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Journey to the Center of the Earth
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On a quest to find out what happened to his missing brother a scientist his nephew & their mountain guide discover a fantastic & dangerous lost world in the center of the earth. Studio: New Line Home Video Release Date: 10/28/2008 Starring: Brendan Fraser Anita Briem Rating: Pg

When a seismic geologist (Brendan Fraser) discovers his lost brother's notes in a copy of the titular Jules Verne novel, he and his nephew (Josh Hutcherson, Bridge to Terabithia, Zathura) head to Iceland. There, joined by a fetching mountain guide (played by Icelandic actress Anita Briem), they get trapped in a cavern and go down, down, down, finally arriving in a primeval underworld full of prehistoric beasts and carnivorous plants. It would be pointless to complain about the empty-headedness of it all; Journey to the Center of the Earth aspires to be a kinesthetic experience. It wants to engage your adrenal glands, not your brain or your heart (the dialogue and characters are so generic, the script may have been cut-and-pasted from previous versions of Verne's book). Fraser, with his goofy handsomeness and accessible presence, provides a reasonably human axis around which all the frantic flying and swooping CGI effects revolve. The movie is as hollow as the world it depicts, but as mindless action movies go, you could do a lot worse. (Note: Journey to the Center of the Earth was released in theaters in 3-D, full of whizz-bang demonstrations of how far 3-D technology had come--trilobite antennae quivering towards the audience, a T-rex lunging out of the frame, even affable star Brendan Fraser spitting on us--as well as a half-dozen action sequences clearly destined to become video games or theme park rides.) --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Highly recommend seller
    The DVD movie arrived in pristine shape and was sent to me
    in a very timely fashion. I would purchase from this seller
    again and recommend to family/friends. This was a gift for my granddaughter who lives in Calif. She loved the movie!...more info
  • Disappointing
    First off, the 3D effects did nothing for me except give me a headache. I took off the glasses after 2 minutes because I couldn't tolerate it. And apparently it wasn't just me because my friend felt the same way. As for the movie. Boring!!! Predictable. It lacked energy and there was no where near enough action for an "adventure" movie. There would be a short sequence of potential excitement, and then... nothing. The acting: Ho Hum!! Usually I can at least finish a movie, especially if I paid for it. But not this. My suggestion: invest in something else. ...more info
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD
    Journey to the Center of the Earth
    I was very pleased with my order and delivery of the DVD - Journey to the Center of the Earth from Wholesale Deals via Amazon. The product was delivered on time and in prefect (new) condition....more info
  • Well worth the price
    I love shopping with Amazon the service is prompt the prices are right and this movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, I was looking forward to since the ad for it first appeared, I was a fan of the first movie with James Mason and Pat Boone and although different it is just as enjoyable....more info
  • Satisfactory Rating
    Watched this with my husband and my 20yr old daughter (she loves Brendan Fraser). It was funny. One part did make me cry (i'm usually a sucker for being emotional). However, it was a little cheesy with the special effects. With today's technology I expect a little more out of sci-fi movies. Not enough action packed adventure for me. My husband didnt say much....more info
  • Christmas Gift for a ten year old!
    This product arrived in remarkable short time. As it is a "movie" and a gift I assume it worked well. Thank You Amazon. RON...more info
  • Never pay a studio that doesn't pay it's artists.
    Among many of the smaller effects studios, projects like this come with hefty deadlines and a LOT of thankless work. But for computer artist, it comes with one thing you could normally expect. A paycheck. And so, with a few months left on the project and a promise of a paycheck when the work was completed, scores of 3D artists toiled, sometimes 80 hours a week to get this movie done. Their ultimate reward? The studio shutting down and the people who financed this movie refused to pay the artists their earned wages.

    Frankly, I don't know if this movie is good or bad but one thing is for certain, the hard working artists who contributed to this film have gone without payment for over a year. For this reason, the movie is a failure. You CANNOT create an effects driven movie and then refuse to pay the artists responsible. Even Brendon Frasier joined the artists cause to no avail. Please do not support a company that refuses to pay their artists....more info
  • Verneians...
    Journey to the Center of the Earth is yet another take on Jules Verne's classic novel. The film brings to the screen a scientist whose brother was lost trying to retrace the steps of Verne's characters.
    Don't look for the movie to make any sense; it doesn't, as it is totally unbelievable even for a Verne's novel.
    Brendan Fraser, Josh Hutcherson, and the rest of the cast carry out their performances well though the acting is nothing extraordinary. The revelation is in relation to the lovely Anita Briem who steals the show and proves beyond any doubt that she has the potential to have a great career in acting.
    The setting, the plot, the dialogues, the special effects, and the music are all right, though there was plenty of room for improvement.
    In a nutshell, it's not a movie you would want to add to your collection, but it will provide for an evening's entertainment for pre-teens. 3 Stars
    ...more info
  • Once was enough
    Granted this is an adventure/action film. And granted that it was kept fairly clean for family viewing. Still, I had some problems with the movie. Without going into detail, it sort of mimics the original Jules Verne story. However, it is interesting in that it references the original story as some sort of secret code of a quasi-secret society and implies that it wasn't at all fictional when Verne wrote it.

    Here's where it goes wrong. The characters are shallow. The plot is really unoriginal. The special effects are so obviously specially generated effects that they aren't particularly special at all. Even the sentimentalism is very thin.

    There were many improbable scenes that require such a stretch of suspension of disbelief to make it work, that it didn't. Another movie I think of, in a similar genre, had no issue with suspension of disbelief. No, in fact, Raiders of the Lost Ark made you believe it was all quite possible. Easily so. Journey to the Center of the Earth did not.

    As a side note: we switched from the 3D to the 2D after about 15 minutes into it. It just wasn't that visually appealing as a 3D movie.

    This was worth seeing once, and only if you rent the DVD, in my opinion. ...more info
  • Action packed and a lot of "close calls"...!
    I watched this movie twice (once in the theater and once on DVD) and I enjoyed it each time. Although I think some of the "close calls" were quite unrealistic and would probably never happen in real life if someone actually fell to the center of the earth. Anyway here are a few of the close calls that I remember from the movie. I took notes on all of the close calls because they were so cool and had me at the edge of my seat the first time I saw the movie.

    1) Trevor almost steps into a 200 ft deep cliff but Hannah the mountain guide pushes him out of the way at the last minute.

    2) When all 3 of them were climbing down the rope wasn't long enough so Hannah cuts the rope and lets Trevor go or else the 3 of them will plunge down. He was actually already at the bottom and Hannah played a trick on him!

    3) MY FAVORITE: Going over the broken tracks in the mine and where Hannah has to jump onto Trevor's car.

    4) MOST UNREALISTIC- An actual smooth landing into the center of the earth after a 10 minute plunge when the muscovite breaks through (they end up swimming for a long time which is quite unrealistic since they don't have oxygen tanks).

    5) Where both Trevor and Sean are chased by a big dinosaur, and the dinosaur falls through the muscovite. Trevor almost plunges down, but he catches the top of the cliffhanger. He is VERY LUCKY like he said in the movie.

    6) Exiting the center of the enter (VERY COOL)!

    These are the 6 out of the total of 11 close calls that really stuck out to me in the movie.
    ...more info
  • Watchable
    Entertaining enough to watch once, this must have been really cool on the IMAX in 3-D. Brendan Fraser is reliably affable, and the tour guide is really cute, but the movie special effects are TV-show quality, at least in 2-D. Watchable, but nothing special....more info
  • we had a good time with the 3d version
    we were watching on a 1080 p lcd tv, I don't know if that had any impact, but the 3d effects worked very well. Yes there is color distortion, but lots of rocks and dinosaurs and yoyos flying in our living room made the adventure worth the time it took to watch the movie. I don't know if we will watch this in 3d all of the time, but we don't need to. The 3d copy has a 2d version on the other side of the disc.

    My kids are indiana jones fanatics and loved this movie too. Yes it is sophmoric and shallow but it is a good ride at the same time.

    I'll give this 5 stars simply because it is exactly what we expected when we purchased it. Not perfect, but good fun. ...more info
  • Fun...but shallow
    It's fun and entertaining as long as you watch it just for fun and forget the actual plot.

    The 1959 James Mason version is fantastic. Rated G, nice humor, deep story development based on the Verne book. This new version in no-way compares to the 1959 version. If your kids have only seen this new version they are missing out....more info
  • A Fun Family Trip
    Brendan Fraser, Anita Briem and Josh Hutcherson go deep in the relatively entertaining tale "Journey To The Center Of The Earth." This version of "Journey" is not a remake nor is it an adaptation of the Jules Verne adventure that some many other films have been based on.

    In this particular tale, Fraser plays a seismic geologist named Trevor Anderson who is losing students and his brother's memorial research center at the university where he teaches and does research. When his nephew, Sean (Hutcherson), comes up to spend a few days with him before moving with his mother to Canada, the pair uncover notes in Sean's father's copy of "A Journey to the Center of the Earth" that match up with some of Trevor's research. This leads them to believe that Sean's dad might have been on to something before he went missing in the field.

    With Sean's father's copy of "Journey" in tow, a hasty trip to Iceland is planned to check data gathered at one of Trevor's sites. Notes in the novel lead the pair to an obscure professor's research institute in Iceland where they meet the now-deceased scientist's daughter, Hannah (Briem). She agrees to guide them on their quest and then the three of them literally journey to the center of the Earth.

    Once the group enters the cave that will eventually lead to the center of the Earth, the viewer is offered a ton of visual oohh's and ahhh's.

    Originally shot in 3-D, the film relies on the gimmick a bit too much at times and the plot suffers for it. The CGI is very vibrant and colorful, and can be sketchy at certain points. However, the entire film has a light air to it, and the sometimes goofy CGI only aids to this. From runaway mining cars a la "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom" to a race for life against an enormous T-Rex that nods to "Jurassic Park," the writers/director/producers know exactly what they've got with this film and try to build upon it throughout the movie.

    Fraser, Hutcherson and Briem work very well together. While there's quite a bit of generic dialogue between the characters, they seem to be in on the joke that this film is meant strictly to entertain and do nothing else. All three of them seemed to be having fun with the silliness of the script.

    While it isn't the greatest family film out there, it is definitely a crowd pleaser for families with children under the age of thirteen. Some of the action might be a little tough for younger viewers to watch, but the film has no foul language (although adults and most kids will pick up the "shist" line easily), no sexuality and only brief moments of peril.

    Take it for what it is. It's funny, silly and plays to Fraser's comedic strengths. He's one of the few actors who can pull off the action/comedy bit and do it well. It's more deserving of three-and-a-half stars than four, but I rounded up for the simple fact that it is a very fun film to watch.

    Recommended to families with children interested in science fiction and fantasy, fans of Fraser's work, and to folks who just want to turn of their brains for a bit and have a good laugh. ...more info
  • journey to the center of the earth
    Very disappointed. The center plastic holder was broken and the dvd was loose causing a slight scratch which could effect the viewing of the movie. As it was a gift, I am extremely doubtful as to whether I should give it to her. ...more info
  • At Home 3D Effects
    This is not a review of the movie itself, but rather of the 3D version designed for home viewing.

    First it's important to note that not all versions include the 3D version on the reverse side of the disc. If you're looking for 3D, make sure the version you are buying includes both the 2D and 3D versions. They will both be on a single disc.

    Just recently acquiring a Mitsubishi 65" 3D-ready DLP HDTV I was quite anxious to start viewing all the home variety 3d programming I could get my hands on.

    First I found a couple of movies that I knew my kids would love and made the purchase. First was Spy Kids in 3d, followed by Lava Girl and Shark boy. While there were a few spots (very few) with mediocre 3d effects, all in all I was pretty disappointed with the lack of depth perception, clarity, color, and items that were supposed to 'pop' out at you. On a scale from 1 to 10 for 3d goodness, I'd give each a 3.

    Not wanting to give up on home 3d viewing, I searched for another kid friendly 3d movie for home viewing, and wound up ordering Journey to the Center of the Earth.

    Now, I haven't watched this with my kids yet, that will be this weekend. But I just completed my pre-viewing - in 3d - and all I can say is WOW!
    Unlike the other two movies mentioned above, both of which had you putting on your 3d glasses, then taking them off, then putting them on again, the entire movie here is in 3d. And the 3d effects are good. I mean really good.

    Finally I was able to see stuff pop out of the screen at me. And the entire move - all scenes - look as though you are viewing them through a viewmaster. Total depth of scene, along with decent color and clarity. I am so happy to finally have something that will make my 3d hdtv come to life. And that I know my kids are going to love as well!
    My advice. If you're looking for a good 3d movie to watch at home, don't miss this one.

    The only drawback I've found is that this movie uses their own unique 3d galsses, instead of the common red/green variety. Too bad since I own several pair of expensive plastic framed standard anaglyph red/green glasses. So, when watching this movie, we are forced to use the cheap paper glasses that come with it, as no others will work (I've tried).

    Still, I highly recommend the movie for it's superb at home 3d effects, and fun, action filled story.
    ...more info
  • 2-D versus 3-D
    My suggestion when you view this 3-D DVD you read the back of the box first. We didn't and we viewed the movie in 2-D, with 3-D glasses on and vowed only to see 3-D in theatres as iat wasn't very good. That night I went to and brought up this movie and learned it has both 2-D and 3-D versions on it. Yes, we put the 3-D glasses back on and viewed the movie on the other side. Wow, what a concept! It really does work if you view the correct side, 3-D, with the 3-D glasses. :) It was a good movie and the 3-D was very good.
    Norah...more info
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth DVD
    Journey to the Center of the Earth
    I was very pleased with my order and delivery of the DVD - Journey to the Center of the Earth from Wholesale Deals via Amazon. The product was delivered on time and in prefect (new) condition....more info
    The 3D version just plain did not work. The colors were distorted as everything was green or magenta, the images were blurry, and it was overall annoying. Parts of it did work in 3D, but the overall picture detracted from the effect.

    I tried to return this and was told to contact New Line since it is a production problem and not a store problem. Please contact me if you have been successful in obtaining a refund from New Line and let me know what the process is. I would encourage others who are not impressed with the 3D format to contact New Line as well....more info
    This remake is really disappointing and doesn't even come close to capturing the wonder of the original. The writers aimed this movie at 5 and 6 year old kids, but I think even they would be bored to tears as the action doesn't start until two thirds of the film has elapsed! Even when the film gets to speak, it's so tame and ridiculous that you would be much better off watching a classic like 'Pinocchio' or even the Saturday morning TV show 'Land Of The Lost' for more drama!

    I like Brendan Frasier, but he has made some extremely bad film choices over the years, hey I know....who can argue with a couple of million dollars to do this stuff?. Right?....... I'd probably do it too!

    In short, the CGI is unconvincing, the film is beyond juvenile and the story is really stupid and boring, it even seemed long for it's 85 minute running time and 10 minutes of that are opening and closing credits. I like the cast, but even they can't save this one from falling into a bottomless pit!
    ...more info
  • Finally Fantastic Family Entertainment!
    You need to go into this movie with the right expectations. It's not a "great" or an important movie. It's just a solid piece of fun, escapist, family entertainment. If that's what you want, you won't be disappointed.

    I saw this with my 11 year old granddaughter. There were a couple of moments it seemed to drag, but overall it was incredibly engaging. It was cute, a little scary at times, and kept you on your toes. When it was over we both looked at each other and said "already?!". This was the absolute best family movie I have seen in years and years and everyone except very small children should see it.

    Be aware that it is incredibly unbelievable, but remember it's not trying to be. It's FUN! There will be some dialogue that's so silly it's funny. The characters are very watchable and likeable and you care what happens to them.

    So - put the youngest ones (under 4) to bed, because the sea sequence will scare them out of their gourd. Grab everyone else, load up on snacks, and settle in!
    ...more info
  • Hollywood: More movies like this please!
    Yay!! This movie proves that excitement, adventure and danger do not automatically equal violence, sex jokes and crude behavior. I keep having to say NO to all of the Superhero movies because of the PG-13 rating. So it was great to be able to say "Yes" to my 7-year-old twin boys for once. This is a "manly" movie. The emotional issues men and boys face in life are handled succinctly, giving this movie more depth than the non-stop action would seem to allow. The 3D effects truly add to the excitement. The few gratuitous/gross ones were just plain old fun & funny. The theater was packed and people actually clapped at the end. I hope Hollywood pays attention and puts out more PG movies of this caliber....more info