Western Digital My Passport Essential 160 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive (Arctic White)
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Product Description

Pack up your office files and take them home, carry thousands of songs or pictures, and synchronize files between home and office and encrypt everything on the drive for added security. These elegant portable drives are simple to use, light and easy to carry, and require no power adapter - they are powered directly through the USB cable.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Horrible...second one dead!
    We had two of these, and now they are both dead. It didn't take long...a few months, then the clicking started (sounded like aliens), and soon after both died in the same way. I think I'll bury them outside under a tree I'm planting, so hopefully they will break down within 100 years and my data can fuel some green. I'm glad I didn't trust my sole backup to them...use other external hard drives at home. Needless to say, WD will not get another dollar from me!...more info
  • Stay Away!
    Many people seem to have luck with this product. It was a complete bust for me!! I had only owned the product for a week. It seemed to be working quite well. So, I decided to reformat my computer's hard drive. I made sure I had everything backed up on the WD external drive.

    After reformatting, I had trouble getting my data off. Then, it completely crashed. I had to pay $170 to recover data. I had to recover the data from my PC's hard drive, because the WD external drive was fried. Get something that is made to last. This product is not worthy of any amount you could pay for it. Stay Away!! ...more info
  • Excellent Product . . . instructions a bit cryptic
    I now have two WD My Passport Essential 320 GB Drives. They are used for monthly back-up of several computers. The software works quite well but the operating instruction are a bit cryptic. ...more info
  • Just what I was looking for
    I needed to have more room on my pc. This item met all of my expectations. I would definitely purchase from this seller in the future....more info
  • western digital passport 320 gb
    great product. easy to use.

    the only issue is the estimated backup time was much longer than it actually took. it's probably related to my computer. but the initial estimate of 4 days almost made me return it. i started it and went out to dinner. when i returned the process was complete....more info
  • Good product, fast shipment
    Good product, im satisfied with it.
    It was in the condition described.
    And the shipment was in the time it was told to be....more info
  • Great Little External
    So for years I had this ancient external hard drive that was incredibly loud, and took up gallons of space. When it started dying, I went over all the options for portable drives, and came up with this one as the best option.

    Pros: silent, tiny, portable, cute.
    Cons: ... the casing is a bit smudgy?

    Really, I haven't run into any cons yet. It's fast, it's silent, and it's highly portable. Not having to plug it into an external power source is a huge bonus for me. For the amount of space and the portability, it's a great deal.

    I can't comment on the included syncing program - preferring to control my files manually, I haven't touched it....more info
  • So far, so good.
    I purchased this drive for the purpose of transporting large quantities of files for access between work sites. It's fast and so far very reliable. Other features include a simple connectivity light, and flashing data transfer light (one is the same).
    Here's a technical note: if at first the drive isn't recognized by your desktop PC's front panel (wired) USB ports, try the ones in back that are part of the motherboard itself. Sometimes front panel USB ports--and some on older laptops (which can be wired as well)--lack the power to run the drive.
    Good luck, this drive will most likely suit your needs....more info
  • small backup
    We're using this to backup our family pc. no issues with it. love the small size -...more info
  • Disappointed
    I bought this with a lot of confidence in Western Digital. My problem is that it didn't come with any instructions and I can't figure out how it works. I checked their website and couldn't find any tutorials there either. The vendor shipped in a timely manner so my problem isn't with him. I just need to know what I should do. It may be a wonderful product but if I can't get it to work, what good is it to me?...more info
  • Good & cheap option
    It's a money worth and really reliable portable hard drive. I had seen it in many stores and I hesitated if it was durable and reliable but after seen the reviews I decided to buy it and I don't have any claim at all so far....more info
  • Product not delivered within posted guidelines
    Not yet received although overdue. Have emailed seller. This was not delivered within promised timeframe and I am concerned about that...more info
  • Superb hard disk
    I have this Passport external hard drive only for two days now, but I already can tell it is an outstanding product.
    Easy to install, it has a fully reliable performance.
    Get one soon ....!...more info
  • Passport Essential 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive
    This product gives me such piece of mind - a place to store important information for work that I do for others. This is a quality product and I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • _
    Works exactly like it should. Tons of space for the price. Also, the drive is compact and does not require a power supply. This makes it more convenient to use than a tradition external hard drive....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great little hard drive. I use it to back up all my music and pictures. It's great to be able to take them with me where ever I go....more info
  • A note for PowerBook G4 Owners
    I have an Apple PowerBook G4 (15") and the USB port does not supply enough power to run this HD (the power light comes on but the computer doesn't recognize the drive). SOLUTION: Also purchase a Western Digital USB 2.0 Power Booster Cable (Model WDCA029RNN - $9.99). Not carried on Amazon but available through the Western Digital website directly. This cable has 2 USB connectors, the second is solely for supplying additional power. Note that the cable between the two connectors IS long enough to plug into the USB ports on either side of the computer simultaneously. There may be comparable cables on Amazon, but I can vouch that this one works for this HD/computer combo and is long enough.

    The drive works fine on newer Macs with the included cable.

    Beyond that, it works great. I transferred about 80gigs of data in 10 minutes....more info
  • great product except you need special cable
    it worked fine but I had to wait for a month for WD to send a dual USB cable for it to work on my laptop. remember the HD need alot of power to run and single USB port may not provide enough power.

    WD support is not all that great...
    ...more info
  • Great To Travel With
    This thing is all you need if you travel a lot and like to carry lots of music and/or photos. Simple to set up and works very fast. Light weight too. You can use anything as case I suppose, I use a large soft sunglass case to carry mine....more info
  • Good !!
    Its really good .....
    i feel the usb chord is very small...
    other wise , product is good....more info
  • Passport essential
    This is a great product! Easy to use, no power cords, and fast enough for a full back-up using super duper.

    Nice compact size....more info
  • Luv this little gem
    I bought this to make backups of my Acer One Netbook with a SSD and ended up using it as my HD. it's small(fits in a pocket), light, fast and just plug it in and go. For the $$$ can't be beat if you need a HD or backup for any laptop or netbook....more info
  • Awesome Product
    I did a lot of digging around before finally deciding to get the My Passport drive. But now that i did, i am extremely happy with it. The performance is good, it looks nice (as nice as a hard drive can look), it is durable, and the price per GB was great.

    The only thing that I don't like 100% about the drive is that the edges of the case are a little rough in some spots, it would be nice if the cases were a little more stylish. But I'm not trying to win any fashion awards with it, it's a storage device that i carry data around on.

    So all in all, excellent product!...more info
  • Good Product Great Price
    This was exactly what I was looking for. I needed memory, but had to remain portable. All the extras it comes with does take away from the actual memory, but still a great product with a great price....more info
  • Computer Saver and a Very Durable One
    Last year my hard drive crashed but part of it was definitely my fault. Before it went under it ran super slow due to all the music I had previously stored on it. I foolishly backed up my tunes on the same drive which made it run all the slower. I picked this model up recently from a big box store for about the same price that it can be bought here used. It was a great buy. I now store all of my music on it and can even take it to work with me if I feel like it. Lastly, it is very durable and I know this to be the case because it's fallen off the top of my CPU about 10 times. I've had no issues thus far and think the price is very competitive. ...more info
  • Portable external hard drive
    This is one of the best purchases I've made. I've gone through so many of the small USB flash drives. I would highly recommend this product. It was also one of the easiest pieces of electronics to setup. This one can turely be called "Plug and Play". ...more info
  • Works as advertised
    I bought this USB drive to be the Time Machine backup for my MacBook Air. So far it's worked flawlessly, and allowed me to backup and retrieve files very fast from the drive. My only complaint is that every once in a while the Time Machine software on the Mac will say an error occurred while trying to do the latest time machine backup. However, when I go into Time Machine everything looks fine. So, I'm not sure if that's the drive or the Time Machine software. Overall, no complaints. Good price, good performance, and it worked as advertised....more info
  • So Handy
    I bought this to backup my files. I was thinking of buying a 1TB 3.5 inch, but decided to buy this after a long thought. Much smaller and handier, haven't carried a lot though (just secured). Small size is worth. Feels a little slow but I'm not sure it's due to my USB or this HDD (the speed is similar to USB memory stick). So far I haven't seen any problem with this, considering to buy another one....more info
  • 320 GB in My Pocket
    This was an "on the whim" purchase that was quite a deal on sale. I had been looking for a physically smaller external hard drive that was larger than 100 GB for quick back ups. I am very satisfied....more info
  • Pretty good.
    I bought this hard drive to store a large amount of digital media. I wanted something small, that would look good on my desk. Do yourself a favor and reformat the file system to ntfs immediately. I did not find a need to do this until I already had about 200 gigs stored on the drive. I converted the drive to save myself from another time consuming backup, this worked well, the transfer rate remains decent. Overall this is a very good product for the price. In retrospect, I may have bought a larger model 1tb drive because I underestimated the amount of storage that I needed. For now I will be more selective about which files I will keep in my library....more info