Western Digital WDMENG3200TN 320 GB My Passport Essential 2.5IN (Orange)
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Product Description

Big capacity. Stylishly small.

Carry your music, video, and photos in style with WD's My Passport Essential Portable Drive. Big capacity in a small elegant design. Available in eleven delicious colors. Pick the one that satisfies your appetite for style.

These elegant portable drives are simple to use, light and easy to carry, and require no power adapter - they are powered directly through the USB cable.* Works with Windows and Mac. Synchronize files between home and office and encrypt everything on the drive for added security.

What it holds:

  • Up to 91,400 digital photos
  • Up to 80,000 songs (MP3)
  • Up to 8,000 songs (uncompressed CD quality)
  • Up to 24 hours of Digital Video (DV)
  • Up to 140 hours of DVD quality video
  • Up to 38 hours of HD video

    Sleek and colorful - This beautiful portable drive, available in eleven eye-catching colors, is light and easy to carry and fits smoothly in your hand or pocket.

    USB powered - Powered directly from the USB port on your PC. No separate power supply is needed*.

    Synchronized and secure - Plug My Passport into any PC, edit files, read e-mail, and view photos. Then sync all of your changes back to your home or office computer. Your data is protected with 128-bit encryption. (Windows only)

    Compatible - Use with Windows and Macintosh computers

    Includes Google software - Search your drive, manage your photos, and simplify Web searches with included Google software. (Windows only)

    * An optional cable is available for the few computers that limit power from the USB port.

    Ideal For

  • Storing or backing up your digital music, videos and photos.
  • Carrying important files and e-mail between work and home or on the road and keeping them in sync.
  • Sharing large files between office and home, between PC and Mac.
  • Pick from multiple colors to express your unique style.

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    Customer Reviews:

    • Good & cheap option
      It's a money worth and really reliable portable hard drive. I had seen it in many stores and I hesitated if it was durable and reliable but after seen the reviews I decided to buy it and I don't have any claim at all so far....more info
    • Passport Essential 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive
      This product gives me such piece of mind - a place to store important information for work that I do for others. This is a quality product and I would definitely buy it again....more info
    • Perfect external hard drive
      I have been using this portable hard drive for almost 1 year and a half and I have no complain whatsoever. It is working so well I am amazed and I can tell you I really don't treat as carefully as I should. I plug and unplug it without warning, I've brought it in very tough environment and it worked like a charm.
      It is tough, small, silent and it feels as fast as using the computer internal hard drive. It is one of the best electronics purchase I have made (and I make a lot of them)....more info
    • My choice is always Western Digital for harddrives
      I have always used Western Digital when purchasing a harddrive for either internal or external use. This drive is compact, starts right up, no guessing on what's it going to do and has plenty of space for my needs. The USB cord is actually long enough to be out of my way. ...more info
      This thing is amazing and it is bound to save your life every now and then when you're in dire need of a backup or just an external hard drive for your small capacity notebook hard drive! Definitely would recommend to anyone!! ...more info
    • faulty product
      I have not been able to use this devise since purchase.
      Please advise how to address this issue or get a replacement.
      Andrea...more info
    • So Handy
      I bought this to backup my files. I was thinking of buying a 1TB 3.5 inch, but decided to buy this after a long thought. Much smaller and handier, haven't carried a lot though (just secured). Small size is worth. Feels a little slow but I'm not sure it's due to my USB or this HDD (the speed is similar to USB memory stick). So far I haven't seen any problem with this, considering to buy another one....more info
    • Compact and Portable WD Passport
      I like the fact this product is so slim, and versatile, portable and easy to set up and carry. I own the old My book also, which is good but HUGE. So the My Passport version is easier to place on my desk to connect to my computer, and also has 350 GB, which is enough to storage my music, videos, movies. Great the fact this great product is portable, so I can carry all my stuff in that. Beautiful design, looks like made by apple....more info
    • western digital passport 320 gb
      great product. easy to use.

      the only issue is the estimated backup time was much longer than it actually took. it's probably related to my computer. but the initial estimate of 4 days almost made me return it. i started it and went out to dinner. when i returned the process was complete....more info
    • great stuff
      No complaints yet. Small, sleek and quiet. I suggest getting a case cause it can scratch easily. ...more info
    • Disappointed this time
      I bought this to upgrade from a Western Digital 250 GB portable hard drive that I've had for a year and a half and had very little trouble with. I had that drive attached with Velcro to the top of my laptop, and it worked great (much safer than having it bang around in my travel bag separately). It eventually got touchy about the cable connection; sometimes disconnecting when the cable is bumped. (Manufacturers: please make a snap-in mini-USB connector instead of letting the contacts take the abuse.)

      However, this new drive is not reliable. It sometimes can't be found by Windows XP, and I have to disconnect it and reconnect it for it to be recognized. It's also a bit noisier than the previous one, which together make me suspicious that it's a bad drive that will fail on me at any time. As a result, I constantly back up to the old drive, which I had intended to use as an archive (and do occasional backups of new files to an external drive; my important work is done on the laptop drive and backed up daily to the portable drive). But since the old drive is only half the size, that won't last.

      I will probably buy another portable drive from a different manufacturer to try to get one that I feel I can trust. Then I'll just use this as a portable backup drive that I'll occasionally sync. Not completely worthless, but certainly disappointing....more info
    • Great Product
      This is a great little hard drive. I use it to back up all my music and pictures. It's great to be able to take them with me where ever I go....more info
    • Luv this little gem
      I bought this to make backups of my Acer One Netbook with a SSD and ended up using it as my HD. it's small(fits in a pocket), light, fast and just plug it in and go. For the $$$ can't be beat if you need a HD or backup for any laptop or netbook....more info
    • Computer Saver and a Very Durable One
      Last year my hard drive crashed but part of it was definitely my fault. Before it went under it ran super slow due to all the music I had previously stored on it. I foolishly backed up my tunes on the same drive which made it run all the slower. I picked this model up recently from a big box store for about the same price that it can be bought here used. It was a great buy. I now store all of my music on it and can even take it to work with me if I feel like it. Lastly, it is very durable and I know this to be the case because it's fallen off the top of my CPU about 10 times. I've had no issues thus far and think the price is very competitive. ...more info
    • Good product, fast shipment
      Good product, im satisfied with it.
      It was in the condition described.
      And the shipment was in the time it was told to be....more info
    • Great To Travel With
      This thing is all you need if you travel a lot and like to carry lots of music and/or photos. Simple to set up and works very fast. Light weight too. You can use anything as case I suppose, I use a large soft sunglass case to carry mine....more info
    • Did not work with my PowerBook G4
      My computer met the requirements on the amazon page but it would not work with my computer. After doing some research I found out that it requires 1000mA and my PowerBook G4 only gives off 500mA through its USB port. If you are going to get this make sure your USB port gives off 1000mA. ...more info
    • Good Product Great Price
      This was exactly what I was looking for. I needed memory, but had to remain portable. All the extras it comes with does take away from the actual memory, but still a great product with a great price....more info
    • Good item for $$, Poor sinc software
      This is a good deal for the dollar. It is very portable and built well. The only major flaw is that the sinc software crashes and shuts down frequently. ...more info
    • Works with MacBook's Time Machine
      The Passport works with my easily with MacBook. I didn't even have to reformat the Passport. I use Time Machine to backup my MacBook's disk drive about once a week. After a few weeks, it's so far, so good....more info