On the ground new combat options include melee, fine aim, and human shield

Customer Reviews:

  • GTA IV runs BETTER than this!
    When i heard all the great things about Saints row 2 on the Xbox 360 and PS3 i was tempted to go out and get one of the consoles just to play it,but i decided to wait for the PC version and...WOW,what a let down this pile of garbage is.I bought the PC versions of GTA IV and also Saints Row 2 on the same day,played GTA IV first and i was shocked at how high i could set the graphics givin the fact that i only have 1 9800GTX+ video card installed,the game looked amazing and played pretty smoothly for the most part.I then played Saints row 2,thinking that if GTA IV played that good on my PC then this game should run even better since its graphics aren't nearly as good,i was dead wrong.This game not only looks way worse than GTA IV but also has HORRIBLE frame rate drops,pop up issues,glitches and some of the worst vehicle controls i have ever experienced in a game!I lowered the video settings to make things better,only helps out a bit,frame rates were still super low at times (They dipped every 10-30 seconds),but beyond this the game is still garbage.When driving in a car or just walking around the controls are not that bad even though the movements are not even close to realistic,same goes for the motorcycles and boats,but where the controls will really make you want to pull your hair out is when your in a chopper.Flying around seems ok at first as long as you have a lot of breathing room,but as soon as you bump into something,its all down hill from there,chopper becomes pretty much uncontrollable.Even though this game isn't that great there are a few good things about it,first is the ability to customise your character,make him or her look any way you want,pretty nice feature.The second thing is the games story and voice actors,there is enough going on to keep your attention,waiting to see what happens next,there are a few "Twists" that make the game worth playing through.The sick,dark humor throughout the game provides enough comic relief to give it one more star in the Fun Factor area.The other thing that keeps this port from being a throw away is the online multiplayer,there are a few options,a Deathmatch style game where its everybody for themselves,a Gang deathmatch where you join a team,then there is what everybody is playing (at least on the pc version), a CO-OP game where you and a buddy can play the main game together,the ENTIRE city is wide open for the taking in this mode,lots of fun.Here's the bottom line,buy Saints Row 2 for Xbox 360 or PS3,avoid this PC version,it's just not that good....more info
  • Shoddy, unfinished, appalling
    Plenty of people have been talking about Saints Row 2 - especially those that found GTA IV restrictive and dull. On consoles it seems be what many people have been crying out for - but on PC it simply does not work.

    An appalling frame rate, terrible controls, no support for anything other than 360 controllers, impossible driving, constant bugs and glitches...

    There has probably never been a worse PC version of a game in the history of the industry, it's beyond bad, it's a deliberate direct insult to everyone who doesn't own a console.

    It runs so badly, and my computer is better than the best recommended specs (I can run GTA IV PC fine, along with all the most recent games), that it's inconceivable that any form of quality testing took place for this game. Based on the experience of people who I know have played it on PC I'd really like to see video evidence of someone at Violation running this game successfully on a PC.

    Fundamentally, I simply do not believe this is a working product - there really needs to be a serious consideration of legal action against companies that are selling something that is this defective, not to mention websites selling it.

    Doesn't work, looks like garbage, it's a company going out of their way to steal your money in return for nothing. Please, please, please don't make the mistake I did and buy this game....more info
  • Bad Port
    Driving in this game with the keyboard/mouse is like a slug on ice. Most controllers are broken in that you have to constantly unplug them to avoid the constant UP (bad configuration). Finally just plain bad PC optimization.

    The worst part is that these problem had to have been known. You can't go 2 minutes into the game without seeing the problems. They released a turd on purpose. Period.


    The public relations team is in full swing on both the Steam Forums, and the SR2 Forums. I'd expect them to slime their way here soon too.
    ...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    I had been looking forward to the PC release of this game especially after all of the bad reviews surrounding GTA IV's PC port. Well, I regret that decision! If I had known what a buggy mess Saints Row 2 for PC was then I would not have made the purchase.

    I will give it 5 stars for fun because when I do manage to get into the game it is fun especially when playing with someone else. But, the quality of the coding (it is a PC port of the 360 version from what I understand) is why I would simply say buyer beware and avoid this game.

    The Positive:

    - Co-op multiplayer is a lot of fun. You and another person can play together or just run around the same city doing other things. I've spent some time playing co-op LAN and the game appears to run just fine. I can drop in and out of someone else's game with no problem. FYI: I have not tested co-op play online.

    - In-depth character customization is a plus. The array of options given are excellent.

    The Negative:

    - The game is capped at 32FPS and it shows (per the developer forums). The game tends to run VERY sluggish on high settings. I have discovered that the game is poorly optimized using only 50 to 70% of my GPU even when in the busiest of areas -- driving myself into cars causing as much chaos as possible.

    For example:

    Clock: 837
    Mem Clock: 1170
    Temp: 61
    CPU: 57%
    FPS: 27

    - The game isn't pretty at all but I was not expecting it to be. Don't expect something surreal as you would in GTA IV, Far Cry 2, Fallout 3, or Prince of Persia. The look and feel of the game reminds me exactly of GTA: San Andreas.

    - The game menus are all controlled by the keyboard. No use of the mouse. I haven't tried playing the game with a control pad but my understanding is that the game would still utilize the keyboard for menus.

    - Widescreen support is slacking. Native resolution for the game appears to default to 1280 x 1024 which is ugly on my 1680 x 1050 (which isn't available in game menus). Most rely on a 3rd party tool to change the games configuration to support their native monitor resolution which isn't good for what should be considered a current generation game.

    - The audio quality is poor but it doesn't bother me much since I am using small desktop speakers.

    Overall, this game is in need of a fix/patch from the developer in order for it to be fully enjoyable. This IS NOT WORTH the $40 price tag. I would recommend waiting until patch has been released and seeing how others respond. I'm not unfairly poo-pooing the game because I honestly want to like it and I still continue to play it even if it is a slideshow. Saints Row 2 has SO much potential but it is a horrible PC port that should be avoided.

    My rig:

    Core 2 Duo @ 2.66
    3870 @ 840/1170
    3GB RAM
    XP Pro SP 3...more info
    This is the worst port I've played in a long time. And I thought Mass Effect was bad. By comparison this game makes the transfer of Mass Effect from Xbox to PC look like a carefully designed masterpiece.

    The controls are lousy. You cannot access menus through use of the mouse, which is so counter intuitive that it screams fail. The controls just always feel awkward no matter how much you tweak your key mapping. Miserable to play throughout.

    The graphics are crummy, and despite having crossfired graphics cards (HD4870s). I can't get decent frames no matter what. I easily get 40-50 frames a second on very high in Crysis, and Saints Row pulls an awful 20-27 despite having inferior graphics. Other problems include common clipping issues, buildings and terrain that pops up out of nowhere, and the worst skins I've seen on character models since 2004. The models are sloppy, robotic looking, and frankly ugly. Enemies get frozen in space, stuck in doorways, etc... It's so bad it's amateurish. The graphic problems alone make the game almost unplayable.

    Don't waste your money and try to play this game on the PC. It will frustrate you, anger you, and make you want to chuck the game in the trash. It cannot be played at high graphics even with a very high quality PC. I don't think they can even patch the thing to playability because of the graphic issues that may not be fixable. Don't buy under any circumstances. ...more info
  • Very BAD fun

    A lot of people are not at all happy with the PC version, but aside from a few oddities that are inherent to the port, I really honestly cannot find anything wrong with the game. Some people are also bellyaching about the graphics being poor, but maybe they are more upset about the style than anything else and have not articulated their displeasure properly. The art is in a more "cartoonish" than say DOOM 3 or Call of Duty 5, but it fits in well for the type of game it is. I'm also playing the DirectPlay version with the patch so am so far unaware of any bugs or performance problems. Of course I'm running a Quad core 266mz 4 gig oRAM non Vista with ATI 3870 (I think) and absent the prevalent Google, Yahoo and other system tray junk and toolbars as well.

    The game description is quite accurate and I can only add my experience so far as I have not completed it or `owned" any neighborhoods but got a good feel for the game.

    First, I must say if one is a bit squeamish about shooting virtual cops , stealing cars, running people over in the streets either on purpose or by accident do NOT get this game. One can learn some bad habits, very bad habits. If these things are not a concern then one can, even with this dark humor PC game capture a glimpse into the seamy, slimy yet seductive world of the "GangSTA."

    Since a lot of time can be invested into customizing the character, to include changing the brow and eye shadow, I opted for using the default character to began my life of mayhem and villainy.

    I chose an activity at random which involved assuming the role of a police officer on a "Cops" type show where a cameraman followed me around the city and filmed my subduing of citizens involved in insurance fraud, prostitutes protesting and helmetless motorcyclists. "You guys use flamethrowers, right?, " queries the cameraman as he hands me the weapon to assist in my bust and to get the best footage possible.

    The city, looks remarkably like some aging east coast metropolis (think Paterson or Newark), and is filled with life and activity. Cars travel the streets and the inhabitants go about their business whether or not you care (unlike many other games were the world is your stage and everyone is awaiting your performance). Though the interiors of the buildings are not all accessible, I imagine it is only a matter of time before game designers have an entire city with fully functional inhabited multistory buildings. As it is, there are vast areas of the city to explore which can be done with a car or on foot.

    A minimap keeps the player on track to where the location of the next mission is, so the game keeps moving. Once the suspects are spotted (a bouncing red arrow indicates who they are), the preferred method of subduing is the supplied hardware (in this case the aforementioned flamethrower). Get out of the car, use the mousewheel and select that toasty weapon and start flaming away "oh man you're the best cop ever!", says my camera man as he gets the valued footage.

    Now it's a little too easy to do the "unintended" in this game; in the case of the flamethrower, I fired, moved ahead to get better shot and accidently set myself on fire as I ran through the still active burst. Another time I was going to beat a suspect with my baton, but missed and battered a nearby fellow policewoman to death instead --oops. When standing near a person then walking away, I often bump into them on my way past, angering them. And driving? Forget about it, liquered up jabbering homeless people on crak are far safer to be around. The vehicle is very sensitive to movements of the game controller so I found it very easy to accidentally swerve into objects and people. This of course might just be the result of not enough practice using the controller.

    Pros: Huge city to freeform explore, apparently many activities to do. Good graphics (though its cartoonish style may be a put off to Call of Duty realists).

    Wash: flamed people killed do not show as crispy, just corpse with pool of blood. Failed missions are total redo's starting from the beginning rather than trying again on another day. For example, if I didn't get enough footage in during the "Cops" filming, the mission starts all over as if I never attempted it (which in my view breaks the continuity of the living virtual world).

    Cons (but not really that bad): no mouse curser available on the menu screens, shift alt and arrow buttons must be used to go through menu selections. Odd saves-if saved and reloaded, the character always starts out in their crib.
    ...more info