Webroot Spy Sweeper With Antivirus 3-PC
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Product Description

Shop, surf and bank online with confidence with Webroot AntiVirus with AntiSpyware & Firewall. It provides 360 degrees of protection from viruses, spies, data theft and hackers.

The intuitive interface lets you quickly set the right level of protection in just a few simple steps. Your security constantly runs in the background Minimal impact on computer performance - Scanning can be initiated in the background or after hours Safeguards your privacy and personal information - blocks programs and hackers from gathering your private information including login information, passwords and credit card information Monitors your inbound and outbound email to ensure it has not been hijacked by hackers and that email attachments are free of hidden programs like viruses and spyware Enhanced Rootkit Discovery Methods - finds and destroys these programs with robust rootkit discovery methods, a feature many other antivirus and antispyware programs lack Windows Vista compatible Protects up to 3 PCs FREE Webroot U.S.-Based Customer Support 30-day Webroot money-back guarantee

  • Comprehensive protection against a broad range of security threats such as viruses, spyware, adware, worms, pop-ups, Trojans, key loggers, and rootkits
  • Monitors all traffic to and from your computer to block unauthorized attempts to access your computer
  • Proactive Real-time Threat Protection - Zero-Hour protection is the time it takes between a new threat emerging and your PC being protected against it. Zero hours means you are protected BEFORE the new viruses and spies emerge. This software stops not only known threats, but also potentially dangerous unknown programs by identifying suspicious behavior and blocking their access to your computer
  • VersionGuard ensures your protection is always current by automatically installing the latest threat definitions and free updates to the product as soon as they are released
  • Installs quickly and easily

Customer Reviews:

    I love this software. It runs itself. I catches all the virus immediately, warns me, and puts them in a quarantine file immediately. I had just the spyware, but have recently purchased the anti-virus. I highly recommend it. It's easy to install and so user friendly....more info
  • Excellent product and service from marketplace vendor
    I have been using Webroot products for about 3 years now and have not had any virus or malware problems the entire time. I recommend the spy sweeper and antivirus blend as it gives the best protection. The vendor I bought this through provided excellent service. If you are not running an AV and spy sweeper program, this is a great alternative to Norton and others....more info
  • Horrible customer service
    I bought this product in May 2008 and still can't install it in my computer- I get error message and then my computer only starts in safe mode, after which I restore all settings and the Spysweeper is "swept out".I would have gladly returned it, but the store I bought it from - Circuit City - wouldn't take it back, sending me to the manufacturer. When I called Webroot, the customer service guy said it had to be received by them within 30 days, not postmarked (I called on day 28),indicating my tough luck (which was about to begin yet). I called them several times, was on hold for at least 30 minutes each time (due to "highly popular product" or highly dissatisfied customers), no one in the the technical support was able to identify my problem ( maybe if I paid extra for such service), but I don't want to pay, I already paid $60 and can't USE it.I can't tell for sure if the product is good, but technical support is NOT helpful at all, they are not even trying. I would NOT recomment buying this product, unless you are a computer engineer and can figure out some installation issues on your own....more info
  • No Customer service whatsoever
    I have recently purchased this product 2/09 and cannot get it to update virus definitions. Calling the support line is a joke. I have requested help no less than 3 times online and have yet to get 1 reply. It gets worse too, I have to disable the antivirus to open web pages as it just locks up everything from email to reading the sports page. I re-enable the software after browsing, and then have it do a 2 hour clean so I can browse again the next day. Save yourself the headaches, get something else!...more info
  • software support is terrible
    Installed easily on two of my computers, but was unable to get it to install properly on a third (laptop). It actually caused the laptop to boot improperly. Webroot's online support is abysmal. It's been over a week and they still have not done anything to help. Be warned!!...more info
  • Excellent Software from a Computer Tech's View
    I currently own this software and have it installed on my main computer as well as two of my family's computers. Not only is it a very powerful security suite, it is streamlined and extremely user friendly. This is the main reason I chose to use this software for my relatively computer-illiterate family members.

    The start of my love for this software came from using it in the field while working on client PCs. I found it to be a highly effective tool in cleaning all but the most seriously infected machines--which typically require a reinstall of Windows (or using boot CD tools, but I won't get into the nitty gritty that will bore you). However, before I get ahead of myself, let me state that if your PC is already heavily infected (as in your computer has relinquished control altogether), it is probably best to have someone experienced look at it. Merely installing security software doesn't ensure success nor does it even ensure your ability to get through the installation process! I always recommend using the msconfig utility to disable services at startup as this often--though not always--prevents malware from automatically crashing your system.

    Anyways, now that my subscription is almost over, I will have to either renew it or purchase another copy. The year that I've had this software I have encountered virtually NO infections, even on my family's machines. It can be configured to AUTOMATICALLY update and scan so you usually do not even have to mess with it to make sure you are protected (the last thing I want to do after working with computers all day is to spend time on the phone with family members walking them through how to get rid of viruses).

    Thus, for all of those non-computer savvy individuals, or those who simply want something to work, I highly suggest this software for 32-bit PCs. Unfortunately, for those with 64-bit PCs, this software will not work (unless they've updated it in the past few months).

    Oh and one more thing: the only program that I've found to be better than this is Kaspersky. It is an extremely powerful and effective tool when dealing with malicious software. However, it is not to be considered user-friendly. But for those wanting ultimate customization and nearly state-of-the-art protection, Kaspersky might be the better choice. Otherwise, for the other 98% of us, I recommend this program.

    If you are still on the fence about this product versus others (please don't tell me you are thinking about the horrendous Norton or McAfee programs), then take the word of an experienced computer tech and buy it! I trust it for not only my own system, but my family's computer systems as well. Thus, I trust it enough to recommend to you. I would normally not make such a "Just buy it!" statement, but this product is deserving of it....more info
  • 6.0 and higher is terrible and bad tech support
    Fistly the company who used to have great tech support, now charges for expert tech - no long wait support. People who want to use the free tech suport option will have to wait an average of an hour - for low level tech help. They do not answer/reply tech support emails sent to them.
    The software worked well with version 5 on XP Windows Operating Systems.
    When I Upgraded to version 6 and higher - it totally slowed my system down to a crawl!!! A big CPU and MEMORY HOG!!! I have a very powerful system with lots of ram.
    I uninstalled version 6 and went back to version 5.8 which runs with an acceptable amount of system resources.
    The company when I first started using the product had great free no long wait tech support - well thats gone - no more!!
    When my subscription ends, I will switch to another program probably Zonealarm extreme or bitdefender.
    This software and the company are no longer any good!!!!
    I will no longer recconmend this software to anyone....more info
  • Highly recommended
    While other products that perform similar functions make you think someone poured molasses into your hard drive because your computer performance is so bad afterward, this product stops the viruses and spyware, uninstalls anything you might already have, and keeps your computer safe and sound without any noticeable performance degradation. A1 recommendation. ...more info