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Western Digital My Passport Essential 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive (Arctic White)
List Price: $127.99

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Product Description

Carry your music, video, and photos in style with Western Digital's My Passport Essential portable drive. It offers you big capacity in a small elegant design.This elegant portable drive is simple to use, light and easy to carry, and requires no power adapter - it is powered directly through the USB cable. My Passport Essential portable drive works with Windows and Macintosh. It synchronizes files between home and office and encrypts everything on the drive for added security.

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Customer Reviews:

  • Fast, Reliable, Works as Advertised
    This is my 3rd purchase of a WD passport, and each works exactly as advertised. the backups, after the inital, are very fast. I can back up a couple of laptops and a home PC with this 320 GB. Works GREAT for loading your favorites, documents, email/calendar/contacts (PST files) back onto comptuer. I do frequent OS installs, and so this is an easy way to get back up and running afterward. Lightweight, and small form factor makes easy to carry in my laptop bag without adding any noticeable weight. Glossy black paint job is very nice-looking, but prone to fingerprints and small scratches. That said, i'd still get the black for my own personal preferences. ...more info
  • grab and go
    I can have my back up copy with me everywhere. That sounds good!It's light,small, and has hight capacity of memory. It's a great deal....more info
  • Defective
    I put a whole bunch of important files on this ext. hard drive and then I learned that it was defective. Apparently, Western Digital has no quality control standards at their Chinese production factory. :(

    ...more info
  • Great value for this amount of portable storage
    Hard to believe there could be so much storage in something only slightly larger than a deck of cards (and not even as thick) but it's true. The transfer rate could be faster but for $79 I am not going to complain too much!...more info
  • Passport Essential 320 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive
    This product gives me such piece of mind - a place to store important information for work that I do for others. This is a quality product and I would definitely buy it again....more info
  • Perfect external hard drive
    I have been using this portable hard drive for almost 1 year and a half and I have no complain whatsoever. It is working so well I am amazed and I can tell you I really don't treat as carefully as I should. I plug and unplug it without warning, I've brought it in very tough environment and it worked like a charm.
    It is tough, small, silent and it feels as fast as using the computer internal hard drive. It is one of the best electronics purchase I have made (and I make a lot of them)....more info
  • Excellent product and value!!!
    Product is excellent and service. This was a birthday present and my friend loves it!!!...more info
  • My Passport
    Excellent product, exactly what I wanted, light, compact, performant, easy to use and to install all this +500GB....more info
    I tried to rate this with no stars, but apparently that's not possible. The first Passport I ordered was defective (kept disconnecting and reconnecting on it's own), and then the replacement they sent me was also defective--but in a slightly different way (would crash whenever I tried to transfer music--even as little as 612MB! Great!). Dealing with Western Digital has been a huge headache and waste of time. Not only are their outsourced customer service representatives incompetent (or at least "helpless" by their own admission), they are also rude to boot! I think Amazon should stop carrying their products. The shotty quality of the Passport and the scammy way in which they dealt with the situation (one man told me they "don't accept returns") makes me think they can't make anything worthwhile. ...more info
  • Good product, lousy software
    The drive works great...once I reformatted it to get rid of the software and make the file system NTFS. If it keeps working for more than 2 years I'll be very happy....more info
  • great stuff
    No complaints yet. Small, sleek and quiet. I suggest getting a case cause it can scratch easily. ...more info
  • What more can be said? It's a great portable hard drive
    I bought this hard drive three months ago and waited before I wrote a review. After reading other reviews before my purchase, I was a bit nervous that it would stop working soon after I bought it. I had no need to worry though. It has been working perfectly. It's not just the reliability I appreciate, I have also found this hard drive really durable. I travel a lot and bring it with me. This hard drive has survived being jostled around a lot. That's more than I can for other portable hard drives I've had in the past....more info
  • Dead in Six Months
    I've never had a USB drive fail. Not only did this one fail, it did so in six months.

    In my case, it was the controller that went bad. I broke the case and plugged the internal drive into a BLAC-X USB adapter and the drive itself worked fine. But so much for my portable (and pretty) drive now.

    Other problems with this drive include it going to sleep and then never waking up. I would have to unplug the drive and plug it back in. It got to the point where I would have to do this 2 and 3 times, and finally today it no longer responded at all. I tried to connect it to another machine and it still failed, so it's not just my machine.

    Based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend this drive....more info
  • perfect
    this is a perfect product. it works just as it should with any computer and doesnt require a power cord. it is also very quiet. the only negative is that the "in use" light is very bright....more info
  • Southern Comfort
    Like the size. Like the USB connection. Like the looks. Like the storage capacity. I really like how easy it is to use. I'm using to store my photos. It works just like a hard drive in my computer. ...more info
  • Perfect!
    Could fit all of my documents on it! So nice. Works great. USB must be hooked up to actual computer and not a hub though....more info
  • Computer Saver and a Very Durable One
    Last year my hard drive crashed but part of it was definitely my fault. Before it went under it ran super slow due to all the music I had previously stored on it. I foolishly backed up my tunes on the same drive which made it run all the slower. I picked this model up recently from a big box store for about the same price that it can be bought here used. It was a great buy. I now store all of my music on it and can even take it to work with me if I feel like it. Lastly, it is very durable and I know this to be the case because it's fallen off the top of my CPU about 10 times. I've had no issues thus far and think the price is very competitive. ...more info
  • it is good product and meets all my expectations I had during purchase
    it is good product and meets all my expectations, I had during purchase of this item...more info
  • Perfect
    I brought this for a trip overseas, its small and doesn't require it's own power supply. It works on both a Mac and PC, just plug it in and there it is....more info
  • Portable HD
    A good portable HD. Small (pocket size) and light. Looks good. Easy USB connect. Comes formatted FAT 32 so immediately readable by both MAC and Windows computers. Excellent value, especially with free super saver shipping - works out to 25 cents per GB...more info
  • My WD Passport portable hard drive
    The Western Digital My Passport portable hard drive (320 GB) is an excellent choice for transferring and saving files. Just plug it into the USB and go. I use it with Windows XP Pro and it works well.Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB USB 2.0 Portable Hard Drive WDME5000TN (Midnight Black)...more info
  • Compact and Portable WD Passport
    I like the fact this product is so slim, and versatile, portable and easy to set up and carry. I own the old My book also, which is good but HUGE. So the My Passport version is easier to place on my desk to connect to my computer, and also has 350 GB, which is enough to storage my music, videos, movies. Great the fact this great product is portable, so I can carry all my stuff in that. Beautiful design, looks like made by apple....more info
  • My choice is always Western Digital for harddrives
    I have always used Western Digital when purchasing a harddrive for either internal or external use. This drive is compact, starts right up, no guessing on what's it going to do and has plenty of space for my needs. The USB cord is actually long enough to be out of my way. ...more info
  • So Handy
    I bought this to backup my files. I was thinking of buying a 1TB 3.5 inch, but decided to buy this after a long thought. Much smaller and handier, haven't carried a lot though (just secured). Small size is worth. Feels a little slow but I'm not sure it's due to my USB or this HDD (the speed is similar to USB memory stick). So far I haven't seen any problem with this, considering to buy another one....more info
  • Great To Travel With
    This thing is all you need if you travel a lot and like to carry lots of music and/or photos. Simple to set up and works very fast. Light weight too. You can use anything as case I suppose, I use a large soft sunglass case to carry mine....more info
  • Great Product
    I really like the stylistic aspects of this hard drive. It is small enough to take anywhere you want to take it. The drive itself is very easy to use. It does have a significant weakness and that is the fact that it solely depends on the usb port for its power source. My laptop could not actually handle the power that the passport hard drive required and I kept getting an error message about a power surge. I fixed that problem by buying a powered usb hub to plug into my computer and then connected the portable hard drive to my laptop that way. That is my one complaint about the portable hard drive, but it was a simple fix that added about $25 dollars to what I spent on the hard drive itself....more info
  • Happy with my Hard Drive
    This is a great product. I can backup my entire computer no matter where I am. I have a card rubber "skin" (case) for protection so I take it with me when I travel. Very easy software to setup and use. 5 stars!...more info
  • Great little backup drive
    I purchased the WD Pasport drive to replace a 3.5" USB drive that had failed. It turned out to be a perfect solution to the nightly backups of my desktop PC. It's small (2.5" harddrive), quiet, and only spins up when being used. Since, it is powered by the USB cable and does not require external power, I have one fewer power cable in the wiring mess on the floor.

    The drive came formated with fat32 which has a file size limit of little under 4GB. Since I'm using the drive for image backups, I wanted one large file rather many 4GB files to keep track of. So, I had to convert the drive to NTFS using the convert on the commandline. Alternatively, I could have formated the drive for NTFS.

    The drive is 320GB which might be too small for you, if you are storing a large volume of photographs or videos on your harddrive.

    I will definitely will buy another one when the need arises....more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product. I purchased it mainly to back up my files and hold the bulk of my media files. I've freed up a lot of space on my laptop.

    The drive is quiet. And, has quick access to my files.

    I'm very happy with the product thus far....more info
  • faulty product
    I have not been able to use this devise since purchase.
    Please advise how to address this issue or get a replacement.
    Andrea...more info
  • Defective WD hard drive. I lost everything!
    I transferred some research projects and 5 years of family pictures to this drive (WD 320 passport) because my old laptop's hard drive was full. It just stopped working. IT people has just confirmed that is dead (after just a couple of months). Cost of data recovery is between 1300 and 2000.

    Don't buy it! If you do it, be sure you are backing up everything....more info
  • just what the doctor ordered?
    Lightweight, power comes over USB (no unsightly second cable!), and a good capacity for the price point. Will it last? TIME WILL TELL!

    PS- this little guy makes a great Time Machine drive for a MacBook (or MacBook Pro)....more info